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September 29, 2011

Have you seen non-sexualized photos of normal breasts?

Have you seen non-sexualized photos of normal breasts?

A huge proportion of American women are not happy with their breasts. The media images make them believe the ideal is big and perky breasts with a small nipple and areola.

But, in reality female breasts come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. These breast pictures are here to let you see normal breasts - big, small, sagging, asymmetrical; big areolas or nipples.

In fact, having asymmetrical breasts, where one is bigger than the other, is very very common. Most women have one breast slightly larger than the other. Sagging is very common also, because due to gravity, the breast naturally assumes a hanging position.

Also as we all know, size varies a lot.  Some women have practically a flat chest, some have small breasts, some have much bust that the mere weight of them can cause them backaches. according to the bra industry, the most common bra cup size in the US used to be B, but has now become C probably due to the increasing obesity. Of course, the size is not constant but varies with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and during the menstrual cycle.

Many young people growing up never see what normal natural breasts look like, and influenced by the media, think that pert big breasts are ideal. Many end up opting for breast implants to "correct" their breasts — when their breasts were normal all the time!

In fact, MOST teenage girls worry and fret over their breast development, some even to the point of suicide — which is a very sad comment on how American culture is influencing young people.


These children will naturally learn the purpose of breasts as being for feeding the baby.
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Beauty of Breastfeeding Calendar


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Normal Breasts Gallery, part 2
Women who have not been pregnant

Disclaimer: Some stories below are very frank and may mention various kinds of events and difficulties in people's lives (e.g. anorexia). 007b.com does not necessarily endorse everything that is depicted in the stories/pictures.

breasts breasts breasts
A 19-year old girl. "I think the distance between my breasts is too long and they are not full enough. So, I start to massage them every day to make it look better and at least to maintain good health for my breasts." "I am 18 years old. I am currently a 36B. I've always felt my breasts were on the small side, but I've recently come to realize that they are a proportional size for my body- I'd been comparing myself to my mother and older sister, who are a DD and D, respectively, for years without taking the time to consider how different my body type is from theirs. I also started taking birth control pills recently, which has made them significantly fuller though it has also given me more marked Montgomery glands (visible in photo). My left breast is slightly larger and at more of a downward angle, but this site has helped to show me that this is a fairly common condition." "As a teenager and into my 20s I was very skinny and had a rickety looking chest (more bone than fat!). ... I am now 39 with a normal body weight (127 lbs and 5'6) but am still self-conscious about my breasts. I often wonder how different my life/relationships would have been had I been aware that so-called 'normal breasts' don't exist and should not dictate one's sense of self-worth as a romantic partner.

A quick glance at the innumerable glamour magazines and celebrity rags will tell you that unfortunately, the myth is still, sadly, being reinforced to today's youth.

Thank you for this reaffirming, myth-ending website."

breasts small breasts of Asian girl
"I stumbled across your website, and cannot tell you how relieved I have become as a result. After seeing so many idealised pictures of breasts in magazines and on the Internet, it is reassuring to know that the majority of women - like myself - have far from perfect breasts.

I am 23, and never been pregnant. I have lost about 50 lbs in the past 18 months, and as a result by bust was reduced from a 36C to a 34A/B. My breasts have sagged a lot from loosing weight, and I also have stretch marks. My right breast is slightly more perk than my left, which sags downwards.

Thank you for this website - I think the time has come now for me to accept my breasts as my own, unique breasts, rather than constantly comparing them to the 'perfect' breasts the media inundates us with."

"I'm 18 years old. Never been pregnant. I've lost over 20 pounds recently... I have very faded stretch marks (I developed very fast)... " "19 years old - Asian. .. I am skinny. My bra size is between AA and A. Sometimes I am embarrassed because my breasts are small, almost flat. I convince myself that people love me for what I really am, not how my breasts look."
breasts breasts breasts of a 18 year old
"Age 23, Chinese, never been pregnant. Left breast is slightly bigger than right one as its always been. I usually wear 34A but also fit 34B, depends on bra. My breasts have been the same size since I first developed them in high school. There are times I've wished my breasts were bigger so I fill out some clothes better and also that my nipples would both point forward instead of opposite sides but generally I have always been happy with the way my breasts are." "I am a 21 year old white european who has always been quite active and slender. I have never been pregnant, and rarely wear a bra. My family does not get much in the way of sagging breasts- my mum is only a few inches lower then I am now, having had me and breastfed me for at least a year. Being a brit there is slightly less of a breast taboo so I have seen more natural breasts then many americans, and with my parents being quite hippyish and wandering around nude my body image was pretty good until the normal insecurities or teenagerhood were made worse by being bullied. I was a AA cup until about 15 when I sprouted up to a 34C within about 6 months. I was bullied badly over everything about me- mainly people saying I looked like a boy, which hit my fragile teenage self-esteem pretty hard. I still see myself as that skinny, stooping small breasted girl and the teasing I got left me with issues over my breasts until very recently, when I realised they are merely a small part of my figure as a whole and that I am VERY attractive to people. Please, I want to say to other young women who may be where I was- DON'T WORRY. Soon you will find someone who loves you and fancies you like mad." 18 years old, a very thin girl, weighing about 95 pounds.
A cup breasts breasts
"Hi. I'm turning 19 in 2 months. I'm considered skinny, at least on top; I'm fuller at bottom. ... I've never found the perfect bra. I used to be extremely unhappy with my breasts, for a really long time, because I thought they were too small and unattractive. I was even thinking about taking the pills, though I was not sexually active, because I heard breasts would grow because of the hormones. I'm happy that I did not. I'm learning to accept my breasts, and my body in general. It's unfortunate that our natural beauty is, too often, not appreciated, be it in the family or in the society. Thank you for your wonderful and empowering website." "23, never pregnant. I was always overweight, but lost about 40 lbs when I was 12 and for years I swore that this was the reason my breasts were so small (they were always a C cup but I thought that was too small for my big frame). Today, thanks to appreciation from the world and one guy in particular, as well as the lovely sharing on this website, I am loving my breasts.

Thank you for this website!!"

"I am 19 years old and I've never been pregnant. I have a pretty petite frame. This site has made me feel better because now I've seen that the large areolas that I've been unhappy with are more normal than I thought. Thankyou!"
A cup breasts breasts breasts
"I am 18 years old. Never been pregnant. I am about average weight." "I am 18 years old. ... I am not over weight or extremly skinny either I'm about normal." "I am 22 years old, black american, skinny and I've never been pregnant. Seeing my mom's 38DD, I jokingly say to myself 'I didn't luck out.' I am a 34C, and I've always felt that my nipples were too big for my breasts. I've noticed that my breasts swell before my period starts; I really enjoy that fullness! I wish I had bigger breasts and smaller nipples, but I appreciate the honesty and goal of your site to dispell misconceptions about breasts. Maybe once I get pregnant, my breasts will grow, but by then, I may not want big ones anymore!"
breasts breasts breasts
"I am 23 years old and my boobs have a definate sag. I live in Australia and all guys worship great 'tits'. I have lost weight and now, as a result, have sagging boobs. Although I miss my 'perky' boobs I would rather be healthy and the correct weight than be overweight and not have saggy boobs. They are nice in their own way. Thanks for your site. It's a huge confidence boost. I know I'm not alone." "I am very happy about my breast size. Although I have a B cup, which is thought to be too small, I would not want them to be larger. I do not understand this mania of breast enlargement. I think that larger breasts would make me feel uncomfortable. They used to be a bit smaller before I started taking birth control pills. Now I have had a few moments when I thought that maybe they are too saggy etc. Like they hang down when I bow. I think they hold a bit differently than normal- more to the sides, they are more apart. That's why it is hard to find a bra- although they are small, they bulge out from the bra on the sides.

I am 21 and my breasts started developing at the age of 11 already. I have not been pregnant."

"I am 19 years old, 36C depending on the bra. ... I am considered overweight, though I'd say I'm pretty average. I was the Cheerleading captain in high school, but I was never really skinny or overly athletic. I do have fairly noticeable stretch marks on my breasts and my left one is slightly bigger. I started developing when I was 9, I was an A cup. I have thought about implants because I see all these perfect models with full, round, perky, breasts and society tells us that were not beautiful if we don't look like that. My darling has told me time and time again that he loves my natural breasts and he wouldn't want them any different. I'm amazed at how normal my breasts really are, I honestly believed that most women had 'porn star' boobs. Thanks to your site I know that isn't true. I wish America could open its eyes and see that women are not blond haired, blue eyed, perky breasted, skinny Barbie dolls. Women have lopsided breasts, stretch marks, cellulite, tummy pouches, thick thighs, bushy eyebrows, wrinkles, and everything else. And we are all still BEAUTIFUL no matter what the media tells us. - Spread the word, it's empowering."
breasts breasts small chested
"I am Half African American and half Japanese woman who is 23 years old. I have never been pregnant. I have always been quite athletic but stopped since I was bombarded with studying in college. Now that I have graduated I have starting lifting weights again. I truly believe at good diet, exercise, and hobbies will make you feel very happy with your breast as well as your mind and body." "I am 21 years old and have never been pregnant. One of my breasts is larger than the other, and they are somewhat asymmetrical. I am 5'1" tall and weigh about 110 pounds. " "I am 32 years old. I have never been pregnant before, but have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for almost two years. I have assymetrical breasts. I like the right one, because it is rounder...the left one is less round, smaller, and points downward. I like being smaller chested, and actually wish I was a bit flatter, instead of feeling saggy and assymetrical. I was breastfed and plan on breastfeeding my children if I am lucky enough to have any. "
breasts 32D or 34C breasts
"Always thought they were a little on the small side, and wished they'd be rounder and perhaps more full, but lately I've come to terms with them and am quite pleased. " "I am 21 and have never been pregnant. I am submitting my picture, weird as it seems to me, because I believe your site is important, particularly the photo gallery. I am not a feminist but I believe men and women need to understand that breasts rarely sit high on the chest when you get above a B cup.
I wear a 32D, sometimes a 34C. I have a very petite figure, so my breasts look even bigger than they are. I also already have some drooping. My areola are very large. If my breasts grow after I have kids, I might get a reduction. Overall, I think they're okay, just too big for my liking."
"I am a 20 year old African American female. I have stretch marks on the the outer sides of my breast. I am considered overweight although to most I will be considered chubby. My right breast is slightly larger than the left. I've always been worried about the shape and having large areolas."
breasts breasts
"I am 19 years old. I've never been pregnant. I have never had a problem with my breasts until I turned 18 questioned their small size and if it was normal. I've always been a healthy weight. I was a large 34a cup when I was 18 years old. Now, a year in a half later I fit into most 34b cup bra's. I don't think they will get much bigger, unless something changes after I have children. Some days I love my breasts, and other days I absolutely hate their small size." "I am 20 years old, never been pregnant, 5'1', weigh 93lbs, and fit in a 32D. This is what real 32Ds look like. Not porn star boobs. I have always been very thin and athletic, it runs in my family. I was a late bloomer, got my period at 15, and at 17 I had 32Bs. They grew significantly within 1.5 years. One is more round at the bottom than the other. My peirced breast used to be smaller than my unpeirced one, but the peircing stimulated breast tissue growth. It outgrew my larger breast and then shrank. They are now the same size." "I am 18yrs old and I have never been pregnant. My weight has been fluctuating on and off, but right now I'm at a normal weight. I have always had small breasts (36A), but they recently have started to grow a little bit, which is nice. I've always been self-concious about them, but I'd rather have them be too small than too big."
23 year old breasts 34B cup size breasts<="" td="">
"I'm 23, never been pregnant, normal weight, 'natural' breasts. I'm satisfied with the way my breasts look, although I didn't like them when I was younger. One is larger and droops more, but it's not that noticable. I was skinnier before and during that time my breasts were a lot smaller too. I enjoyed that a lot, I didn't need to wear a bra and different kind of clothes looked good on me! Now I have 75B and enjoy that I can show'em off and show some cleavage. Different sized breasts all have their advantages :) I'd wish that all young women knew they are beatiful, and that their breasts are just fine! We are all different and so are our bodies! " "Hi, I'm 19 years old. I've never been pregnant. I never really paid much attention to the appearance of my breasts until I'd see other breasts on TV or in the media. They didn't look like mine, and it made me really dislike my breasts. I wish they were more fuller and rounder looking. The right one is a bit bigger, and the areolas are quite large (especially the right one) which I really hate. I wish the areolas were smaller. They don't go at all with my 34B cup boobs. I've always been pretty skinny, and not really athletic at all. I'm still not quite comfortable with my breasts but hopefully I'll get there. Your site has been quite helpful!" "I am 31 years of age. I am a Celtic European. I am of slim build and have athletic legs from dancing ;o) I have at times felt sensitive about having small breasts, but part of my sending this photograph in is that I generally embrace my breasts and wish to do so in any way possible. Many men have also embraced my small breasts time and again and often with great gusto! I recently read Naomi Wolf's "The Beauty Myth". Rather than feeling unhappy with my own body, I simply feel very angry that women (and men) are placed under so much pressure and that so much false imagery is used to maintain the fear amongst so many of us that we are not good enough, whether that be with respect to our breasts or any other part of the body we would care to name. This is an unacceptable situation. The human body is more than a sexual instrument and sexuality is more than the human body. I truly enjoy my breasts and I think that all of the breasts on this website are beautiful."

of course, you realize that an 18-year-old pervert runs this site?!

    Read also THE STORY of breast taboo & breast obsession: Page 1: Breast Taboo Page 2: Women Wean Early Page 3: Breast Obsession via 007b.com of course, you realize that an 18-year-old pervert runs this site?! ...»See Ya