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July 10, 2018

Linda Gail Lewis Sessionography & Discography, 1960 - 2010 (Including my two records)

Linda Gail Lewis: Sessionography & Discography, 1960 - 2010

Linda Gail Lewis is much more than just the younger sister of Jerry Lee Lewis: a talented singer, songwriter & musician in her own right, she has recorded & toured with such musicians as Van Morrison, James Burton, Billy Bremner, Chas & Dave, Kenneth Lovelace (Jerry's band leader since 1967 & one-time husband of Linda), Travis Wammack, Scotty Moore, Stuart Coleman, Albert Lee, Stephen Ackles & Andy Lee Lang, as well as her brother of course, & her talented daughters MaryJean & Annie.

To celebrate a remarkable 50 years since Linda’s first recordings, Pierre Pennone & myself have compiled a full sessionography of Linda’s many sessions both issued & unissued over the years, as well as a discography. None of these would’ve been possible without Bo Berglind’s pioneering research in ‘Fire-Ball Mail’ in 1975, Mark Potter’s exhaustive (though several years out of date) discography on Linda Gail Lewis’ official website, ‘Now Dig This’ magazine (particularly issue 283), Clinton Heylin's Van Morrison biography 'Can you feel the silence?', The Jerry Lee Lewis Unofficial Fan Forum, & the various Jerry Lee Lewis fan-club magazines over the years.

Additional thanks to the following for their reminiscences, research, scans & recordings: Stephen Ackles, Peter Molecz, Gunilla Larsson, Piet Versteijnen, Tony Papard, Martin Bates, Per Kallin, Barrie Gamblin, Tony Houlton, MaryJean Ferguson, Daniel White & Thomas Rund. Lastly, this would not be possible without Linda Gail Lewis herself: not only for the music, but for always taking the time to chat to her friends & fans, & answer what are often the most trivial questions about her past.

PART 1 – 1960-1977

Linda's career has very much been in two parts: 1960 - 1977, & 1986 - now. The latter part has been far more interesting (more on that later), but, after an aborted session in 1960, she released a string of singles, two albums (one solo, one with her brother) + various other tracks from 1963 to 1974, & (from 1967 onwards) was often featured as part of Jerry Lee Lewis' concerts, both as a warm-up act & backing vocalist.

1) SUN STUDIO, 639 Madison Avenue. Memphis – 13 Dec. 1960

A Good Golly Miss Molly (Marascalco/Blackwell) - unissued/lost
B Love’s Made A Fool Of Me - unissued/lost

Linda Gail Lewis (vcl) Frankie Jean Lewis (vcl) Jerry Lee Lewis (pno) Roland Janes (l.gtr) Scotty Moore (r.gtr) Jay W. Brown (bs) Stan Kesler (st.gtr –A) James Van Eaton (dms)

2) SUN STUDIO, 639 Madison Avenue, Memphis – 11 Mar. 1963 – Producer : Scotty Moore

001 (U-490) Seasons of My Heart* (G. Jones/Edwards) - Sun 384 Apr.1963 London HAS8323 1967
002 C.C. Rider (Chuck Willis) - Bear BCD16609 2002
003 (U-492) Sittin’ and Thinkin’ (Charlie Rich) - Charly CD Box-1 1989
004 (U-491) Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves) - CR-300007 Jun.1975

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl duet), *Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet/pno) Scotty Moore (l.gtr) George Webb (r.gtr) Morris Tarrant (dms) Luke Wright (t.sax) William Ray Felts(org)

The first ever release to feature Linda Gail Lewis, a duet with her brother Jerry Lee Lewis on George Jones' 'Seasons Of My Heart'.

3) FRED FOSTER’s STUDIO, 7th Avenue, Nashville - 1964

005 (12478) Break Up The Party (Dan Penn/Rick Hall) - ABC 10636 Mar.1965 JukeBox8265101 2005
006 (12479) Small Red Diary (Mar Axton/F. Reeves) - ABC 10636 Mar.1965 JukeBox8265101 2005
Why Do I Cry - unissued
How Much Should I Let My Heart Go - unissued

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Jerry Reed (gtr), Harold Bradley (gtr), Bob Moore (bass), Buddy Harman (dms) + unknown (pno) on 12479.

4) RCA STUDIO, 800 Hawkins Street, Nashville – 1 Sept. 1965 – Producer: Shelby Singleton

007 (33632) North To Alaska (T. Franks) - SRS67071 Dec.1965
008 (33638) Baby (You Got What It Takes) (Otis/Stein) - Smash 2006 Oct.1965 Mercury134204(FR) Feb.1969

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl duet), Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet, pno), prob. Jerry Kennedy (gtr), prob. Buddy Harman (dms), others unknown

5) Unknown studio, Los Angeles – 1967 – Producer: Bobby Boyd, Arranger: Bill Justis

009 (115868) Jim Dandy (L. Chase) - Columbia 43964 Feb.1967
010 (115869) Who Will Be The Next One (S. Stover) - Columbia 43964 Feb.1967
Until Then - unissued
Love What You Got - unissued

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), others unknown

6) COLUMBIA STUDIO, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville – 16 Apr. 1968 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

011 (41123) We Live In Two Different Worlds(Fred Rose) - Smash 2220 May 1969 SRS 67104 May 1968 SRS67126 Jul. 1969

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl duet), Jerry lee Lewis (vcl duet, pno), Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, Jerry Kennedy (gtr), Lloyd Green (steel gtr), Kenneth Lovelace (fiddle), Joseph Zinkan (bass), Jerry Carrigan (dms)

7) COLUMBIA STUDIO, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville – 1968 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

012 (43006) Turn Back the Hands of Time (L.G. Lewis) - Smash 2193 Nov.1968 SRS67119 Jun.1969
013 (43007) Good (Glenn Sutton/Billy Sherril) - Smash 2193 Nov.1968 SRS67119 Jun.1969
014 (43008) Then We Said Goodbye(LG Lewis/Harrelson) - Smash 2211 Mar.1969 SRS67119 Jun.1969
015 (43009) T-H-E E-N-D (Glenn Sutton) - Smash 2211 Mar.1969 SRS67119 Jun.1969

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins(pno), others unknown

8) COLUMBIA STUDIO, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville – 18 Feb. 1969 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

016 (43098) Don't Let Me Cross Over (Penny Jay) - Smash 2220 May 1969 SRS67119/67126 Jun.1969
017 (43099) Southside Soul Society Chapter No. 1 (B.Lindsay) - Smash 2240 Aug.1969 SRS67119 Jun.1969
018 (43100) He's Loved Me Much Too Much(LG Lewis/Harrelson) - Smash2240 Aug.1969 SRS67119 Jun.1969 Mercury 73343 Nov.1972

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet on 43098), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (pno), Fred Carter, Ray Edenton, Jerry Kennedy (gtr), Pete Drake (steel gtr), Kenneth Lovelace (fiddle), Bob Moore (bass), Buddy Harman (dms)

9) COLUMBIA STUDIO, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville – 1969 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

019 Paper Roses (J. Torre/F. Spielman) - Mercury 73245 Oct.1971 SRS67119 Jun.1969
020 Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (H.Locklin) - SRS67119 Jun.1969
021 Hey Good Lookin’ (H.Williams) - SRS67119 Jun.1969
022 I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You) (H.Williams) - SRS67119 Jun.1969

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), others unknown

Three sides of Linda's debut solo album 'The Two Sides of Linda Gail Lewis': The front & back covers of the most common 'orange' version & the scarcer 'green' front cover.

10) COLUMBIA STUDIO, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville – 16 Apr. 1969 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

023 (43123) Jackson (Billy Ed Wheeler/Gabby Rodgers) - SRS67117/67126 May 1969
024 (45124) Sweet Thang (Nat Stuckey) - SRS67118/67126 May 1969

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl duet), Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet, pno), Jerry Kennedy (gtr), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (organ), Kenneth Lovelace (fiddle), others unknown

11) MONUMENT STUDIO, 114 17th Ave. South, Nashville – 13 Jun. 1969 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

025 (45438) Gotta Travel On (P.Clayton/L. Ehrlich/T.Six) - SRS67126 Jul.1969
026 (45439) Milwaukee Here I Come (L. Fikes) - SRS67126 Jul.1969
027 (45440) Cryin’ Time (Buck Owens) - SRS67126 Jul.1969
028 (45441) Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry) - Smash 2254 Dec.1969 SRS67126 Jul.1969
029 (45442) Secret Places (LG Lewis/Harrelson/Lovelace) - Smash 2254 Dec.1969 SRS67126 Jul.1969
030 (45443) Don’t Take It Out On Me(LG Lewis/Lovelace) - SRS67126 Jul.1969
031 (45434) Earth Up Above* (D. Murray) - SRS67126 Jul.1969

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl duet), Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet, pno), Harold Bradley, Jerry Kennedy (gtr), Bob Moore (bass), Buddy Harman (drums), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (organ), Kenneth Lovelace (fiddle)

Jerry & Linda's one & only duet album. Note the advertisement for 'The Two Sides Of Linda Gail Lewis' which features another variation of the album sleeve, though this was only for advertising purposes & was never actually issued in this form.

12) MERCURY STUDIO, 1512 Hawkins St., Nashville – 1970 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

032 (45533) My Heart Was The Last One To Know (Kristofferson/Silverstein) - Smash 2261 Apr.1970
033 (45534) Louisiana (L.G. Lewis/Harrelson/Lovelace) - Mercury 73316 Aug.1972
034 (45536) Gather ‘Round Children (L.G. Lewis/Harrelson) - Smash 2261 Apr.1970

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (pno), others unknown

13) LIVE AT THE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, Las Vegas – 22nd-23rd May 1970 – Producers: Jerry Kennedy, Roy Dea

035 I’m Movin’ On* (Hank Snow) - BFX15228 1986
036 Jackson* (Billy Ed Wheeler/Gabby Rodgers) - BFX15228 1986
037 (47117) When You Wore A Tulip* (P.Wenrich/J. Mahoney) - SR 61278 Aug.1970
038 Got You On My Mind Again* (version 1) (Stan Kessler) - BFX15228 1986
039 (47118) Take These Chains From My Heart (version 1) (Hy Heath/Fred Rose) - SR 61278 Aug.1970 040
What’d I Say* (Ray Charles) - BFX15228 1986
Down The Line* - unissued
I Wish You Love (version 1) - unissued
I Wish You Love (version 2) - unissued
Johnny B. Goode - unissued
Silver Threads & Golden Needles (version 1) - unissued
Silver Threads & Golden Needles (version 2) - unissued
Got You On My Mind Again* (version 2) - unissued
Got You On My Mind Again* (version 3) - unissued
Got You On My Mind Again* (version 4) - unissued
Take These Chains From My Heart (version 2) - unissued
Roll Over Beethoven* - unissued

Linda Gail Lewis (vcl), Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet*, pno), Ken Lovelace (gtr, fiddle), Buck Hutcheson (gtr), Ed Debruhl (bass), Ned Davis (steel gtr), Morris Tarrant (drums), Jerry Lee Lewis Jr (tambourine)

14) MERCURY STUDIO, 1512 Hawkins St., Nashville – 16 Jul. 1970 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

041 (47131) What Is Love (LG Lewis/Harrelson) - Mercury 73113 Oct.1970
(47132) Lovin’ Up A Storm (Black/Arnold) - unissued
042 (47133) Before The Snow Flies (version 1) - Mercury 73113 Oct.1970
Before The Snow Flies (version 2) - unissued
Before The Snow Flies (version 3) - unissued

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Jerry Lee Lewis (acoustic gtr & vcl on 47133), Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, Buck Hutcheson, Jerry ‘Chip Young’ Stembridge (gtr), Ned Davies (steel gtr), Bob Moore (bass), Buddy Harman (drums), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (pno), Kenneth Lovelace (fiddle)

15) MERCURY STUDIO, 1512 Hawkins St., Nashville – 5-6 Oct. 1970 – Producer: Jerry Kennedy

043 (47191) Cheater Pretend (Bill Taylor/LaVerne Thomas) - Bear BFX15228 1986
044 (47193) Handwriting On The Wall (N. Hopson) - Mercury 73303 Jul.1972 Mercury (UK) 6338 496 1975
045 (47200) I Know That Jesus Will Be There (L.G. Lewis/Harrelson) - SR 61318 Jan.1971

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl duet), Jerry Lee Lewis (vcl duet, pno), Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, Buck Hutcheson, Jerry ‘Chip Young’ Stembridge (gtr), Ned Davies

Jerry & Linda's most successful single, reaching number 9 on the Billboard Country Charts in the summer of 1969.

16) ARDENT STUDIO, Memphis – 22 Jul. 1971 – Producer: Jud Phillips

046 (48552) Working Girl (L.G. Lewis/Harrelson) - Mercury 73245 Oct.1971
Storm Before The Calm - unissued
Carryin’ On - unissued

Linda Gail Lewis (vcl), Buddy Church, Sandy Rhodes (gtr), Ed Debruhl (bass), Larry Estes (drums), unknown (pno)

17) MERCURY STUDIO, 1512 Hawkins St., Nashville – 31 May 1972 – Producer: Roy Dea

047 (49814) Smile Somebody Loves You (T. Austin) - Mercury 73316 Aug.1972 JukeBox8265101 2005
048 (49815) Me And Jesus* (Tom T. Hall) - Mercury 73303 Jul.1972 Mercury (UK) 6338 496 1975
049 (49816) Ivory Tower (Snow) - Mercury 73343 Nov.1972 JukeBox8265101 2005

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Jerry Lee Lewis (*vcl duet, *pno), Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, Jerry Kennedy, Jerry ‘Chip Young’ Stembridge (gtr), Pete Drake (steel gtr), Bob Moore (bass), Jerry Carrigan (drums), Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (pno, organ on 49815), Kenneth Lovelace (fiddle)

18) SAM PHILLIPS STUDIO, Madison Avenue, Memphis – Dec. 1973 – Producer: Charlie Chalmers

050 (51185) I Wanna Be A Sensuous Woman (LG Lewis/Worthington) - Mercury 73463 Jan.1974
051 (51186) I Should Not Have Fallen In Love With You (LG Lewis/Worthington) - Mercury 73463 Jan.1974

Linda Gail Lewis (vcl) others unknown

19) Unknown studio – 1974 – Producer: unknown

The Joy And Love You Bring (a.k.a. Love Of All Seasons) - unissued
(When You Need) A Lover And A Friend - unissued

Unknown sessions in the 1960’s (source: Mark Potter)

I'm Redeemed (Duet with Jimmy Swaggart) - unissued 1965
Take It Slow - unissued 1966
Distant Drums - unissued 1969
Pledging My Love - (duet with Jerry Lee) unissued 1960's

Despite the "Smash" label & the superb sound, this 2005 CD appears to be a bootleg. Nevertheless it's the best place to find much of Linda's early solo material.

Another bootleg, this includes the few remaining early solo recordings that are missing from 'The Early Sides of Linda Gail Lewis', as well as duets & live TV performances.

PART 2 – 1986-2010

In 1977 (following a European tour with her brother) Linda Gail Lewis decided to retire from public life to concentrate on raising a family; it wasn't until nine years later in the spring of 1986 when she returned, initially to resume touring with her brother. This lasted until the summer of 1987 when she quit due to (alledged) disagreements between her & Jerry's (then) wife Kerrie. This is when Linda decided to re-invent herself: she'd known how to bang out a few chords on the piano for years (& indeed played piano during her warm-up sets on the 1977 European tour), but now she started learning how to play boogie-inpired rock & roll like her brother, & did so remarkably quickly, as by 1988 she was on the road playing this style, & a couple of years later back in the studio making full-length albums, something she's done with great regularity ever since. This all culminated in a lenthy tour with Shakin' Stevens in 1999, & then a duet album & world tour with Van Morrison in 2000 / 2001, bringing her some of the widest exposure of her career. Sadly the latter partnership ended in acrimony, but she's continued recording & performing in a wide variety of styles, including 50s rock & roll, country, pop, soul, bluegrass, rock & even modern 'dance' music.

20) Unknown studio – 1986 – Producer: unknown

I'll Take the Memories - unissued
Ain't We Got Love - unissued
You're Playing with a Heartache - unissued
Sweet Lover - unissued

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), others unknown


052 Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (duet with Ken Lovelace) - Green Line 3307 1987
053 Jackson * - Green Line 3307 1987

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), Jerry Lee Lewis (*vcl duet, *pno), Ken Lovelace (gtr), Moetta Stewart (keyboard), Danny Harrison (drums), Joel Shumaker (gtr), Duke Faglier (bass)

The 1987 vinyl & 1988 CD editions of 'Live in Italy', which featured her final official recording with Jerry Lee Lewis.

22) Unknown studio – 1987 – Producer: probably Maury O’Rourk
054 Oh Boy - Rose175 1987

Linda Gail Lewis(vcl), band OFB with Maury O’Rourk (duet vcl)

Released on 10" vinyl in 1987 & on CD the following year, this featured Linda's first issued studio recording in 13 years.


Linda's first album in 22 years & the first to feature her playing piano as well as singing (it was also her final album to be released on vinyl, as well as CD).
EASLEY RECORDING STUDIO, Memphis – 1990 – Producer: Maury O’Rourk

I Can Help (Billy Swan) - Rose238 Dec.1990
056 We Were Both Wrong 5B. Murray) - Rose238 Dec.1990
057 Cry One More Time (Wolf Dustman) - Rose238 Dec.1990
058 They Called It Rock (N. Lowe/D. Edmunds) - Rose238 Dec.1990
059 Clean Cut Kid (Bob Dylan) - Rose238 Dec.1990
060 A.I On The Jukebox (D. Edmunds/W. Birch) - Rose238 Dec.1990
061 Suddenly Single (Butch Hornsby) - Rose238 Dec.1990
062 Tongue and Cheek (D. Gillespie) - Rose238 Dec.1990
063 I Feel So Bad (Tample/Johnson) - Rose238 Dec.1990
064 Las Vegas (duet with Maury O’Rourk) (with faked audience overdub) - Rose238 Dec.1990

Linda Gail Lewis (vcl, pno), Buddy Church, Doug Easley, Alex Greene, Maury O’Rourk (gtr), James Eddie Campbell (lap steel, dobro, gtr), Ray Gann (bass), Fred Norman, Doug Garrison (drums), Alex Greene (organ), Jim Spake (sax), Mary Jean McCall (harmony vcl)

dear peter checksfield, 
thank you so much for getting my two contributions to LGL's discography correct.

i brought linda out of retirement with a telephone book and a phone call, and we sang the duet on Oh,Boy! for Patrick Mathe's remarkable New Rose Records(however, my guitar player, Donald Spicer, produced that track).  It was a rush.

Then some months later, I negotiated a new contract with New Rose, and cut International Affair with the best players in Memphis and for the second time with Doug Easley's guidance and guitar virtuosity, all the while staying at her apt. with three kids, an Elvis impersonator husband, and late nights gigging at Hernando's Hideaway till 6AM), which you are quite right in remarking is her first time to record piano--not to mention really cut loose with some raw rock vocals by some of the greatest songwriter legends in the world.

if you have time, read Robert Christgau's review in the Village Voice.

That record and vote of confidence changed her entire career, and even though we no longer speak, i think she secretly likes International Affair the best.

this was a lot of work, and i'm happy to see it for the first time in 2018.

p.s. it's also very good to continue to see peter checksfield wherever Lewises may roam.