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March 2, 2012

Wes Montgomery John Coltrane Thelonious Monk ~ Round Midnight 102,861 Views

Added: 1 year ago
From: cynophagie
Views: 102,861
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  • Wes Montgomery John Coltrane Thelonious Monk ~ Round Midnight
    Top Comments ~Why would you put Monk and Trane in the title if they aren't in the video? I can sort of understand Monk, I guess, since he was the composer, but Trane? Why?
    *read the history of this historic video shoot and get back to me!!! Flatwound1000 5 months ago
    "Wes Montgomery" guitar Trane "John Coltrane" sax Monk "Thelonious Monk" piano "Round Midnight" Jazz Music

  • wes, monk, and trane together... 2 good 2 b tru
  • you tricked me! NOT COOL!
  • What the name of this show ?
  • Wes!! Amen bro!
  • huh?? where are Monk and Train?/?
  • beautiful. So who's playing besides Wes?
  • Can anyone direct me to what vinyl this is on?It would be so appreciated.
  • what a beautiful and gentle soul Wes was.....he was blessed with so much talent and grace....I love ALL his compositions.....so much feel and emotion besides his incredible abilities.......I will cherish his music for ever.
  • @TakerFan72 yes i know but these musicians were so incredible i wouldn't be surprised, just like how Mingus's main instrument is bass he is also very good at piano
  • @TheLazaster Most if not all jazz musicians played piano. Trane, Diz, Miles, Mingus... For horn players especially it was a way to work out what they were thinking harmonically and to develop their theory. Especially once Bop rolled around and playing solos based off the melody became a huge no-no, horn players needed to be able to understand and visualize the harmonic relation between the changes. So many were at least passable jazz pianists.
  • The master of endings!
  • Trane and Monk went to grab a drink
  • @McCoyTynerFourths To watch and listen to Luis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke perform together.lol Even though they did but it was never recorded.
  • Trane would have liked it, I suppose!
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  • i think thats coltrane on the piano
  • @TheLazaster lol 
  • @TheLazaster,Coltrane plays Saxophone,not Piano.
  • @TheLazaster or perhaps........Harold Mabern?-UH OHH-now I know yall haint done gone off and forgot about him...........right?.........g­uys? This video was given a stupid title.
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  • Great video, HORRIBLE title. Why??
  • The Golden Thumb at work . Thanks . Even though Monk and Trane aren't in it, it's still cool .
  • who cares ? fucking great music !
  • @benthomasherr1 correctomundo!
  • what year is this? sorry if it was previously posted...
  • I'm the 300th like? Whoo.
    This is great music.
  • Nice to to see Wes Montgomery play - but the the title?
  • Wes' guitar tone is so sweet and rich, like really good chocolate.
  • I thought this was all about the mating life of seahorses.
    Oh well, whats in a name.
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  • Rather than focus on what is NOT here (Trane/Monk) I focus on what IS here...a wonderful rendition by Wes and company. There is generally much more happiness and enjoyment in my life since I began to just accept what is, since what IS cannot be changed!
    Thanks for posting this video
  • @soyeso999 that's a beautiful way of looking at life however there is just no reason for making such a title; i'm sure no one is heartbroken but just saying.
    and happinness isn't something you achieve or accomplish it's a state of being that takes place after fulfillment. more like bliss,
  • @SILOETTE100page That's what I meant. The happiness arises when the letting go or allowing or acceptance happens.
  • oh man .... I thought I was about to see Coltrane with Monk and Montgomery on stage!
    Now please tell me what am I going to do with all this popcorn!
  • Dude...*please* change the title of this. As a major, longtime Wes fan, I know that he once played some shows with Coltrane (and Dolphy) and thought--still correctly, as far as I know--that none of that stuff was recorded. When I saw JC and WM in the title above, I almost had a heart attack brought on by joy, thinking this was that. Don't get me wrong; this performance, which I've seen dozens of times, is excellent, but the title is incredibly, unfairly misleading for people who know Wes' music.
  • where's trane? 
  • fantastic !!!!!
  • wow
  • where 'S john
  • Whoa
  • Downvote for liar
  • probably because monk , coltrane,and miles many times on stage together than with wess,, so wess here some kind of a new session,, anyway I rarely saw guitar and piano play...so it maybe its rare
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  • 4:47 BADASS!
  • One must be deaf or mentally challenged to dislike this video.
  • That's Harold Mabern on piano, not Monk...
  • their is no such thing as a self taut anything, you learn from someone, or something, every day.
  • Wes is not in any way faulty or incomplete white man.
  • wow!!!!!!!!!
  • WOW.... this is SPECIAL.. Love It, Love it, Love It, an I dont use the word Love lightly
  • i was gonna say....this wouldve been a good hidden treasure. Nonetheless this version of Wes' is so good..
  • Why would you put Monk and Trane in the title if they aren't in the video? I can sort of understand Monk, I guess, since he was the composer, but Trane? Why?
  • @Flatwound1000 I was looking for Coltrane and Monk as well...
  • @Flatwound1000 I guess the author of the video wanted to attract the maximum of people here.
  • @Flatwound1000
    Wow, and I thought this was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Monk and Trane and Wes would be too perfect!
  • @Flatwound1000 Wow you're somekind of a purist.....what should he do now? Commit a suicide out of shame? Beware of SSP (Secret Spelling Police)! You snob...
  • @sonrisingpk I wasn't trolling for some spelling mistake, I was making a legitimate comment pointing out that the title has been misleading to most viewers. Don't really see how I'm part of the SSP or a purist, and no, he shouldn't commit suicide, he should change the title of the video.
  • @Flatwound1000 lol for views
  • @Flatwound1000 i agree, Wes played with Trane, i hoped this was some unseen footage, bugger
  • Nel giorno del giudizio, Dio o chi per lui lascerà una L5 a disposizione di Wes per accompagnare tutti i resuscitati verso il luogo della loro definitiva pace, compreso l'unico disgraziato che dichiara di non amare questo video. Ma sono sicuro che Dio non aspetterà tutto quel tempo per riascoltarlo, e che lo starà già facendo...
  • ughhh. SO smooth
  • @lionsome
    Monterey has made extensive tapes of the performances over the years but these have never surfaced
    John Coltrane (ss, ts) Eric Dolphy (as, bcl) McCoy Tyner (p) Wes Montgomery (g) Reggie Workman (b) Elvin Jones (d)
    "Monterey Jazz Festival", Monterey, CA, September 22, 1961 My Favorite Things rejected Naima - So What / Impressions -
  • While I think this a lovely video of Wes playing Thelonious Monk's Round Midnight and I would have watched it anyway I think it is pretty deceptive to put Monk's name and Coltrane's in the title.
    As to Trane and Wes playing together, I've heard McCoy Tyner describe it as Wes was playing down the street from the Coltrane Quartet for one week and came and sat in 3 or 4 times - according to McCoy it worked some nights and didn't on others.
  • @kingcake54 I agree.
    The Monk and Trane tags were annoying. I was listening to the 1947 version and saw this in the suggestions column and had to click on it immediately when i thought there was a chance that it might have all 3 somehow.
  • my hero
  • why not show the rest of the group? great video otherwise
  • yes, coltrane is always missed lol
    but wes is not only one of the best, but one of the most unique musicians of all time. i don't care wat song, or who with, if it's got wes in it it'll be incredible
  • I love 'Trane, but, really, is he missed in this video? Wes is so amazing here (as usual), this vid stands on its own as a gold medal winner, don't you think?
  • @stuberk625: No known recordings survive, but during the short time Wes played with Coltrane's group, he as often as not blew everyone off stage with his staggering musicianship. Ever the humble man, Wes quit 'Trane's group, saying he wasn't sure what he could offer his music - which was then getting pretty experimental. Wes belongs in the pantheon of the greatest handful of jazz performers on any instrument, right alongside Bird, Trane, Miles and a few others. A unique, one of a kind talent.
  • @stuberk625: Wes was self-sufficient as a leader, and performed at his best when leading a band. Like all great musicians, he elevated the play of those around him. Then again, I'm biased - Wes is probably my favorite musician of all time... he's certainly my favorite jazzman. "Smoking at the Half Note" was the first jazz record I ever owned, as a part of an out of print title called "The Small Group Recordings." The man was a bloody genius in my opinion. There's been no one like him since.
  • No hacer caso del encabezado: Ni están ni JOHN COLTRANE ni THELONIOUS MONK ( este último es el autor del tema , eso sí)
  • yeah trane isnt in this vid.
  • @sfrieder21 Monk isn't in this one, either.
  • where is ,,,coltrane?

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