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do you remember a STAX fixer named Super Whitey (Eddie Braddock)? Guns, stories, rep intact & DID NOT KILL LINDA GAIL LEWIS FOR SCREWING VAN MORRISON

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Tav Falco
Tav Falco Doug Easley = The gentleman mega-talent of Memphis.
Doug Meet
Doug Meet don't even get me started. the most natural guitarist on god's green earth.

Amy Starks Well, Alex liked you a) because you were from NOLA & b) because you weren’t from Memphis.

Great writing Mor, you must be going through a Walter Winchell stage. You can PRIVATE Message me what LXi said about moi....(if his remarks were not too unkind)
Tav Falco
Tav Falco Underneath it all, LX adored you. He just treated like all those he loved, until he arrived at a provisional maturity plane late in life.
Doug Meet
Doug Meet at the risk of ignoring this source, how internecine were you three? no one ever talks anymore. i think it might be a healing tributary (to continue with tav's beautiful synthesis).
John Pearson
John Pearson · Friends with Alex Greene and 5 others
Great picture of Doug, and I totally concur with Tav Falco. This diatribe reads more Alfred Aronowitz on much much crystal meth, so long without a complete thought or sentence, which I suppose is something of an achievement, being so incredibly long. A stopped clock and so on. Need more Advil after reading that but great picture of Sir Doug Easley.
Doug Meet
Doug Meet i'm trying to annotate #5

"do you remember a guy around Stax, nicknamed Super Whitey?

I was doing Linda Gail's record........you can imagine....well, that was the tipper: Jekyll met hide and it was memorable"

This is one that i dare say none of you Memphiacs know, and about whom I first read in Peter Guralnick's magic tome, "Sweet Soul Music...", the quintessential Memphis love affair which finds its protagonists dancing Zarathustra-like at the precipice...

...where in Bartlett or some such wasteland I found as trouvee--Super Whitey--Eddie Braddock, hiding in plain sight as husband number 8--last fixer for STAX, with guns, stories and rep fully intact.

this is annotation 1er. and it has tired me.