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August 22, 2009

James Burton is attempting to make history today at the James Burton International Guitar Festival - Guinness record attempt at guitar fest today | shreveporttimes.com | The Times

James Burton is attempting to make history today at the James Burton International Guitar Festival by gathering the most acoustic guitars and unplugged electric guitars played in unison for a five-minute period.

The 2 p.m. record attempt could land participating guitarists a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Organizer Janie Landry said the response has been overwhelming. “One of the last times we checked, we had at least 500 entries and people can still register even on the day of the festival.”

Today’s events begin at 9 a.m. with a guitar talent showdown, showcasing the talents of area youths ages 6 to 21 at the Hirsch Memorial Coliseum.

A concert this evening will feature performers like Grammy Award-winning guitarist Steve Lukather and Jennifer Batten, perhaps most recognizable as the blond Mohawk-wearing lead guitarist for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” tours.

The line-up will also feature Junior Brown, Nokie Edwards, Shreveport’s own Kenny Wayne Shephard and more.

The theme is “A Tribute to Elvis” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of when Elvis Presley called James Burton and asked if he would put together a band as Elvis made his return to live performance and touring.

“In honor of that anniversary, we’re asking each performer to perform their favorite Elvis song in addition to their own songs,” Landry said. “We’re also celebrating James’ 70th birthday and the fact that he’s still working in the industry is significant. So, we’re having a party in Festival Plaza.”
Guinness record attempt at guitar fest today | shreveporttimes.com | The Times

Harald Glööckler - Wikipedia

Harald Glööckler

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Harald Glööckler (* in Zaisersweiher / Maulbronn [1] als Harald Glöckler ) ist ein deutscher Modedesigner . Harald Glööckler (* in Zaisersweiher / Maulbronn [1] as Harald Glöckler) is a German fashion designer. Er lebt in Berlin . He lives in Berlin.

Glööcklers Eltern hatten eine Gastwirtschaft. Glööckler parents had a restaurant. Nach eigenen Angaben Glööcklers verstarb seine Mutter an den Folgen eines von seinem Vater verursachten Treppensturzes, als er 14 Jahre alt war. According to own data Glööckler his mother died of the consequences of a fall caused by his father stairs when he was 14 years old. Offiziell sei als Todesursache ein Unfall angegeben worden. [2] Er habe in den folgenden Jahren kein Wort mehr mit dem Vater gesprochen, der 1992 starb. [3] The official cause of death was an accident has been given. [2 He] spoke in the following years, no more words with his father, who died 1992nd [3]

Glööckler interessierte sich bereits in seiner Jugend für Mode und nähte Abendkleider für Bekannte. Glööckler interested in his youth for fashion and sewing dresses for friends. Er war zunächst als Verkäufer in der Herrenabteilung eines Modehauses in Mühlacker tätig. He had initially worked as a salesman in the men's department of a department store in Muehlacker. 1987 eröffnete er zusammen mit seinem Lebenspartner und Manager, dem Herrenausstatter Dieter Schroth, ein Modegeschäft in Stuttgart, wo sie vor allem Jeans und Hemden verkauften, die Glööckler gestaltet hatte. In 1987, he opened with his partner and manager, the haberdasher Dieter Schroth, a clothing store in Stuttgart, where they sold mainly jeans and shirts that had been designed Glööckler. 1990 gründeten beide gemeinsam das Modelabel Pompöös . [2] 1994 folgte die erste eigene Modenschau in Stuttgart. [4] 1990 held jointly founded the fashion label Pompöös. [2] followed in 1994 the first own fashion show in Stuttgart. [4]

Zwei Jahre zuvor hatte er seinen Nachnamen von Glöckler in Glööckler geändert. Two years earlier, he had changed his surname from Glöckler in Glööckler. Bekannt wurde er durch seine extravaganten, hochpreisigen Haute-Couture -Roben. He is best known for his flamboyant, high-priced haute couture robes. Seine ausgefallenen niedrigpreisigen Kollektionen verkauft er auch beim Shopping-Sender HSE24 , unter dem Namen „POMPÖÖS Design by Harald Glööckler“. He failed, he also sells lower-priced collections at the shopping channel HSE24, under the name "Pompöös Design by Harald Glööckler.

2003 erhielt er den Modepreis des Berliner Bären . In 2003 he won the Fashion Award of the Berlin bear.

Harald Glööckler ist Botschafter des Deutschen Kinderhilfswerkes und dort Schirmherr des Kindernothilfefonds. Harald Glööckler is Ambassador of the German Children's Charity, where the patron of Kindernothilfe Fund. Für die Tierschutzorganisation PETA ließ er sich 2004 mit dem Slogan „ Tiere tragen Pelz, Menschen tragen Mode “ nackt abbilden. [5] [6] For the animal rights organization PETA, he let himself in 2004 with the slogan "animals wear fur, people wear fashion" naked mapped. [5] [6]

Literatur [ Bearbeiten ] [Edit] References

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Weblinks [ Bearbeiten ] [Edit] References

Harald Glööckler - Wikipedia

stopping with burquas, as usual. too much of a good thing...and all that. @mrjyn

"Burqas, I sell it, it is not in great demand"

La plupart des vendeurs ne veulent pas parler de voiles ou de burqas «pour ne pas gêner les soeurs» . Most sellers do not want to talk about veils and burqas "not to interfere with sisters. Des burqas, d'ailleurs, il fut impossible d'en trouver -à part sur des sites spécialisés sur le Net. Burqas, moreover, it was impossible to find-except on specialized sites on the Net.

Ce vendeur de vêtements musulmans pour femmes de la rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, à Paris, raconte son métier. The seller of clothing for Muslim women in the Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in Paris, says his job.

Réalisation: Hervé Marchon / Durée 5'43" Director: Hervé Marchon / Duration 5'43 "

Crédit photo: Reuters / manifestation en 2004 contre la loi sur les signes religieux à l'école Photo credit: Reuters / demonstration in 2004 against the law on religious signs in schools

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"In Senegal, we knew him well, Michael"

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Dakar, on se souvient encore du passage du chanteur avec sa famille dans les années 70. In Dakar, we still remember the transition from singer with his family in 70 years.

Un son de Marie-Laure Josselin, correspondante de Libération à Dakar.

Sound of Marie-Laure Josselin correspondent Liberation in Dakar.


"The terminal adult was an adventure"


Elève du lycée municipal pour adultes de Paris, Ozlem a 24 ans et passe le Bac. City High School Student Adult Paris, Ozlem was 24 years and at the ferry. Nuit d'insomnie, mains moites: attente des résultats avec elle, parmi des dizaines d'autres lycéens, mardi matin. Sleepless night, sweaty palms: awaiting the results with her, among dozens of other students Tuesday morning.

Réalisation: Hervé Marchon / Durée: 5'25" Director: Hervé Marchon / Duration: 5'25 "

Photo: des lycéens attendent le résultat du bac devant un lycée parisien (Stéphane de Sakutin/AFP) Photo schoolchildren waiting for the outcome of the tank before a Parisian high school (Stephane de Sakutin / AFP)

Le site du lycée municipal d'adultes de Paris The site of the municipal school of adults in Paris

Epilogue: vendredi 10 juillet, après les épreuves orales de rattrapage, Ozlem a eu son Bac. Epilogue: Friday, July 10th, after the oral tests remedial, Ozlem earned her Bachelor degree.

UNLESS YOUR A LUDDITE: Listen to two tubes unpublished Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - (ouais, these tubes were the first two tubes to be composed by young wolfie, and both tubes were performed in Salzburg a couple days ago, and both tubes will make you life more tubular)

Listen to two tubes unpublished Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (7 years)


Des partitions inédites de Mozart, découvertes il ya quelques semaines, ont été jouées pour la première fois dimanche à Salzbourg, en Autriche. Of unpublished scores by Mozart, discovered a few weeks ago, have been performed for the first time Sunday in Salzburg, Austria.

Un prélude et les parties solo en clavecin de ce qui ressemble à un concerto: deux pièces inédites (à écouter ci-dessus) composées par le jeune Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart à l'âge de 7 ou 8 ans ont été authentifiées «avec une grande probabilité» par le directeur du département musicologique de la Fondation Mozartum de Salzbourg , Ulrich Leisinger. A prelude and parties solo harpsichord by what looks like a concerto, two unreleased tracks (listen above) composed by the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 7 or 8 years were authenticated "with high probability "by the director of the department of musicology Mozartum Foundation of Salzburg, Ulrich Leisinger. A cet âge, le jeune Wolfang ne savait pas écrire la musique: il jouait, pendant que son père écrivait sur des partitions. At this age, the young Wolfgang could not write the music he played, while his father wrote on partitions.

Ces deux pièces, tirées d'un Livre de musique familial, étaient jusque là considérées comme anonymes. These two pieces, taken from a book musical family, were previously considered anonymous. C'est en s'appuyant sur des critères stylistiques -notamment une certaine maladresse de jeunesse-qu'Ulrich Leisinger attribue leur paternité à Mozart. It is based on stylistic criteria, including a certain awkwardness of youth-Ulrich Leisinger attributed their authorship to Mozart.

Interprétation : Florian Birsak, sur le pianoforte de Mozart. Voix : logiciel Kali , de l'université de Caen. Cast: Florian Birsak on the fortepiano by Mozart. Voice: software Kali, the University of Caen.


Dailymotion - Online Videos, Music, and Movies. Watch a Video Today!


Dailymotion - Online Videos, Music, and Movies. Watch a Video Today!

La Liberacion: Most Recent Videos - coolest playlist ever

Dailymotion - Online Videos, Music, and Movies. Watch a Video Today!

OBJECTUM-SEXUALIS!’s Journal – Last.fm

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Faceoff Showdown Re-Iterations: Volume 2

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personal recordings -
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Alekos K.Vretos

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Life Toward Twilight
Edison's Frankenstein

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Live at Microdisko Marseille
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Cento miglioni in gettoni d'oro!!!

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The Complete "Age of steam" of Ada Jones

Ramallah Underground

Remix by Stylish Nonsense

Remix by Stylish Nonsense

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Мишка на сервере

Rock Against Sarko

Rock Against Sarko
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sur rockagainstsarko.breizhzion.com

Naing Naing
Toothbrush Fever

Naing Naing
Toad Fever (Limited edition)

The Japanese Pop Cutties
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Thai beat a Go-go with
Viparat Piengsuwan
PlayRak Tong Rorn

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Big Boss Man

The Bongolian
The Bongolian

The Bongolian
Outer Bongolia

The Bongolian

Peter Thomas
Moonflowers & Miniskirts
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Gert Wilden & Orchestra
Schoolgirl Report

Two Zombies Later


PlayВоздушная кукуруза (музыка Е. Герхан) (Popcorn)

PlayЭль Бимбо (музыка К. Морган) (El Bimbo)

EasyUSSR part II

От Паланги до Гурзуфа
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Hebriana Alainentalo
Hebriana Alainentalo Edition, Volume 2

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Sounds of the Universe #22

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The Vitamin B12 albums:

the vitamin b12

the "Bring back the hold Last.fm songs"

& Mandrak2000 himself !

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