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January 10, 2009

MillerCoors is discontinuing Sparks: Boyz II Men -It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday [via sorryimissedyourparty]

As you've probably heard, MillerCoors is discontinuing Sparks due to government concerns that it was too popular with teenagers and its energy and booze combination was dangerous. Today is officially the last day that Sparks is being manufactured, although stores will keep selling it until the inventory runs out. My sound investment plan for this economy is to buy a ton of Sparks and wait a year, then sell it on eBay for a million bucks a six pack.

Personally, I never liked Sparks because of the terrible taste, but I'd don't like the government telling me what I can and cannot drink to put myself into a daterapeable stupor. Keep your laws out of my liver, Uncle Sam! I guess I understand that it's important to protect our impressionable youth; they are our future, after all. And lets be honest - has anyone ever actually enjoyed a Sparks "responsibly"? But this doesn't fully mitigate the sting of the fact that the Spark moratorium happened when Sparks had been planning the debut of "Sparks Red". We'll never know what Red Sparks could have been, but I can only assume that the red color is to symbolize the blood that will run in the streets as you go on a booze and taurine-fueled rage spree.

One of the victims of the great Sparks Prohibition is a "Sparks tongue", the bright orange hue your tongue turns after drinking a few. In honor of this sad day, here's a bunch of pictures of Sparks tongue. Memory lane has never tastes so much like orangey cough syrup.

Boyz II Men "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday"

The Who - Quadrophenia [ Playlist ]


Video sent by SALTME3

John Entwistle " 5:15 " bass solo

john entwistle: my wife [Simon Phillips + Joe walsh + OX + skunk.....lotsa booze: Live Yokohama 1990]

Simon Phillips + Joe walsh+ OX + skunk.....lotsa booze


John Entwistle - news at 10

The Real Keith Moon [DOCUMENTARY 1 - 5]

The Who: Drowned [live - Toronto]

Hellraisers [Keith Moon]

Hellraisers - keith moon
Originaly Shown on Channel 4

keith moon + legs larry smith

1970. Keith Moon, his wife, “Legs” Larry Smith and Moon’s chaffeur, Cornelius Borland attend the opening of a new discotheque at The Red Lion public house in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. As they’re leaving at approx. 10.45 their Bentley is approached by a group of 20 skinheads. Borland moves towards the gang of youths and is soon involved in a scuffle. As Moon starts to drive away from the scene, Borland is knocked to the ground and falls under the wheels of the moving car where he is trapped, receiving fatal injuries. The fire brigade was called to the scene to free Borland’s body.

Moon spends three hours helping police with their inquiry but is not cautioned or charged. Several of the youths are also interviewed resulting in David Paul Holden, 18, appearing in Hatfield Court and an un-named boy appearing at Hatfield Juvenile Court on Monday January 5th, both charged with causing an affray. At their hearings, they are both remanded in custody for a week. On both occasions, Detective Sergeant R.G. Beveridge explains in his statement to the court that a man died during the incident.

Aimee Mann: She Really Wants You [Late Late Show] + I Should've Known [Jools Holland] + Christmas Carol + Ballantines

Christmas Carol (Part 1)

Aimee Mann is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Shows past, present, and future to learn the true meaning of the Christmas show.
Featuring Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, John Krasinski, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, John C. Reilly, Grant Lee Phillips, and Paul F. Tompkins.
Directed by Tim Heidecker
Produced by Clark Reinking
Edited by Daniel Longino
Aimee Mann's Christmas Carol
(Part 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUCo-Z...
(Part 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I__bnT...
(Part 3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LuxjH...
(Part 4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVctme...
Aimee Mann "One More Drifter in the Snow" A Christmas Album in stores now!

Aimee Mann Ballantines

Brian May + Kerry Ellis: Defying Gravity [Wicked: Royal Variety Performance 2008 - Prince Charles + Duchess of Cornwall]

Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked in new arrangement by Brian May. Royal Variety Performance 11th December 2008 in the presence of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Kerry Ellis (vocals), Brian May (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Jeff Leach (keyboards), Rufus Taylor (drums, son of Roger, age 17).

Interview with Brian May about his Red Special Guitar [1992]

Interview with Brian May about his Red Special guitar, including clips from Guitar Legends concert in 1991

Derek and the Dominos: She's Gone [Live - Johnny Cash Show]

Derek and the Dominos Live on Johnny Cash

Heavy Metal Kids - She's No Angel [totp2]

Heavy Metal Kids - She's No Angel [totp2] Here we can all see Gary Holton who was even more famous than this for playing the char Heavy Metal Kids - She's No Angel [totp2] Here we can all see Gary Holton who was even more famous than this for playing the character of Wayne in Auf Weidersehen Pet, he sadly died on Oct 25th 1985.
R.I.P. Gary

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday [totp2 - 2007]

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday [totp2]

Leo Kottke: Up Tempo + Hear The Wind Howl + Busted Bicycle [West Germany: 1977 - Rockpalast: via From the Rockmine Almanac for Today]


1958. Vicki Peterson (The Bangles) born in Los Angeles.

On Tour

1963. The Rolling Stones sack their drummer, Tony Chapman, after tonight’s gig at the Ricky Tick Club at The Star & Garter in Windsor. The incensed Chapman goes to Bill Wyman and tries to pursuade him to leave with him and start their own goup but Bill refuses.

In Court

1972. John Lee (singer with New World) is fined £ 10 at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to assaulting Mrs. Lillian Zoeller, a traffic warden, on December 29th by throwing a bucket of water over her. The singer had arrived at the Alexanda Theatre, Birmingham where he was appearing in the pantomime, Robinson Crusoe. He was late for a curtain call and parked in a suspended parking bay. Explaining his situation to the traffic warden who was nearby, he was warned to move his car or she would issue a ticket for illegal parking but he rushed into the theatre. A few minutes later as she was reaching to place the ticket on the car she was hit by a volume of cold water and looked up to see a window in the theatre being closed.

In Hospital

1985. Eric Clapton’s first child, Ruth Kelly, is born in Doncaster maternity Hospital. Clapton met her mother, Yvonne, on the island of Montserrat in 1984. Within a week of meeting, the couple were conducting an affair. Since Ruth’s birth, he has lavished presents on mother and child as well as ensuring maintenance payments are regularly made.

On Television

1977. Rockpalast (WDR, WestGermany) Leo Kottke (WDR Studio-L Köln). Here are the first 8 minutes of the gig - “Up Tempo”, “Hear The Wind Howl” and “Busted Bicycle”.


2003. Mickey Finn, percussionist with T. Rex, dies in Mayday Hospital, Croydon, London. He had been suffering from kidney and liver problems, aged 55,

Go to Rockmine’s main site here.

Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis: на Олимпийских играх [Whole Lotta Love - Beijing Olympics: 2008]

Frank Sinatra, Jr. + Nancy Sinatra: Something [April 1967 - The Smothers Brothers Show: via Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches]

April 1967 performance from The Smothers Brothers Show

I think the basic "problem" with Frank Sinatra, Jr. is that the sense of entitlement (due to being one of Frank Sinatra's kids) he has doesn't work for him like it does for Nancy. Nancy is Sinatra's little girl, and there was the song about her and everything, so she was able to carve out a little niche for herself in pop culture, as well as in the entertainment industry. He, on the other hand, was unfortunately for him destined to forever be but a shadow of his legendary father. That's life.

Incidentally, "Somethin' Stupid" was written by C. Carson Parks, brother of frequent Brian Wilson collaborator, Van Dyke Parks, in 1967. C. Carson Parks recorded a version of the song with his wife as a duo called "Carson and Gaile" that same year.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Little Richard Medley (Hallenstadion Zurich: 25 April, 1981)

A short but wild Little Richard Medley from The Hallenstadion, Zurich, 25th April 1981

Jerry Lee Lewis: No Headstone On My Grave (New York, 1973)

Broadcast live from New York on 31st December 1982 / 1st January 1983, this is a song from his current album at the time 'My Fingers Do The Talkin''. The audio mix here is horrible, but I thought it was an appropriate show to upload!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Jerry Lee Lewis - Why You Been Gone So Long (Happy New Year America, 1982/1983)

Broadcast live from New York on 31st December 1982 / 1st January 1983, this is a song from his current album at the time 'My Fingers Do The Talkin''. The audio mix here is horrible, but I thought it was an appropriate show to upload!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Kerrie Lee Lewis + Kenny Lovelace: I'll Fly Away [Kerrie Live: James Burton + Kenny Lovelace: Band Intro: 2000]

Kerrie Lee Lewis + Kenny Lovelace: I'll Fly Away [Kerrie Live: James Burton + Kenny Lovelace: Band Intro: 2000]

Here's Jerry Lee Lewis' band leader with The Jerry Lee Lewis Band on 'Kerrie Live', taped on 10th October 2000. Check out Kerrie's band intro beforehand!

Jerry Lee Lewis + Phoebe Lewis [Daughter]: Money [Monday Night Concerts: 6 February, 1997: via peterchecksfield]

Here's The Killer's daughter Phoebe Lewis (backed by her daddy) on 'Monday Night Concerts', taped in Nashville on 6th February 1997 & broadcast on 28th July 1997

50 Cents: Heartless monster Vs. Muph & Plutonic: Heaps Good [via you thought we wouldn't notice]

The Monks [German TV 1965]

The Monks live on German TV, back in 1965

Big John Little John [Space : 1999]

In the 1970's, there was a TV show for children called "Big John, Little John" starring Herb Edelman and Robbie Rist... but what if the theme music could be applied to Space:1999...?

Ernie K. Doe - Here Come The Girls

This is an album track from the LP 'Ernie K. Doe'(Janus). Released in 1970 and written and produced by the legendary Allen Toussaint instrumentation is provided by none other than funk gods the Meters. This track is currently being used in the UK for Boots' Christmas campaign ad

Steve Strange: Blitz Club [ENTIRE 1 - 5: Channel 4 BBC Documentary: Steve Strange, Boy George and Marilyn]

A Channel 4 (UK) documentary regarding the very early 80's club, Steve Strange's 'Blitz' club in Covent Garden.

The documentary documents the rise and fall of the three central protagonists; Steve Strange, Boy George and Marilyn.

Mamie Van Doren [trailers]

The theatrical trailers for GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS (1959) and PARTY GIRLS FOR THE CANDIDATE (1964; also starring June Wilkinson and Ted Knight).

OLGA'S DANCE HALL GIRLS [1966 Trailer Directed by Joseph P. Mawra ]


Directed by Joseph P. Mawra

Ed Gein

Short documentary on Plainfield killer Ed Gein

Ed Gein [Movie Trailer]

Ted Bundy [movie trailer]

Daniel Johnston goes to Pancake Mountain

Daniel Johnston goes to Pancake Mountain and fun is had by ALL!

The Melvins visit Pancake Mountain [puppet]

The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase

True story of vampire of Sacramento

Les Contes de l'horloge magique Trailer

The Magic Clock Fables are a contemporary adaptation of three short films by pioneer and giant of animation Ladislas Starewitch, who made some hundred films between 1911 and 1965.

Nina, the clockmaker's little daughter, starts daydreaming in front of a great clock with three moving automatons. She changes from being a street singer to a ballerina in love with a tin soldier, then a princess in search of a handsome knight. From burglaries to castle attacks and mermaids to dragons, the adventures never stop... just like the hands of a clock. Mixing puppet animation and live action La Petite Chanteuse des rues, La Petite Parade and L'Horloge magique are counted amongst Starewitch's masterpieces and make up this special programme full of imagination, humour and poetry, with his own daughter, Nina Star playing the little daydreamer.

The director's grand-daughter, Léona-Béatrice Martin, has completely restored these three films, which are accompanied by music from Jean-Marie Sénia and a text narrated by the actor Rufus. Between each fable, Jean Rubak has created an animated sequence which follows the regular beats of the ticking clock. -By Kawa-Topor for the Annecy film festival

"Early Abstractions" (1946-57)

Vintage clip of cute girl on LSD

Vintage clip of cute girl on LSD

January 9, 2009

Jimmy Page + Jeff Beck + Eric Clapton: Stairway To Heaven [A.R.M.S. NYC 12/8/83]

A.R.M.S. concert NYC 12/8/83 I put in a lot of time to get this in at 10 minutes. This was a gathering of Britain's greatest musicians.(3 former Yardbirds guitarists and 4/6ths of the Stones) It was a benefit tour to raise money for Ronnie Lane. I was at the final show the following day 12/9/83 at Madison Square Garden and it will be 25 years ago this December. "Where have all the good times gone" as Ray Davies once sang.This is the exact running order of the show. Eric Clapton,Jeff Beck,Jimmy Page,Ron Wood,Bill Wyman,Charlie Watts,Ian Stewart,Joe Cocker,Ronnie Lane,Kenny Jones,Jan Hammer,Chis Stainton,Simon Phillips,Paul Rogers,Andy Fairweather Lowe,Ray Cooper,Fernando Saunders,James Hooker,Glyn Johns,Bill Graham.
If anyone has video of the Dec. 9th show please contact me.

Hasta siempre: bodeguita del medio [che che che! la Habana]

Un paseo por la Habana, nostalgias de un pasado lejano o muy cercano

Orlando Contreras: No Soy Uno Mas [check out the 007 homage]

Benny More: Prestame tu Caballo

De Sibanicu a Tenerife

Oscar De Leon: La Siguaraya [Cuba: Festival de Varadero 1983]

La Siguaraya es un árbol santo, según la tradición yoruba o lucumí de la muy respetable religión afrocubana... Una canción muy conocida aquí en México y en el mundo dice: "En mi Cuba nace una mata que sin permiso no se pué tumbar. No se pué tumbá, eé, porque son Orisha..."- Fabulosa interpretación del inolvidable Benny Moré, el Bárbaro del Ritmo-.
Ese video es del 1983 , Oscar D'Leon visito a Cuba cuando el Festival de Varadero , en un momento crucial del pueblo, que se encontraba hundido en el dolor por la situacion acaecida con los cubanos en Granada, cuando los norteamericanos invadieron esa isla.Mata Siguaraya cantada por el gran Benny More, y realmente ese mito es parte del folklore cubano, esa mata pertenece a los orishas y no se puede tumbar, vi una en la Sierra Maestra y su tronco grueso y altura son impresionantes .

LA HABANA CUBA [man, do i miss this place!]

Sara Montiel - Mi ultimo tango: Yira yira

elvis: happy birthday, elvis [none of this is sarcastic]

James Brown: I Got You + I Feel Good [ski movie]

Marilyn Monroe: Korea

Marilyn Monroe inKorea with sound

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long [totp2]



あえて逆光 ISO800 拡大

露出の計測を,お日さま以外の部分でやるとこんな感じ。 ISO800 拡大


夕日に映える機体 ISO800 拡大


うまい具合に,暗くなるちょっと前にたどり着くことができたので,日没までの色の変化を楽しむことができました。たまたま隣で写真を撮っていたオジ サンは,D700に200mmの望遠を使っているので,普段はペンタックスユーザーの僕なのに,なんだか気楽に話しかけてもらっちゃいました。やっぱ,黄 色のロゴのストラップは,目立ちますね。




まぁ,ある意味,最初の手持ちの動画の方が,他の飛行機が横切ったり,月が一瞬現れたりと,迫力があったりする部分もあろうかと思いますが,万人に 見やすいのは,やはり三脚の上で,機体を追う方が,安定感がありますよね。これでさらにきちんとフォーカスも合わせられればいいのですが,なかなかそこま での余裕がありませんでした。


PCやMacの性能の差や通信環境にもよるところがあるとは思うのですが,現時点(2009年1月)で,どのくらいの人が,ハイビジョン動画をきち んと再生できる環境をもっているのかということを考えると,フルHDより,1280×720(720P相当)位までのD-movieの方が,まだ現実的な んじゃないかと思ったりもします。D90の動画「Dムービー」は,このほかにも,640×424,320×216から記録解像度を選べます。

take off


Moon Salto (cropped)
拡大すると,オリジナルファイルをピクセル等倍で見ていることになりますが,”AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor ED 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G(IF)”は,手振れ補正機能が付いたレンズなので,ピントもしっかりと,ぶれることもなく撮れています。

望遠レンズを使う場合,手元のちょっとしたブレが,画像に大きく影響しますので,手振れ補正の付いていないカメラやレンズを使って手持ちで撮影する 場合は,どこかに固定するなどの工夫が必要になりますが,このレンズとD90なら,ある程度の明るさのある条件ならあまり神経を使わなくても良さそうで す。

城南島は,離陸や着陸のルートによっては,頭の真上を通ってくれることもあるので,そんなときに300mmの望遠端を使うと,こんな感じにはみ出しちゃう こともあります。なので,飛行機と自分の位置関係によって,「300mm望遠」,「トリミング」,「70mm」と,ズームとトリミングを組み合わせて使う と,バリエーションが楽しめるのではないかと思います。



Louise Tucker - Only For You (Elizabethan Serenade) [Freddie Starr Showcase BBC1 1983]

A nice performance from the early 1980's. You might recognize the tune - Elizabethan Serenade. Don't know which TV programmer this was - just found it on a tape I made way back then of music video clips.

Actually had a message from Louise informing me that this was from a new talent show fronted by the comedian Freddy Starr. A bit of Googly reveals ...

The Freddie Starr Showcase
BBC1, 5 July to 9 August 1983
Tuesday evening slot 19:46 - 20:30
Series of programmables featuring new talent in various areas of show business, recorded as an OB at the Arrogate Conference Center

Nu Shooz - Point Of No Return [German TV: Ronny's Pop Show 1986]

Irritatingly catchy dance track from 1986.

I recorded this off the German TV show Ronny's Pop Show way back in 1986 - an early music video show that was fronted by a chimpanzee

The Family Dogg - A Way of Life

A tuneful ditty from 1969 - from an old tape I made off UK TV when they were screening some 60s stuff

Aneka - Japanese Boy [TOTP - 27th August 1981]

UK TOTP performance on 27th August 1981, introduced by a rather bemused Richard Skinner

Marieke - An der Waterkant [d'ya think it's german dylan?]

Tried Googly for this - can't find any more info on this song

Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only

Al Martino - Come Share The Wine

Banyen Rakgan (บานเย็น รากแก่น)

And now for something exotic. Some Thai Country Music - a rather fetching performance from one of Thailands most famous Mor lam singers

Rose Royce - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Peggy March [5th German Schlager-Festspiele: 12 June, 1965]

Enchanting live performance at the 5th German Schlager-Festspiele on 12 June 1965.
A very different world then - seems a very very long time ago! Well, 43 years is a long time!

Boney M: Mary's Boy Child + Oh My Lord [Christmas Day BBC1 1979 totp]

Christmas Day BBC1 1979

It's 2pm and it's Top Of The Pops!!!!

Original transmission recording from 25th December 1979 - no stupid logos.

Eurovision 1969 - Iva Zanicchi - Due grosse lacrime bianche

Eurovision 1969 - Iva Zanicchi - Due grosse lacrime bianche

Blondie - Sunday Girl + Dreamin'

TOTP performances 25 December 1979. IMHO the cutest babe ever to grace the TOTP studios. Original transmission recording with no silly logos or stupid voiceovers a la TOTP2. Can this really be over 28 years ago?

Phil Spector: Wall Of Sound

The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron
The Ronettes - Be My Baby

Two great performances with reminiscences from Larry Levine and Stan Ross, Jeff Barry who co-wrote both songs, and also from Nino Tempo.

Bert Kaempfert - Medley (1967) for Rick and Erica Staton

Smooth as Silk performance - live on German TV - 26th August 1967. This was the second day of colour tramsmissions in Germany. "Gala-Abend der Schallplatte" was a live show from the 25th Funkausstellung IFA in Berlin intended to showcase international artistes and the new technology of colour TV. Yes folks - over 40 years ago!!

Theme from Rocky - James Last Orchestra [feat. Derek Watkins]

Theme from the film Rocky 1 "Gonna Fly Now" played by James Last, a live recording from German TV series. Featuring Derek Watkins on lead trumpet, complete with neat guitar and percussion breaks. Here Derek gives Maynard Ferguson a run for his money!

Merrill Moore - Rock-Rock Ola

Dear nichopoulooza, Video Disabled [There's really no reason to ever use YouTube again for anything not disposable! Mickey Mouse Lawyers and Deals!]

Dear nichopoulooza,

Video Disabled

A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Rolling Stones: 'I Got You Babe' (BRIAN JONES SINGS!) Ready Steady Go! 9.65 + Andrew Loog Oldham. The audio content identified in your video is I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.

Replace Your Audio with AudioSwap

Don't worry, we have plenty of music available for your use. Please visit our AudioSwap library to learn how you can easily replace the audio in your video with any track from our growing library of fully licensed songs.

Other Options

If you think there's been a mistake, or you have other questions, please visit the Copyright Notice page in your account.

The YouTube Content Identification Team

January 8, 2009

Elvis: 20/20 [Geraldo Rivera Cover-Up: Parts 1 - 8: Dr. Nichopoulos feat. Pt. 5 & 6] it's only taken me 3 years to find this

Elvis Lennon [ELJOHN]

Elvis' Stepmother Dee Stanley: Exposed as nut case on Geraldo Show

elvis: lauderdale courts - first memphis apartment [int. with orig. landlord]

Elvis' apartment in the projects before refurbishment took place.

elvis [audubon drive home - dance party]


Chuck Berry: "Let It Rock" + "Nadine" [Johnny Carson]

Chuck Berry on the Tonight Show with Johnny - two songs("Let It Rock" and "Nadine"), plus interview. circa late eighties, i think. funny antics.

Hank Williams Jr - Come On Over To The Country

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Little Wing + Third Stone From The Sun

Charles Bukowski [Interview by Martin Coenen Clip]

Kuifje Tintin: De Schat Van Scharlaken [Rackam clip]

Jimi Hendrix: "Voodoo Chile" [Royal Albert Hall London 24-2-69]

James Brown: "Super Bad" at L'Olympia Paris 1971

Charles Bukowski [It's Good To Be Back Documentary part 2]

Charles Bukowski [It's Good To Be Back Documentary part 1]

Jimi Hendrix Gloria (The Real Deal)

sha na na-blue moon [flip wilson christmas special]

sha na na on the flip wilson show. this is from the christmas special

Happy Birthday Elvis [first TV appearance - extremely rare clip from Steve Allen Show - Range Roundup 1956]

Do you recognize the young guy in black suit on the right side ? it's Elvis himself in one of his very first TV appearances. Extremely rare clip from Steve Allen Show, 1956 "Range Roundup" number.

Terry McMillan: Harmonicaist Extraordinaire

The late great Terry McMillan ....rest in peace Terry

Jerry Clower [Jerry Reed Show - Nashville, TN] Fuck NYC!

Chet Atkins + George Benson: Help Me Make it Through The Night [Martin Mull intro]

Jerry Reed: Chuck Berry Medley [HOOK IT HOOK IT HOOK IT!]

Chet Atkins - Alabama Jubilee [Purina Opry - 1956]

Chet Atkins - "Alabama Jubilee" 1956

Jerry Reed - Lock On Me

Jerry picking "Lock On Me" on his Baldwin guitar with phaser.

Jerry Reed + Tom Jones + Glen Campbell: In The Pines + Muddy Water

Jerry picks and plays with Tom Jones and Glen Campbell. Jerry and Glen are picking Baldwin guitars with Prismatone pickups

jerry gives nirvana a li'l run for the money

Henry Mancini: "Ripley's Believe it Or Not" [TV intro 1983 Greatest TV show theme ever]

The Greatest TV show theme ever starring Jack Palance. Theme by Henry Mancini.

"Unsere tollen Tanten" (Austria musical 1961: Anyone know the name of the singer?)

anyone know the name of the singer?
This From the austrian musical film "Unsere tollen Tanten"(1961)

Delirium: Jesahel [Sanremo 72]

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Non mi Rompete

these BMS vids are hard to come by, but i promise i'll upload more of them as soon as i can

Ougenweide - Willkommen (1976)

penia dwam

Ougenweide ist fantastisch!!!
Wir haben ein par sehr gutes gruppen wie Ougenweide in Schweden aber nicht so gut als Ougenweide!!!

Fantastisch! Ich liebe diese Band. Vielen dank!!

Ich finds Geil! Das is Die erste und beste Deutsche Mittelalterrockband überhaupt!
Und das beste Olaf ist mein Schlagzeuglehrer :))))

oh mann,du glücklicher!:)

Die beste deutsche Mittelalter Bnad forever!Minne Graw sah ja damals richtig lecker aus...:)

Ich finde es schön, dass dieses Lied von Walther von der Vogelweide von Ougenweide vertont worden ist, aber noch schöner fände ich eine Version mit mittelhochdeutschem Originaltext.

Sufftaubed wenigstens Patriotisch und heben sich von den lächerlichen Antigermanischen 68er Hippiepack und unserer Tage ab.

Zudem ist Ougenweideum Welten besser als zB "In Extremo" und andere "Mittelatergruppen" und bis heute unerreicht.

Legs & Co.: Night Fever [Dancing Bee Gees: Top of the Pops [wearing very short nighties and silver knickers] via Flick's Knickers

January 7, 2009

Leda And The Swan: Kurt Kren [1964]

Kurt Kren, 1964

Also known as "Leda and the Swan" one of the most densely constructed of all Kren's Aktion films. Based on the poem by Yeats called also "Leda and the Swan" it features some unforgettable and disturbing imagery. We see Leonardo,who grates a large cucumber over Leda with a grater,squashes 10 tomatoes and cracks 5 eggs on her.He places a bottle containing a rose between her legs. Then he scatters bread-crumbs and coffee powder over her. Leda sets her upper body upright and draws in one leg. Leonardo places a large, uninflated plastic swan between her legs and so on.

"Leda And The Swan"

A SUDDEN blow: the great wings beating still
Above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed
By the dark webs, her nape caught in his bill,
He holds her helpless breast upon his breast.
How can those terrified vague fingers push
The feathered glory from her loosening thighs?
And how can body, laid in that white rush,
But feel the strange heart beating where it lies?
A shudder in the loins engenders there
The broken wall, the burning roof and tower
And Agamemnon dead.
Being so caught up,
So mastered by the brute blood of the air,
Did she put on his knowledge with his power
Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?

Nymphomania [i hope m. gets away with it]

Focus- Hocus Pocus (live '73)


Лондон: Plan B [19 мая. Часть вторая]

в зале было чудесно слышно..камера ни одна(даже три профессиональные) не смогли снять нормальный звук, нужно было с пульта писать, а не из зала...но что есть, то есть, драв забил всяких звук.
так что не фиг по моим вокальным данным прогуливаться..на концерт приходите и судите потом, только язык не повернется уже.
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Ути пути мой маленький, иди-ка поиграй в песочнице.
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со всем уважением и Лавом поменяй зуко оператора, солнешко тебя почти не слышно из-за музыки
Прости за правду
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Да это просто надо для камеры микрофон купить получше - шумо защитный, а звук там как надо, так и должно быть =)))

Лолита на улицах Москвы

Bay City Rollers [x4]

Bay City Rollers- American Bandstand-77

Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night (Live)

Bay City Rollers - Give a little love

Bay City Rollers - Give a little love

It's a teenage dream to be seventeen
And to find you're all wrapped up in love
And I found that you made a dream come true
Now I do believe in what I say

You've got to give a little love take a little love
Be prepared to forsake a little love
And when the sun comes shining through
We'll know what to do
Give a little love take a little love
Be prepared to forsake a little love
And when the sun comes shining through
We'll know, what to do.

When I walk with you there is just we two
And the world goes by but I just don't care
And I know one day that I'll find the way
To be safe and sound within your heart

So until I do I'm gonna give a little love take a little love
Be prepared to forsake a little love
And when the sun comes shining through
We'll know what to do
Give a little love take a little love
Be prepared to forsake a little love
And when the sun comes shining through
We'll know, what to do.

Bay City Rollers - Rock and roll honeymoon

rare BCR song with Alan as lead vocal!

P.J. HARVEY: IS THAT ALL THERE IS? [Basquiat Original Soundtrack]

from the "Basquiat Original Soundtrack" (*_*)


Eric Clapton + Jeff Beck + Jimmy Page + Bill Wyman: Tulsa Time [LIVE ROCK JAM: ARMS Budokan - 1984]

Een heerlijke live performance van "Eric Clapton", "Jeff Beck" (van de "Yardbirds") en "Jimmy Page" op gitaar, en "Bill Wyman" (Rolling Stones) op bas-gitaar, tijdens het "ARMS concert" in 1984... ze spelen hier het nummer "Tulsa Time", wat origineel geschreven is door "Danny Flowers", de gitarist van "Don Williams"... Toen "Clapton" het nummer destijds opnam, waren er drie leden in zijn band, die ook echt uit "Oklahoma" kwamen (de 'state' waar de stad "Tulsa" ligt): de drummer "Jamie Oldaker", de organist "Dick Simms" en de achtergrond-zangeres "Marcy Levy"... "Clapton" heeft een tijdje zijn shows geopend met dit nummer, inclusief de "Budokhan Show" waar de single vanaf komt... ENJOY...!!!

VAN HALEN [Riot on Sunset Strip]: DREAMS (Whiskey A-Go-Go 15 Year Anniversary Concert) + ON FIRE [Fresno 1979] + EVH: PANAMA [DAVID LETTERMAN - 1985]

Electric Six - Gay Bar

Nog zo'n kunstige videoclip van de uit "Detroit" - Amerika afkomstige band "Electric Six"... het nummer "Gay Bar" van het album "Fire" uit 2003 werd sinds zijn release hevig gesensureerd vanwege de tekst en de bijbehorende video... De single werd uitgebracht rond de tijd dat Amerika binnenviel in Irak en dus werd voor de airplay op de radios de zin "Let's start a war, start a nuclear war, at the gay bar" veranderd in "Let's do an edit, do a radio edit, at the gay bar!"... In Engeland werden de woorden 'nuclear war' gesensureerd door er een zweepslag-geluid voor in de plaats te editen (zoals te merken is in deze video... erg jammer, maar ja...) en voor sommige muziek zenders werden tijdens de zin "I've got something to put in you" de getoonde objecten (een ei, een pepermolen en een banaan) gesensureerd. ... De zeskoppige band is vooruitstrevend voor zijn genre, of beter gezegd, het ontbreken van een bepaald genre door zijn mengeling van diverse muziekstijlen rondom een rode draad van rockmuziek... Volgens de "kenners" zou hun stijl als volgt omschreven kunnen worden: "A synthesis of disco, synth-pop, glam and arena rock, including the falsetto vocals of disco, laden with rampant solos, be they guitar riffs, synth wails, or strutting drums, that enforce the band's energetic sound"... Ik denk dat het als beste omschreven kan worden als "Strange Rock", zoals ik hun muziek graag noem... Sit back and... ENJOY...!!!

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man (LIVE The Early Years!!!)


Marilyn Monroe: My Heart belongs To Daddy [my name is lolita...] (1960 Avec Yves Montand: Let´s make love)

Marilyn Monroe - My Heart belongs To Daddy From the movie Let´s make love 1960 Avec Yves Montand


charki 1
Uploaded by topcasa1

Jerry Lee Lewis: UberFan + German intro [Hamburg CCH 01.11.2008 TV]

Jerry Lee Lewis: Steve Allen Show [2nd Appearance S.A. intro + famous stool tossing 1957]

Jerry Lee's 2nd appearance,
live broadcast 11. August 1957
Russ Smith - drums
J.W. Brown - bass

ANGEL: The Tower [ St. Louis: Gordon G.G. Gebert, Frank DiMino, Barry Brandt]

jerry lee lewis +the bee gees: money [midnight special ouch]

wow, hit a nerve huh? Bee gees had a few great songs, but they sound horrible singing this song. "remember this was a comedy show", well, obviously because I laughed watching them. They had to hold their ears? Why didn't JLL? He wailed away like it was nothing, the king. I'm not being hasty, just telling it like I see it. sorry!
LukeShoveller (3 days ago) Show Hide
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The Bee Gees are a legendary act much like Jerry, who is much more experienced than them here, but the brothers had already amassed a huge catalogue at this point; however there is a reason why Maurice and Robin never did high harmony's on their own in that style, its a bit of fun here, they are all having fun, its fun, Jerry sure look like he enjoyed it, it was just a bit loud clearly, still sounds pretty good to me, great end
Quite funny as well, have a look at their song with Wilson Picket.;)
LukeShoveller (3 days ago) Show Hide
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And Jerry was playing piano if you didn't notice, unless he had 3 hands it would be pretty difficult for him to hold his ear, Maurice tried it at the beginning, and gave up 10 seconds after.;)
LukeShoveller (3 days ago) Show Hide
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Explain why.
Its a comedy programme with some music, and sound issues.
The Brothers Gibb are some of the best vocalists in musical history and I can say that with full confidence putting aside all my bias, have a listen to I Started a Joke, you were a bit hasty with you're judgement.;)
Brutus2 (3 days ago) Show Hide
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Luke the luke: that doesn't mean they were great in this clip. No way; they were terrible. I'm not argueing their catalogue...
LukeShoveller (3 days ago) Show Hide
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They weren't terrible, the solos are great but Maurice (RIP) was in the wrong key for some of it, he was a growl singer with great range, great voice; the 3 part harmony is normal at the end with the right blend, it probably took a while due to the loudness, its hard to harmonize perfectly with no ears
But I did misunderstand you're comment.;)
You must see, their are many people on youtube who are completely ignorant towards the Bee Gees catalogue, clearly you aren't one of them, I apoligise.:)
LukeShoveller (3 days ago) Show Hide
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Have a listen to the Bee Gees catalogue, you might get some suprise.;)
Some sound problems, Mo holding his ear to hear better, remember this was a comedy show and the Bee Gees were hosts.;)
drawgud (4 months ago) Show Hide
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Bee Gees don't deserve to play with the King. They suck in this video!
LukeShoveller (3 days ago) Show Hide
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Have you even listened to anything from the Bee gees catalogue?
Its the 2nd most covered and successful in the world for a reason.
TxKoyote (4 months ago) Show Hide
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I have to agree with you Brutus, Can not hear the piano. The guitar amps are to loud and they are screaming the song , probably cause they can not hear themselves in the monitors.

La macchina più veloce del mondo 1700 km/h

little eygpt tron

GLOW [gorgeousladiesofwrestling]: Little Egypt vs. Dementia

GLOW's bloodiest match. Egypt takes a beating few GLOW girls had to endure. No commentary as the vocals of this bloody match would have been compromised. Little Egypt gives a perfect example of physical and verbal selling. www.gorgeousladiesofwrestling.com

Sony Walkman Commercial

Classic Sony Walkman Commercial

"Lucky Number" by Lene Lovich

"Lucky Number" by Lene Lovich

"Video" Jeff Lynn

"Radio Clash" by The Clash

Radar Love: NightAl [AMV]

AMV title: Radar Love ft SOS Band
Anime: The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya
Song: Radar Love (shortened version)
Performed by: Golden Earring featuring The SOS Band
Theme: Fun, Science Fiction

dB's ~ Cycles Per Second ~ BBC ~ (1981)

dB's ~ Cycles Per Second ~ BBC ~ (1981)

"Cycles Per Second" by the dB's ~ BBC, 1981

The city was London, UK. The show was a national broadcast on the nation's largest network. Three top-notch performances, one by each songwriter and with an instrumental thrown in.

The dB's road manager on the tour, Dave Boxall, added genitalia to the show's logo of a performer's silhouette. This is clearly visible on the left of the screen. On "Big Brown Eyes" Will wore a pair of gag glasses with eyeballs on springs that bounce all over the place. Not so clearly visible. The eyeballs only came in blue, and Albion's publicist painted the irises brown. (Too bad they couldn't get the eyes to come out brown on the single sleeve!)

The dB's - Bad Reputation - Sweden 1982

BTW, gurls, if you like this video, i have a ton of 'em like this in tupperware boxes with precisely the same deteriorated quality which may just remind you of me/turn you on


Wow, if you are really oldish, like me, these last few, and probably, few more videes, presented at 5:40 AM, after the damned sleep of middle-age, should be so nice to wake up to/with/what did brian wilson say? oh, wouldn't it be nice to sleep together...anyway, with only 294 views since sometime early last year, i'm really ultra-mega-surprised [i'm on an 80s' kick] that [what i thought was] the greatest band in the world, dB's' video for 'AMPLIFIER,' HAS NOT been picked up and disseminated by the tipsterAZZI, at least, on the merit of Peter Holsapple's [my Mauryiarty...it's a long story] inclusion in that most underwhelming 80s' band of all time, as mandolin player of REM [OH, THAT'S RIGHT, THEY'RE NOT REMOTELY HIP ANYMORE...No, maybe he did more than that...it's hazy and i NO goin' to no fuckapedia for my facts...BUT WHAT ABOUT STAMEY AND THE CHILTON CONNECTION...IT'S NO USE...ANCIENT JAPANESE SECRET...WHAT ABOUT STAMEY].

Anyway, in case this is just a fluke, or i'm not aware, or it's mislabeled, or it appears somewhere else and is totally labeled correctly, OR, TRULY, NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK EXCEPT ME AND RICK STATON: