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November 5, 2009

reBlog from whatgetsmehot.blogspot.com: What Gets Me Hot

I found this fascinating quote today:

Just barely up and running, represents NEW DOMAIN: If you accept the paradox that its name emanates from the first film by Traci Lords, an opulent tribute, not a site geared toward adults, then YOU may return to find What Gets Me Hot.

The author walks the line for daily inspiration. What Gets Me Hot is proportionality equal to discovery, coexistence with YOU. It takes readers intelligence and sensitivity attentively, not of false ends, that its readers may accidence its content like 'a caveman in a spaceship,' as Charles Manson once rambled.

You can but guess the magic water in this oasis is its strength. I am digesting and it shows the intrepid navigators with their beautifier blogs. A master synthesizer, I admit I have inherited a gift.

I love discovery out of trance. I've tried everything and see that it is easier to ignore the one thing to a mountain of information.
I with my choice and my acquisitiveness in the face of  that curiosity which most older dogs forfeit to cats.

Internet, you have impressed me within.

Apture provides my deep multi-go videos, maps, images, and  articles, not visible until clicked--then its flowers bloom.
I am seamless with Lijit--elegant researcher, wonder-tracker, full statistic app. It is useful to discover.

You may find my network, links, blogroll; all, and without leaving my site. I hope it's better late than never introduced. Incomplete guides provide more discovery opportunity for hidden treasure seekers of blog quarry's. Continue to dig in. No mean pyrite here. Ask the blog via Lijit. Welcome Feedburner. Link each article. I hope to follow you on Twitter. 'What Gets Me Hot' is on FriendFeed.  Subscribe for regular dissemination.

What Gets Me Hot? Not smooth collaboration between operators, tapping the next big thing. It is my online peregrination, combined therapy and inspiration/chronicle of daily use. I cover what is important only to me: absurdity of equal parts uneven juxtaposition through subjects expressed infrequently with less editorial and twice the swagger. That's What Gets Me Hot!

There is a major emergency in our bloated and full but unfulfilled desire for all things all the time; appreciating nothing more than anything. The accident is not in the water for our well drying up, it is that we're running dry.

A cliche is a cliche [which is an iteration], because it is the best way to describe something that everybody considers at the same time with less original well-placed words.

This is one of the occasions when going thirsty after a deep rain is just a cliche of missed water, but as everyone knows, one can only live three days tops without a drink--it's a cliche that is a Parable that is a moral to the story of a blog.

Regardless of how many Bergman movies your girlfriend has described to you; no matter how many you do not need to see, you'd be shocked to find that: "You may have been wrong". Maybe when she asked you, you needed them for you, not for her. Perhaps ultimately it did not work with you two. Maybe you need to see a Bergman film in the evening, or all of them.
[Which is an analogy to read my blog--perhaps she's still begging, and you like it].
Gullybogan Said: He calls his blog The Perfect American, and there is something very Gatsby about it all, do not you think?

        Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance Ltd. video-only blog has risen from the ashes to become...[::] which kind of rollllls off the tongue, don't you think?...the mastermind is the delightfully batshit crazy owner of THE完 PERFECT完 AMERICANな.


    So, I'm over looking at The Perfect American, in awe of the whole scene, the style the volume, the insanity, which to the uninitiated, is a roiling vortex of lust for the illness called Rock n' Roll. It's a journey.

 LEX10 [GLYPHJOCKEY] December 01, 2007

what gets me hot

whatgetsmehot.blogspot.com, What Gets Me Hot, Nov 2009

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