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May 30, 2009

Tara: [AKA] Hood Rat [Movie Stills (2001)] Starring: Ice-T+Joe Walsh+Laurie Garner

Hood Rat

Vetta Taylor: "No need to panic" and "I'm going to set the ladder out" don't go in the same sentence, Levi.

Vetta Taylor: Now you tell me the truth.

Detective: Does this look familiar?

Levi: My heater. Look what the fire did to my heater.

This movie is bad, so bad that my mother who can barely stand the "suspense" of Discovery's Snow White, was chuckling through out the entire movie. My first warning would've been that it was in the $5.50 bin at Walt-mart. But I have actually found some good movies in that bin, so i can't fault if for this debacle. The second warning should have been that when the cashier rang up the DVD, it was actually $3.88. Again I have never been one to ignore the cheapness. Thighs definitely not for people looking for something good to watch, and it most certainly isn't for everyone that enjoys the occasional bad movie. If you need background noise while you are doing something like playing cards with some friends, then get this but if you are looking for something to actually watch don't even bother. It was really disappointing because there were a lot of good actors. I felt like i was watching a chocolate version of Thingamabob commensurate to?

Isaiah Washington ... Max
Ice-T ... Grady
A.J. Johnson ... Nina
Jevon Sims
Tonea Stewart ... Vetta Taylor

Steve Warren ... Public Defender
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Victoria Dillard
Jaqueline Fleming ... Crack Addict
Stacii Jae Johnson ... Candice
Lawrence LeJohn ... Detective

Irvetta McMurtry ... News Reporter
Thomas Merdis ... Levi

Cedric Pendleton ... Nature
Doug Peterson ... Coroner
Kenya-Aleigh Rivers ... Courtroom Clerk

Tami Roman ... Judge Bankhead (as Tami Anderson)
Nickie Thomas ... Courtroom Member
Guy Torry ... Courtney
Tara Tovarek ... Ellen
George Howard Adams ... Resident (slaps boy with hat and says 'shut up') (uncredited)

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. ... J.D Mogo (rat-catcher) (uncredited)
Xavier Rivers ... Policeman (uncredited)
Joe Walsh ... Detective (uncredited)
Laurie Garner... Secretary (production)

Doo-Nanny 2009

Snippets from the Doo-Nanny, the world's premiere lo-fi festival in Seale, Alabama. A gathering of fantastic folk artists and musicians, including the retro rock duo Mad Tea Party. http://www.ukulelerockstar.com, http://www.museumofwonder.com, http://www.themadteaparty.com

'Make It Stop! The Most of Ross Johnson' (Goner Records 2009 CD) ['Baron of Love' from Alex Chilton's 'Like Flies on Sherbert' (Jim Dickinson: 1979)]



Make It Stop!
The Most of Ross Johnson
produced by
Bob Mehr
[originally produced by Jim Dickinson for 'Like Flies on Sherbert' 1979]



Maybe some of the strange times, but he, in a sloppy manner, in which it is his feeling, was that, like him, it's pure rock!"-- JAPANESE FAN ON 'BARON Of LOVE'

Like the kin of Jerry Clower, Jerry Lewis, and Jerry Lee Lewis passing a coffin on Percodan, Ross Johnson's "BARON OF LOVE (PT. 2), the video [special abbreviated version] from Alex Chilton's LP, "LIKE FLIES ON SHERBERT" is his Ross Johnsonest release yet!

This PANTHER BURNS' cluster-fuck alumni helped foment Memphis's 1970s 'cult of no personality' scene, which brought together a horde of shut-ins, and provided 'art damage' therapy, propagated by Tav Falco and his Unapproachable's.

Tav used a tool borrowed from the infamous cult leader chest: quasi babble-speak on top of dissonant musical accompaniment.

The cult called 'PANTHER BURNS,' named after an apocryphal [also cultic ] legend--unverified and orally passed from Plantation to cotton field--where 'you know who' thought they saw 'you know what' ON FIRE [!], smack dab in Mississippi's Delta.

This cult consisted of Alex Chilton [guitar], Tav (Gustavo)Falco [vocals, Silvertone guitar], Jim Dickinson [guitar *not sic], Eric Hill [synthesizer], and our man of the hour--the reason we're here! The greatest one-handed, beer-gulping timekeeper since the man from Munchen held a metronome and a Weierstrass while simultaneously yodeling--Ross Johnson [stand-up drums]!

LIKE FLIES ON SHERBERT ['LFOS'], recorded at Sam Phillips Studios, 1979; mixed the following year; released as a pipe-dream on Sid Selvidge's Peabody label; one year later on Aura; and finally by Patrick Mathe's French, New Rose, wherein it has grown into the greatest cult record of 'em all--in my opinion.

The album is divided among Chilton originals and Nashville Bar Band covers [think of a Lower Broad band-rider which includes Dexamyl and a keg of Schnaaps].

The only non-LX vocal track on 'LFOS' (although LX makes known the spirit of the recently departed Baron, Elvis in this tallboy-fueled, extempore-eulo-billy, seance/monologue, through his use of ribbons of a/b guitar feedback), this 'Flies,' was remastered by Dickinson, who says it's as good as it's going to get--which in Memphis means "ROSS JOHNSON will forever be remembered for "Baron Of Love (Pt. 2)"! *Orig track from Alex Chilton's 'Like Flies on Sherbert' produced by Jim Dickinson From Ross Johnson's Goner Records' self defecating 25-year retrospective autobiographically titled 'Make It Stop!The Most of Ross Johnson'.

[some of the content of this review may have been taken directly from other sources, where it may have been mechanically manipulated into its current state by the author. The author is not responsible for any over-three word strands which may still may remain in tact--thank you.]


What do Alex Chilton, Jim Dickinson, Tav Falco, Peter Buck, Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and Jon Spencer have in common?
They’ve all lent their talents to the skewed genius that is Memphis drummer/ranter/raconteur extraordinaire Ross Johnson.

Johnson’s name may only be familiar to a cult of faithful followers, but he’s one of the true heroes of the Southern alt and punk rock underground. From his days riding shotgun with Chilton, to his efforts helping found the Panther Burns to his work with outfits like the Gibson Bros. and ’68 Comeback, Ross has been a dedicated soldier in the trash rock trenches for four decades – while creating a catalog of truly brilliant and bizarre solo recordings on the side.

This January, Goner Records, will release Make It Stop!: The Most of Ross Johnson. This career-spanning collection includes 20-plus tracks, covering Ross’s solo sides and numerous all-star collaborations from 1979 to 2006. It’s a wild, wooly, sonic and lyrical journey that’s sure to take its place among the more outré anthologies in your CD collection.

Ross' mostly spontaneously composed songs – which concern his fraught relations with women, booze, and the very nature of being a Southerner -- are part deconstructionist roots music, part absurdist comedy. Imagine a cross between Hasil Adkins and Sam Kinison, or Charlie Feathers and Albert Brooks, or Kim Fowley and Jerry Clower, and you’ll get the picture (please forgive the groping hybrid comparisons, but as you’ll find out, Ross is rather hard to define). Call it southern fried outsider art or rockabilly psychosis, but once you get a glimpse of Ross’ twisted vision, you’ll never look at the world the same way again.

But Johnson’s story is more than that of just an unhinged rock and roll hellion. An Arkansas native and son of a respected newspaper editor, he moved to Memphis as a teen, just in time for the city’s mid-60s garage band boom. He got his foot in the music scene as a one of the few original and enthusiastic fans of hometown pop group Big Star. Johnson then went on to write for the legendary Lester Bangs at Creem, under the memorable alias of Chester the Conger Eel. He soon befriended Alex Chilton, helped introduce punk rock to Memphis, and later became a notorious imbiber/MC/ringleader as a founding member of Tav Falco’s Panther Burns. Since then he’s spent time thumping the tubs for a variety of wild outfits from the Gibson Bros. to the Ron Franklin Entertainers --- all the while maintaining his alter-ego as a mild mannered librarian at the University of Memphis.

Make It Stop! is a treasure trove of material that collects a variety of out-of-print, hard-to-find, and previously unreleased selections from Ross’ colorful career, including singles, album and comp appearances for labels like Peabody, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Sugar Ditch, and Loverly.

There is of course his legendary vocal debut, “Baron of Love Pt. II,” one of the highlights of Alex Chilton’s famed Like Flies on Sherbert album.

Also, included are solo tracks ranging from 1982’s infamous “Wet Bar” which was featured on the companion CD to Robert Gordon’s book It Came from Memphis – to early-‘90s cult classics like “It Never Happened” and “Nudist Camp,” down to the recent acoustic nugget, “Signify,” a ridiculously raw self-confessional that will have you laughing and crying simultaneously.

The disc also unearths some never-before-heard (and suitably insane) tracks Ross recorded with R.E.M.’s Peter Buck amid a drunken haze sometime in early 1983.
Credited to
Our Favorite Band

songs like “Rockabilly Monkey-Faced Girl” and “My Slobbering Decline” represent some of Buck's first work outside of R.E.M.
(Amazingly, when the tapes were discovered in late 2007, Buck had total recall of the sessions and the songs; Ross has no recollection of recordings whatsoever).

Also included is Ross’ work with a couple mid-‘90s groups he fronted like Adolescent Music Fantasy – dig the band’s twisted take on “Theme From ‘A Summer Place’”. Ross and multi-instrumentalist Tim Farr stir things up as The Young Seniors – check their brilliant cover of Bobby Lee Trammell’s “If You Ever Get It Once” and a revamp of The Gentrys’ hit “Keep on Dancing,” which Ross mutates into a meditation on the embarrassing nature of “ass whoopings.”

Further highlights include a handful of team-ups between Ross and fellow garage cult icon, Monsieur Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Bros., ’68 Comeback). The duo essays everything from the freaky holiday anthem “Mr. Blue (Cut Your Head on X-Mas)” to a souped-up take on “Farmer John,” with equal parts guitar distortion and manic glee.

Make It Stop! comes packaged with a handsome 16-page color booklet, featuring Ross' own hilarious biographical essay, as well as tributes from acclaimed author Robert Gordon ("It Came From Memphis," the Muddy Waters bio "Can’t Be Satisfied"), MOJO writer Andria Lisle, and pop culture critic John Floyd.

Once the proverbial needle drops on this collection you’ll be – as Gordon notes in his liners – “seduced then debauched” by Ross’s “rivulets of rage, humor, and words words words.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya’.

Live From Memphis: Music Video Showcase [livefrommemphis YouTube Channel Playlist (46 videos)]


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Live From Memphis YouTube

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To listen to 100s of mp3s and live shows, and to watch over 100 videos visit www.LiveFromMemphis.com

Live From Memphis, a grassroots organization representing Memphis music, film and the arts. We support and promote local musicians, filmmakers, artists, and industry professionals who are the lifeblood of the Memphis creative scene. It is our goal to connect creatives, grow opportunity and gain exposure for our creative culture.

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Music Video Showcase

First launched in 2005, the goal of LFM's Music Video Showcase is to give both local filmmakers and musicians a chance to "rock the big screen!"

The event now occurs annually and attracts a diverse audience and always fills the theatre to capacity.

Cash awards for both "Best Music Video" and "Audience Choice"!

The purpose of this event is to connect musicians and filmmakers, to encourage collaborations and to inspire creativity.


Live From Memphis
Music Video Showcase

includes these and more

The Music
Al Kapone
directed by Unbreakable Product

Wasted Rain
Dani McCulloch
directed by John Paul

The Runner
Organ Thief
directed by Christopher Rey

Good Things Are Real
Valencia Robinson

Texting You
Choir Boi
directed by Catina Johnson

Terminal Boredom
The Cute Lepers

Pointless Drinking
Amy LaVere

Walk Away
Clanky ' Nub
directed by GB Shannon

I Liked Your Rough Draft Better
directed by Hotty Toddy Dirt Brothers

Baron of Love (Pt. 2)
Ross Johnson
directed by Jon Sparks

MEMPHIS FILM FEST #9: Fact or Fiction?

*Maria Alba y Ramon de los Reyes [*M A: Castanets: 'Hernando's Hideaway'] for: Bacon and Eggs

Maria Alba: RAMON DE LOS REYES [ALBA/REYES SPANISH DANCE CO.] Flamenco [Castanet Player on 'Hernando's Hideaway']

David Lynch says 'fucking telephone' re. movies and iPhones [via: awhitelodge]

People Magazine: BROOKE SHIELDS - PRETTY BABY + JAMES COBURN [People This Week Commercial: May 29, 1978]

a commercial for the May 29, 1978 issue of "People" magazine, spotlighting stories on Brooke Shields, David Brenner, William Colby and James Coburn

Johnny Carson: Robert Blake [Baretta Rings in New Year's Eve 1977 w/ streamers etc.]

Robert Blake: Talks About Crazy [Tom Snyder Tommorow: Shows Clip]

Don't know why his last appearance hasn't been posted anywhere or shown on the news since he talked in length about his love for Bonnie Lee Bakley and he pleaded for her to come back to her and he forgave her for all the things she's done in the past. He didn't mention her by name but described her accurately and it was at the time they were together. Does anyone know if that was shown in trial? This is nothing in comparison to that night. Snyder was really afraid Blake had completely lost it.

Johnny Cash [Talks about his limited friendship with Elvis: Pt. 1/3]

Bob Clampett: Babes in the Holly Woods [ Little Red Riding Hood: Beany and Cecil 1950]


Brief introduction of Wasp Creations Corsetry

A brief introduction of a few design specifics exclusive of Wasp Creations Corsets. All corsets are custom made to your measurements and needs in the US by Corsetiere, Amy Crowder. Amy uses her expertise and 25 years of corset design experience to develop a corset that will suitable for your needs, measurements and tastes. As you can see, Amy is an accomplished tightlacer (since 1991), and is quite knowledgeable in the needs of those interested in daily figure training with corsets.

Please feel free to visit http://www.waspcreations.com for further information.

Happy Lacing,
Amy Crowder

Corsets tightlacing corsetry how-to Korsets corset tight lacing girdles stays busk zipper Corsetiere Corset design breasts bondage

May 29, 2009

1 vs 100: Kevin Federline [this is the worst tv i've never seen]

1 vs 100 Kevin Federline
Video sent by nightwind23

He docent last on the show for very long, having only answered two questions correctly

Kfed [since no one comments and everyone is from the arab emiritz looking for pussy, this should go with my phil spector post]

Welcome and welcome to the Kevin Borderline fan club. If you're looking for Kevin Borderline, this is the only place on the Internet (that we dedicate Kevin Borderline to himself).

Please, please join the fang OF the future-half Kevin Funicular In the biggest scandal since OJ's clunk-gutter-guzzling mouthwash-slapping Nicole and the children for ordering McDonald's to go.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about XXX virgin's Xmas show of Brit gut-dragging.

I predict that a ho and an exact simulation of Britney will be discovered deep within an unflattering but technically correct human subspecies of Homo fatalities, also known as Couch Skunks.

The latest Kevin news is a 21st century way to stack the Whore-Queen of All Shanks and make lawyers question whether Kevin is a Pimp.

In otherworldly news, Britney has diarrhea-donuts blasted in the face by feces and Jesus Christ's fat Marlboro-menthol-Aristocrat-fucks Oldsmobile/swanky/whatever fucks Britney in her fake crap-factory! Gimme More funicular options:

1 vodka
2 gin
3 Percosets

Accueillir et accueillir au club de ventilateur de Kevin Federline. Si vous recherchez Kevin Federline, c'est le seul endroit sur l'Internet (ce nous consacrons Kevin Federline à se).

Joindre veuillez, svp les ventilateurs de la futur-moitié Kevin funiculaire dans le plus grand scandale puisque Nicole collutoire-de claquement crunk-gouttière-bâfrant et les enfants du JO pour commander McDonald pour aller.

Je suis sûr que vous avez tout l'exposition de Noël de la vierge sur XXX entendue d'étriper-traîner de Brit.

Je prévois qu'un ho et une simulation exacte de Britney seront découverts profondément dans unflattering, mais corrige techniquement la sous-espèce humaine des morts de Homo, également connue sous le nom de mouffettes de divan.

DA: Who buys shoes, then commits suicide? Spector: Shoe Whores [under breath]: Sentenced Maximum 19-Life!

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Music producer Phil Spector was sentenced Friday to the maximum sentence of 19 years to life for the murder six years ago of actress Lana Clarkson.

Phil Spector's first murder trial in 2007 ended in a mistrial as jurors said they couldn't reach a verdict.

Phil Spector's first murder trial in 2007 ended in a mistrial as jurors said they couldn't reach a verdict.

That means Spector, 69, would be 88 before he would be eligible for parole.

Slumped, stone-faced and wearing a dark suit and bright red tie, he sat silently throughout his sentencing by Judge Larry Paul Fidler.

Spector's lawyer gave a $17,000 check to Donna Clarkson, the victim's mother, to pay for her funeral expenses -- part of the court-ordered sentence.

"All of our plans together are destroyed," the mother said, reading a statement on behalf of her family. "Now, I can only visit her at the cemetery."

Fidler denied a motion for a new trial by defense attorney Doron Weinberg, who said he would file an appeal.

"The evidence did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty for the simple reason [that] he did not kill Lana Clarkson," Weinberg said.

"Obviously, he's not very happy," Spector's wife, Rachelle, told reporters about her husband. "I'm going to stand by him and get him out of that awful place so he can come home where he belongs."

Don't Miss Phil Spector found guilty of actress' 2003 murder Spector defense:
Actress could have killed herself
DA: Who buys shoes, then commits suicide?

Clarkson, 40, was found dead -- slumped in a chair in the foyer of Spector's Alhambra, California, mansion with a gunshot wound through the roof of her mouth -- in February 2003.

Spector's trial, which began in October, ended last month when jurors deliberated for 30 hours and then announced a guilty verdict on the second-degree murder charge. Fidler had ruled jurors also could consider the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Spector's first murder trial in 2007 ended in a mistrial as jurors said they couldn't reach a verdict after 15 days of deliberations. Jurors then were deadlocked 10-2 in favor of conviction.

Fidler declined to allow Spector to remain free on bail pending sentencing, citing Spector's years-long "pattern of violence" involving firearms.

"This was not an isolated incident," Fidler said, noting Spector's two firearms-related convictions from the 1970s. "The taking of an innocent human life, it doesn't get any more serious than that."

In closing arguments at the retrial, prosecutor Truc Do called Spector "a very dangerous man" who "has a history of playing Russian roulette with women -- six women. Lana just happened to be the sixth."

Weinberg argued that the prosecution's case hinged on circumstantial evidence. He said the possibility that Clarkson committed suicide could not be ruled out.

Do pointed out to jurors, however, that Clarkson had bought new shoes on the day of her death -- something he said a suicidal woman would not have done.

A female juror who declined to be identified told reporters the jurors considered all the evidence and testimony to reach their verdict.

"This entire jury took this so seriously," she said with tears in her eyes, before adding that "it's tough to be in a jury," because another person's life is in the jury's hands.

Clarkson starred in the 1985 B-movie "Barbarian Queen" and appeared in many other films, including "Deathstalker," "Blind Date," "Scarface," "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and the spoof "Amazon Women on the Moon." She was working as a VIP hostess at Hollywood's House of Blues at the time of her death.

In the 2007 trial, Spector's attorneys argued that Clarkson was depressed over a recent breakup and grabbed a .38-caliber pistol to kill herself while at Spector's home.

But prosecution witnesses painted Spector as a gun-toting menace. Five women took the stand and testified that he had threatened them with firearms. His driver testified that he heard a loud noise and saw the producer leave the home, pistol in hand, saying, "I think I killed somebody."

Spector's professional trademark was the "Wall of Sound," the layering of instrumental tracks and percussion that underpinned a string of hits on his Philles label -- named for Spector and his business partner, Lester Sill -- in the early 1960s.

The roaring arrangements were the heart of what he called "little symphonies for the kids" -- among them No. 1 hits like the Ronettes' "Be My Baby" and the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'."

Spector co-produced the Beatles' final album, "Let It Be," and worked with ex-Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon on solo projects after the group broke up. His recording of Harrison's 1971 benefit concert for war relief in Bangladesh won the 1972 Grammy award for album of the year.

That was one of two Grammy Awards won by Spector, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. He stayed out of the public eye for two decades before his 2003 arrest in Clarkson's death.

In this video:

Michael Alig 'Club Kids' Michael Alig Birthday Party [Red Zone, NYC] + Joan Rivers: Club Kids [Leigh Bowery, James Saint James, Amanda L.] + McDonalds

Michael Alig
Birthday Party

Michael Alig
Birthday Party

Michael Alig
Birthday Party

Michael Alig
McDonalds Party

Michael Alig



1970s 70s 80s ellis elvis girls impersonator jack jersey jimmy jumpsuit minds orion sexy suspicious

Unfastened Coins: Titanic Conspiracy

From http://maddox.xmission.com I created this video to uncover the truth about the cover up of the sinking of the Titanic. How could a ship that's made out of metal be sunk by an iceberg? If icebergs are so tough, why don't people use them to build ships instead of metal?

Mademoiselle O: World's worst video

Mademoiselle O
Video sent by fassbinderetsvetlana



May 28, 2009

OKUTOPASU ALIEN 「エイリアン・オクトパス」 'Face--the Octopus' Captured by Fisherman 「Indonesia」 for Jane Aldridge 「Sea of Shoes」 via Zaeena (?)


This octopus is alien to what is expected, so I got caught accidentally in fishermen of Indonesia, the countries of faith there is another racket that. And turn it so it's never gone out to the appraiser to indicate the evidence is not fake, it does not work. I should have prayed and worshiped and TATEMATSUっuntil the dry mummy.どうみても宇宙人ですなこのタコは、インドネシアの漁師がうっかり捕まえちゃったのだそうで、信仰心の厚いあちらの国ではそりゃもう大騒ぎ。作り物でない 証拠を示すために鑑定にまで出しちゃったのだそうなので決して食ったりはしないだろう。干からびてミイラになるまで祈ったり崇めたてまつったりしているは ずなんだ。

ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BIDDING! “Dr Nick” Nichopoulos Expected in Hell--JUNE! TO AUCTION ELVIS' DOUCHE FIRST! [Plushy Memphis Teen Bid Forum-Chat]

Dr. George Nichopoulos: The DRx. Who Killed Elvis
Uploaded by mrjyn

The grisly selection of memorabilia and medical paraphernalia includes personal effects that belonged to Presley physician, George "Dr Nick" Nichopoulos, such as a "douche" which the so-called King used to treat his sinuses and irrigate his throat before each concert; OD handbook; internal DEA messages he made during the 70s; Turin Jesus Cloth; Elvis' Scrotal hat; a selection of Custom Chicana hosiery. "Those were my wife's," said Nichopoulos.

Dr. Nichopoulos said, "The Collection is about as meaningful to me as the furniture in Elvis' Junky Room."

"I needed to clean out the garage this summer anyway. I tried to sell his Grave Slab, but Kissy, my daughter, and MRSx. Nich said it wasn't tasteful. So I'm selling Presley's douches instead. He doesn't need 'em where he is, believe me! I've also got some of his baby-finger rings and a hat with 'Horn Boy' written on it, I found in their."

The items Nichopoulos mentions were at the center of an investigation that saw Dr. Nick charged and acquitted of over-prescribing controlled substances to the singer in the months before his death. They formed part of a traveling collection at local casinos, but Nichopoulos, no longer able to continue touring because of a Satanic promise made in Tunica, MS, is selling off the items through Julien's Auction House, 666 Madison Ave, in Manhattan, this June.

"Elvis was a very big giver, and he gave a lot of things away," Dr. Nichopoulos said, eating a Limburger sandwich, yesterday.

"[The collection] kind of describes Elvis in a way: some of his interests, like he loved guns and sheriffs' badges and books and religious things and jewelery...it gives you an idea of some of the things he was interested in...like douching," he finished hesitantly.

Though Las Vegas and restraint are not often associated, the sale has been criticized in some quarters for overstepping the boundaries of taste.

Priscilla Presley weighed in: "That a doctor could exhibit a patient's professional directive...confidence has made everything unreliable and vice versatile, as far as integrity...confidence is right up their with respect to a deprived life, but manly loyalty is like comprehensibility: in the dark mines, when they lose a miner."

Her American Indian boyfriend said: "I examined that forestland you sell, called Elvis--very great many things, and far to go, to find store closed. Nichopoulos' Medicine is a trick on African Americans."

"I'm tryin' to get rid of his stuff before I die, and it goes to a real sleazebag like Velvet...well, he's dead...but whoever else is on the Internet these days. Me and Geller have a drawer-full of spoons too." Dr. Nick continued.

"We advertised in the Memphis Flyer and got a bunch of plushy Memphis teens from the same high school Cilla went to, to run the auction naked on an Internet foursome...Forum, and if you bid HIGH you get to chat with them, private--about douches...whatever. We're serving DIcideRx. Did I tell you E had strange, soft hand-tops? They felt like Brie, especially around the pinkies."

"I've also got some Beatle-Pills I used to hand out to the 'Mafia'...They're placebos, but they couldn't tell the difference. When I told 'em they got Fike [Lamar, Memphis Mafia] pussy, Joe Esposito ordered a case."

"I told E, his douche was made by NASA/GM...a combination of Cadillac and NASA Titanium, good for douching. It helped give Presley’s senses something to do if I'd BS him during THUSPAKE Z until the Dilaudid and the rest of the 'Flight' kicked in."

Nichopoulos finished our interview by staring into the television screen at the Elvis videotape he had on:

"Strange...I miss injecting someone after I see a concert on the TV, so I inject my cat with 'Liva Snack' Vitamins. She's startin' to get fat, though; I may need to douche her."

Teen pop star NICK JONAS'
16th birthday present puppy
came with a surprise of its own -
the pooch is suffering from parasites.
Jonas was handed the dog
by his famous family,
to mark the special occasion.
He named him Elvis ...

Presale items include:
OD identikit.
Kitten. Wolf Hat. Gold IV.
SHIT Poems.
Pope's triple baptized bath duck
Meditation Scale.


Johnny Thunders: Je suis le cri de naissance

Johnny Thunders: je suis le cri de naissance
Video sent by mrjyn

je suis le cri de naissance!!

est les coups décidés à vous, lèvre synching vous sain dans le barritone plus
élémentaire profond que le chargement de sax ne sont jamais le
tonnerre qui empile vers le haut !

I am the cry of birth!

with the decided blows, lip synching healthy in the deep elementary barritone than the loading of sax are never the thunder which piles up with sax thunderclaps that accumulateed/ignited
for the ascent!

Lambertinage: Brigitte Lahaie [Part 1] I'm not sure what this is except for the weirdest voices in any movie

Video sent by Mauldonael

Les aventures rocambolesque de Christophe Lambert, et du casting d'un éventuel Highlander reloaded... brigitte lahaie christophe lambert mozinor grand détournement rouflaquett ouesterneuh boublicitude court métrage esi vintage

Serge Gainsbourg + Jaques Dutronc + Jane Birkin: J'aime les Roses Fanées (Gigolo) I just found a rehearsal

Serge gainsbourg dutronc birkin - les roses fanées
Video sent by chloegc


J'aime les roses (gigolo)
J'aime les roses (gigolo)
J'aime les roses fanées (gigolo, gigolo, gigolo)
Les vieilles peaux (gigolo)
Les vieilles peaux (gigolo)
J'aime les vieilles paumées (gigolo, gigolo, gigolo)

Ceux qui boudent
Les vieux boudes
N'y connaissent rien
Aux danses de l'enfer
Je préfère
Le fox-trot des années vingt

{au Refrain}

J'aime les vioques
Qui débloquent
J'aime les vieilles guenons
Ces vieilles chouettes
Ca sent chouette
L'after-shave lotion

{au Refrain}

Elles se piquent
Ces vieilles biques
D'avoir de beaux restes
Vieux fossiles
Leurs faux-cils
Cachent des pensées un peu lestes

Serge Gainsbourg & Catherine Deneuve: "Dieu est un fumeur de Havana" from the film "Je Vous Aime" (TV FR.)

Old soak and French national treasure Serge Gainsbourg practically kept Gitanes in business, single-handedly. Even making love to his countless conquests, one can somehow imagine that the old ROUE kept one burning in a nearby saucer.

"God is a Cuban cigar-smoker," he growls here. "And you are a Gitane-smoker," confirms Catherine Deneuve, in a duet from the 1980 movie, "Je VouS Aime".

Unclaimed Baggage

Over the years, the Unclaimed Baggage Center has been the feature of many stories. Take a look at some of the editorials below.

KNBC-Los Angeles


The Today Show


“It’s like a treasure hunt. You never know what you’ll find.”

"The public can't get enough of it. What began as a few pieces of luggage sold from card tables 24 years ago is now a sprawling glass and granite complex that takes up more than a city block."
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"A posse of style vixens, of fashion beasts on a weekender, a road trip a' la Thelma & Louise, could have a high old time at Unclaimed Baggage Center."

“One of the biggest tourist attractions in the state.”

"Unclaimed Baggage Center selected as one of the great places to visit along a route by Rand McNally Best of the Road".

"Unclaimed Baggage Center gets nearly one million visitors annually, making it one of Alabama's top attractions."

"Since it opened in 1970 Unclaimed Baggage Center has been a mecca for bargain hunters willing to venture off the beaten path."

"Amazing things, indeed. Even a few miraculous ones."
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"A sapphire and diamond bracelet. Hermes scarves, Gianni Versace dresses, Burberry raincoats for men. A yellow silk Christian Dior jacket. They're all here, along with expensive sporting equipment, fancy luggage and high-priced cameras. So where exactly are we? ..... the Unclaimed Baggage Center in the sweet, country town of Scottsboro, Ala."

“The Unclaimed Baggage center of the universe.”


"...about one million items a year make it to Scottsboro, ranging from the mundane -- clothing, luggage and cameras -- to the bizarre."

Media Assistance: If you are in the media and want further information, would like to arrange a tour of Unclaimed Baggage Center or schedule an interview, please contact our media spokesperson, please call us at 256-259-1525. All filming or photography in the store must be scheduled in advance.

We'll be waiting for you with a fresh cup of Starbucks! Come on. It's beautiful in Scottsboro, Alabama. You could take a little extra time to explore the peaceful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the placid Lake Guntersville.