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June 16, 2018

Myra Lewis weighs in on Jerry Lee Lewis Play, 'Catch My Soul': You should have been there...Everyone should have been there! I was.

WATCH #JerryLeeLewis video post twofer, both from UK TV which you've never seen.

In one, Jerry has the beard.

I get in trouble sometimes by calling it 'Catch My Soul', but only by real hardcore JLL freaks; however, it was during the time when he was preparing for his role as Iago in the first production of the Shakespearean production of Othello by jack good called, Catch My Soul (and the only one in which he participated briefly).

If this long-winded description is too much, you can just watch the videos for their awesomeness, obscurity and documentation of the Killer at the peak of his career, somewhere between Myra Lewis Williams and Country stardom.

You (I) have never seen him so egotistical, narcissistic, and appreciated as he is/was during this transition of his career.

And you can also just watch for his bodyguard, Dick West, who basically steals the show with pure Memphis class!


Jerry was surprising good in that role.

if you abused yourself as much as your book seems to imply, i'll just take your word for it. i would love to have seen it. i think jerry only did a few performances in CA, but i don't remember if it was LA or San Francisco

Myra Lewis Williams

It was in LA.

I was there.

Jerry played a great part and was absolutely amazing as an actor on a live stage.

I was impressed, Of Course.

I was the one who drew hot water every night so he could soak his tired aching feet, but he was truly awesome and the play was great.

You should have been there.

Everyone should have been there!

I was.

Doug Meet
Doug Meet i forgot the link to the post with the other video and the story of these two vids. here it is:

Stanley Booth
Stanley Booth I didn't abuse myself. I was just trying to stay awake.
Doug Meet
Doug Meet unfortunately, i read your book along with every other rock book at a tender age. but yours stands out as the most tenderizing.

Doug Meet

Doug Meet that's when george jones thought he was donald duck. when he was on the cocaine