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March 3, 2012

WATCH Marlon Brando Sing, Dance, Plays Guitar ←stolen by #DangerousMinds ←Marc Campbell

Marlon Brando Sings, Dances, Plays guitar

Marlon Brando in tight pants, a flower in his hair, serenades lovely Tahitian dancers while strumming guitar, eyeballing them seductively, and SINGING!

Beautiful demonstration at the service of a great cause ...

my original description
Oct 27, 2010
*as stolen by Marc Campbell of Dangerous Minds, this video shows Marlon Brando playing a rare Gibson and serenading a Tahitian girl like Paul Gaugin on Adderall and Viagra...

while the folks from Dangerous Minds have no idea what's going on, anyone with half a brain on YouTube will find this totally joyful, obscure, and may even be inclined to forgive their flock of mindless DM bloggers for stealing it from its original dusty place, amongst the archives of ina.fr from whence it was revived by yours truly, as a rightful gift, rather than a strip-mined deliverance to a joyless blog run by Sprocket and his brainless bloggers for nothing but the lowest common denominator!

*Stolen by

«Dangerous Minds» Marc Campbell

now read this preposterous bio of the plagiarist freak

Marc Campbell

Occupation: Musician, writer


All of it


Marc Campbell was the lead singer and lyricist for THE NAILS. Who recorded two critically acclaimed albums for RCA records?

He's best known for the cult hit "88 Lines About 44 Women".

Later this year, Campbell will be releasing his first solo album, "Tantric Machine".

(i swear i didn't make that up)

He is also working on a book, 44 WOMEN, an erotic memoir spanning the 60s and 70s, from the hippies to the punks.

 (i swear i didn't make that up) 

"Having been passionately involved with the social and artistic revolutions of those decades, I see many connections between the two and how one grew out of the other.

44 WOMEN pays tribute to the power and glory of sex, drugs, rock and roll...and LOVE.
 (i swear i didn't make that up)
It is dedicated to the women in my life who did their best to keep me human".
 (i swear i didn't make that up)
Marc currently lives in Austin, Texas with his beautiful Turkish chihuahua, Freddy.
 (i made part of that up)
He likes good wine, rock and roll and charbroiled eggs.

He agrees with Timothy Leary,

"plagiarism is the ultimate aphrodisiac".

 (i changed a word in that)

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