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July 7, 2018

WATCH #ElvisPresley 1970 PLUS #Comments - 'Hillbilly, nice delusion you got there about your idol - Elvis is completely HIGH - you know shit abut Elvis, coon motherfucker - delusion is strong with you'

NO he is not high, he is learning the lyrics and phrasing, or remembering as it was ages since he did any of these song recourse of all the movies at the time ...

Hillbilly, loll, nice delusion you got there about your idol.

Elvis is completely high

The only delusion here is yours, loll, he certainly was not high here

Bill Pat oh good one.

Except that the delusion is actually strong with you

buffaloes, try going one week not singing a song.

you won't remember shit.

we're talking 1956 songs

buffaloes Yeah, I like Elvis a lot, but this is why is he's not with us now... Drugs.

Lots of them. He's fucked up on opiates here.

Andrew Coon bro Elvis didn't even start drugs on this era It's late 1969 Elvis got really into drugs late 1973 little bit before that but that how Elvis rehearsals don't judge so fast

Joseph Basho, LOLL.

Elvis was on drugs since his Army days. You need to watch Elvis Mob or Elvis's last 24 hours. He took barbiturates, speed, and quite possibly opiates pre 1969. He started on barbs and amphetamines in the movie years.

Andrew Coon bro haven't you seen him on comeback special 68 Mm-mm he doesn't look like somebody's taking speed and some shit he looked better than ever

Andrew Coon he might could've taken drugs but it's wasn't really shown till the 70s he looked fine to me for all these years, after aloha from Hawaii he messed up soon bad

Andrew Coon - you know shit abut Elvis coon mother fucker