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June 26, 2013

ENGSVENSK History [::]

ENGSVENSK History [::]

The former mistress of Mr. Sebastian Z / lost *[::] in a game on a certain ABBA chorus.

S / Z, Malmö's answer to the question, "Where is IKEA, or should I go fuck me", posted image back in the day, and JB the 'wet'. S / Z red his electric, eclectic Mother Ship of famous PCL LINK DUMPING.

[::] Used to go by "VisualGuidanceltd" was his mistress, but a gentleman all the way, S / Z, at our games, paid her to "Yours faithfully" as Charles Mingus on a major party, to do all in hell I wanted to.

I turned her, made her walk across the street and let her come back home, then had "to talk", when dad is not here no more, it will be swell, and do not pay any regard to my main ol 'lady of the mrjyn.blogspot [an offensive slut who eat only the Koreans for breakfast and integrated GER 2 fuck 'bout nothing].

But after I got her, and starts peepin 'her catalog, I realized,

"This ho hoipoloi'd with some immediately cats & finely chop ol' ladies. [some of them even send swingin 'friends here.]

Yes sir, S / Z, the situation well as wine on Valentine: "n'other words" Javel took her to church and everything else, and she is still not worth a shit ", but she was a damn site better than one of these second streetwalkin "bitches crackin 'up in the corner of" Blogspot and Main'!

So I am not talking out of school if I fat S / Z's pimp hand and says: "Mr Dante Fontana GOTS good taste in tasty bitches."

Halloween 2009, I tricked and treated me to my first rule of S / Z's ol 'moll, and although I hate to say it [S / Z is man enough to take it], "bitch came all the stops!"

Later, as a true pimp is not used to pay out, S / Z know when to cut-and-run.

All is all, the only thing I changed was her name [followed li'l purple-paisley pimp, prince of the trip].

She is not any work at all, except occasionally in the beginning to any WASTER cat out of his book, but she do not mind, cuz she stays around the house and keeps and keeps it as if I like it, and I like it fine.

Thanks S / Z, and do not think I have not figured out that you might play out with her anyway. I knew you knew ABBA lyrical - you have a talk about you as a teenager at a Tokyo Hotel concert.

[trivia: the [::] glyph came from a brainstorm to find a western keyboard-friendly rep. of a TV screen, inspired by the late, Lux Interior and co. 's' TV Set']