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May 15, 2011

Wedding Night

This is a continuation of Sunset Angel

Rebecca sat at the vanity, hair brush in hand. She still wore the blue dress she'd been married in earlier that day. Long slender fingers closed around her own. "Let me" Buck whispered. Rebecca had already removed the flowers Rachel and Lou had woven into her hair and had been about to brush it out. Buck ran his fingers through her hair followed by the brush. She loved the feel of him brushing her hair. Every touch made her want him more.

He loved the feel of her hair; the soft golden red curls begged him to touch them. He lowered his face to her head and breathed in her scent as her hair filtered through his fingers. He was on fire but he wanted this night to be special. They had stayed apart the last few days and needed a release. He let his fingers wander to her cheek and turned her face to his. "I love you" he breathed as he leaned into kiss her lips.

"I love you, too" Rebecca spoke into his lips as he broke the kiss away after only a gentle touch. "Buck?" She reached for him but he'd stood up and was working the buttons on the back of her dress. Every time his fingers touched skin she could feel the heat they left on her body. If he didn't take her soon she would explode from his touch alone.

Buck guided her to her feet and finished the buttons with a line of kisses down her back. The dress fell to the floor at her feet followed by her undergarments. She was totally naked while Buck was still dressed and standing behind her. His arms circled around her and pulled her to him. Their image, reflected in the mirror, was one they would never forget. Rebecca could feel his arousal pressing into her backside. His hands cupped her breasts and his mouth found her neck. One of her hands covered his while her other caressed his cheek. Her nipples were so sensitive that each little touch sent shivers up her spine. She almost cried out when one of his hands left her breast and moved down her body. She parted her legs as his hand made its intention clear. He began rubbing her with his thumb while his fingers parted her lower lips.

Rebecca looked into the mirror. She could see his fingers enter her; she could feel them wiggling inside of her. He was holding her up now, her own legs too weak to hold her. "Buck" She breathlessly whispered his name. His lips were caressing her shoulders but his eyes were watching their image in the mirror. It was too much she leaned into him and exploded with her first climax of the night. "Oh My God, Buck!" Her own hands moved to find his body.

He finally spun her around in his arms and captured her face with one hand; the other pushed her waist against him. He was rock hard and still fully clothed. As his lips found hers, her hands began working the buttons of his shirt. They drifted toward the bed as his shirt was pulled from his pants. Rebecca was planning a little fun of her own. Her lips and tongue worked their way from his mouth to his ear and that little spot just behind and below it. He shivered as she, ever so lightly, flicked her tongue down his neck and chest to his nipples. She sucked and nipped playfully at them while her hands continued to undress him; his shirt fell to the floor. His hands sought her breasts and cheeks. He tried to move her hands to his throbbing erection but she was enjoying inflicting this sweet torture.

He groaned when Rebecca unfastened the first button of his pants. With painstaking slowness she undid all the buttons and pushed the pants down over his hips. Before he could step out of the restrictive garments he felt himself being pushed on to the bed. She dropped to her knees in front of him and pushed his knees apart. Her kisses began on his thighs and much to his dismay didn't touch his sack but jumped to the other thigh. "Rebecca, Please…" He reached for her head but she captured his hands and held them to his sides. Her kisses returned to the middle and finally he felt her tongue touch him. He lifted his head and looked down. He watched her as she began to work from his ass forward. He'd never seen himself this big before. His head was a deep purple and flared with every flick of her tongue. Her tongue was hot against the sensitive skin behind his sack. She reached his sack and sucked first one ball then the other into her mouth. She smiled up at him; her eyes sparkling with a green fire. He was close and she knew it. She moved one of her hands and applied a little pressure to the base of his erection. Her tongue continued its assault on his blood engorged member, little flicks followed by little nips. His hips were moving on their own. Finally she reached the tip and lightly sucked the head into her mouth. Her tongue slipped a tiny bit into his hole as her teeth scraped lightly across the top of his head. He wanted to come but the pressure of her fingers wouldn't let him. She continued to lick and suck a moment or two longer but to Buck it felt like an eternity. Suddenly she moved her fingers and swallowed him right to the base.

"Aaaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh" his whole body reacted at once. He gripped the sheets, arched his back and threw his head back into the mattress as his body pumped wave after wave of his seed into his wife's mouth. She swallowed every drop and once he'd settled down a bit, she began to move her mouth up and down his still rock hard shaft. His hands tried to stop her movements but she pushed them away; every nerve in his body was on fire. He was amazed to find that he was close to coming again. This time she let his body control her movements and as her tongue swirled around the purple head he came again. He was breathing hard and covered in sweat. Twice, she'd made him come twice in less than five minutes and he still had his boots on!

Rebecca stood and smiled down at Buck, her eyes were a bright green. "Hey, cowboy, if I didn't know any better I'd think you enjoyed that!" She laughed as he tried to grab her but she was standing on his pants and he was still trapped. He was also still hard; he'd only softened a little.

In one swift movement he launched himself at her, managing to capture her and they both fell back onto the bed. He rolled on top of her and found her lips. His tongue met hers as he maneuvered his way out of his pants and boots. He could taste himself in her mouth as his tongue danced with hers. Their fingers entwined each other's hair and their hands explored each other's bodies. She was wet and ready for him. He needed to be inside her. His body was aching for the feel of her engulfing his body within her inner folds.

His kisses trailed down her neck and his lips encircled her nipple. His hand cupped her other breast and teased the nipple into erectness. Her hands cupped his lower cheeks and pulled him closer to her. He moved his hand lower and parted her lips. His fingers found their way inside and began their internal dance while his thumb worked its magic on her sensitive little nub. His tongue continued its assault on her nipples while her hands explored his cheeks and ran up and down the base of his spine. Rebecca came as one of his fingers found a second hole to explore.

"Buck, don't hurt me…" She managed to say.

"Hmmm, I didn't mean to if I did." He mumbled into her breast. He looked up at her face and saw only desire not pain. He moved to take her lips with his as her hands found his shaft.

He rolled onto his back and watched as she mounted him. He groaned as his shaft was swallowed by her body. He reached up and massaged her breasts as she began to rock her hips back and forth. She was breathing hard and rocking faster and faster. He was close himself but he wanted her to come first. He began thrusting hard into her and matching her stroke for stroke. Her breathing was coming in short gasps and she was moaning his name. He soon felt her inner muscles contract around him as she fell forward on to Buck's chest.

He let her rest a few moments before he rolled her over onto her back; still inside of her. He was afraid too much movement on his part would cause him to come and he didn't want to yet. Buck looked down into his wife's face. Her eyes were glowing with desire and love, her hair was stuck to her face from sweat and her lips were swollen from his kisses. He thought she'd never looked more beautiful.

Rebecca opened her eyes and gazed into the face of her husband. His hair fell forward framing his face and his eyes were dark with desire. His lips were pink and swollen from her kisses; she traced them with her finger. He was still inside her and her whole body was responding to his touch. He moved ever so slowly, easing part way out of her then easily gliding back in. He continued this slow gentle movement a few moments more then pulled all the way out.

"Buck…" she breathed huskily, "don't stop."

"What? Don't stop this?" he kissed her with so much passion she thought she'd climax just from the kiss. "Or this?" He trailed kisses down to first one breast then the other nipping and sucking the nipples as he reached and cupped the breast with his hand. "Or maybe this?" he reached down and positioned his shaft, the head just touching her opening.

"All of it Buck. Don't stop, I want it all." She was almost sobbing with desire. She tried to push her hips forward so he'd slip into her. He matched her movements and kept the head just touching her.

"You want this?" He looked at her and wiggled his body just enough so she could feel him move against her.

"Please Buck" she was begging him.

With one great thrust he pushed deeper into her than he'd ever been. She came instantly with an intensity that surprised them both. He couldn't move, her inner walls grabbed his shaft and held it as tight as a hand would. Once her body released his, he began to thrust with long hard strokes; coming all the way out and then back in as deep as he could. His hips began moving on their own and he knew he couldn't hold out much longer. Her tunnel began to tighten again and Buck pulled out for one final dive. He thrust forward and exploded. He growled, he panted, he fell down beside his wife on the bed and drew her close.

"I love you Rebecca, heart, mind, body and spirit." He spoke into her neck as he nuzzled her neck, totally spent.

"I love you Buck, with all my heart, mind, body and soul." She kissed his forehead and snuggled down beside him.

Soft snores were heard from the couple moments later.

The End (for now)

This is a continuation of Sunset Angel Rebecca sat at the vanity, hair brush in hand. She still wore the blue dress she'd been married in earlier that day. Long slender fingers closed around her own. "Let me" Buck whispered. Rebecca had already removed the flowers Rachel and Lou had woven into her h ...»See Ya