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June 21, 2013



Mar 14, 2013

A Guilty Verdict in the Steubenville
Rape Trial is only 1 step toward progress because the Culture of
"STUPIDVILLE" Exists Far Beyond Any One Community.

Sea to Sun
Recordings' artist, Traci Lords, has recorded a powerful musical anthem
with a video that is an "in your face" social outcry, in support of
victims of sexual assault and is a direct reaction to the teenage rape
case in Steubenville, Ohio. The case and Traci's willingness to
discuss her own rape as a 10 year old in Steubenville have generated a
Media firestorm in recent days including major TV Network interviews
with Traci on CNN's Piers Morgan Live, and CBS's OMG! Insider as well as
the initial debut on SIRIUS/XM's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick
(Out-Q Radio).

The song Stupidville was conceived when Lords,
outraged by the specific details of the case, felt compelled to speak
out through the power of music, in order to reflect her own experience
and give a voice to the "Jane Doe's" of the world. Fellow Sea to Sun
writer & artist, Sylvia Tosun (a Human Rights activist, and award
winning songwriter/composer) collaborated with Traci to carefully craft
her lyrical message in preserving Traci's authentic and personal
feelings, while infusing a poetic touch.

The musical track,
produced by Anton Bass & Anthony Fonseca (aka Monikkr), starts with a
stripped down and vulnerable delivery, but gradually stirs into chaos,
writhing with a vibration that matches the intensity of the subject
matter. World-class drummer, Steve Hass, adds to the fury on this
recording while Traci Lords delivers a searing vocal performance, thus
becoming a natural Advocate for all who have been victims of sexual

The raw intensity of the production on both the song
and the video arose naturally from the need to call attention to the
impending trial. With no time to waste, Traci and the Sea to Sun team
wrote and recorded the song in less than a week. The video, which draws
from Traci Lords' self-produced and directed short film Sweet Pea as
well as current event footage and a PSA from Anonymous, was produced in
less than 48 hours by Reality Engine Studios (Matyas Kelemen &
Mikhail Gervits), and Chris Banuchi.

Sea to Sun is a boutique
independent record label based in New York City that specializes in well
crafted songs with contemporary cutting edge productions. They have
joined this cause with their Artist, Traci Lords, as a result of a
genuine desire to help bring awareness and cultural change, and to
instill more dignity in today's youth.

Lords exploded on the scene in 1986 via a tabloid TV feeding frenzy.
Reporters had a field day with the notorious teenager who had left
behind an abusive home and landed on the pages of Penthouse Magazine.
America was fascinated with the eighteen-year old sexpot who reportedly
had starred in dozens of hardcore porn movies and dared seek a
legitimate acting career. People laughed but Lords marched boldly on.

“The past is the past” she said, “and I’m done with all that.” She
enrolled in the famed Lee Strasbourg Threat Institute and was soon cast
in her first feature film, Roger Conman sci-fee cult hit, “Not Of This
Earth.” A review in the Los Angeles Times cut to the chase: “The answer
is yes, she can act!” Faint praise indeed but Stephen J. Cannell was
impressed enough to cast her opposite Kevin Spacey in his critically
acclaimed television show “Wiseguy.” Lords held her own and the industry
began to take notice.
A series of guest starring appearances on such popular television
shows as “Nash Bridges,” “Tales From The Crypt” and “Married With
Children” followed. But it was John Waters’ “Cry Baby” that elevated her
to the level of an actress to be reckoned with. She was cast opposite
Johnny Depp and once again demonstrated a flair for comedy. But her past
continued to cost her roles. A multilingualism fiercely driven young
woman, Lords refused to be dismissed. ” I worked too hard for fifteen
minutes of fame,” she said. “I’m gonna need at least double that” and
then she broadened her net and took it.

While working on shows like “Roseanne” and “Melrose Place,” Lords’
musical aspirations lead her into a parallel career as a
singer/songwriter. She made her recording debut as a guest vocalist on
the Manic Street Preachers’ “Little Baby Nothing” and then went on to
record her debut solo album “1000 Fires” for Radioactive/MCA Records.
The Juno Reactor-produced first single, “Control” proved a smash hit
reaching a peak of #2 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Shortly thereafter,
it was chosen for the soundtrack of the film “Mortal Combat” which
ultimately earned Traci her first double platinum album. Her second
single, “Fallen Angel” piqued the interest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’
Chad Smith and Dave Navarro whom Lords convinced to remix the track.
Their version was dubbed “The Honeymoon Stitch Mix” and the critics and
fans ate it up.

Once again, Lords defied the odds and opportunity came calling. She
was invited to perform “Fallen Angel” in the film “Virtuosity” starring
Russell Crow and Elden Washington. Then the latex wearing club kid set
up camp where few women were welcome…the male dominated DJ circuit.
With her lip gloss in hand she hit the road redefining the role of DJ
and rocked the house for Perry Farrell’s late night Appaloosa crowds.
Farrell later said: “I remember Traci Lords making electronic music and
spinning records long before Madonna ever got the idea. Traci was
always way ahead of her time.”

In the blink of an eye, she was off again, challenging Wesley Snipes
to throw down in the massively successful sci fi/horror/action movie
“Blade.” Lords shone in her role as the bass vampire “Raquel,” and
“Blade” took a big bite out of the competition claiming the number one
movie in America title. While the sexy bloodsucker hypnotized audiences
all across the world, Lords delighted in killing them softly. Around
that time, she was cast as a serial killer in NBC’s series “Pro-filer.”
When her character was caught and killed at the end of the season she
went on to executive produce her next film, “Extramarital” which whetted
her appetite for more work behind the camera.
But the spotlight beckoned once again and Lords won Best Actress at
the US Comedy Arts festival for her portrayal of a Wisconsin brewery
worker in the Miramax/Dimension film “Chump Change”.

Lords “Take all prisoners and feed them… cause you may need them
later” attitude endeared her to many. “Kind, sassy, self-deprecating,
hard working, completely down to earth and she bakes a wicked chocolate
cake!” said “First Wave” producer Chris Brancato in an interview.
Brancato cast her as the ballsy leader of a militia force known as the
“Raven Nation” in the Francis Ford Coppolla produced sci-fi series.
Lords relocated to Vancouver, Canada and spent a year battling aliens.
Lords’ addition to the cast boosted the show’s ratings over 20% and
contributed to the fledgling SciFi Channel’s success. “It was a very
important time in my life. I was by myself in Canada. No friends,
family…no one really. It forced me to stop for a minute and really think
about who I am.”

And thought she did.

Then she wrote it all down. Supercooling published her autobiography
“Traci Lords Underneath It All.” Publisher’s Weekly raved:

opinionated, intelligent and drenched in emotion, the rare celebrity
memoir that will have readers cheering Lords on as they speed through
its gritty big-souled pages.” She toured the United States promoting her
memoir appearing on such shows as “Oprah”, “Biography” and “Larry King
Live.” The book has gone on to become a best seller in Japan, Sweden,
and Serbia. She followed it all up by writing /directing her first short
film, “Sweet Pea” for the Fox Searchable. She then rediscovered her
singing voice recording “Sunshine” “What Chas Gonna Do” and “You Burn
Inside Of Me.” The songs were featured in the hit series “Joan Of
Arcadia” and can be found on crybaby.com
Her unique voice can be heard today in many forums, from animation (
“The Chosen One” ) to video games (“True Crime New York City,” for which
she took Best Supporting Actress at the Spike Video Game Awards.)
In the summer of 2007, Traci was featured in the Lifetime movie
“Point Of Entry” and starred opposite Bill Pullman and Taryn Manning in
Matthew Wilder’s “Your Name Here.”

By summer’s end, Lords was gearing up for a brand new journey, that
of motherhood. Later that fall, Traci and husband Jeffery welcomed a
baby boy whom they named Gunnar.

2008 kept Traci busy. Delighted by motherhood but tempted with an
outrageous opportunity, she went back to work only months after the
birth of her son. Lords jumped at the chance to work with filmmaker
Kevin Smith.”I had no intention of going back to work so soon but I read
the script and couldn’t stop laughing,” Lords said in a recent
interview. “My character ‘Bubbles’ is a real hoot with a special skill,”
she said. And how could I resist working with Seth Rogen and Elizabeth
Banks? “Zack And Miro Make A Porno” raised a few eyebrows. And Traci won
a few more fans.

More comedy followed. Including, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” which is based on Tucker Max’s outrageous best-selling novel.

By years end, it was back to the dance floor! Lords signed to Sea To
Sun Records and saw her first single “Last Drag” shoot to the top of the
dance charts. The video, was directed by legendary film maker Zalman

Then once again, she shifted gears. Filmmaker Richard Bates Jr., cast
Traci along side Sallyanne Accord, John Waters and Malcolm McDowell in
In January 2012,”Excision” premiered at the Abundance Film Festival.
The controversial film created quite a buzz. And Anchorman snapped it
up. It was released in October and has already become a cult classic.
Excision earned Traci the best reviews of her career. The critics are
calling it “A tour de force” performance.

Currently,Traci voices the role of Layla in “Hitman : Revolution”.
Her new album “M2F2″ in now available on iTunes.

She has several projects in the works.

 Including a new show for Las

“It’s the one thing I haven’t done yet”! And I’m really excited
about combining my musical and theatrical skills.
Traci Lords resides in Southern California with her Husband, 5 year old son, Siamese cat and a feisty beta fish named Goldie.

Music & Lyrics (c) & (p) 2013 by Sea to Sun / Global Frequency
Twitter: @theTraciLords
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tracilords




Marlene Dietrich once said that “Sex is America’s
obsession.” If this is true, then Traci Lords is perhaps our favorite
fetish. First making headlines as a real-life Lolita in 1986—appearing
in numerous X-rated films and magazines while underage—Lords navigated
the ensuing scandals with defiant poise, which lead to genuine crossover
success in Hollywood. She epitomized ’90s cool, flaunting her signature
blonde locks and glossy red pout both in films and on television. Her
debut album, 1995’s 1,000 Fires, put a celebrity face to
techno, years before dance music would invade mainstream pop. Since then
Lords has released an articulate tell-all, and she continues to sing,
act, produce, and direct. Now in her 40s and happily married, the
provocateur and mother of one is turning heads again, with a campy role
in this year’s Sundance swensation Excision.

Your look is iconic. Who were your idols growing up? 
Traci Lords The
first time I remember thinking Wow was Marilyn Monroe—the red lips and
the pale skin. I really related to blondes. My neighbor, a friend of my
mother’s, was a gorgeous woman, and she always had the cat eye. I
remember the makeup and shoes the most. I’m still a bit of a shoe whore.

Which are your favorites? 
TL Louboutins,
definitely. They kill your feet, but they’re fantastic. They make me
feel very powerful. My husband is an iron-worker and one day they asked
my son at his preschool, “What do your parents do?” and he said, “My
daddy walks on high ledges and my mama walks on high heels.” [Laughs]

Let’s talk about Excision. 
worked so hard on that movie. Ricky [Bates Jr.] put together a really
great cast. People will be surprised to see AnnaLynne McCord in a
completely different role than she plays in 90210. It’s her Monster role.
My dear friend John Waters is really a breath of fresh air. When his
face came on the screen [at Sundance], he didn’t say one word—he merely
raised an eyebrow and the whole place just went crazy.

You’ve played a mother in your last two films (Excision and 2011’s Au Pair, Kansas). How has being a parent changed your life? 
TL When
you go through a pregnancy, you find yourself holding on to the rail.
It’s not that you want to hide, but you nest. You want to blend into the
mommy world—that was definitely my instinct. Then it was like, What the
fuck am I doing? I’m not a soccer mom! I’m determined to teach my son
[about sex]. I really want him to love and respect women and know that
sex is wonderful.

Where do you find the confidence to be as open and honest as you are about your past? 
don’t have any skeletons in my closet. What are they going to say, that
I did drugs and had sex? I wrote a book about it! It was at a time that
kind of feels like black-and-white movies, it was so long ago. When I
did porn, people were trying to figure out if they wanted VHS or Beta.
Is anybody really even interested in that anymore? I guess you have one
time to make your impression, and mine was as this kind of badass Lolita
sex star. So people will always think of me that way. I can’t help but
laugh as I sit here in my mom sweats and Uggs. I’m not as wild as I was.
Fortunately I have the ultimate bad-girl reputation. John [Waters] once
told me that everything that happened to me was a blessing because I
never have to do another bad thing in my life. People will just assume
that I’m cool.

You seem to have made peace with that chapter of your life. 
I’ve gotten older I’m just looking around going, Wait a minute, what
exactly is this thing I’m supposed to be ashamed of here? For a long
time it hurt me, then I realized that was nonsense. At some point my son
will say, “Mom, do you know what so-and-so said?” That conversation
will happen. It’s unavoidable. I’m really fortunate—my husband is proud
of me and knows where all the bodies are buried, knows all my secrets
and he absolutely loves me. That’s what makes me strong and keeps my
feet on the ground, even in my six-inch heels.

How has your Hollywood experience changed over the years? 
TL I’m
past my Hollywood expiration date, but I’ve just always had the
attitude that it doesn’t apply to me. I’ve never fit in or run with a
certain crowd—eventually there was a crowd that ran with me. Now I’m
trying to figure out what I am in my 40s. I’m definitely working on
creating my own projects. I’m not the kind of person who sits by the

What is the secret to staying so good-looking? 
TL I’m
blessed with really great skin. I haven’t done the lotions and the
potions and the Botox—not that I’m against plastic surgery or any of
that, but there are some pretty bizarre-looking faces in Los Angeles.

You’ve really done it all. Is there anything you’re burning to do now? 
TL This
is going to sound really funny, but I want to talk more about sex. I
want to be the Martha Stewart of sex. Not in a vulgar way, I just think
that sex needs to be celebrated. I’m talking about things that are
erotic: lotions, oils, stimulants, and music—porn for your ears. We have
a whole new generation of people growing up looking at stuff that is
so…I don’t want to say ugly, but so clinical. Sex is a gift. There’s
room for beauty and sexuality. I want to build an empire of
romance.Traci Lords In Los Angeles, 2012 


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Traci Lords: Underneath It All

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Supercooling, Apr 30, 2013 - Biography & Autobiography - 304 pages
The moving, gripping, and tell–all autobiography of Traci Elizabeth
Lords, a former child porn queen, electronica maven, and cult movie and
TV star.

At 14, Nora Kuzma ran away from home and ended up on the
dirty streets of Hollywood. She fell in with a fast crowd, and her
dreams of modelling soon landed her a spectacular centroid in
Penthouse magazine, where at 15 she became internationally known as
'Traci Lords'. From there she appeared in numerous adult films and
magazines, denying her past and battling a deep addiction to cocaine and

Three years later she got out. This is her memoir – a tale of
loss, redemption, and ultimate survival as Traci Elizabeth Lords takes
you into her secretive past, faces her demons, and shares her
extraordinary journey of personal growth.

Snippets of Traci's
story have been told here and there, but this book will set the record
straight. What happened to her as a child to make her pursue a porn
career? Why was she blamed as the person who brought down porn in the
late 1980s? How many sex movies did she really star in? Why did she

 There's more misinformation floating around about Traci Lords than
almost anyone.

This book sets the record straight.

Review: Traci Lords: Underneath It All 

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Common terms and phrases

About the author (2003)

Elizabeth Lords has starred in dozens of films and television shows,
including Cry-Baby, Stephen King's The Doorknockers, Melrose Place, and
First Wave. Her groundbreaking album 1,000 Fires was a critical and
dance club hit. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats.

 This is her first book.