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me watching Jerry Lee Lewis Common terms and phrases album charts American artists audience Balls Of Fire band band’s Beatles Billboard blues Boogie Breathless Buck Owens Buddy career Casson Chuck Berry club commercial country album country charts country music Country Songs crowd cultural dance decade Duplock Elvis Email Escott fans feel felt Ferriday figures find finish first flip floor girls Goin gospel guitar guys hair Hamburg Hank Williams High School Confidential honky-tonk influence Jerry Kennedy Jerry Lee Lewis Jim Dickinson Jimmy Johnny Cash kids Killer later Lee’s listened live album Loch Love Memphis Beat Mercury might’ve mike musicians Myra Nashville Teens night onstage performance Phillips piano playing punk radio Reeperbahn released road rock & roll Rockin says sessions Shelby Singleton singers single sings Smash solo song’s Songs For City sound stage Star Star-Club studio Sun Records television there’s thing tour tracks tune venue vocal weeks What’s who’d who’s Whole Lotta Shakin A superb new study of Jerry Lee Lewis that's as intense and fast paced as the life of "The Killer" himself, from the height of fame to the bumpy road that followed "The category in which Jerry Lee Lewis truly belongs is 'Jerry Lee Lewis.' The Killer is as big as Mount Rushmore, and he's also as American, as revered, as cliched, as misunderstood, as corny, and as taken for granted as that monument. The curse of iconoclastic American success. Elvis felt it, so does Dylan. So will others who haven't been born yet." The story of Louisiana hellcat Jerry Lee Lewis and his 1958 wedding scandal it was discovered that at 22 he had married his 13-year old second cousin, Myra, before he was divorced from his second wife long ago took precedence over the man himself and the music he makes. In Jerry Lee Lewis: Lost and Found, author Joe Bonomo lets others focus on the scandal and delves more deeply into the accidental intersection between fading American Rockabilly and ascending Beatlemania. By first taking a look at the critical years before his famed night in 1964 at West Germany's Star-Club what that meant not only for him but the entire live album-making world then the tumultuous years that follow, culminating in his time on the American Country charts in the late 60s/ early 70s, Bonomo brings Jerry Lee Lewis to life in new and fascinating ways. In spite of plummeting record sales and concert fees, a media savaging of his personal character, a change of record labels and management, and a considerable upturn in his drug and alcohol abuse, Jerry Lee Lewis has persevered. In between being betrayed and ignored, he would record one of the greatest rock &roll performances in history. Bonomo's thorough research includes new interviews with Live at the Star-Club producer Sigi Loch, members of the Nashville Teens, and other musicians and fans who were at the Star-Club performance, as well as with music industry figures ranging from famed Nashville producer Jerry Kennedy and legendary Memphis stalwart Jim Dickinson to Killer-influenced contemporaries John Doe and Dave Alvin. This passionate book examines and explains the almighty impact of the Father of Rock'n'Roll.

Common terms and phrases

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I agree that 'Buddy and Stacy ' are the Gayest performers I have ever seen!!!

 I agree that 'Buddy and Stacy ' are the Gayest performers I have ever seen!!!