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June 26, 2013

ENGSVENSK History [::]

ENGSVENSK History [::]

The former mistress of Mr. Sebastian Z / lost *[::] in a game on a certain ABBA chorus.

S / Z, Malmö's answer to the question, "Where is IKEA, or should I go fuck me", posted image back in the day, and JB the 'wet'. S / Z red his electric, eclectic Mother Ship of famous PCL LINK DUMPING.

[::] Used to go by "VisualGuidanceltd" was his mistress, but a gentleman all the way, S / Z, at our games, paid her to "Yours faithfully" as Charles Mingus on a major party, to do all in hell I wanted to.

I turned her, made her walk across the street and let her come back home, then had "to talk", when dad is not here no more, it will be swell, and do not pay any regard to my main ol 'lady of the mrjyn.blogspot [an offensive slut who eat only the Koreans for breakfast and integrated GER 2 fuck 'bout nothing].

But after I got her, and starts peepin 'her catalog, I realized,

"This ho hoipoloi'd with some immediately cats & finely chop ol' ladies. [some of them even send swingin 'friends here.]

Yes sir, S / Z, the situation well as wine on Valentine: "n'other words" Javel took her to church and everything else, and she is still not worth a shit ", but she was a damn site better than one of these second streetwalkin "bitches crackin 'up in the corner of" Blogspot and Main'!

So I am not talking out of school if I fat S / Z's pimp hand and says: "Mr Dante Fontana GOTS good taste in tasty bitches."

Halloween 2009, I tricked and treated me to my first rule of S / Z's ol 'moll, and although I hate to say it [S / Z is man enough to take it], "bitch came all the stops!"

Later, as a true pimp is not used to pay out, S / Z know when to cut-and-run.

All is all, the only thing I changed was her name [followed li'l purple-paisley pimp, prince of the trip].

She is not any work at all, except occasionally in the beginning to any WASTER cat out of his book, but she do not mind, cuz she stays around the house and keeps and keeps it as if I like it, and I like it fine.

Thanks S / Z, and do not think I have not figured out that you might play out with her anyway. I knew you knew ABBA lyrical - you have a talk about you as a teenager at a Tokyo Hotel concert.

[trivia: the [::] glyph came from a brainstorm to find a western keyboard-friendly rep. of a TV screen, inspired by the late, Lux Interior and co. 's' TV Set']

June 25, 2013

Venus 1958 men's magazine

Venus 1958 men's magazine

Venus 1958 Collectors Edition vintage adult straight men's magazine ephemera Venus 1958 Collectors Edition vintage adult straight men's magazine ephemera

June 24, 2013


Donna Fielding Debbie Ash Phillipa Williams (Hot Gossip) Hot for Dogs-Dark is the Night Despite being spoiled for choice Tony just can't seem to make his mind up. Julie Dean Mandy Harrison Marina La Roche Tony Griffith. Channel 4 music and dance series.

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User:Seedfeeder: My favorite Wiki artist!

User:Seedfeeder: My favorite Wiki artist!

My favorite Wiki artist! 

So long, and thanks for all the fish


This user is no longer active on Wikipedia as of June 2012.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Why do you create your images for Wikipedia?

I create images because it is the way I can make the maximum and longest lasting contribution to Wikipedia. I don't have the patience to do all of the research and tracking down reliable sources required to create a nice article. Nor do I find fixing grammatical and spelling errors to be particularly rewarding.
Also images have the side benefit of propagating across multiple wiki projects. One of my images has been used on 17 different projects! There's no way any written edit could compete. No matter how awesome an edit is to an article, it's impact is relegated to that specific article, in whatever particular language it was written. Sure somebody could translate and add your work to a different project. But since translation involves subtle changes, the translator shares credit. In short, I don't speak Russian, Japanese, or Portuguese... but my work has been used on pages in those languages. Images are universal.

Don't you know kids might see your drawings?

By kids, I will assume you mean small children (because If you're talking about teenagers, then they've already seen worse). Yes, I am aware, and it is troubling. But I rather a child see one of my images than an actual photograph of the same act. Illustrations provide parents with a plausible "out". Imagine your child stumbles across a drawing of a sexual act and they question you on it. You can simply explain it away as "Oh that's just a naughty picture somebody drew trying to be silly, don't worry about it...". That explanation doesn't carry as much water when it's a real photograph.
In any case, the subject should be directed to the Wikimedia Foundation. They could provide a very simple technical solution to the problem of offensive images and articles on Wikipedia. A solution that would make everyone happy. It would take no work at all for Wikipedia to add a ".sex" or ".adult" sub-domain to the project to house all adult content. This would allow IT managers at schools and workplaces to easily block those sections of Wikipedia, while leaving the rest of the site accessible. Having a sub-domain would also afford browser based parental controls the same luxury. It would also drastically cut down on page re-directs being used as vandalism.

Can you create an image for me?

Nope. I will create images for specific articles, but not for your own personal consumption. I am sorry but I will not take requests from unregistered users. Nor from new users with a tiny amount of edits.

Why don't you create images for regular (non-sexual) articles?

The short answer is that I am not that good. Images created for high traffic mainstream articles tend to be created by pro or semi-pro artists and graphic designers.

Do some of the images have to be interracial?

In brief, yes. I simply do not see anything wrong with it, though I am admittedly biased. I come from an extended family full of interracial marriages. I have whites, blacks, asians, and Latinos all in my family. I have also been involved in several interracial relationships. And finally, I am the product of an interracial union. So... any complaints along these lines will fall on deaf ears.

Can you create an image for my website/book/magazine/flyer?

If you are interested in an image for a publication or website, then I am willing to listen to your proposal. Make your request on my talk page.

Is there anywhere else on the net I can see your work?


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