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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD (she was wearing Eden and a robe) walked in behind her junkie boyfriend, Michael Hutchence

Lamar Sorrento decided it might be good for a New Orleans art gallery to handle his work (i talked him into it at his cool junk shop in Memphis). he began sending boucoups paintings to 526 Royal St. and even Alan Boudreaux grew to like them--i was still relatively new as a director there.

So this was one of the greatest days of my life.

we had more movie stars, rock stars, writers, artists go through that gallery than even the french quarter contained, but when THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD walked in behind her junkie boyfriend (RIP) Michael Hutchence 1960 - 1997, i was literally star- love-struck--if you're too young to know Helena Christensen, it's your problem.

when they, with INXS in tow, strolled the african art to the outsider art, i was right behind her, and there i would stay, low-pressuring her Peruvian-Danish-self until they decided on this low-numbered Lamar of Chuck Berry.

to make a great story short, i went to the gig with laminates and helped them with stuff, etc.

i watched the show with Helena from the side and was then invited to a bungalow in the upper-quarter, where they were all staying--a big place with a tropical garden and banana plants out back.

mike and his band made a beeline upstairs to do what they did, and h. and i sat on a comfortable antique couch with the french doors open, drank wine, and talked about what, i don't remember.

she was wearing Eden and a robe.

thanks again, Lamar. and also AJ and House of Blues New Orleans, which eventually made Lamar the curmudgeon he is today; and even though you're famous now, you'll never be more famous than that night.

i sent you an extra commish right away.

Alan Boudreaux
Alan Boudreaux Memories I’ll never forget 🖖
Alan Boudreaux
Helena was also participating as a model for a shoot, with a number of other models, for Italian Vogue at that same time ...

She and I had a memorable Saturday mid-morning breakfast at the Royal Orleans ... 🥂

Doug Meet
Doug Meet i'm pretty sure you would have told me that. are you sure you didn't imagine that at 6am at Snake and Jake's Christmas Club Lounge?

well, if so, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THEN? OR CALL ME. oh, i was asleep.

i'm glad you got to do that at our home away from home (one of).

i used to like to do the whole lunchtime tour with you everyday. and i'll always remember you never missed a day somehow.

first Vieux Carre Wine & Spirits for the cash, second Napoleon House for the beverage, and third, oh yeah, third was usually House of Blues New Orleans with a bottomless tab that you probably never had to pay, then after five, close with Chef Voleo upstairs. wow. you wonder why AA was such a prick. you can't forget what you can't remember.