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June 22, 2013

batshit crazy owner of THE完 PERFECT完 AMERICANな

"If you accept the paradox that this blog derives its name from the first film by Traci Lords excursion into show business, and that it is not a site geared to adults, then a viewer can return."


Halloween, 2009
A year has come...and gone. Much has transpired, but Google not crawling 'What Gets Me Hot' since October 8th, 2009 make it easier to move to new digs:
(already up and running under the moniker-in-waiting WGMH Archive Referral, albeit in a supporting capacity).

Until that time, however, continue (those 78 of you who find me NOT FROM GOOGLE) enjoying  assorted videos from  Mrjyn (Dailymotion, YouTube, 123Video). 

I'LL BE PULLING RELATED VIDEOS, POSTS, and a couple special NEW Tricks OUT OF MY HAT AS I CELEBRATE ONE YEAR at http://visualguidanceltd.blogspot.com
Halloween, 2009

DRx Nichopoulouzo

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What They've Said About  mrjyn, TPA, Nichopoulouzo, The Perfect American, Whatgets Mehot, etc., over the Years:

  • Gullybogan: He calls his blog The Perfect American, and there is something very Gatsby about it all, do not you think?
  • BAIKINANGE: Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance Ltd. video-only blog has risen from the ashes to become...[::] which kind of rollllls off the tongue, don't you think?...the mastermind is the delightfully batshit crazy owner of THE完 PERFECT完 AMERICANな.
  • LEX10: So, I'm over looking at The Perfect American, in awe of the whole scene, the style the volume, the insanity, which to the uninitiated, is a roiling vortex of lust for the illness called Rock n' Roll. It's a journey.
  •  LEX10 [GLYPHJOCKEY] December 01, 2007
  • Gullybogan: I reckon he’s some unattractive lost soul who speaks little or no English, and is trying to save enough money for a penis enlargement operation, so he can become a porn star.
  • nursemyra: yep, that’s him gullybogan. I’ve fashioned a wax doll in his likeness and am busy sticking in pins and chopping off bits.
  • nursemyra May 17, 2008
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If you accept the paradox that this blog derives its name from the first film by Traci Lords excursion into show business its current language is obsolete, it is a tribute to my Popular a row after a reference to the Lord working woman, and that this is not a site geared to adults, then a viewer can return to find.

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im drunk listening to our favorite band

im drunk listening to our favorite band

AAAHHH I love ND I am so proud of everything they do, together or apart. Push and Shove is so amazing. This band has gone through so much and still comes out on top in my book. I cried tonight thinking about them. How after John died they still pushed on and made incredible music and STILL to this day remembers their roots and appreciates where they came from and recognizes it. Bands like Geen Day are so full of themselves, but ND aren't they still appreciate everything they get from their fans.


OUR FAVORITE BAND Press Photo: 8x10

OUR FAVORITE BAND Press Photo: 8x10

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our favorite band

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this work.

This work is published from:

United States.


F% @ K F # $ K F ^ & K F *? K


Perhaps all the articles about this American group decided to begin with a discussion of the group's name. Naturally, almost 9 years ago, it was just a joke, but now ironed as a marketing ploy. "And they have a nice music, and the name right," - something like that said the patriarch of Russian AK Trinity muzkritiki the possibility of organizing concerts. Now none of the four members of the group can not recall the reason for the choice of the original, non-original names. "KISS said that at some point they were called that. But they have the guts" - tells me Kyle. "Problems with the organization does not happen, but sometimes club owners artachatsya. Well, to hell with them." - Geoff-and like the other members care little censorship. "Do you even know what Fuck - fuck it.'s Just that sometimes foreigners think Fuck - it's like" damn "or" shit "", - as Ted explained to me symbolic donat-a (in Russian - a donut) and cucumber on branded t-shirt Fuck. On their brand label combination of fingers of two hands symbolizing sexual intercourse, although a native of the USSR, the composition is unlikely that obvious.
So, ladies and gentlemen, FUCK:

Tim Prudhomme

Musical tastes - Bubble gum music. TP: "This is the 70th music for children, such as Teletubbies. I already large collection of records. Very rhythmically."

Tim Prudhomme - the main vocalist and guitarist. Bomzhevatogo has the look. The leader of the group it can not be called, even though he at first glance the most artistic. Recently moved from New York with his girlfriend-wife in one of the states 600 kilometers to the south. "We bought a house there very cheap. New York too expensive housing." Quipped on a quiet and peaceful life, he almost seriously declares: "I've got a small garden, you can grow flowers." Shortly after the creation of Tim moved for his girlfriend in New York, where he lived for several years: "There is very expensive.'re Constantly faced with the choice to go to a concert or a beer." Musical tastes - Bubble gum music. "It's music the 70th for children, such as Teletubbies. I already large collection of records. Very rhythmically." Tim also played the guitar is not the last album, Two Dollar Guitar: "Actually, I'm a very mediocre guitarist. Simply we Tim-th [Foljahn] are good friends, then they needed a guitar player, but I had nothing to do." Tim is very calm and special enthusiasm for the game with $ 2 Guitar did not state: "The truth is, I do not want them to be. Later I played with $ 2 Guitar during the U.S. tour."

Ted Ellison

TE: "Before leaving [on tour], I warned the customer in advance that I will not have 2 months. But then sometimes I check email at home - it's all right "

Ted Ellison - bassist. A man working as saying, "from the plow." Tall and smiling. In California native has a wife, son, 2-years old, and a private company for the production of shatter-proof glass window. He lives in general, satisfied, and the group does not interfere with business, "Before you leave [on tour], I warned the customer in advance that I will not have 2 months. But then sometimes I check email at home - it's all right." When the story of the new Russian attending the concert Yuppie Flue in Moscow, said: "We in San Francisco the same story - after the Silicon Valley city flooded juvenile rich men in expensive BMW and mobilnikami. They think they can buy everything. Many artists left the city, for this reason. And earlier, the city was so cool. "

Geoff Soule

GS: "Now I'm homeless, already two months. Before leaving on tour I have handed over all the stuff in a locker"

Geoff Soule - drummer, guitarist, vocalist, also plays on the children's piano. The most shy member of the group does not like to be photographed. Makes the web-site of the group, is also responsible for a donut with cucumber and the composition of the fingers of two hands, the author of the story, previously published SOUP-ohm. Previously worked as a programmer: "It was possible to earn a little. Now I'm homeless, already two months. Before leaving on tour I have handed over all the stuff in a locker.'ll Be back - will have to find an apartment." He was extremely pleased donated vodka: "Be sure to write to you about how she drank."

Kyle Statham

KS: "Then everything except the floor had to do - and sound insulation, and walls, and equipment gradually bought"

Kyle Statham - guitarist, drummer, vocalist. Studio owner Fuck Headquarters, where they were recorded almost all the albums the group. It is to his studio flocking intermediate drafts of the other three band members. Studio he built the house in the basement of the house where he lives, "I can not imagine now how I did it. Today, I would not be pulled. Then everything but the floor had to do - and sound insulation, and walls, and gradually bought the equipment." Employment - writes in his studio the other groups. "Somewhere along the album in two weeks. Money are small, but you can live."

Fuck The band is a legend - they met after a noisy party in a police cell. As incredible as it sounds, but the refutation of the legend is nowhere. And the guys support it properly. Just drinking a beer in the kitchen Gothenburg club Gump, the question is about as original acquaintance Geoff said shyly, "Well, that's not entirely true." But the law did not manage to find out - who does not split.

Either way, it is believed that the group originated in 1993 in Ouklande, California, where cheap and good wine, although a girl in a bikini on the streets do not go. "It's to the south, we have a rather cold, but warm enough to sleep on a bench" - dispels myths Geoff. Not writing a single full-length album with the group, Tim moved to New York. In fact, his true shape group received only after that.

How can it have a group where one of the 4 members live at a distance of several thousand kilometers, and the other three are scattered rather big California? Virtually between the recording of the album the band members exchanged tapes with sketches of songs of various musical ideas. Then call up and discuss. Then Fuck Headquarters are in for a few days and recorded a few songs. Then are leaving, and again calls up, discuss, overplayed. And then finally meet in the studio and record an album. Only recently found in schools once. "Well, here you have agreed that, for example, by 30 May all need to send tapes with sketches." "Something like this. Somewhere in the beginning of May, everybody understands that it is necessary to come up with something urgently and hurriedly cram all sorts of absurd ideas and send entries to me," - commented Kyle. All members of the group agree to such a situation. They did not argue, as most of the other groups, the society does not bother each other as a result of long-term association. "We rarely see each other, even I and Kyle, who live closest. Only when recording the album and the tour," - Ted. "I think a lot of groups working on the same lines," - says Kyle.

Fuck the music does not fit extremely seriously. For them it is not a means of existence, It's all about fun! Such a slogan can be described activity Fuck. And in this, and that the children can write an interesting and good music - the uniqueness of the group. When you listen to their albums, you feel that the group enjoys record-kicks just this feeling accompanies Fuck all the time.
Musically they are diverse that from country ballads to punk humiliating. Although the typical indie guitar sound and the former belonging to the label Matador makes itself felt: "Before, we were constantly compared to Pavement, but we're very different," - says Geoff. "That's Yuppie Flu were very similar to Pavement. When we played together in Italy, the newspaper wrote:" Fuck play music in the style of Pavement ". People came to the concert and before them Yuppie Flu: production tools like Pavement, vocals so similar. Last Yuppie Flue record is very good [the boat ep], they are original steel ", - Tim. With the Yuppie Flue guys are great friends. Tim: "They [Yuppie Flue] think that their concert in Moscow sponsored mafia, this royal appointment with them was not there. Seems they have earned a lot of money."

The assets of five full length albums, plus a collection of previously unreleased. After a bit of tape and a split singles with other groups, the first two albums "Pretty ... Slow" and "Baby Loves a Funny Bunny" in 1996 released the label's three co-Rhesus / Walt / Esther. Rhesus - own label on which they periodically release a seven-inch single, and the remaining two labels attracted because of lack of funds. "Pretty ... Slow" is no longer on the market, and in the opinion of most of the album - filthy. But the "Baby Loves a Funny Bunny" periodically re-released, thanks to the original design of album sales stable - album packaging is made in the form of a cardboard box of Swedish matches. Then he had a contract with Matador-ohm on two albums - "Pardon My French" (1997) and "Conduct" (1998). Then they became giants of the modern indie scene, and even toured with Cat Power. Eyewitnesses say it was a very strange sight: the beginning to the stage Fuck-fun from the heart, joking and ape, then appeared Chan Marshall - she could not finish the song, crying. "Actually, it was then difficult time. She cried every night," - says Kyle. Since then, they go on tour alone. "We had such a good American van. He died during their last U.S. tour, had to leave him in the middle of the road" - sorry Tim. Ted: "He was such a great, We all equipment at the end of the wagon loaded, and then hung the hammock 2"! "It can not be!" "No, really - two hammocks," confirms Geoff. Trucks are all very sorry. "Usually, lead the tour and I Kyle" - Geoff. "I do not know why they are so sleepy today. Lately sleep all the time while I'm driving" - a contradictory statement of Tim-a.

Why Fuck left the Matador-eh? "They are very badly maintained our last album for them [Conduct]. We come to town, and there is a new release, no one knew. So we called on Matador, and they told us that everything is under control and all this nonsense. Now they no longer produce electronics, even hip-hop. Steve [Shelley - owner Smells Like Records] hired especially for us spokesperson. Everywhere aware of the release of Cupid Cactus and clubs full of girls. general to our concerts comes a lot zhenschin ", - Tim. Cupid Cactus came out in Valentine's Day (February 13) with cacti in the form of heart and a phallus on the cover. "Making friends we have made in Belgium" - Geoff. The band on the album Set as: Todd, Harold, Darin and Scott. "This is our middlenames", - said Geoff. In all fools day (April 1), the Italian label Homesleep was a collection of previously unreleased with a bonus in the form of two clips of savory. This compilation of the group: the sexy one, the funny one, the shy one, the boy next door. Ted: "It's not personal, just decided to be called so."
Its all about fun

From a short speech in the port city of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, they put on quite a shock to the few fans (20-30): Ted played bass with a blindfold and a cloak of super-hero with the subsequent explosion of firecrackers in his hand, Tim played bass for standing Ted-back and while he dudel on the tube. After the concert, one of the Swedish rockers, Fuck played in front of a local rock band Galimov, said: "Good performance, we thought you much easier."

After the concert, Kyle on his laptop-e master of composition for California 20-second collection of songs where the voice of Ted-and said: "Let's have some pizza". "Damn, how would I cut down to 20 seconds" - lamented Kyle. For a group with an average duration of about 2 minutes of the song, it must be not a difficult task. "20 seconds of very little. Couple of days I've recorded Ted-a, then put a drum machine, but still a lot of work. Generally 2 minutes - the best format, we do not soared the length of the songs, just happens", - Kyle. Well, fellows, neither their plate is not boring, it sounds fresh and raises vitality.

TP: "I have the whole group helped him to climb."

Performance in Gothenburg European Moose was part of the tour. Elk (Moose) - photos by Ted-and the huge elk taken during the previous round in any amusement park. "I have the whole group helped him to climb." In Europe, guys love to perform. According to Tim-and especially in Italy, "There's great food, warm and delicious food ...". But Geoff Kyle and more like Iceland, where they will play as many as 3 times before returning to his homeland, and excitedly talked about the natural geysers and warm baths. The highlight of the last round for all became hipparsky district in Copenhagen, where all stoned cheap grass.

Back in the United States. Will change ideas. A couple of years and we will hear the new album, which may be released on July 7 or the day of the constitution of Russia, who knows?

The question of the future plans for them somehow inappropriate. "Ladies and gentlemen, you know they say that rock and roll will never die, and we are living proof of that - and not die. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be blastoff sounds of today and tomorrow." - So once opened the concert Tim. Then the band played something in the style of classic rock by going to thrash about with keyboards a la Doors.