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Crazy Horse Dust

Parisian cabarets, daring shows, and gallant parties; a spirit that the Crazy Horse dust has endured for 65 years. 

With the designer Chantal Thomass as mistress of ceremonies and costumes from this October 5th, until New Year's Eve. 

But the cabarets of the great era, still standing, there is little left. 

Many were destroyed after the war, in the 60s. Including this one, Tabarin.

High place Montmartre, Tabarin was created in 1904. The success was immediate. When the Moulin Rouge burns in 1915, it is he who hosts the French Cancan.

In the 30s, the cabaret is renovated, the stage becomes retractable, two wooden horses welcome naked amazons, the Sandrini boss does not look at the expense, the shows are Hollywood.

We see Louis Jouvet, Marlene Dietrich, Django Reinhardt, Jacques Tati debuted there, very Chaplinesque show.

The room closes in 1953, deserted.

But will enjoy a burial 1st class in 1962, before its demolition.

Zizi Jammaire buries the famous Tabarin ball, a last show of music hall given to the Parisian cream.

Today, a supermarket has replaced the wooden horses.