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August 14, 2010


Hot Gossip Dance Bowie Rebel

Computer Monitored Pill (Chinese Cartoon) via appledaily.com.hk 聰明藥丸 提醒病人吃藥


Hot Gossip Dance Ultravox

B-O-B The Pinky Swear Bend Over Boyfriend

B-O-B is a "wildly successful" series of sex education videos covering the practice of a woman penetrating a man's anus with a strap-on dildo (known as pegging). The first of the two videos, which was released in 1998, became the best selling video to date for Good Vibrations, a sex-toy business. The videos promote the idea, as Eye Weekly puts it, that "fucking your boyfriend in the ass is fun".

The videos star sexologist Carol Queen, who discusses pegging and also demonstrates the practice with her lover. The videos also contain footage of other couples engaging in the practice. The porn star Chloe appears in the second video; as she is best known as an anal queen, her use of a strap-on dildo is a "role reversal".

Dan Savage, who popularized the term "pegging", originally offered "bob" (short for "Bend over Boyfriend") as one of two alternatives for the term.

The Pinky Swear

Benefits of prostate stimulation and the rise of bend-over boyfriends

Tristan Taormino

published: May 09, 2006

Two years ago, I went to Hedonism III in Jamaica for Juli Ashton's Soul Days, a week's vacation with porn stars. Juli invited Florida-based band Boxelder (boxelder.com) as the featured entertainment, and three tattooed rocker dudes from the band played sets and hung out with the crowd. One night at dinner, Boxelder guitarist Matt Cahur was at my table, and we got to talking about—what else?—anal sex. I was giving him my spiel about how every man should have his prostate stimulated through anal penetration at least once before he dies. I said something like, "Every guy could take at least a pinky." (Last month I got Howard Stern to say that maybe he'd take a pinky in his ass, and maybe is better than never.) Matt suggested that all our fellow tablemates take a "pinky swear" that they'd give it a try. We each wrapped our pinky fingers around those of our neighbors and the pact was sealed.

When most guys think of their prostates, less than sexy images come to mind. Picture the common warning label "Do not take this medication if you have an enlarged prostate," a poster reading "Prostate Cancer: Men Get It," or a proctologist with a latex glove and a tube of KY. Prostate health awareness is important, but the prostate is not just a body part prone to disease and subject to medical exams. It's an erogenous zone and a source of tremendous pleasure. Put the public-service announcements out of your mind and consider the orgasmic possibilities.

The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra. To directly stimulate a guy's prostate, slide a well-lubricated finger about an inch and a half to two inches inside his bum, aiming toward the front of his body. Through the front rectal wall, you'll feel a textured area about the size of a walnut. Once you've found it, begin slowly and gently massaging it. Work your way up to firmer pressure and experiment with different kinds of stimulation. Through prostate stimulation, men can achieve orgasm, and some men say they have more intense orgasms this way. Others can have an orgasm without ejaculation or one that only releases prostatic fluid.

Prostate stimulation feels good and can be good for you! Research has found that men who masturbate or ejaculate frequently lessen their risk of prostate problems, including cancer. Prostate stimulation has been recommended as a treatment for inflammation of the prostate, impotence, and erection problems. One of the most popular anal toys for men, the Aneros (aneros.com), was originally designed as a medical device for people with prostate problems. Then users started reporting the pleasurable sensations and orgasms they achieved with it. Although it is still marketed for health purposes, there is more emphasis on its role as a pleasure tool to give men what the official website calls a "Super Orgasm."

Speaking of toys, every day that I worked at Toys in Babeland, I sold at least one strap-on harness and dildo to a straight couple for her to do him in the butt. Since I began teaching anal-sex workshops in 1998, the discussion of male anal pleasure, especially among straight people, has increased tenfold. The number of heterosexual men who've vocalized their love for being on the receiving end of ass play has jumped significantly. Girls buttfucking boys has definitely become more mainstream.

In the '90s, the independently produced instructional video Bend Over Boyfriend was meant to teach women how to give it to their guys good. It was wildly successful and spawned a second volume that focused less on the how-to and more on hot examples. In addition to Bend Over Boyfriend, other underground titles, mostly those featuring professional dominatrices and submissive men, showcased this edgy kind of sex. Within mainstream porn, a girl-on-guy strap-on scene may pop up here and there, but there was only one series devoted to it: Pleasure Productions' Babes Ballin' Boys, which debuted in 1997. In this decade, the genre has grown significantly; joining Babes, which now has 13 volumes, are series like Strap It On, Strap on Chicks, 100% Strap, and Strap Attack.

This year, a high-profile male performer did his first strap-on scene. Up until now, the male performers who took it up the ass for pay were either amateurs, D-listers, bisexual, or gay. The industry considered it to be a fetish but nothing that the big boys would do or that the majority of viewers might like. Then A-lister Kurt Lockwood (kurtlockwood.com) starred in Devinn Lane's Guide to Strap-On Sex from Shane's World (shanesworld.com, released April 17). The reactions to Lockwood's scene from insiders have been astoundingly ignorant: Gossip sites and messages boards were filled with homophobic tirades that began, "See, I told you Kurt was gay! This proves it!" However, fans seem to tell a different story: It was one of the most pre-ordered titles Shane's World has ever released.

Porn writer Gram Ponante (gramponante.com) visited the set of Pegging 101, a new Black Widow production on the subject, and he questioned whether the male talent—all amateurs allegedly recruited on Craigslist—were "into it." He wrote: "The reason I feel some of the male talent weren't committed to the job and were there because they needed the cash was because they didn't inhabit the roles of traditional submissives or bottoms." This points to another misconception about boys who bend over: You've got to be a wuss to take it up the ass. This myth is both perpetuated and fetishized by the "now who's the bitch?" spirit of some strap-on videos. But the truth is that a guy's masculinity and sexual orientation are not put in jeopardy by simply enjoying anal pleasure, and a dude doesn't have to be submissive to love his ass getting reamed by a woman. This is also where Kurt Lockwood shakes things up, because he is not some guy off the street; he is a porn stud with the cock and credentials to prove it.

The head of a major adult production company said to me, "Just watch, Kurt will not be the only one. The trend this year will be guys taking it up the ass." Porn has some catching up to do to reflect the popularity of it in real life. In an industry whose current fodder includes sticking girls' heads in toilets, this is one trend I'd certainly welcome.

Please visit puckerup.com

Some reviewers, such as in the Eye Weekly, said the tapes are instructional to a fault, saying the presentation "made anal sex seem more distasteful rather than more attractive". Queen herself said she'd been told the first video was "like watching a driving-instruction video" and the subtitle of Bend Over Boyfriend 2: Less Talkin', More Rockin' attempts to address this concern.[3]

Tristan Taormino, writing for the Village Voice, credits the video as an archetype for a substantial cultural shift:

"The roles of active initiator and penetrator are no longer solely the domain of men, nor are the qualities of receptivity and passivity for girls only. Nowhere is this more apparent than in what I identify as the Bend Over Boyfriend Archetype"[5]

Taormino also went on to add that the video makers were resistant to visualizing or showing close-ups of the male "ass" in this video.

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Frog Song ( Girls Who Want to Do It) For the Paul McCartney song, see We All Stand Together. Frog Song Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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For the Paul McCartney song, see We All Stand Together.
Frog Song

Poster for Frog Song (2005) under its theatrical title, Paid Companionship Story: Girls Who Want to Do It

Directed by Shinji Imaoka[1]
Produced by Mitsuru Fukudawara
Kyoichi Masuko
Kazuto Morita
Written by Shinji Imaoka
Starring Konatsu
Rinako Hirasawa
Cinematography Issaku Maei
Editing by Shōji Sakai
Distributed by Kokuei
Release date(s) June 10, 2005
Running time 65 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Frog Song (かえるのうた, Kaeru no uta?) originally released as Paid Companionship Story: Girls Who Want to Do It (援助交際物語 したがるオンナたち, Enjo-kōsai monogatari: shitagaru onna-tachi?) is a 2005 Japanese Pink film directed by Shinji Imaoka. It was chosen as Best Film of the year at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.[2] According to author Jasper Sharp, the title, "Frog Song" is a pun referring both to a full-sized frog costume found outside a train station and worn by one of the characters, and to the Japanese verb kaeru "to go home". The translation of the title of the film could thus also be "Going Home Song".[3]



Synopsis [edit]

Akemi is a housewife who discovers her husband has been cheating on her. She makes the acquaintance of a prostitute who hopes to become a manga artist. Another hopeful manga artist, Kyoko, also makes ends meet by working as a part-time prostitute. Akemi moves in with Kyoko and tolerating the practise of her profession while the two come to an understanding of each other's lives.[4][3]

Cast [edit]

  • Konatsu: Akemi Kudo
  • Rinako Hirasawa: Kyoko Ito
  • Takeshi Itō: Jiro Kiyokawa
  • Yōta Kawase: Saburo Kiyokawa
  • Kurumi Nanase: Nagisa
  • Mutsuo Yoshioka: Kudo

Critical reception [edit]

The Pink film community awarded Frog Song with the title of Best Film at the Pink Grand Prix. Honors given to the film also included the Best Acress award, which was given to lead actress Konatsu, and Best New Actress for Rinako Hirasawa.[5][6]

Allmovie calls Frog Song a "playfully eccentric slice of pink cinema".[7] In his Behind the Pink Curtain, Anglophone pink film scholar Jasper Sharp writes that it is the upbeat nature of Imaoka's films which have helped make them popular with film audiences. Pointing out the musical scene which concludes the film, he writes, "...Another key to the popularity of Imaoka's films is that they often end on such uplifting high notes."[3]

Availability [edit]

The "Frog Song" title, used on DVD release

The film was first released theatrically under the title Paid Companionship Story: Girls Who Want to Do It. As with many pink films it was retitled when it was released on DVD. It was first released as Frog Song on DVD in Japan on January 14, 2006. It is under this title that the film is most widely known, and it has retained this title in international releases.[3][8] Using the Frog Song title, Sacrament released the DVD with English subtitles in the U.S. on November 13, 2007.[9]

Bibliography [edit]

English [edit]

Japanese [edit]

Notes [edit]

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Pink Grand Prix for Best Film
Succeeded by
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[show] Films directed by Shinji Imaoka
[show] Pink Grand Prix: 2005
Ten Best Films

1. Paid Companionship Story: Girls Who Want to Do It (Imaoka) · 2. Blind Love (Goto) · 3. Chikan Densha: Suggestive Indecent Hips (Tomomatsu) · 4. Lustful Hitchhiker: Sought Wife (Takehora) · 5. Miss Peach: Peachy Sweetness Huge Breasts (Yoshiyuki) · 6. Older Office Lady: Using Her Seductive Tongue (Yoshiyuki) · 7. Lustful Wife in Black: Aching (Kunizawa) · 8. Hard Lesbian: Quick and Deep (Sato) · 9. Snake that Makes the Wife Moist: Extreme SM Compilation (Ikejima) · 10. The Snake that Makes the Kimono's Underwear Moist: SM Compilation (Ikejima) Hon. mention. 援交性態ルポ 乱れた性欲 (Takehora)

Personnel Awards

Director: Tetsuya Takehora
Actress: Konatsu  · Lemon Hanazawa
New Actress: Kyōko Natsume  · Rinako Hirasawa  · Kozue Ikeda  · Aki Yafuji
Actor: Yūya Matsūra  · Kōji Makimura  · Mutsuo Yoshioka
Screenplay: Kiminori Komatsu
Technical Award (Music): Kiichi Katō
Special Award: Yumika Hayashi (Career award)

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EXCLUSIVE Firefox 4 beta screenshot

Angel leopard close-crop - Kate Dick is on Facebook

(video) Andy Kaufman Teaches Memphis About 'Soap' and other Indignities uploaded by YouWeirdTube to YouTube

Andy Kaufman Teaches Memphis About 'Soap' and other Indignities

I believe this has the famous "I'm from Hollywood" Line also. http://post.ly/rYZW which are possibly the funniest thing (and one of the rarest--having only been broadcast on regional local Memphis Affiliate TV Stations during the period of time when he was spending increasing amounts of time practicing the art of Southern Wrestling/self-promotion (during which point he initiated his career-defining Woman-Wrestling act). Whatever. It's so funny that you are excused if you become slightly incontinent.

Andy Kaufman: Start Caption Text:
Andy Kaufman Teaches Memphis About 'Soap' and other Indignities
the ladies and gentlemen
I mean he's not been as of course most of you know
%uh I have a lot of unfinished business in itself
first and foremost in my mind is taking care of them who really jerry weller
I really want to take care of him that's most important
I'm going to put that on the back burner for now
I want to talk to you people out there the people who live there and hear the sounds of the goals sound force in the united states
our culture
I want to help
every week
I'm going to be coming on here on the station
I'm going to give you the answers
about how you can bet your life
and how I could
review up
from the level that you're in right now
and bring you up from this Wall
but you're living in the government garbage
the new laws are
after release
tracey said
this is
%uh was related to any of you
I know that you probably don't know what this is that probably you haven't ever seen one of these before but it is called so that fact you're sitting at home and the community
karen yesterday
all say
say so as so many things
not sell
not cycle
you know if that's true these talking about weeks of behavior
the people
the you have disagreed scenes line the
I mean I don't want to shake it you know you ask him for an autograph on signed an autograph but please don't put it in and shake it
and so you can't wash your hands on his way to with your hands
and what so
wasz wrote tour of italian hands and
rub it around
and your hands and get clean
this is as old as far as I'm concerned he did have a place to year
now you ladies out there
the race
harold ickes terrible he grows out of a woman's armpit
on a woman's away
and let me tell you something you raise I have been down traveling on the stump issuing the shorts and I see some of the harriers legs with the people in the room
the take a razor
and you shady be a shame under the armpit and you shared up though they'd like to ask the street
at believe he did
you probably may not be aware of this but this is a very big problem itself
val dollars know the extent to which doesn't know what his goals
gnow that
our terrible
ladies and gentlemen
tara paper
houses radiates
said we don't take shallow waters up
don't know how to brush our teeth
you know that my house that
and I'm sure he would walk down the street and people want
so we have it is a whole other end is buying and using the people
should you did not say I guarantee you
the belarus top but fell know it will bring the snow up to a level so that at least the air wouldn't sell
will be almost reasonable
the price of a gallon of gas let me ask you
doctor you have to

I thought you were going to inform us on something we didn't know like it was natural.

While you are holding that razor, my legs are real hairy, uh uh, can you shave my legs? * Hans .

Eichinger What a way to build up the heat!

This is beautiful! * Marjorie Michel dommage, pkoi en anglais,,,,, * Rachel Anne Lisi ohhhh Andy :) * Lesli Michelle Wilcox God.

I love him. * Bill Monk Talk about life on the edge. * Giovanni Lino Zaniol.

I saw that whole Lawler Kaufman feud.

What a classic.

McMahon could never pull something like that off.

(Apparently he was offered to do that angle on his TV show but he declined.

What a chickenshit!!) * Alan Pritchard you yanks certainly know how to live in peace with yer fellow pikies * Scott Spencer Hey now... * Bad Vuggum ANDY...U LEFT US FAR SOON !!!!!!! * Jim McPherson.

I think the wrestling women act was before he went into full wrestling.

For full details on this, you should read one of the books on Andy.

I may have this wrong, but.

I think at one of the last David Letterman appearances ( about wrestling) he was asked about all the insults he had made toward the South and he said "It was all just teasing and fun." or "It was all just teasing IN fun."

The guy even had a secret identity.


"Andy Kaufman" wrestling women "Limbs Andthings" limbsandthings1 mrjyn youweirdtube yt:quality=high

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