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May 19, 2018

Items found in record sleeves - WFMU

Items found in record sleeves

Recently Mac brought up a topic on WFMU's e-mail list that spawned a flurry of great responses:
Did you ever find anything unusual in a used record you bought?

Here are some stories from WFMU DJs, please share yours in the comments section.
Em1 Em2 Mac:
I was just putting away some records and ya never know what you will find in the jackets. I have an

AUTOGRAPHED copy of Ethel Merman's Disco Record and inside is a polaroid of her standing with some guy. Perhaps who she autographed it for?
Mike Lupica:
Shortly after buying my copy of Syd's "Barrett" double LP at the WFMU Record Fair, I discovered a crisp twenty dollar bill stuck inside of it.

Marty McSorley:
I found hand written lyrics to Prince's "I Would Die 4 U" on blue lined school paper. (But I found them in a copy of Thriller.) And there is just something about the handwriting that screams "look at me please, I sit next to you in 8th period math everyday. Why don't you notice me." I really love it it's been stapled to my wall through 4 moves.

John Allen
I found a copy of Quicksilver Messenger Service "Happy Trails" with the R in Trails blacked on the front cover. I pulled out the record to check the condition, and several photos fell out. The pics were vintage 70's shots of women on women w/ toys, and guy on gal oral action.

Joe Belock
I found a copy of a 7-inch (unrelated to the album I found it in), 6 years after I accused an ex-roomate of stealing said 7-inch. Whoops!

About 10 years ago I was going out to some garage sales in NJ with Donna, when we hit this one house with a bunch of sixties & seventies rock LPs. I pulled out a few things and as I was checking the condition of one Black Sabbath LP (Masters of Reality I think it was). I pull the record out and with the inner sleeve comes a perfectly flat and preserved pot leaf. I was amazed. I showed it to the guy and he was all embarrassed and apologized, but I thought it was hilarious. I asked him how long it had been in there and he said probably since he was in high school - at that point at least 25 years for him... He confiscated the leaf though!

Mike Lupica:
Inside my (used) copy of the first Celibate Rifles LP, I found a hand written note from their guitar player, which he'd clearly left for the first owner of the album after crashing with her on an early U.S. tour. It thanks her ("Judy", I think) for her hospitality, graciousness, and for introducing them to The Long Ryders and the Dream Syndicate. (I'm guessing Judy lived in L.A. and unloaded her LP collection on a trip to San Francisco, as I purchased the record at Amoeba Records some years ago.)

Marty McSorley:
I found a note in a copy of Crawlspace's Solitude 7" on about a 1/4 sheet of white paper torn at an angle. Side one reads (in hand writing that reminds me of my Colombian aunt complete those squigleys at the end of paragraphs.)

    I found . . .
    Taped to this
        paper is $20
     now I can get the
    necessary things
    -incense, bottled water etc.
    For Eddie's first visit to my apartment
So the love flows
Though the insult and
wound back to him
The most gorgeous beautiful man & most magnificent mindfuck-in the universe.

(and on the other flip side in writing almost as messy as mine)
Dig this shit $ means nothing to me, tho so fuckin' necessary in this fucked-up culture/society/mindfuck. If I can give away oz.s of 'shrooms to 'spacebuds + give $ to ACLU + Amnesty- well it hurts to Know that you struggle for this SHIT! + you Know this is LOVE never control. I want you to understand- ALWAYS