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June 6, 2012

A Brief History of 'What Gets Me Hot'

First a brief history: This blog originated in 2006, a video-only music blog under the direction of the talented Swedish blogger Z/, whose then and current PCL Linkdump is a regular stop for those who like their pop culture more pop than culture and whose regular bloggers I count among my blogfriends online (Lex10 from GlyphJockey is featured on this blog as a contributor/figurehead). 

  If you can accept the paradox that this blog derives its name from the debut film of a 16-year-old Traci Lords foray into show business, that its common parlance is already antiquated, that it is a tribute to my most popular  one-line post, a fleeting reference to Ms. Lords oeuvre, AND that it is not an adult-oriented site, then you may find yourself a return viewer.    

What Gets Me Hot consists solely of this author's collected online wanderings as therapy and inspiration,  representing one person's chronicling of those daily sorties into unknown URLs which subsequently reside here. 

What Gets Me Hot is equal parts absurdity, juxtaposition and discovery.  It assumes its readers intelligence and sensibility are highly tuned and piqued as its own, wrongly or not, and thereby its readers may discover it serendipitously as a "a caveman in a spaceship," to quote Charles Manson.    

So how does one find the magic waters not divined in this oasis?  I'm as obsessive about my intrepid navigatory powers as with their celerity, that I may do more looking than blogging.  No blog geek am I.  I am a compulsive digestor and master synthesizer, however, and as a cursory look at my archives proves--I post a lot.  

I inherited this blog on Halloween, 2008, when the post-counter was below 5K; less than a year on it is nudging 10K.  This fact not only affects you, it affects me. There is nothing I like more than discovering something completely forgotten from a trance.  

I had to try anything and everything in order to find just the thing which would facilitate what amounts to a mountain of information, 85% warranting a second read.  I am finally satisfied with my choices, and also by my sticktoitiveness in the face of an inherent technological aversion which most older dogs possess.  If you are the ever-inquisitive Internet savant-type, you should be impressed by Apture which provides the mouse-over multilinks in most posts containing everything from Video (this is still a video blog, just not all music)  to embedded "What they're saying about...
now" Twitter Topics, to Google Maps, Wikipedia, PHOTOS and even full articles, none visible until clicked and bloomed.

The functionality of this particular application I rarely come across on other blogs seamlessly dovetails with Lijit, my amazing new, elegant, complete miracle searcher/statistic tracker and all around miracle app, as useful as it is undiscovered.  With it you may search my entire back pages
, my Network, links and blogroll, and as with Apture, not leaving the site . 

I hope this better-late-than-never introduction and incomplete guide to more easily discovering the hidden gems of this blogquarry will pan out inspiration and further digging, and that it may return you from less rich, perhaps shinier pyrite mines. 

I encourage you to subscribe to the feed of this blog either through the Lijit Welcome Banner or the Feedburner link located at the bottom of every post. I hope that you follow @mrjyn on Twitter or What Gets Me Hot (mrjyn) on FriendFeed for updates to this blog's regular postings.  

Thank you for visiting and if you would like to say hello, please don't hesitate to contact me through the link beneath any post or simply by commenting, regardless of relevance.  I am always curious to know what you found.

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