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May 4, 2013


Description:#5--is tony joe 'chomp' white on austin city limits doing a swamp rap.
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    ofv #5

    OUR FAVORITE BAND | Myspace Video


    OUR FAVORITE BAND | Myspace Video
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    • Description:NOW this i can't believe...this to me is like a hippie watchin' woodstock, the movie only ms. spoonemaker would have been on speed instead of lsd. is that too filmic? this reminds me of: that jason was bald, the nightmare that was my girlfriend at the time, karen holly (everyday was not a holly day then), craig burnaugh, perry bags, jeff johnson before the dolophin, jack emerson--who i never talked to at the time cuz nice people scared me then, kay clary, who was a nice person and wrote me fan letters, and lori, also at the praxis office, dan zumwalt, who reminded me of ely what's his name, the lawyer in gimme shelter, andy mclenon, without whom...don spicer, it was much easier to say back then, who was older than i didn't drive, rem, when they were still cool, although, the bass player had not raided nudie's closet yet (did he still wear those dorky glasses with the cowboy rig?), jefferson holt, who was dorky in a good way, heaven 17, or was it 18, and their hit song, who can forget? 'fascist groove thing', which i used to crak up in my gold datsun 310 on campus and drink bud quarts to, warner hodges, who was always cooler than any of us and knew it and who still always acted like he was not particularly fond of the 'country punk' thing while inventing the genre as he smoked cigarettes through his nose, and his richard pryor impression, his jerry lee-like front bang, his groundbreaking invention of the lamentably gone 80s (what did they call it?) rhine-stoned-wash, that's mine, look and the arm jewlery that he wore and ronnie, the roadie, who still had not sublet me his one room no windowed apt. on e.10th st. yet so that he could use the money that i mailed him in nashville for dope instead of paying the landlord who tried to evict me...all good things like that
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      OUR FAVORITE BAND | Myspace Video