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March 19, 2016

"Son, you look more like Buddy Holly than Buddy Holly ever did!"--Jerry Lee Lewis (set of Great Balls of Fire)

An excerpt from the upcoming memoir of my time on the set of one of our great Rock 'n' Roll biopics (a terrible joke, as it rates as one of the worst Rock 'n' Roll biopics in the history of the modern world), 'Great Balls of Fire', in which i was first cast as Steve Allen, until being replaced by the real man himself, and then downgraded to play (for the second time) Jerry Lee Lewis's best friend (a relationship unknown to most), Buddy Holly, featured in the infamous scene (filmed at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, TN), the possibly apocryphal reenactment of some iteration of an epithetical, racist 'rock dream' at the Paramount Theater, Brooklyn, NY, between and betwixt those two giants, whose only racial enmity was fueled by brokers, managers and cash-mongers, but whose life of ego colludes, clouds and guarantees something as close as its closest quotient belies:

Jerry lee gives me the once-over twice, pops the Meerschaum out of the side of his leering suck-hole and in a Dilaudid meets Ferriday accent slurs in my direction: 
"Son, you look more like Buddy Holly than Huddy Holly ever did!"