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May 15, 2012

to all who care to discover


#1 The Birthday Party - Junkyard

Added by Gjervan

I'm so happy Sebastian's post #1 remains intact! Do you know how rare that is for YouTube?
I've replaced or retired literally dozens. I think it's a sign. And P.S., Sebastian always had and still has incredible taste in music and videos, and 2., he was the first person to ever comment or write to me on my former high-roglyphic blog, 'the perfect american,' which still exists, btw, but only for me, as a sort of online storage unit where i keep my collection of new york times and mad magazines, report cards and summonses, girlfriend love letters and tro's [just kidding about that last one].

And so I'd like to thank Sebastian sincerely for beginning a thankless project as a labor of love and similar online diary of his musical-video wanderings outside the realm of then and current, more established, pop-culture aggregator, PCL Linkdump - until Halloween of 2008, when after a brief, unceremonious transferral of title, I began to build, change and keep the same ecclectic smorgasborg of offerings, which easily rested atop the piledriven soil which he had so fertilely tended. May this soil continue to produce crops as variegated as The Birthday Party, as timely and internecine as Michael Jackson's Death and Videolife, and as straightforwardly badass as the life, times, exploits and music of Jerry Lee Lewis (where Sebastian's and my totally bi-hemispheric taste-bubbles collided into one pink, treacly, pop of pianisimo, glissandi and blissfulness).
And, of course, and as always, may its loamy fecundity provide crops for future harvesters in the fields where we toil, unburdened byan audience, unused to adulation or recognition and unmolested by its burdens.
For if a man has confidence in himself, surely those who share this confidence will soon discover the other, and celebrate together, each to himself and with the other, what is known to one, and then to both, and finally to all who care to discover.

~ mrjyn