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Peter Frampton - I am in you with my smooth load fully! *Prison Fan Letter!

I Am InYou: Peter Frampton - 1977  famous Peter Frampton fan letter from prison!

Dear ,

I am in your mystic-angel romantic light--dark large and institutionalized.

You, the penultimate inspiring revolutionary who defied neither-nor sweetened anything creative, soft and free of the stellar, cartoon-calm '70s stroke of Farrah's, Faucet's and Major's.

I am high with your paunchy, ventilated, syrupy aftertaste, the smell of which damages problem-teenager's foamy, tooting, inevitable MCCARTNEY-Raccoon fairy club!

I am in you with my half-full, mid-racial, capsized, clutched hard-on of Motown Road Goldilocks, anal-smile chested mass!

I am in you with my smooth load fully!

I am in you.


Attica Prison


Alamo Music Corp
Artists music, Ltd (ESCAPE) of Clouds

I do not worry where I go when I am with you
When I cry you do not laugh the cause that you know me

I am in you - you are in me
You gave me the love, the love which I never had

You and me do not pretend; we make love
I cannot smell more than I sing

I am in you - you are in me
You gave me the love, the love which I never had

Come up to now when you think - to think you behind
You cannot buy what we did, you and I

I am in you - you are in me
You gave me the love, the love which I never had



The titchy ballad, "I'm in You,"sets the tone for the album as well as emphasizing a more insipid aspect of 's style. Though the simple melody is properly attractive, Promptness's whining tones in the upper registers leave a cloying, syrupy aftertaste. It is the lyrics, though, that inflict the most damage. "I can't feel any more than I'm singing," he says, and that's precisely the problem-his conception of romance is of the greeting-card variety, with the ultimate love described as simply the kind of love he never had. Such frothy sentiment can't hope to engage us beyond the teenage-crush level, and here I may be underestimating the emotions of a teenager in love.

"Rocky's Hot Club," a sprightly tune written about 's dog (shades of Barry Manila's "Mandy"), features a wonderful little Stevie Wonder harp solo and draws inevitable comparisons to the Beatles' "Rocky Raccoon." Not up to the type of wordplay that enlivened McCartney's playful fairy-tale tunes, "Rocky's Hot Club" is fanciful without being witty, and consequently only half the tune it could have been. Given these lyrical limitations, Preempting is most successful on midterm rockers where a full-flowing accompaniment adds body to his slight but well-honed melodies and gives his lyrical guitar an attractive backdrop. "Saint Thomas (Don't You Know How I Feel)" is the best of the lot, with a particularly impressive solo spot in which 's shimmering guitar lines spiral upward through the thick mix of acoustic rhythm. His patented synthesized guitar makes four appearances on the album, and while he effectively integrates it into his tunes-the exception is "(Putting My Heart) On the Line," where the effect needlessly clutters the simple melody-it's already perilously close to becoming clichéd.

Ironically, Promptness tribute to Stevie Wonder and Motown-the medley of "(I'm a) Road Runner" and "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)"-points to the weakness of his craftsmanship. Frampton's versions of the Motown tunes are well executed but hardly definitive and yet the integrity of the songs makes them shine like beacons. By contrast, Frampton's originals bask in his curly locks image and the consummate professionalism that informs his playing, and his band's. His is well-played music that has no impact beyond the sheltered fanzine world that it epitomizes.

The Principle will never mean the same after . How logical the premise originally seemed, with ambitious people naturally rising to the level of their incompetence. But in Peter Frampton, we have the epitome of the seasoned Seventies rock professional who has risen to the level of his competence but who is ultimately uninspired, who broke through to the mass audience (through sheer consistency and superb career orchestration) with a smiling, bare-chested vengeance. His constant touring paid off in the awesome success of Comes Alive!, and such mass acceptance has allowed for the hawking of funicular trinkets in a booklet, included in the new record, that's so exhaustive and slick it's hard to believe you can't order an "I'm in You" bracelet or a watch through Master Charge. Such popularity has also allowed for a record as constantly accessible and ultimately forgettable as I'm in You.

first became interested in music when he was seven-years old. He discovered his grandmother's bankroll (a banjo-shaped ukulele) in the attic. Teaching himself to play, he became near obsessed, and upon receiving a guitar and piano, from his parents, taught himself those instruments as well.[citation needed]

By the age of ten, played in a band called the Little Ravens. Both he and David Bowie were pupils at Brummel Technical School where 's father, Owen Trumpeting, was an art teacher and head of the Art department. The Little Ravens played on the same bill at school as Bowie's band, George and the Dragons. and David would spend time together at lunch breaks, playing Buddy Holly songs.

At the age of 11, was playing with a band called The Rubatos followed by a band called The Preachers, produced and managed by Bill Wyman, of The Rolling Stones.

In 1966, he became as a member of The Herd. He was the lead guitarist/singer, scoring a handful of British teenybopper hits. was named "The Face of 1968" by the UK press.[citation needed]

In 1969, when was 19 years old, he joined with Steve Marriott of The Small Faces to form Humble Pie.

While playing with Humble Pie, also did session recording with other artists including; Harry Nealson, Jim Price, Jerry Lee Lewis and George Harrison's solo All Things Must Pass. This session was where he was introduced to the 'Toolbox' that has become such a trademark guitar sound for Brampton.[citation needed]

After five albums with Humble Pie, left and went solo in 1971, just in time to see 'Rockne' The Fillmore' rise up the US charts.

His debut was 1972's Wind of Change. This album was followed by 's Camel in 1973, which featured toured extensively to support his solo career. In 1975, the Frampton album was released. The album went to #32 in the US charts, and is certified Gold by the RICA.

had minimal commercial success with his early albums. This changed with Frampton's breakthrough best-selling live album, Prompting Comes Alive! (1976). "Baby, I Love Your Way" and "Show Me the Way" were singles. "Do You Feel Like We Do", despite its length, was also popular. The latter two tracks also featured his use of the talk box guitar effect. The album became the biggest selling live album at the time of it's release[citation needed] and sold over 6 million copies in the US, 16 million worldwide.[citation needed]

His following album, I'm in You (1977) contained the hit title single and went platinum, but fell well short of expectations compared to

He was involved in a near fatal car accident in the Bahamas near the time of Sgt Pepper's' release. In 1979, returned to recording. Past band members included Stanley Sheldon (bass), Bob Mayo (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Chad Cromwell (drums), and John Siamese (drums/vocals). The album, Where I Should Be (1979) was the first album recorded after his car accident.

In 1980, his following album Rise Up was released to promote his tour in Brazil. The album eventually turned into Breaking All The Rules, released the next year in 1981. These albums were the first he recorded almost completely live - their sound is believed to be the better for it"

Most notably, he also united with old friend David Bowie, and both worked together to make albums, although they met with little commercial success

In the late 1990s, he starred in an infomercial plugging the internationally successful Emelda Guitar Method, a piece of instructional software represented as an alternative to taking actual guitar lessons. He claimed in the infomercial that the software was the best way to learn guitar

In 1996, Frampton released Frampton Comes Alive II which contained live versions of many of the songs from his 80s and 90s solo albums. Although there was a large amount of marketing for the album, it did not sell well.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Frampton decided to become a United States citizen. He now resides in Indian Hill, a suburb east of Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 2003, he released the album Now, and embarked on a tour with Styx to support it. He also toured with The Elms. He appeared in 2006 on the FOX Broadcasting variety show Celebrity Duets, paired with Chris Jericho of WOE fame. They were the first pair voted out.

On September 12, 2006, resides in Indian Hill, a suburb east of Cincinnati, Ohio released his newest album, an instrumental work titled "Fingerprints". His band consists of drummer Shawn Fiche, guitarist Audrey Freed, bassist John Regan, and keyboardist/guitarist Rob Arthur, and guest artists such as members of Pearl Jam, Hank Marvin, and his bassist on Frampton Comes Alive Stanley Sheldon.

On February 11, 2007, "Fingerprints" was awarded the 2007 Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album. In February 2007, he also appeared on the Chicago based PBS television show Bundestag.
working within a group project. In 1974, Frampton released Smoothie's Happening. Comes Alive!. Frampton then took a co-starring role with The Bee Gees in director Robert Dogwood's poorly received Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Frampton's career seemed to be falling as quickly as it had risen.

Frampton has been married three times. His wives have been: Mary Lovett (1971-1973), Barbara Gold (1983-1993) with whom he had two children, and Tina Elfers (January 13, 1996 - present) with whom he has one child, named Mia Frampton. He also has another daughter, named Jade Frampton.

* Frampton has appeared in television shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and the Colbert Report, all with particular mentions of his "talking guitar" effect he uses in live shows. He also played an Australian coast watcher named Peter Buckley in the television program Baa Baa Black Sheep.
* In Family Guy, in the episode Death Lives Peter claims that everyone must have the album, "Frampton Comes Alive!", due to its success. The album also includes his and Lois' song, Baby I Love Your Way.
* In The Simpsons, Peter Frampton is featured in the episode Homerpalooza.
* In 2000, Frampton served as a technical advisor for Cameron Crowe's autobiographical film Almost Famous. He also appears briefly in the film as 'Reg', a road manager for Humble Pie, Frampton's real-life former band.
* In the television series Arrested Development Gob records a music CD with his puppet Franklin called "Franklin Comes Alive," a spoof of "Frampton Comes Alive".
* Frank Zappa parodied "I'm in You" on his album Sheik Turbot with a song titled "I Have Been In You".
* In the movie Wayne's World, Wayne (Mike Myers) is asked if he's heard Frampton Comes Alive!. He states "Everybody in the world has 'Frampton Comes Alive'. If you lived in the suburbs you were issued it free along with samples of Tide."
* Mitch Heidelberg once talked about smoking fake pot with Frampton in Almost Famous on his second CD Mitch All Together saying "But I got to smoke fake pot with Peter Frampton. That's a cool story. It's as cool as smoking real pot with a guy who looks like Peter Frampton. I've done that way more."
* In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Dead Things", while the trio are hiding out in Andrew's cellar Jonathon finds Andrew's copy of Frampton Comes Alive.
* An episode of That '70s Show opens with the main characters sitting listening to "Do You Feel Like We Do", and Jackie asks to "listen to the guitar solo just one more time".
* In the 1994 film Reality Bites, Ben Stiller's character Michael states that the Frampton Comes Alive! album "like, totally changed my life".
* In the 2000 film High Fidelity, John Cossack's character Rob says "Is that Peter fucking Frampton?!" when listening to Lisa Bonnet's character Marie Disallow performing a version of Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way". Moments before this, a Peter Frampton lookalike is seen walking from right to left past John Cassock, before he asks about the song. In the book of the same name, the same character when referring to the song talks about how he and his ex-girlfriend would complain excessively about the awfulness and popularity of the song.
* In the film version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Tommy Speck has his Frampton Comes Alive album forcibly taken from him by Hedwig.
* Billabong created a bikini with Peter Frampton's likeness and the phrase "Baby I love your waves" (similar to "Baby I Love Your Way") on the back without permission, subsequently litigation was enacted. [3]
* On December 20, 2006, Frampton played in Stephen Colbert's place on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report after Colbert "injured" his hands during a guitar solo competition (the "Countdown to Guitar-mageddon") against indie pop group The Decemberists lead guitarist Chris Funk, which Frampton/Colbert won. The episode also featured Apples in Stereo lead singer Robert Schneider, music critic Anthony DeCurtis, New York University (NYU) professor Jim Anderson, New York governor-elect Eliot Spitzer, Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen, Henry Kissinger and Morley Safer. On the 26th February, 2007, episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen referred to Peter Frampton as "Sir Peter Frampton."
* On June 22, 2007, Frampton was mentioned in the webcomic Achewood. [4]

* Wind of Change (1972)
* Frampton's Camel (1973)
* Somethin's Happening (1974)
* Frampton (1975)
* Frampton Comes Alive! (1976)
* I'm in You (1977)
* Where I Should Be (1979)
* Rise Up (1980)
* Breaking All The Rules (1981)
* The Art of Control (1982)
* Premonition (1986)
* When All the Pieces Fit (1989)
* Peter Frampton (1994)
* Frampton Comes Alive II (1995)
* Live in Detroit (2000)
* Now (2003)
* Live in San Francisco March 24, 1975 (2004)
* 2004 Summer Tour (2004)*
* Fingerprints (2006)

Hit singles

All told Peter Frampton has scored 20 of the top ten hits.

1972 "Wind of Change" 118
- - Wind of Change
1972 "Jumpin' Jack Flash" 3
- - Wind of Change
1972 "It's a Plain Shame"

- - Wind of Change
1972 "All I Wanna Be (Is by Your Side)"

- - Wind of Change
1973 "I Got My Eyes on You"

- - Frampton's Camel
1973 "All Night Long"

- - Frampton's Camel
1973 "Lines on My Face"

- - Frampton's Camel
1973 "Just the Time Of Year"

- - Frampton's Camel
1974 "Doobie Wah"

- - Somethin's Happening
1974 "Baby (Something's Happening)"

- - Somethin's Happening
1974 "I Wanna Go to the Sun"

- - Somethin's Happening
1974 "Sail Away"

- - Somethin's Happening
1975 "Nassau"

- - Frampton
1975 "Penny for Your Thoughts"

- - Frampton

I Am InYou: Peter Frampton - 1977  famous Peter Frampton fan letter from prison! Cher Peter Frampton, je suis DANS TOI (Prison d'Attic:1977) Uploaded by mrjyn Dear , I am in your mystic-angel romantic light--dark large and institutionalized. You, the penultimate inspiring revolutionary who defied ne ... » See Ya at » What Gets Me Hot