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July 19, 2018

Boom! (entire film), Regulation bizarre Lee Hazlewood, Vintage SEXY Debbie Harry!, Lee Hazlewood, Teenage Brooke Shields Stiv Bators Fashion Shoot

Boom! (entire film), Regulation bizarre Lee Hazlewood, Vintage SEXY Debbie Harry!, Lee Hazlewood, Teenage Brooke Shields Stiv Bators Fashion Shoot

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Boom 1968 Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton

Please don't ever take this down 😍😍😍
oh thank u i installed so many apps to find this movie but i couldn't im glad that i searched here on youtube
I love every costume change this film offers.
never understood this film. but she was beautiful in it
I'm glad you all liked the film, I'm curious what is your age and how did you discover this film?
Would you please upload 'Ash Wednesday '? Thanks
"Life is All Memory"
La Serpents Santa, thank you so very much for bringing this great, work of art movie back to the public domain!!! I must now watch it every day! Isobel!!! I love Liz and Richard.... in this beautiful Sardinia set, well..... it's just devilishly too Isobel to describe! Many have told me I am a dead ringer for dear Liz.... she's my idol, what a kind, good soul. thank you so much again!
It's the screenplay ... it's the clothes ... it's the talent. I love you R.B for spoiling her.
Is anyone else half way through thinking what is this about. Easter Island with a Chinese book of poetry. A junky queen lost without love and her sharp tongue

Liz Taylor was very hot. I had a large crush on Her. Still do .

That's Elizabeth Taylor's brother, Howard Taylor, at 5:38 ; He happened to be visiting Liz in Sardinia one day back then during the filming and he unexpectedly took this small role as the "Journalist" and in my opinion became one of the very few actors in this movie who was not woefully miscast!

Probably their worst film together - and that is saying something!

Wow. This movie is a trip! I'm a fan.

6:39 Camera-man alert!

29:30 - 35:00 Sitars play Ratbag Mayan chi Toni. Devotion-to-Deity inducing mood :-)

boom. I love all Richard and Liz films. I haven't seen this in twenty years. thanks for posting it up.

She probably got a nice plump diamond for starring in this disaster!

The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore by Tennessee Williams

The terrible movies she forced him to make just to pay for their extravagant lifestyle!


John Waters, American filmmaker, director, writer, personality, visual artist and art collector talking about his films, work, biography, ideas and philosophy. John Waters, born 1946, in a public open lecture with students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS, Media and Communication Studies department, film and movie program, Saks-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, 2000. John Waters. John Waters rose to fame in the early 1970s for his transgressor cult films. John Waters' early films were all shot in the Baltimore area with his company of local actors, the Salamanders.

In addition to Divine, the group included Mink Stole, Cookie Mueller, Edith Massey, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, and others. These early films were among the first picked up for distribution by New Line Cinema. John Waters' films premiered at the Baltimore Senator Theatre and sometimes at the Charles Theatre. John Waters' early campy movies present filthily lovable characters in outrageous situations with hyperbolic dialogue.

His early films, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, and Desperate Living, which he labeled the Trash Trilogy, pushed hard at the boundaries of conventional propriety and movie censorship. A particularly notorious final segment of Pink Flamingos, simply added in as a non sequitur to the end of the film, featured, in one take without special effects, a small dog defecating and Divine eating the feces. The 1981 film Polyester starred Divine opposite once-teen-idol Tab Hunter.

John Waters films have become less controversial and more mainstream, although works such as Hairspray, Cry-Baby and Serial Mom still retain his trademark inventiveness.

The film Hairspray was turned into a hit Broadway musical, which swept the 2003 Tony Awards, and a movie adaption of the Broadway musical was released in theaters on July 20, 2007. John Waters' most recent film, the NC-17-rated A Dirty Shame, is a move back toward his earlier, more controversial work of the 1970s. He also had a cameo in Jackass: Number Two, which starred Dirty Shame co-star Johnny Knoxville. John Waters has stated that his next movie will be a children's film titled "Fruitcake".

John Waters is currently a professor of Cinema and Subcultural Studies at the European Graduate School. In 2007, he also became the host (as "The Groom Reaper") of 'Til Death Do Us Part, a program on America's Court TV network featuring dramatizations of real-life marriages that soured and ended in murder. A gay American, Waters is an avid supporter of gay rights and gay pride.[4] He is also a supporter of the United States Democratic Party.

Waters has been known to create characters with alliterated names for his movies including

Tracy Turntable, Motormouth Maybelle, Dawn Davenport, Donald Dasher, Link Larking, Penny Pingleton, Sylvia Sickles, Wade Walker, Wanda Woodward, Mona Malinowski, David Divine, Bo-Bo Belsinger, Francine Fishpond, Sandra Sullivan, Prudy Pingleton, Todd Tomorrow, Mole McHenry, Ursula Udders, Fat Fuck Frank, and Ramona Cricket.

Regulation bizarre Lee Hazlewood

Vintage SEXY Debbie Harry!

Debbie Harry sings "Sweet Thing" Lifted from "Unmade Beds" and then again from "What the Punk"

Teenage Brooke Shields Stiv Bators Fashion Shoot


Weird, weird, weird.

Stiv Bators (the most kamikaze frontiersmen in the city) and Brooke Shields (Lolita actress, 12-years-old), together for a photo shoot.

It had been a little more than a year since Bators had moved to New York (at the invitation of Johnny Thunders), but he was already one of the most recognizable figures of the punk scene in front of Dead Boys with whom, under the sponsorship of Joey Ramone, had just released the classic Young Loud And Snotty, with hymns like "Sonic Reducer".

Despite the naivety of Brooke Shields, pre-The Blue Lake and future "girlfriend of America" ​​of the 80s - it should be remembered that by then it had been brothel meat in the red district of New Orleans in the hands of director Louis Malle; and her movie Pretty Baby and she had posed nude for Garry Gross in a famous photo shoot for which they would end up in court.

12-year-old Brooke Shields does a fashion shoot with Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys.

Stiv gives a 'punk sneer' with Brooke Shields together on Manhattan cable in the mid-70s.

It aired on Manhattan Cable’s public access channel in the 1970s.

The 12-year-old Brooke Shields actually gets a little flirty with the American punk rock innovator.

Lapsed Catholic Stiv Bators with Brooke Shields.

Stiv was a fan of the young Brooke Shields.

What about that picture of Brooke with Stiv Bator?

Teenage Brooke Shields was there.

The above interview from Efrom Allen's Underground TV was taken during the photo shoot with Stiv Bators.

It aired on Manhattan Cable ...However, don’t be too let down, Brooke actually has some strong punk rock roots.

“The photo was featured on the booklet of a Stiv cd called LA- LAsby Bomp! records, 1994 edition, originally recorded in 1979/1980.

The photo of Stiv and Brooke Shields has no photographer credits, it has a label that reads …Don’t even ask beneath.

The photographers credited at the last page of the bootleg include Theresa Kereakes, David Arnoff, Donna Santisi and Marcia Resnick.

I believe the photo was taken by Marcia Resnick but I m not completely sure.

'As punk rock was throbbing in the clubs downtown, Manhattan cable TV was experiencing its own kind of anarchy...

(i cut out the really awful stuff)

...The coaxial pipeline was sending signals into our decrepit little apartments that were raw, spontaneous, and often exhilarating, punk rock’s cathode equivalent.'
(that's the worst sentence i've ever read, Marc Campbell.)

*this excerpt from Dangerous Minds, written by Marc Campbell, who plagiarized from me constantly under editor, Sprocket's watch, is included here as a reminder of what an awful writer he was.

In this episode of The Efrom Allen Show (1978), a 12-year-old Brooke Shields does a fashion shoot with Stiv Bators while discussing her career with the wisdom of an ancient soul.

Stiv seems to enjoy just going along for the ride.

Efrom Allen: 'Brooke Shields, 12 years old, on Efrom Allen's Cable TV Show with Michael Mckenzie & Stiv Bators interview with photo shoot with Brooke and Stiv for an album cover.'

is there a part 2? i haven't ever seen this interview with her before. the earliest interview i remember seeing her in was for ford modeling.

The guy with vengeance. Speak for yourself you jerk off. Hang up you fucking cunt--directed to Efrom. Why do you have creeps like this on your show? What. Sid Speak for yourself you pervert!! Sid lets out belch. Caller: My girlfriend and Efrom Allen think Sid is sexy.



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