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January 20, 2012

Best "Purple Panties"

Best "Purple Panties" Titles

29 titles

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1 Scarface (1983)

In 1980 Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed.

8.2/10 213,845
2 Little Children (2006)

The lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages, a registered sex offender, and a disgraced ex-police officer intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations.

7.8/10 49,578
3 Rescue Me (2004 TV series)
Episode: Initiation
7.7/10 28
4 Being Erica (2009 TV series)
Episode: Being Adam

Adam learns that Hastings, his old boss for who he did his enforcing, has just died. At the wake which Adam reluctantly attends...

7.0/10 26
5 Alpha Dog (2006)

A drama based on the life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list.

6.9/10 49,740
6 Gardens of the Night (2008)

After being abducted as children, and suffering years of abuse, a teenage boy and girl find themselves living on the street.

6.8/10 1,616
7 Sweet Movie (1974)

The intercut story of two women: a nearly-mute beauty queen who descends into withdrawal and madness...

6.3/10 2,046
8 Yellowknife (2002)

The film tells the story of three couples on the road between the Atlantic coast and the Northwest Territories in Canada.

"   107
9 Romance & Cigarettes (2005)

A down-and-dirty musical set in the world of working-class New York, tells a story of a husband's journey into infidelity and redemption when he must choose between his seductive mistress and his beleaguered wife.

6.2/10 6,379
10 Big Stan (2007)

A weak con man panics when he learns he's going to prison for fraud. He hires a mysterious martial arts guru who helps transform him into a martial arts expert who can fight off inmates who want to hurt or love him.

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