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July 7, 2009

MJ Faked His Life, Now He's Back For Real! My New Poem Dedicated to FMU - 'BYOB' and the Two People They Sent Who Actually Commented Without Threatening To Call The Police!

nichopoulooza | first  SexyPinkLipstick | | | omgg  calisfinestbabe + | | | omg ! wow this is amazing aww i feel like this with  us now i love you mj AFAITM + | | | Erm  Okaaaayyyy bullettriviumbodom + | | | It could have been anyone !

Like meber of the family  getting something !

Its stupid nichopoulooza | like member of your family maybe ! my family has skin  and scary music doesn ' t play when they walk half invisible down the hallway bullettriviumbodom | | | one the music isn ' t there !

Its been added on !

Secondly after further analysis zoom in the video and you ' ll see the shadow it long Means it was created from someone far away Anyway Ghost arn ' t real and there is no possible way it is him ! But if you believe so keep believeing at least you ' ve got something to believe in !

AlexCorralMexico | | | good  point nichopoulooza | GHOSTHATER  AirAfroMan | | | ghosts are real nigga  rdatlasmbrd hours | | | you only can see what YOU perceive  JustinTheChallenger + | | | im creeped out but i guess it ' s good to  see him lol sud i be happy TheeeBronteee + | | | wooow i love you mj x x x x the king of pop is still with us  x khtz + | | | What aload of crap i have watched this millions of times ran it through the proper processors and it def  aint no fake it is def the real deal it is def elvis nichopoulooza | it ' s possible that Elvis was looking for leftover demerol or other opiates left under the  floorboards that the DEA missed And the fact like someone else suggested that he ' s not fat doesn ' t make sense It ' s scientific fact that after death one loses almost % of one ' s body mass weight Read Weekly World News for more information ThaPrincess | | | that sound so stupid why would elvis presley be in neverland i am sure that  is sprit but not elvis that is MICHAEL JACKSON MJ home is neverland so if spirit is seen in neverland HELLO PPL its Michael Jackson misssalsa + | | | I do believe that  was Micheal after that was his home he loved barberball + | | | shut  up ppl learn bout go first then and tell ppl it aint real jaldesai | | | Thats just putting another video of man over the main CNN video and increasing the transparency value to percent so that the man ' s figure seems transparent Can be done  in Adobe After Effects in less than minute !

LR + | | | Thats good point But I so badly want  to believe its his ghost ^ ^ rdatlasmbrd hours | | | me  mystuffmineminemine + | | | Oh my I forgot about these things that will now be in the national enquirer and tabloids he SO hated He will be spotted over the world for the rest of OUR lives I mean isn ' t Elvis still incognito in small towns around the world one thing is for sure the average joe wont be mistaken for MJ he was ONE of kind !

RIP MJ we will always hold on  to hope that you somehow will remain with us even beyond the great talents you left behind ! glue | | | stfu the mans creeper why do you even care so much about man you dont even know if you were family member i would understand but c ' mon if the old lady across your street died would you be saying the exact same thing i doubt it cuz she ' s  not famous you people are stupid kc cfb hours + | | | Would it be racially insensitive to refer to  MJ ' s ghost spook kjhvhgd hours | | | its his songs stupid he was the king of pop of our time like Elvis was the king of rock if an old lady died i wouldnt give fuck cuz i wouldnt know who  she was dammnnnnnnnnnn these stupid people these days that ' s why they invented the word dumb deathwish hours | | | only in America  person can become pedophile to hero over night LAXIEBABY hours + | | | hey it could be real just because you don ' t believe doesn ' t mean it isn ' t real my mums best friends husband passed away and she said she saw her husbands shadow in her bedroom before he was finally laid  to rest funeral the after and she said it made her blood run cold and could feel tingling strangestranger hours | | | CNN explained it It ' s crew member ' s shadow There were crew members and people in that room where the shadow was and the sun or  light they had set up casted his shadow he walked by unsolo hours + | | | il fantasma  perezchristianne hours + | | | That was probably michael ' s ghost and he ' ll keep haunting his house looking for some clue to his death  Even Elvis still haunts his graceland everynow and then kk kk hours + | | | well I am not saying that things like ghosts don ' t exist but I ' ll believe only when I ' ll  see one takemedave hours | | | and I thought the  world would may be give little more respect but still the media makes joke of him Sad Very sad TheGhostWritter hours + | | | Yeah but like everybody else you watched the video when you see MICHAEL JACKSON ' S GHOST Sad very  sad ZwinkyLover hours | | | How are they  making joke of him ! everyone actually cried for him and you think people are joking about him just because they saw something walk past and they thoughgt it was M J ' s ghost your friken retarded never say tht nachoescobars hours + | | | i think it ' s really him because you  can tell the ghost is moonwalking xyquiz hours | | | It ' s shadow you can see the wall too bright from sun It could be someone walked pass the window and shadow on the wall  I don ' t believe tfonseca hours | | | Deixem o MJ morto em paz ! fubaloko hours | | | Se fosse o Michael deveria estar fazendo moonwalk é s ó uma sobra de alguem l á de traz povo besta ! almaluzmonzon hours | | | ojala y si  sea michael jackson emerson metro hours + | | | deixen o mj  en paz nem depois de morto vcs dexan ele en paz ! q montagem mais falsa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Enganchada hours + | | | Joder ! si encima eso da susto con la musiquita  ni te cuento hours | | | i ' m afraid |  nooo MegaGigi hours | | | wow ! benixxbuddy hours + | | | affffff  s s laura hours + | Not | | I LOVE YOU  MICHAEL calitex hours | | | todos recorremos nuestros pasos desde el mas alla  RaulPavia hours | | | Los Fantasmas no hacen sombra es efecto  especial % gabylynda hours | | | mm puede ser montaje pero si estaba en vivo como yo  pienso ke si es el sofikpa hours | | | this is piece of shxt he died and now they ' re making  joke with him bryacristian hours | | | tu mare  takemedave hours | | | reality might be boring but he is dead and the media is hotter than ever to speculate on everything I feel  ashamed for them pah ! joselovefabi hours | | | hola amigos yo pienso sobre esa sonbra q no es jackson si no q es un demonio q toma las pariencias de la personas por eso so ai gente q dise q abisto un familiar q lla murio pero el familiar no es si no es un demonio q atomado la forma del familiar muerto  bueno pes tanbien si esa sonbra es real por q balla ser una sonbra tramada o sea q no se ai ganpuesto de akuerdo para sacar esa sonbra si esa sonbra es real es un demonio bueno amigos chau aki les dejo mi msn es jose_love_fabi s s joselovefabi hours | Not | | hola amigos yo pienso sobre esa sonbra q no es jackson si no q es un demonio q toma las pariencias de la personas por eso so ai gente q dise q abisto un familiar q lla murio pero el familiar no es si no es  un demonio q atomado la forma del familiar muerto bueno pes tanbien si esa sonbra es real por q balla ser una sonbra tramada o sea q no se ai ganpuesto de akuerdo para sacar esa sonbra si esa sonbra es real es un demonio bueno amigos chau aki les dejo mi msn es jose_love_fabi joselovefabi hours | Not | | hola amigos yo pienso sobre esa sonbra q no es jackson si no q es un demonio q toma las pariencias de la personas por eso so ai gente q dise q abisto un familiar q lla murio pero el familiar no es si no es un demonio q atomado la forma del familiar muerto bueno pes tanbien si esa sonbra es real por q balla ser una sonbra tramada o sea q no se ai ganpuesto de akuerdo para sacar esa  sonbra si esa sonbra es real es un demonio bueno amigos chau aki les dejo mi msn es jose_love_fabi Xell hours | | | I dont think that anyone would joke about his death And  it ' s too big for shadow if you ask me willianmattei hours | | | ow ele ta vivo o michael jackson  AmfarDJ hours | | | Ok looser if U see the image look U don ' t see one shadow are two On the  fire place & the floor extrange ! is not ghost !!!

DisneyFreak hours | | | hello no ! it cant  be shadow of crew member its definately spirit or something like that kaitoukid hours | | | jajaja the song !! xD I don ´ t know if I should believe this  DeniseWebMusic hours | | | la verdad  nose qe decir por qe si fuera una sombra se reflejaria en una pared y ahi no habia naada puede ser qe sea un truco o puede ser qe sea el en fin el es un grande y siempre se lo va recordar asi o hours + | | | S í es verdad é l es un grande y me parece una falta de respeto hacia é l lo que estan haciendo con esto es un truco y con la tecnolog í que hay hasta yo podr í hacerlo El tiempo en el que desaparece esa sombra coincide muy bien con el movimiento de la camara hacia la izquierda y ademas esa es la clasica de los efectos de fantasmas en movimientos de cruzar de una puerta hacia  otra en un pasillo MIchael Seras un grande por siempre clanvvars hours | | | window shadow reflecing the wall of the house bright lights etc not ghost spirit spirts are always clear greyish never dark never have shadows they hover they dont move and they usuall move mm every seconds  that was about meters in seconds not possible it was proven window reflection or just spoof laissxp hours | | | this is  soooo fake holyranger hours | | | i admit it ' s convicing but it ' s simply too soon for him to manifest himself in spirit form and also it ' s during the which adds the chance  of simply shadow if it was at night i ' d be more convinced also the shilouette o the spirit often looks like the person but it looks nothing like Michael Jackson so i am to conclude it is not him immortalpuppylol hours | | | well i believe it i mean ive got ghosts that do things to me in the daylight and i hate it lol to my ghosts STOP TAPPING MY DAMN SHOULDER and if it was  shadow of one of the crew members dont u think it would be alot shorter and the crew member would have to be much closer to figure that large besides the shadow disappears into the walls so yea i has to be his ghost if not ghost of someone who died in that house back then AwsomeGirl hours + | | | AHHHHH  vimeshtube hours + | | | some  times it ' s true naathaliasilva hours + | | | omg O  fbillalkhan hours + | | | LOL !!! the music freaked me out more than the shadow  Chunooatron hours + | | | i think so  to Bizalha hours removed by author lenita hours + | | | omg !

O I dont belive  in ghost maybe is someone joking or something but dehyuki hours + | | | I don ' t believe in ghost too  It could be shadow maybe GuihPs hours + | | | No it ' s just shadow of one of the crew % << This afirmative is ridiculous The Shadow who appears at corridor is not like seem with normal Shadow of normal people The CNN is famous for showing  the times images or photos that generally appear things of this type I already looked many of them my it would be the second I ' m not sure it ' s strange but hard to see % natlvedave hours | | | maybe but i didnt see any of them walking and the shadow was walking in the other direction it could be just video editing they might be just trying to make  money of this im not sure its quite silly to me though R I P mj raimundopiressilva hours | | | O  rep ó rter sai correndo kkkkkk muito loko londongirlhannah hours | | | thats  bare creepy o O Anna hours | | | but hwo  really know Just i know that our spirits never die PhNNando hours | | | Pode ser uma sombra de alguem que passou no fundo Mais tamb é m pode ser o Rei  do POP é um grande pena N ã o da para acreditar Ela é Eterno !!

Sentimos sua Falta !!!

Est á em nossos cora çõ es !!!

O Mundo sente sua Falta !! zolezito hours | | | amm ese soniidoo me diioo miiiedoo xmas de k ya abii bisto el viideoo wooow pero nose si sea verdad = como diseee el amiigoo o ps con esta tecnologiiia todoo se puede azeer y ps k casuualidad k se tarde la camara en pazaar el tiemooo k pazaaa la camaara nooo es raro pero  wuuuenooo k se puede aser michael descansa en paz * seliganobr hours | | | eu acredito que existe  sim xD aniltoocool hours | | | really creepy ! !!

I crapped my pants ! D xXxlisabee hours + | | | that is soo creepy  caney stop watchin it chinodazns hours | | | pq ter medo do cara se o cara se for mesmo ele o cara nunca pra que ter medo jah que n esta mais entre  n ó s danieldess hours | | | O QUE  miguelmiguelpaiva hours | | | this is true i belive in this this is Michael Jackson Shadow nobody knows or michael jackson dont RIP  or the desires of him dont be completed GloryGraffiteArte hours | | | i don t believe in this but it ' s impresionant Michel  Jackzon ever will live in everybody hearts however this can be truck edededmilson hours | | | I agree with you people do not nothing to do and stay joking  with it From Brazil CaviarX hours | | | Learn to spell  you fucking retard GloryGraffiteArte minutes | | | kiss my ass jerk !

Soe una chica y no se muxo ingles escribo como se me da mi  regalada gana if it you can ' t understand me i don ' t care learn spanish !!! luxiano hours | | | xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd xdxdxdxdx  amoscadasopa hours | | | it ' amoscadasopa hours + | | | It ' s  his ghost doing the moonwalker backwards ! ó u ! lisOliveira hours | | | call for the  brothers Winchester SUPERNATURAL pedrochelasZj hours + | | | meu  deus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapina hours | | | omg hahaa i  told ma friend bout da vid nd how he walked across the hall nd shes like is he doin the moon walk haha lmao she watched it wit me again nd she got freaked out XD samuk d hours + | | | MEO DEUS o  ni hours | | | ahy la creta se van tooo  carolandrade hours | | | OMG  TheFabian hours | | | that ' s  bullshit ! freso hours + | | | [ AaaaaaAaAaAa ] MOORRIII  wattrock hours | | | ohh yes i see in the wall and in the ground give yes I saw the wall and the ground  check MrCarlosgangster hours | | | bah  frankiek k hours | | | thats just someone that is working there you idiots  pincelvermelho hours | | | acredita na foto flash !!!!! Andrews hours | | | he is doing the  moonwalk cfunck hours | | | ah ta !!!! nissipraise hours + | | | that was freaky  fcoeduardo hours + | | | aparece at é o reflexo do  suposto vulto !!! bkxkaeka hours | | | o maucu ta vendo keim tabatendo punheta na casa  dele shainerulz hours | | | omg gay  alesxile hours | | | dat was weird  lucianoteofilotoni hours + | | | Na verdade sombra é de uma pessoa  que passa atr á s da c á mera Repare que os p é s da sombra come ç no corredor nigthmarespell hours | | | creeeeeeeeeeepy O o i think its him walking mabey god wanted  him to stay on planet earth or something loohandrade hours | | | aiai eeiim esse povo gosta de inventar  coisas pra chamar aten çã o x kingkiqk hours | | | OMG !

Somebody walking  behind the bulb ! cliffpk hours | | | eu axo que é o fantasma do roberto carlos RSRSRSRSRSRSRSRSRSRSRS  j nnys ur hours | | | i kinda wanna beleive  it is him it could just be someones shadow but shadows only go over walls and floors not over empty space igorbronze hours | | | e ele mesmo  s s Kopernicus hours + | Not | | on w w w never forget eu Michael Jackson everyone can light light simulating flickering candle for Michael which will ETERNALLY shine and  NEVER goes out ! ligiahelenarj hours | | | I belive exist more things behind the sky and the earth that we can imagine ! diegolbv hours | | | LoL Povo gosta  de inventar DingDongDammDamm hours | | | i want to  believe its him but it just looks like an edit S x saritaconnors hours + | | | kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkk perdao mais num deu pra  num rir Malvadeus hours | | | lol stop trying to  find ghosts everywhere its just silly Cascais hours | | | Ja ta explicado alguem passou atras da camera reparem q sobra come ç no corredor e michael jackson n ã o tinha uns tres metros de altura  Gorvjksajdaa hours | | |  ghost doesn ' t have shadow Gorvjksajdaa hours + | | | ghosts  don ' t have shadows PrisMenezes hours + | | | é John Lennon pafenusa hours + | | | Nesse mundo nao duvido de  nada OffTrack hours | | | if people can think god is real then people can think this is  real this is more realistic than god Trottbrown hours | | | Thriller  henrique hours | | | hauhsuahushuahsuhasuhasuhs ! ' Cause this is Thrilleeer ! pratajesus hours | | | vai ver foi  o jardineiro dele thayaha hours + | | | se ìí laa ele disse que nunca morreria vai ver ele resolveu mostra pro mundo que era IMORTAL e ele ee mesmo o PETER PAN ele nnunca vai morre ele e IMORTAL ele vai viver pra sempre aki ~~> ♥ EU TE  AMO MICHAEL JACKSON I LOVE YOU MICHEAL XxShinax hours | | | este video eh verdadeiro naum come ç sombra no corredor nao sei como mais n eh alguem atras da camera pois tem sombra no corredor e nao p é s e ainda parece  q o fanstasma esta faze o passo moon walker kkkkksrsdrsrsrsrrssuahushaushu ahu MariNegona hours + | | | É o  Freddie Mercury !♥ johnnynib hours | | | uma pessoa popular morre + uma camera ao vivo + sua ultima apari ç ao = repensar sobre vida pos  morte BeregiAndras hours + | | | shadow  shapke hours | | | is  it real thayaha hour | | | E siiim claro  que é ele e IMORTAL ¬¬ LuFerreira hours + | | | com certeza esse v í deo nos faz repensar sobre vida ap ó s morte sempre acreditei mas chega ser assustador o fato de que ele ainda continua assim talvez seja dif í cil deixar  os f ã s que ele adorava casa que era o seu mundo particular e os filhos t ã o queridos dele X giampedro hours | | | Thriller  Night ! mayralegalize hour + | | | Esses Jornalistas Ot á rios n ã o perdem uma oportunidade de ganhar Audi ê ncia nas custas dos outros nem  os mortos eles respeitam !

Michael Jackson descanse em paz vc é e sempre ser á o unico melhor artista em todos os quesitos do mundo !!

The King of Pop ! paulosk hour | | | dude that was his  spirit dancin the moonwalker nudoca hour | | | BUUUUUUUU  que rid í culo thayaha hour | | | REDICULO E ESSA SUA CARA nao  respeita neim os mortos ¬¬ tomara que ele vem pra voc ê anoite sua maldita ¬¬ presta aten ç ao oque vooc ê fala e um idolo que se foi e um mito que perdemos ¬¬ ele vai fika pra sempre ak ìí ~~>♥ desenhord hour | | | Ele  atravesou o coredor no moonwaker eu vi kkkk mreis hour | | | ele  passo dancando moonwalk hsahuashuasuhashashahsuhuasuha shuasuhasuhhusauahsuhsauhsa thayaha hour | | | CAPAAIS SERIIO MESMO PODE SER QUE E MESMO ELE ADORAVA  MOONWALK hauhuahsuahsuashu styflerb hour | | | muito  assustador !!!

MrFodase hour | | | AAAH com certeza foi eu que passei ê nessa hora porra  y vai se fude meu poderia ser algu é m pra produ çã o mais n ã o é s ó pra criar pol ê mica ' thayaha hour | | | AAAH VOOCE E BURRO CARA VOC Ê NAO TEM NEM PASSA PORTE VAI TE DINHEIRO PRA TAH LA NA HORA ¬¬ idiota PENSA ANTES DE FALA SEE  VAI VE O GOSTOZO DINOITE LAZARENTO Yy fettonfetton hour | | | Deve ser ele mesmo pq ele nao conseguiu entrar no ceu pq ele chegou querendo pegar o menino Jesus uahuahuahuahuahauahauahauahaua hq  Q tosco MariNegona hour | | | Eu continuo achando q eh o Freddie Mercury !!!!!

Freddie eu te amo !!!! James e hour | | | Michael Jackson ´ s  spirit Jozusi hour | | | that aint him if it was him he ' d be  walkin backwards \ o peterson hour | | | fake  do k peterson hour | | | pq ele naum gostava de nestle  e nem lacta pq ele soh comia garoto kkkk inesvs hour + | | | O povo n ã o tem o que fazer mesmo n é Acham que somos burros de acreditar  nessa firulinha rsrsrsrs miguewillcutu hour | | | fake ass shit u could see the shadow on  the floor dumbasses ThePhillyryder hour + | | | that ant fake cuz sprits are real believe it or  not animalnt minutes | | | are  you on crack TheKarinaPrazeres hour + | | | nao creio nisso ! axo  q se deve respeitar o descan ç o dele ! isso sim !

BlindWatcher hour + | | | well unforntunately iI was not there to see it with my own eyes its very frightening to think about it whatever i never seen my grandparents ghosts  but i also never lived in their house too bf hl hour | | | olloloolololololololololololo lmao  furfleg hour | | | ahhhhhhh  it ' s just smoke ppl if it start to dance i would believe william minutes | | | essa reportagem era ao vivo eu estava assistindo e axei que  era uma pessoa passando engra ç ado o c â mera nem percebe o larry king jah tah muito velho e famoso pra faze esse tipo de coisa fake engra ç ado naum ThePhillyryder minutes | | | lol  ok im crazy and on crack but i believe in it like i said spirits are real that could be fake but who knows and i never said it had to do with religion i said if you believe in the bible you would know that spirts are real veraluciafelix minutes | | | Isso era impossivel ser falso foi ao vivo Incrivel !!!

Acho que isso é de tanta gente em roda ele ainda n ã o descansa Que  ele descanse em paz ! darkmasterdark minutes | | | Pode perceber  que aparece sombra no ch ã o pode sim ser fake The minutes + | | | Acho q alma michael jamas saira de  neverland ligiahelenarj minutes | | | I belive because exist more between the  sky and the earth than we can imagine !

NABOPOLAZAR minutes | | | fraude  pura da pra ver que foi tudo armado josilizrio minutes | | | eu acho q e ele e ele ta feliz pq esta vendo  como estamos sentindo por ele e ele e ta de chapeu !!! eterno reeei !! ele viu camera e nao parou continuou nem liga mais pra isso krlimjunior minutes | | | Isso é  MACUMBA katie s minutes | | | Michael Jackson ' s ghost still lives on R I P MICHAEL JACKSON I WILL NEVER FORGET U MA PRAYS R WITH U AND  UR FAMILY alarmclocktimebomb minutes | | | hahahahaha this is  fucking hilarious ermacmk minutes + | | | LOL he moonwalked across  the hallway minicj red minutes | | | nothing there this is ballshit  deborafernandapavani minutes | | | é o  capeta ibiramon minutes | | | PQP coisa mais  imbecil PiKeManLoKo minutes | | | pod c um kra q passo na janela pelo  lado de fora e feiz sombra do lado de dentro MJacksonlovergirl minutes | | | wowow  wohwoh jonas minutes | | | foi eu que passei la seus burros kkkkk XD  diegosanper minutes + | | | o que  é o que é era preto virou branco e agora é cinza R michael jackson ! jonas minutes | | | kkkk  minuchoman minutes + | | | O povo americano é demais criam qualquer coisa para ganhar dinheiro ou audi ê ncia é muito capitalismo Ô povo esquisito minutes + | | | Buuuuuu !!!!!!!  So faltava ele dar o moonwalker e dan ç do robo kkk jonas minutes | | | se fosse um espirito n ã o parecia no ch ã o Ent ã o certamente foi montagem At é eu sei fazer esse tipo de  coisa BrunaLuisaRomanichen minutes | | | tem cada  um Gabrielitj minutes | | | baita estranho ! na real isso é montagem e ele deve tar vivo ainda primarc minutes | | | ptuz que bando de gente sem cora çã o vcs s ã o hein ! no m í nimo  deveriam respeitar fam í lia e os fans e deixar esses coment á rios idiotas pra fazer quando m ã e de vcs morrer !

V ã o pra puta que pariu todos vcs !