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January 17, 2009

Marky Ramone: talks drink, drugs, suicide and kidnapping [NME]

The drumming legend talks drink, drugs, suicide and kidnapping in an exclusive NME interview.

Leonard Cohen: This Hour Has Seven Days [Hosts: Beryl Fox, Patrick Watson 1966]

Program: This Hour Has Seven Days
Broadcast Date: May 1, 1966
Hosts: Beryl Fox, Patrick Watson
Guest(s): Leonard Cohen
Despite his success as a writer, Leonard Cohen finds it hard to pay the rent. He decides to give music a try because Cohen thought he could make more money as a musician. "The song seized me and the appetite for reaching many people seized me."
Cohen has always loved music. At 17, he had a country-western trio called the Buckskin Boys.

Bruce Springsteen - Badlands [8th July 1978 phoenix]

Bruce Springsteen - Badlands
Live performance 1978


Don McLean [THE DAY THE MUSIC CRASHED]: Meaning of American Pie + UPDATE + Tommy Allsup Flips Ritchie Valens A MUERTE or YOU LOSE, HEADS! CABRON!

The meaning behind the lyrics of Don McLean's American Pie. Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, War & Peace, drugs, murder, Hell's Angels and the Rolling Stones. And, of course Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper.

This is a revision to previously posted videos. I was fortunate enough to go to the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake IA and speak firsthand with many who were there including Tommy Allsup who flipped the coin with Ritchie Valens. This version corrects some factual errors and includes new footage from the SURF

Tommy Allsup tells the story of the coin flip with Ritchie Valens exactly 48 years to the day after it happened. Filmed at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Ritchie Valens won the coin flip and died in the plane crash with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper in the early morning of February 3, 1959. Tommy Allsup continued on to play in over 7.000 studio sessions and is a grammy award winning artist who is still performing today.

Tribiwnlys: Seren roc yn setlo

Dydd Mawrth, 14 Ionawr, 2003, 11:30 GMT

Tribiwnlys: Seren roc yn setlo
Van Morrison
Mae Van Morrison wedi dod i gytundeb mewn tribiwnlys

Mae'r seren roc, Van Morrison, wedi dod i gytundeb mewn tribiwnlys diwydiannol wedi i gyn-weithiwr ollwng cyhuddiadau o wahaniaethu ar sail rhyw.

Roedd Linda Gail Lewis, chwaer yr arwr roc a rôl, Jerry Lee Lewis, wedi honni fod Van Morrison, 57 oed, wedi ceisio difetha ei bywyd drwy ofyn iddi gael rhyw gydag ef a dweud wrthi i ysgaru ei gwr.

Bu Miss Lewis, sy'n gantores ac yn ysgrifennu caneuon, ar daith gyda Morrison.

Fe dynnodd Miss Lewis, 54 o Benarth, De Cymru, bum cyhuddiad yn erbyn y canwr yn ôl.

Daeth y penderfyniad wedi chwe awr o drafodaeth gyfreithiol mewn tribiwnlys diwydiannol yng Nghaerdydd ddydd Llun.

Nid oedd neb yn barod i roi sylwadau ar delerau'r cytundeb.

Fe ddechreuodd Miss Lewis ei hachos yn erbyn y canwr bron i ddwy flynedd yn ôl.

Roedd hi'n honni fod Mr Morrison wedi ei "chywilyddio yn gyhoeddus" ar lwyfan yn America tra roedd hi ar daith gydag ef yn wlad.


Yn gynharach roedd Miss Lewis wedi colli honiad o ddiswyddo ar gam.

Roedd hi'n honni ei bod wedi ei diswyddo gyda thri mis yn weddill o'r daith wedi iddi fod yn gweithio i Van Morrison am naw mis.

Ond roedd y tribiwnlys wedi datgan y byddai pump o'r 13 o honiadau o wahaniaethu ar sail rhyw yn cael eu hymchwilio mewn gwrandawiad llawn ddydd Mawrth.

Roedd Mr Morrison wedi gwadu iddo gael perthynas rywiol gyda Miss Lewis.

Dywedodd ei gyfreithiwr, Paul Tweed, "Mae Mr Morrison yn parhau o fod yn siomedig iawn fod y broses gyfreithiol wedi cymryd bron i ddwy flynedd.

"Ond mae'n falch fod yr honiadau wedi eu tynnu'n ôl o'r diwedd" eglurodd.

Dywedodd cynrychiolydd cyfreithiol Miss Lewis fod y ddwy ochr wedi cytuno i dermau'r cytundeb.

"Mae'r ddwy ochr yn barod yn awr i barhau â'u bywydau" meddai.

Cafodd y gwaharddiad a osodwyd yn gynharach oedd yn atal y wasg a'r cyfryngau rhag enwi Van Morrison ei godi ar ddiwedd y tribiwnlys ddydd Mawrth.


Thursday, 25 October, 2001, 18:26 GMT 19:26 UK
Van seeks apology over affair claim
Morrison says claims were an "outrageous fabrication".
The singer Van Morrison has demanded an apology and retraction from Ulster Television over unsubstantiated claims made on the Kelly show that he had an affair with the American singer Linda Gail Lewis.

In a statement Morrison said the allegations were an "outrageous fabrication".

Ms Lewis appeared on the Kelly programme, a weekly chat show on UTV hosted by Northern Ireland personality Gerry Kelly.

Morrison has instructed his lawyers to seek damages from UTV and has threatened to begin court action if he does not get a satisfactory response.

Private life

The Belfast-born singer, who is in a long-standing relationship with Michelle Rocca, recently recorded a top-selling album with Ms Lewis, who is a sister of the legendary rock artist, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Michelle Rocha
Van's girlfriend Michelle Rocca
In a statement released on Thursday, Morrison said:
"Ms Lewis makes these allegations knowing that I am intensely private about my personal life, and in the apparent belief that I would not engage in a public row and that her allegations would gain credence as a result.

"For a number of reasons I genuinely hoped that I could maintain a dignified silence in this matter, but I now feel compelled to issue this statement.

"The matter is now in the hands of my solicitors and I do not intend to say anything further in public on the subject."

Morrison's solicitors, Johnsons in Belfast, also claim similar allegations were made by Ms Lewis in the Sunday Independent newspaper last weekend.

Specialist libel solicitor Paul Tweed, a partner in Johnsons, said: "My client has demanded that UTV and the Sunday Independent immediately issue a full and categoric retraction and apology in relation to extremely serious defamatory allegations.

"Mr Morrison will also be seeking substantial damages and we have instructions to issue libel proceedings if we do not receive an immediate and satisfactory response."

Van Morrison wins libel damages
Morrison said claims were an "outrageous fabrication".
Singer Van Morrison has won substantial damages over a newspaper allegation that he had an affair with American singer Linda Gail Lewis.

A lawyer for the Sunday Independent apologised to Morrison and his long-term partner Michelle Rocca in the High Court in Belfast on Wednesday.

The allegations were contained in extracts from an interview with Ms Lewis who appeared on Ulster Television's weekly chat programme, Kelly, last month.

A solicitor, reading out an agreed statement in settlement of Van Morrison's libel action, said the paper fully accepted that there was absolutely no truth in the allegations.

He said the paper's publishers, Independent Newspapers Ltd, had agreed not to repeat the allegations and to pay substantial damages to Van Morrison, together with his legal costs.

Michelle Rocha
Van's girlfriend Michelle Rocca

The Belfast-born singer, 56, who lives mainly in Dublin, recently recorded a top-selling album with Ms Lewis, a sister of legendary rock artist Jerry Lee Lewis.

After the UTV appearance, he issued a statement denying her claims.

"These outrageous allegations are a complete and utter fabrication," he said.

Morrison's solicitor said: "Hopefully this full retraction and apology will put an end to the publication of these totally false allegations in the press."

He said a libel writ had been served on UTV and a detailed statement of claim was being filed on Wednesday.

"We have also put on notice The Mail on Sunday, the Irish Star and the Daily and Sunday Mirror our intention to issue libel proceedings if we do not receive a satisfactory response and proposals forthwith.

"Mr Morrison will also be seeking substantial damages and we have instructions to issue libel proceedings if we do not receive an immediate and satisfactory response."

Tuesday, 8 October, 2002, 11:55 GMT 12:55 UK

Singer's date for 'abuse' battle
Musician Linda Gail Lewis
Musician Linda Gail Lewis claims sexual discrimination
The sister of rock star Jerry Lee Lewis will begin her sex discrimination case against a millionaire singer in the new year.

An employment tribunal in Cardiff told singer-songwriter Linda Gail Lewis on Tuesday that the hearing will start on 13 January, 2003.

Jerry Lee Lewis is Linda Gail Lewis' brother

Ms Lewis, 54, from Penarth, south Wales, is claiming sex discrimination against the world-famous entertainer - who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The American-born mother of four has accused him of mistreating her while on tour.

The eight-times-married performer alleges the singer made unwanted sexual advances to her and subjected her to "public humiliation" during a nine-month tour.

At an earlier hearing she claimed the singer tried to ruin her life and attempted to persuade her to divorce her husband Eddie Braddock.

Gagging order

Singer and pianist Ms Lewis also claims she was verbally abused and ignored as she sang duets with the star on stage in the United States.

He lost a bid to block the sex discrimination case by claiming Ms Lewis was a freelance musician and was never employed by him.


But he did win a gagging order preventing him being identified because of the sexual allegations.

After Tuesday's appearance at the tribunal, Ms Lewis said:

"I hope the full truth will emerge at the hearing in the New Year."

Tuesday, 14 January, 2003, 12:08 GMT

Van Morrison case over
Van Morrison
Van Morrison: 'I like working with different musicians'
A claim against rock star Van Morrison has ended after a former employee dropped claims of sex discrimination at an employment tribunal.

The sister of rock'n'roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, had accused Morrison, 57, of trying to ruin her life by asking her for sex and telling her to divorce her husband.

Miss Lewis has appeared on over 50 albums
Miss Lewis, 54, of Penarth, south Wales, a singer-songwriter who toured with Morrison, withdrew five sex discrimination claims against the singer following six hours of legal discussion at the tribunal in Cardiff on Monday.

Neither side was prepared to comment on the terms of the settlement.

http://lh6.ggpht.com/_kxm8II-mJag/R9bx4BxXX5I/AAAAAAAAaXs/RDwazcoyecU/w16.jpgEight-times married Miss Lewis launched the tribunal action nearly two years ago.

She claimed Morrison had "publicly humiliated" her on stage in the United States while she was touring with him.

Miss Lewis had earlier lost a claim of unfair dismissal - she had said she was sacked with three months left of a tour after working with Morrison for nine months.

However, the tribunal had ruled that five out of 13 allegations of sex discrimination would be investigated at the full hearing on Tuesday.

Morrison had denied having a sexual relationship with Miss Lewis.

He's a rock'n'roll legend but he has a reputation for doing what he wants to do without regard for anyone's feelings
Linda Gail Lewis
His solicitor Paul Tweed said: "Mr Morrison remains very disappointed that the legal process has taken nearly two years to reach this stage.

"But he's pleased that these claims have finally been withdrawn.

"He has now accepted a full apology and comprehensive retraction which represents a complete vindication of his stance from the outset.

"Miss Lewis has given a full and categorical apology and retraction to Mr Morrison."


Miss Lewis's legal representative Christine Thompson said both parties had agreed to the terms of the settlement.

"The parties are now happy to move on with their lives," she added.

Miss Lewis started her singing and songwriting career when she was 14.

Miss Lewis made albums with brother Jerry Lee Lewis

She had made six solo albums and appeared on more than 50 others, mainly with her brother.


Earlier, Miss Lewis had told the tribunal: "He is a legend and very popular with a great reputation as a song writer and singer.

"Performing with him should have raised my profile but it didn't. What I didn't realise was that he was trying to ruin my career and life.

"He exploits other musicians all the time.

"He's a rock'n'roll legend but he has a reputation for doing what he wants to do without regard for anyone's feelings."

The tribunal earlier heard Morrison had asked Miss Lewis to divorce her husband.

"He kept insisting that when I went home for Christmas 2000 I would ask my husband for a divorce and I would not have sex with him.

"His behavior was getting bizarre."




Miss Lewis first met the singer and songwriter at a convention in America for her brother Jerry Lee Lewis eight years ago.

She said a professional and personal relationship developed some years later.

The tribunal was told they met at the King's Hotel in Newport, south Wales where they rehearsed several times.

Miss Lewis claimed she was "part and parcel" of Morrison's show, saying: "It was made clear to me they didn't want me to work for anyone else.

"They wanted an exclusive arrangement and I had to cancel other existing arrangements."

She said she had gone "a lot further than I ever should have" with Morrison.

"I do regret some of it. I really thought he was my friend when I started working with him. I thought it was wonderful.


"I didn't realise he would try to ruin my career and my life," she said.

Morrison had earlier told the tribunal all members of his band were self-employed, and therefore could not be sacked.

"I stopped touring years ago in the real sense of the word. I like to do lots of different projects and work with different musicians. "There is no need for me to have full-time employees."

An earlier reporting order banning the identification of Van Morrison was lifted by the tribunal as the case had had been withdrawn.

Lewis certainly knows something about the business—she’s been a part of it for over three decades. She made her recording debut in 1960 with her sister Frankie Jean, then in 1963 released a duet, “Seasons of My Heart,” with Jerry Lee Lewis. The same year, she joined her brother’s band as a harmony singer, touring with him for more than 20 years. In 1964, she released her first solo single on ABC/Paramount, but by 1968, she had signed to Smash Records, where she recorded a solo album and several more duets with her brother. Her duet with Jerry Lee on “Don’t Let Me Cross Over” was a top 10 country hit, and she also enjoyed chart success with solo versions of “Turn Back the Hands of Time” and “Roll Over Beethoven.”

Lewis eventually retired from music, but five years ago she initiated a comeback with International Affair, an outstanding album of energized roots-rock on the French New Rose label (which i produced--tpa).

“She’s had a lot of experience, yet she still has this wild, rough energy that you can’t fake,” says Colman, who has recorded Lewis on new tunes by songwriters Tim Krekel and Rick Vito. “When she likes a song, she really connects with it. She’s given some great performances so far, so I’m real excited about the possibilities. She has what I think is a real unique sound. Her piano playing is pure Memphis, and her vocals come straight out of Mississippi; there’s a lot of soul there. She’s also familiar with Nashville, and we’re putting this tight Nashville rhythm section behind her. I think what we’ve come up with so far has a lot of power to it.”

b. 18 July 1947, Ferriday, Louisiana, USA.

Encouraged by his success, the youngest sister of Jerry Lee Lewis was only 13 when, with sister Frankie Jean, she recorded a single for Sun Records on 13 December 1960. It was not released but it sparked her desire to be a singer. Frankie Jean, however, never had her sister's desire to be a singer, although she had made rockabilly duets with Jesse Lee Turner for Sun in 1958, that attracted Chet Atkins. She claimed she wanted to sing Patsy Cline material, not rockabilly like her sister, and turned down a Decca Records contract. She toured with Jerry Lee Lewis for some years and later became involved with the Jerry Lee Lewis Museum in Ferriday.

Linda Gail quit school in the early 60s and took to the road as a backing vocalist with her brother's show. She gained no preferential treatment from the unpredictable star, on one occasion being embarrassed when, after missing her cue, her brother stopped singing to ask through the microphone 'Are you watching this show or are you in it?' She was not so backward regarding marriage.

She first married at 14, and soon divorced to marry a sailor after a three-day romance when she was 15. He went back to sea and she never saw him again. She soon married Jerry Lee Lewis' best friend Cecil Harrelson. They had two children, Cecil Jr. and Mary Jean, then divorced; but after a brief marriage to husband, number four, Jerry Lee Lewis' guitarist Kenneth Lovelace [which incidentally made her Linda Lovelace], she remarried Cecil in 1971.

In March 1963, she duetted with her brother on "Seasons Of My Heart," and at the same Sun session cut two solo numbers, "Nothin' Shakin'" and "Sittin' And Thinkin'". They were set for release on Sun 385 but for some reason were not issued. When Jerry Lee moved to Smash Records in 1964, she duetted on "We Live In Two Different Worlds", which appeared on Another Place Another Time, Jerry Lee's first album for the Smash. The success of this record led to a duet album, which contained fine versions of "Milwaukee Here I Come," as well as two chart hits, "Don't Let Me Cross Over" (#9) and the less popular "Roll Over Beethoven" (#71).

She recorded several singles for the label (some were later reissued by Mercury Records), including "Turn Back The Hands Of Time," a superb version of "Paper Roses," and "Before The Snow Flies". She also gained her first solo album, and registered her only solo chart hit in 1972 with Mercury Record's "Smile, Somebody Loves You".

In the early 70s the whirlwind life style of her brother's touring show finally slowed her stamina and resilience. Her health began to cause concern; she suffered from drug addiction, and underwent a nervous breakdown. While confined to hospital in 1976 she almost died, but after a long period of convalescence, she regained her health and broke the drug addiction. In 1977, she married husband number six, Brent Dolan and retired from show business for 10 years, during which time she had two more children, Oliver and Annie.

In 1987, she re-emerged as a rockabilly revivalist. She again began to appear with her brother and accompanied him on his European tour that included an appearance at London's Wembley Festival. However differences with her brother's sixth wife, Kerrie McCarver, who had vocal aspirations of her own, soon saw Linda Gail leave to pursue a solo career.

In this she was initially helped by husband number seven, an Elvis Impersonator, Bobby Memphis (b. Robert Stefanow). With a backing group that included her daughter, Mary Jean singing backing harmonies and mainly featuring rockabilly material, she began to tour with her own show. She played piano (standing up) in a similar pounding style to her brother and cousin Mickey Gilley and recorded a second album. Her first tour to the UK in June 1991, proved so popular (one critic described her as "the hottest rockabilly act in Europe at this time who served up piano playing rock 'n' roll that was not a million miles away from the style of her illustrious brother") that she made two further European tours in 1991-2.

In December 1991, she married husband number eight, Eddie Braddock. She continues to perform into the new millennium, especially Europe, where she enjoys considerable success in the Scandinavian countries.

By 1998, (she was now married to husband number nine) she was becoming more respected for her fine singing of material other than rockabilly.

In 2000, she collaborated with Van Morrison on You Win Again, which increased her public profile considerably.


  • Two Sides Of Linda Gail Lewis - 1969 (Smash)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis & Linda Gail Lewis Together - 1969 (Smash)
  • International Affair - 1990
  • (New Rose Records)
  • Rockin' With Linda - 1992 (Deep Elem)
  • Do You Know - 1992 (Lewis)
  • I'll Take Memphis - 1992 (Fox)
  • Love Makes The Difference - 1997 (Ice House)
  • Linda Gail Lewis - 1999 (Sire)
  • You Win Again - 2000 (PointBlank)
  • Out Of The Shadows - 2002 (Lantasi)
  • Hungry Hill - 2007 (Benlin Music)

Linda Gail Lewis - Old Black Joe

Linda Gail Lewis - Old Black Joe (05:11)

Linda Gail Lewis always puts on a great show. Here she is singing and playing Old Black Joe at The Borderline in London on 1 April 2004. Providing vocal support are Linda's two daughters, Mary Jean and Annie Marie....

Linda Gail Lewis - 88 Friends

Linda Gail Lewis - 88 Friends (02:46)

When it comes to Linda Gail Lewis, you're talking Rock'n'Roll royalty. The youngest sister of piano-pounding Louisiana Fireball Jerry Lee, Linda Gail's pedigree was never in doubt from the very first moment she...

LINDA GAIL LEWIS - I'd rather stay home than Rock 'n' Roll

LINDA GAIL LEWIS - I'd rather stay home than Rock 'n' Roll (00:43)

LINDA GAIL LEWIS - I'd rather stay home than Rock 'n' Roll

Linda Gail Lewis-Who´s that guy+inte

Linda Gail Lewis-Who´s that guy+inte (07:32)

Linda with her daughter Annie Marie, & Lindas Norwegian backing band live on "God morgen Norge" (Good morning Norway Norwegian television. The band: Rune Bræck-guitar, Jack Williamsen-b ass, Geir Morfjord-drums.

linda gail lewis killer piano style jerry lee lewis

linda gail lewis killer piano style jerry lee lewis (02:50)

linda gail lewis killer piano 2006

Linda Gail Lewis + Van Morrison: Baby You Got What It Takes [Ross-on-Wye, Wales 2000]

Linda Gail Lewis + Van Morrison: Baby You Got What It Takes
Video sent by mrjyn


Miss Lewis told the tribunal:

"What I didn't realise was that he was trying to ruin my career and life." The tribunal earlier heard Morrison had asked Miss Lewis to divorce her husband...

"He kept insisting that when I went home for Christmas 2000 I would ask my husband for a divorce and I would not have sex with him."

"His behaviour was getting bizarre." She said she had gone "a lot further than I ever should have" with Morrison. "I didn't realise he would try to ruin my career and my life," she said.

*14 January, 2003
[Van Morrison case over]

A claim against rock star Van Morrison has ended after LGL dropped claims of sex discrimination at a tribunal. The sister of rock'n'roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, had accused Morrison, 57, of trying to ruin her life by asking her for sex and telling her to divorce her husband.

Miss Lewis 54, of Penarth, south Wales, has appeared on over 50 albums. Miss Lewis, who toured with Morrison, withdrew five sex discrimination claims against the singer following six hours of legal discussion at the tribunal in Cardiff on Monday. Neither side was prepared to comment on the terms of the settlement.
Eight-times married Miss Lewis launched the tribunal action nearly two years ago...which ruled that five out of 13 allegations of sex discrimination would be investigated. Morrison had denied having a sexual relationship with Miss Lewis. His solicitor said: "He has now accepted a full apology and comprehensive retraction.

"Miss Lewis has given a full apology and retraction to Mr Morrison." "The parties are now happy to move on with their lives," she added.


Johnny Paycheck - Ramblin' Fever [LoneStar Cafe New York 1981]

At The LoneStar Cafe New York 1981

Merle Kilgore - Wolverton Mountain (1997)

Country Family Reunion
Disk #1
Jimmy Dickens-Del Reeves-Jean Shepard-Jan Howard Will the circle be unbroken
Jimmy Dickens Old cold tater/We could
Jim Ed Brown Pop a top
Kitty Wells Honky tonk angels
Johnny Russell Act naturally
Justin Tubb Lonesome 7-7203
Jan Howard Evil on my mind
Jack Greene There goes my everything
Jeannie C.Riley Great speckled bird
Jean Shepard Wabash cannonball
Johnny Paycheck Old violin/The old rugged cross
Kitty Wells Dust on the bible
Whole cast I saw the light
Disk #2
Whole cast Will the circle be unbroken
Mac Wiseman Baggage coach ahead/Put my little shoes away/Keep on the sunny side/Letter edged in black
Margo Smith Teach me to yodel
Grandpa Jones Yodels
Billy Walker Peace in the valley
Sheb Wooley(as Ben Colder) Hello walls
Jeannie C.Riley Harper valley PTA
Skeeter Davis End of the world
Jimmy C.Newman Jambalaya
** Merle Kilgore Wolverton mountain
Jeannie Seely Don't touch me
Del Reeves Belles of southern bell
Billy Walker Cross the brazos at Waco
Bill Anderson Still
Sheb Wooley(as Ben Colder) Still #2
Jean Shepard and the Grand Ladies of Country Music Slippin' away
Bill Carlisle Old time religion
Whole cast Amazing grace

Jamie Ryan: Try a Little Kindness [Del Reeves Country Carnival - 1975]

Del Reeves Country Carnival

Tammy Wynette's Tourbus






1. In which branch of the United States armed forces did George Jones serve and why did he enlist?

2. George signed with Starday Records in 1954. How did Starday Records get it's name?

3. Where was Starday Records' first studio?

4. George's first recording session for Starday Records produced a single that failed to chart. What was the name of the single?

5. George has been married five times. Who were his wives?

6. What was the name of George and Tammy's house in Lakeland, Florida?

7. George and Tammy did not record together until 1971, two years into their marriage. What was their first recording together?

8. George and Tammy had thirteen singles together in the years 1971 through 1980. Three topped the country charts. Name them.

9. During the worst of his drug years, George suffered from cocaine induced multiple personalities, much like Sybil. Name the two dominant personalities.

10. How did Nancy bring George's life back under control?

11. George's classic song, He Stopped Loving Her Today took over one year to finish. Why?

12. George has done three touching songs that feature narrated verses, one of which was He Stopped Loving Her Today. Which two other important George Jones songs featured narration?

13. Melba Montgomery. The name speaks volumes to the true George Jones fan. What was Melba doing when Pappy Dailey arranged for the initial meeting of Melba and George?

14. George's I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair guest starred several younger country singers. Who appeared with George on this track?

15. George's 1994 Bradley Barn Sessions was an album featuring George with talented friends reworking his hits. Recorded in February during one of Nashville's worst snowstorms, it features a stellar cast paying homage to George by accompanying him in song. Which superstars appeared on the album?


1. open ___ mine
2. George's drinking buddy
6. ___ because I asked a friend...
8. Bartender's ____
9. ___ Hard Truth
11. ___
Thinks I Still Care
12. a cold, cold ___
13. her name is ___
14. one of the boys in the band
17. we could be ___
18. one tiny little ___
20. too ___ too long
21. living dieing with the ___
24. Till the ___ Grows Over Me
26. Tarnished ___
27. High Tech ___
29. Don't Stop The ___
31. The dangdest dog
32. Henry Brown ran a ___
33. Six ___ deep, six ___ down

1. He always wanted a ___ out in the country
2. You Don't Seem To ___ Me
3. The ___ Is On
4. I Always Get ___ With You
5. Love ___
7. ___ me
8. I gave her the ___
10. ___ Of All
12. I Lived To Tell It All
15. ___ Can Fall
16. One man's one woman!
18. These won't be filled
19. There's Nothing Better ___ You've Had The Best
20. Tennessee ___
22. I need a honky tonk ___
23. I'm the big ___ of the year
24. If you'd like to take the ___ tour
25. Hello ___
26. ___ Lover
30. The George Jones Television ___
(on TNN!)
GEorge Jones had five concerts scheduled in five different cities. Each was unique in that each city had a special encore song, and each city had a minor annoyance to deal with. Each city's fans bought a particular item from the vendors.

Using the six clues given, can you determine the order of cities for the concerts, the encore played in each, the items the fans bought at that concert, and the problems his road crew had in each city?


This is a hypothetical tour and series of events created for this logic problem only. The use of George Jones' name is for entertainment purposes only and does not imply that he actually was served very cold coffee in one of these cities.

Your Clues
  1. On the first stop on his tour George sang "He Stopped Loving Her Today" to an enthusiastic crowd that didn't buy any T-shirts or coffee mugs.

  2. The stops in some order were : The second stop in a city without mosquitoes, the city where George sang "The Door," the city where the fans bought ODs, Cincinnati, and the city with the very cold coffee.

  3. The concert in Seattle was not the first or the last stop on the tour. Seattle fans did not buy posters or coffee mugs and they did not get to hear "If My Heart Had Windows".

  4. The stops along the five city tour included the city where the bus developed a flat tire, the sunny city where George sang "If My Heart Had Windows," Boston, the city where the fans bought mostly books, and the CD buying city plagued by mosquitoes during his outdoor concert there.

  5. Houston's concert was held after the concert where the fans stood in a pouring rain. The rainy city followed the acoustic concert caused by a blown amplifier. The other two stops on the tour were the city where George sang "Walk Through This World With Me" and where he sold a lot of his autobiography, "I Lived To Tell It All".
  6. The five cities in no particular order are : The poster buying third city, the city where George played "Love Bug" to a packed house, the city where the fans bought T-shirts, the city with very cold coffee, and the rainy city on the fourth stopover which wasn't Seattle.

Good luck!

Use the chart to solve this problem.

Game Goals

Be the first player to reach The Number One Position on the music chart while forming musical trios or quartets.

Play is fast and furious in Possum Holler. A combination of strategy, skill, and luck are needed to win.

You may find that only one roll separates first place from last. Your next turn could change the entire game for everyone... including yourself!

The fun starts when you draw from another player's hand. They may be ready to climb the chart until you draw one... two... or three cards...

They may be ready to climb the walls when you take their whole hand!

No money, properties, buying, or selling are involved in family friendly

Possum Holler ~ The Board Game

Game Needs

You need :

  • One deck of playing cards with jokers
  • Two dice
  • Two tokens for each player ~ (coins, buttons, etc.)
  • Print out of the Gameboard

Game Spaces

The Possum Holler board :

Draw 1~~~~~~~~ Draw one card from the draw pile
Draw 2~~~~~~~ Draw two cards from the draw pile
Draw 3~~~~~~ Draw three cards from the draw pile
Swap 1~~~~~~~ Trade one card with another player
Swap 2~~~~~~ Trade two cards with another player
Take 1~~~~~~~~~ Take a card from another player
Take 2~~~~~~ Take two cards from another player
Take 3~~~~~~ Take three cards from another player
Plus 1~~~~~ Your album moves up one chart space
Plus 2~~~~ Your album moves up two chart spaces
Give 1~ Give a card of your choice to another player
Play Back~~~~~~~~~~~~Game play reverses direction
Start~~~~~~~Move your album up 2 chart spaces

Each space will determine whether to roll one die or two dice on your next turn.

The Music Chart on the outer edge of the gameboard will track your album's progress. Use a token to mark your current chart position. Everyone starts at 80 and races to Number One as quickly as the laws of luck will allow!

Trios are three of a kind or two of a kind with a joker.

Quartets are four of a kind or three of a kind with a joker.

Rules For Play
1. Players start with no cards. All cards are held in a Draw pile. Each player may hold up to but no more than seven cards. If more than seven cards are accumulated by any player or players during a turn, they must immediately either play or discard the excess amount to get back to seven cards or less. All cards are discarded face down so no one will know what cards are no longer available. No turn is completed until all players have seven cards or less in their hand.

2. Game play starts by rolling two dice. The player with the highest roll goes first, the play continues in clockwise fashion. The first turn is always the roll of two dice. Successive rolls are determined by the space landed upon.

3. Players rolling doubles on two dice during their turn must give one card to each other player. The cards are to be drawn at random by the players in current turn sequence. If insufficient cards are available, this penalty is ended with the final card. No cards are to be taken from the Draw pile.

4. Players landing on the Gold Path space must enter the Gold Path on their next turn. All rolls along the Gold Path are of a single die.

5. All player's chart position is to begin at 80 with their movements up the charts determined by the amount of trios and quartets formed during play. Albums move 2 spaces up the chart for each trio formed and 5 spaces up the chart for each quartet. Trios and quartets formed during a player's turn are displayed to the other players, then discarded face down into the discard pile.

6. If a player's album lands on an occupied space on the Music Chart, their album wins that chart position. The losing album moves down the chart one space. If that space is also occupied, the album on that space then moves one space downward. No two albums may occupy the same chart position.

7. Shuffle the Discard pile when the last card is taken from the Draw pile. Place the shuffled cards in the Draw pile.

8. Players without cards or with insufficient cards to fulfill their turn's requirement are not penalized. The play continues after the final card is taken, even if an opponent did not receive the card or cards promised by that player's space. Penalties are forfeited after the final card is removed.