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June 14, 2018

Klaus Kinski "Fuck You--I Need Love"

Klaus Kinski "Fuck You--I Need Love"


Published on Jul 10, 2010
Klaus Kinski "Fuck You" "I Need Love" 
You're here to masturbate yourself... "Vous êtes là pour vous masturber vous même" 
Fuck you ...

Klaus KINSKI Booed by audience 

Interview: Yves Mourousi

Interview ends badly... 

Hurlelune: Here's a little translation for you : 

Yves Mourousi - (Y) 

Klaus Kinski - (K) 
(0:00) Y : - Klaus Kinski make me curious, first off because HE is Klaus Kinski but also because he's the author of a book published by Michel Lafon Pub. : J'ai besoin d'amour (I Need Love). But I, myself, don't know if Klaus Kinski care about me. Because you feel a total aversion, in your book, towards interviewers, especially if the one doing so is a man. Isn't it ?

(0:27) K : - No, depending if the girl is pretty or not..

Y : - Well, clearly.. I am wrong ? (laughs)

K : - Not really, there's the famous female journalists like (didn't get the name, sry) you familiar with them, right ?

(0:40) But it depends, I was sick-tired of these interviews, so I used to ask these folks to ask their committee :

"is the interviewer will be a girl, is she fair also?"

"Yes, she's pretty"

Then, I would do the interview where I could eventually quit if she wasn't after all. So, it became a custom on its own.

(1:08) Y : - You wanted them pretty so you could fuck them ?

K : - No, I wanted them pretty because it's rather more friendly and nicer to talk to a fair, good looking person.. not for superficial features like her nose or her mouth... a person can be handsome for its mindset, its soul and-

(1:29) Y : - Yeah, but then, you prefer them pretty, feminine and I quote :

"Like a faun, I abduct anyone I can carry with me and I fuck, again and again and again.
Saleswomen, waitresses, married ladies, mothers, niggers from Haiti, Mozambique, Jamaica, french girls, American tourists.."

I skip a whole paragraph, but here, they aren't all pretty, eh?

"The ones I fucked on a bed, on the floor, in the bathrooms, on the bidet, in doggy-style, kneeled, bended"

K : - Yeah yeah, right... Did you read the book entirely or not ?

Y : - Yes !

(1:58) K : - So, you didn't quite understood a sentence I wrote near the end which is very important :

"The greatest discovery I made in my life, when looking to women is... that they're truly all beautiful."

If I said so, then what is the purpose of this so called discrimination, whatever this is, that you try to blame me for ? This is preposterous.

Y : - But that's what you wrote, Klaus Kinski.

K : - That's my true belief, I didn't wrote anything that is not faithful in this book. So, there is nothing worth to argue about what I wrote.

(2:36) Y : - Do I piss you off ?

K : - A little, because that's not a good start for a conversation with me. I do this stuff everywhere since then and still today. And I don't think.. I mean, this show, the articles, etc.. We do not do this for ourselves, jacking off like this but for the audience. You owe a respect your audience, the same kind of recognition that you would like to have from them. Because.. I don't believe.. You tell them:

"buy the book, don't buy the book" that's not a discussion ! Like, "there you wrote this, and there you wrote that" And putting me in the corner. You can ask useful, clever questions and I'll answer, if they're not, I won't ! Clear ?

(3:31) Y : - (Don't understand what Yves says)

K : - So, who wants to entertain me ? I don't have a partner for such stupidity

Y : - So, tell me-

K : - There is no point.. Look, before we go further in, there's not point that we proceed this way because... without a partner I'll give up.

(3:49) Y : - Ok, well, it appears that you do not mention about the audience in your book.

K : - Of course, everything I did in my lifetime, my 260 millions-worth career and everything else, I did this for MYSELF ! It includes it ! We do not talk- You know what.. in this country, I like this country a lot and its inhabitants, you people talk WAY, TOO, MUCH. You gossip, way to much, on people's back ! It is widely known, and I ain't the only one who say it. You set up traps, you try to set up traps to others Y : - I don't try to trap you in

(4:18) K : - So, why do you pretend I don't talk about my audience, is that some sort of accusation ?! Why should I talk about my audience in this book to begin with ? Why ? Why ?!

Y : - You said this is a book for the audience...

K : - Well ! I ask you now : This show, this is not for you, not for me ?!

Y : - No.

K : - This is for them ! And you hope that they watch right now and the next time also,

Y : - But the folks who watched me tonight, if they enjoy..

K : - Let me talk already, I'm came for that ! If there's no way, then fuck it ! you're here to masturbate yourself ! Why ?!

Y : - Well, good evening.

(Sorry for the mistakes ^^' I tried the best I could)

Can somebody explain? I don't speak french and quotes would be nice.
Klaus can rant at top speed in a basically Southern accent. He rants so fast, I wonder how many times he said "Gare de Lyon" in this interview without anyone noticing? What a rude man.
Apropos Sex: Die meisten Interviews mit Klaus Kinski sind wie ein Orgasmus. Zuerst fangen die Interviews immer sehr sachlich an und werden dann immer schneller und aggressiver bis zum Höhepunkt, wo dann der Eklat zum Interviewabbruch führt :-)
it's a joke from the parody of him ranting in "Downfall"hand saying "Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse".  Or maybe he did say it superstar so we didn't hear it. ;)
Agree 100%! That's what I liked about him the most. He was totally relentless.He wouldn't hold anything back, not for a split-second. We may call him crazy, eccentric etc but he did have certain sense of freedom only few people ever experienced.
The french TV host is a moron. (Yes, I'm french just like this idiot)
Typique de la manière dont fonctionne la télévision. Des questions ineptes, aucun engagement de la part du con qui se borne à présenter un produit et une célébrité. Encore plus efficace que la censure, la connerie. Et quelle naïveté de la part de Kinski de croire encore en 1990 qu'on vient sur un plateau télé pour s'exprimer librement. "Vous ne parlez pas du public dans votre livre" : mais bien sûr qu'il n'en parle pas, pauvre cloche, un livre ne parle pas de lecteurs, il n'y a pas de lecteurs faits d'avance pour tels ou tels livres. En parler, c'est manquer de respect envers eux, c'est leur dire à quoi il doivent ressembler, c'est leur dire l'endroit où ils doivent poser leurs fesses. Il n'y a que des journalistes, des éditeurs et des publicitaires — qui tendent à se confondre — pour croire ou laisser entendre le contraire, sous prétexte de devoir vendre.
Arrête toi vieux fou
Klaus Kinski actually had fair and super spot on criticisms, plus he warned the interviewer twice. They ARE stupid question of an extremely typical French construction. "Why didn't you write about the public? Why didn't you write about the Easter bunny?"

He more or less said. "Ask me a direct tangible question about something i DID do." In an American context, this interviewer is a LOT like a modern day Fox News interviewer, and extremely interruptible.

TO those dour, dull and JOYLESSLY deluded DUDES
I didn't know Kinski was a French speaker.
@ermac59 american? :P
j'adore ce mec..malgré ce qu'il a fait...j'adore l'acteur quoi...et mourousi aussi!! 19,19, ils avaient 19....
c est le frere de dave et la doublure de tony montana lol
I don´t know what they talking about lol
I still appreciate your translation work ^^
+120bluestar I have put some timelines to help you out
i'll post it. merci. gros bises
You're a weird, creepy person.
You don't separate exclamation points from words. I'll fuck you until you love me, faggot.
Klaus is what most of us want to be but can't. How many times have we wanted to yell "Fuck you!", "Du dumme Sau!" etc, etc, at people and haven't been able to do it? If because of good manners then it's not a problem but if because of an existing power relationship then these words remain inside us and poison us. Then we need one drink too many or go to abuse someone who is weaker than us. Pathetic! Klaus let the poison out.
ironic cuz the french dont speak any other languages
Apparemment il s'était pas renseigner sur Mourousi avant l’émission.
Translate it, you bastard!
yes he is ....
chill dude ???don t be upset it s only a comment 
Une vérité incontestable. Les Français causent trop, et aiment enquiquiner...Mais je viens d'apprendre que ce fou, se tapait sa propre fille de 05 à 19 ans...Triste personnage...Pathétique...Solidarité avec Pola, sa fille. 
Wanna buy my hot wheels?
asqueroso agresivo, ególatra, psicópata!
I wish I had a lot of money to handsomely pay a nice German speaker to translate every video of him on YouTube. If any out there plan on translating Kinski interviews/videos into English, could you please inform me if/when you do so, and I would be eternally grateful.
Interviewer is being quite aggressive with Kinski. I highly doubt Kinski is BOOED off stage. The crowd is seen applauding and the audience appears to be on Kinski's side throughout the interview. Basically what they talk about is what Kinski wrote on his book ( making love with women all around the world ). Kinski states that all women are beautiful, host disagrees. Kinski leaves stating that the host is practically masturbating himself, implying that the host tries to steal Kinski's spotlight.
Pauvre Yves Mourousi ^^
asqueroso psicópata pederesta, te sirviste de tu hija y muchas otras niñas...
It was a joke, nigger. Settle down.
No si! Solo mos de madre en la tarde! No siempre! Las casas en la blanca en Franco en las hablamaz. No, si, no!
Il a beau être grossier, C'est un acteur hors du commun.
Host is a dick, Kinski is crazy. 
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