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May 19, 2018

WATCH Fuck ‘Leave My Body’ (The Band), inspired by 'Harvey' and Raymond Carver [dynamics (!), space ( ), silence (....)]


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WATCH Fuck ‘Leave My Body’ (The Band),  inspired by Harvey and Raymond Carver [dynamics (!), space ( ), silence (....)]

Fuck Release Their First Album In Ten Years

The much-loved band of the 90s and 00s US DIY scene have a new album out next month on Shelley’s Vampire Blues label

Anna Wood, May 9th, 2018

New York and San Francisco DIY band Fuck, who fell off the map more than ten years ago, have reappeared with a whole new album - rather unexpectedly and to the delight of Steve Shelley, who is releasing the record on his own label.

“We’d been reissuing some of Fuck’s earlier stuff,” says the Sonic Youth drummer. “Including Baby Loves A Funny Bunny and Pretty… Slow on vinyl. And while working with them I discovered that they’d quietly finished an entire new LP. An entire new LP!

Recorded all over the place and put together over several years, from basic tracks in San Francisco to overdubs in Italy and mixing in Memphis, the album is called The Band, due 22 June.

The first taste is a luxurious paean to the mundane, ‘Leave My Body,’ with its dreamy video, inspired by the film Harvey and the stories of Raymond Carver.

We played with Fuck a lot in the 90s and they were always miles ahead of most of their contemporaries with their use of dynamics (!), space ( ), silence (....),

says Shelley.

“Then there were amours in the past couple years that Fuck had some unheard new music, and odd videos kept appearing online. Eventually I was able to hear this new music, and now we’re releasing it – unexpected and welcome at the same time.”



The Band

Vampire Blues
LP $17.50
06/22/2018 655037000716 
VB 06 LP 

CD $12.00
06/22/2018 655037000723 
VB 07 CD 

FLAC $11.99
06/22/2018 655037000723 
VB 07 

MP3 $9.90
06/22/2018 655037000723 
VB 07 

Presenting fuck’s first new record in over ten years, on Vampire Blues!

In the mid-90s to early aughts, fuck was releasing a new record every other year and touring constantly while jumping from label to label.

Then, with nary a warning, they up and disappeared.

No note, no nothing. 

Skip forward a generation and it’s revealed that they’ve been spending all these years meticulously sculpting the most impressive album of their career.

Recorded in fits and starts all over the map, from basic tracks in San Francisco to overdubs in Italy and mixing in Memphis, the band comes through with a surprisingly cohesive sound; though, like their six previous studio albums, the genre-bending and boundary-pushing song-writing continues. 

Any lesser band would have destroyed all sense of spontaneity going this route; not fuck.

The casual off-the-cuff attitude remains, but now with added depth and clarity.