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June 26, 2010

British motor racing boss Robin Mortimer died during S&M sex session - Mirror.co.uk

British motor racing boss Robin Mortimer died during S&M sex session


Robin Mortimer (Pic:Hazel PR)

A British motor racing boss died during a sadomasochistic sex session with a woman who claims to be "Europe's most perverted dominatrix".

Robin Mortimer, 58, was named as the businessman found collapsed in a shower on Tuesday after a "torture session" with two women at their villa near Brecht, Belgium.

The married dad-of-one had paid £600 to be "punished" in their medieval-style dungeon.

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Mistress Lucrezia, 46, whose real name is Ira Van Denderen, and Mistress Juno, 37, were both charged with assault and battery leading to death, without intent to kill.

Mortimer, from Worcester, was head of RPM Motorsport team and was heading to Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps, where son Alex was due to compete in the International GT Open.

Anthony Dunn, who used to drive for Mortimer's team, said: "Robin was larger than life."

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Mistress LUCREZIA, Milano IT © www.mistresslucrezia.com S&M...since she'll be in jail for a while, i wonder if she needs a Dungeon-Sitter

TopDungeon Some of these Dungeons are SWANK!

Mistress Lucrezia S&Murders Racing Boss with Giant Horse Strap-on (Chinese Cartoon)

Mistress Lucrezia and the Horse Strapon
Mistress Lucrezia fuck Anal Slave on her Rubbermaid with a long Strap-on which looks like a Cock from a Horse
. Mistress Lucrezia and the Horse Strapon

Mistress Lucrezia S&Murders Racing Boss Mortimer with Horse Strap-on (Chinese Cartoon)


3P-Silohette Pink Cap Trucker Hat


Team boss Moltmann and Lucy Keleiqiya and their assistants play sexual abuse 3P, unfortunately died .

Ouyang BROWN ╱ 【 】 Dow Jones reported a claim to be " the most perverted European prostitutes , " pick up passengers in Belgium when the sexual abuse (SM)GamePlayed first , kills, ! A 58- year-old British man went to Belgium Buli Qi Lu Keleiqiya and his assistant received the 3P sexual abuse (sorry I looked for a good definition but it evaded me) ZhunuoService, the process may be too strong to die in the bathroom . Currently two prostitutes have been arrested for manslaughter



Thursday afternoon, two prostitutes exposed Keleiqiya (Mistress Lucrezia) and Zhunuo (Mistress Juno), found in the United Kingdom RPM team boss Moltmann (Robin Mortimer)
dead in the bathroom , quickly call an ambulance. They therefore arrested and charged with " assault causing death " of the charges , but not intentional murder .
Belgian prosecutors said , Moltmann may be due to sexual abuse exposed Keleiqiya game, using a narcotic effect of nitrous oxide to extend the sexual abuse the process , caused his suffocation. The prosecution has also seized Moltmann opened by the British to the local BMW car for evidence gathering .

Garden Play SM frightened child

Lucy Keleiqiya quiet village in Belgium Added been opened by ancient villas for 5 years. She has many clubs in London to provide services to sexual abuse , may thus get acquainted with Moltmann . She said the site could be asGuestProvide " bound, humiliated, ill-treatment, education and change equipment "and other services, the time sustainable "1 hour or 3 days . " She describes herself as " good medicine, and the Long War , but be careful not mess with me ... ... with sadism , smart and evil . is the most abnormal of sadism . "
A neighbor , said the once-quiet countrysideLife Since Lucy Keleiqiya all changed after the transfer occurred : almost naked people often came knocking on her door What is more she Greatest Fire is actually exposed Keleiqiya sexual abuse services in the garden , her year-old daughter " should not see a thing to see . "

Reported that you know

SM sexual abuse

Sexual abuse referred to as SM, the full name of Sadomasochism, by a sadist (Sadism) and Pi Nuekuang (Masochism) composed of the word , refers to sex , you need through insult , injury or pain to get sexual gratification , in essence, is the " rule " and " yield " relative relationship . The term sadism from the 18th century French writer Sade (Marquis de Sade) of the story, Pi Nuekuang were taken from the 19th century Austrian writer Masoch (Leopold von Sacher Masoch) the name , because heWorks

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      01.Mistress Lucrezia and the Horse Strapon
      02."Video Clip" BizarrDesign - Mistress Candy Fisting and Milking
      03."Video Clip" BizarrDesign - Lucrezias CP Slave Part 2

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      This is the BEST thing I've ever Seen!

      Oliver Twist (Song-Dance) Czech

      Frigidity France (70s Report on Woman's Epidemic) [HQ]

      Frigidity France (70s Report on Woman's Epidemic) [HQ]
      by Limbs Andthings (videos)

      Frigidity France (70s Report on Woman's Epidemic)

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      Malcolm X. McLaren's

      Sailing Jubilee




      Sex Pistol

      (Video - Complete)

      Limbs and things (videos)
      Las ramas y las cosas (videos)
      Ledematen en dingen (video)
      Les branques i les coses (vídeos)
      Gliedmaßen und Dinge (Videos)
      Άκρα και τα πράγματα (βίντεο)
      Géaga agus rudaí

      Limbs Andthings
      Limbs and things (videos)
      Las ramas
      y las cosas (videos)
      四 肢和
      东 西
      (影 片)
      en dingen (video)
      Les branques
      i les coses (vídeos)
      und Dinge (Videos)
      Άκρα και
      τα πράγματα
      agus rudaí (físeáin)
      e le cose (video)
      手 足
      や 物(ビデオ)
      사 지
      일 들 (동영상)
      и вещи (видео)
      طراف و


      May 21, 2009
      May 21, 2009
      Malcolm Mclaren, love him or loath him, is one of the most influential people in the history of street culture. From it's onset the impact Mclaren has had on creating a culture for all of us to embrace is unmatched, in recent years ...
      Dec 27, 2008
      Dec 27, 2008
      Malcolm McLaren arrived at the precise moment in that we were breaking with our authentic managers, then we tried it by we yourself and then we began with the moved one of the red leather suits designed by Vivienne Eastwood. ...
      Oct 24, 2008
      Oct 24, 2008
      FAG&G in their various guises and never know you were listening to the same band. cut by the Malcolm McLaren manufactured band, Bow Wow Wow, a New Wave group best-remembered these days for its 15-year-old girl singer's habit of ...
      Jun 29, 2007
      Jun 29, 2007
      The Pistols' Svengali-like manager, Malcolm McLaren, booked the band primarily into country & western nightclubs like Randy's in small markets like San Antonio. It was a perverse, provocative joke. His intent was not to sell tickets, ...


      (JANUARY '78 - JULY '80)

      PART ONE 1978

      Jones, Biggs, "Bormann", Cook
      Cook, Jones, Biggs
      Swindle Lobby Card
      Rio de Janeiro. Steve & Paul meet Ronnie Biggs and "Martin Bormann" (actor Henry Rowland)


      (JANUARY '78 - JULY '80)

      PART ONE 1978

      Jones, Biggs, "Bormann", Cook
      Cook, Jones, Biggs
      Swindle Lobby Card
      Rio de Janeiro. Steve & Paul meet Ronnie Biggs and "Martin Bormann" (actor Henry Rowland)

      San Francisco, 17th January 1978, 3 days after the final date on their US tour, the Sex Pistols go their separate ways.

      Tensions within the band, exasperated & encouraged by the group's manager Malcolm McLaren, had finally taken their toll. Accounts of the demise vary, but the resulting dissipation is clear.

      Johnny Rotten flew to New York. Sid Vicious, after a brief stop in Los Angeles, also headed for New York, overdosing in flight, resulting in admission to Jamaica Hospital.

      Guitarist Steve Jones & drummer Paul Cook, used their tickets for a planned trip to Rio de Janeiro to meet Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs. It was hoped that Sid would later join them in Brazil, but this did not materialize. Steve & Paul stayed in Rio, in the company of Biggs, returning to the UK in March. Malcolm McLaren enlisted Julien Temple to film the encounter for the Pistols movie he was set on making.

      The jaunt provided 2 songs. A reworking of the unrecorded Pistols song "Belsen Was A Gas", plus "No-One Is Innocent - A Punk Prayer by Ronald Biggs". The latter eventually surfaced as the next Sex Pistols single in June, although Virgin Records were initially reluctant to release it. With lyrics by Biggs dubbed as "tasteless", Virgin were further irritated by McLaren's indecision over its title. "Cosh The Driver" was vetoed, appearing only on the French release. Nevertheless, the confusion persisted as the UK 12" pressing proclaimed "The Biggest Blow - A Punk Prayer By Ronald Biggs".

      Many felt the idea of a Great Train Robber as the new Sex Pistols lead singer to be an abhorrent publicity stunt. Despite such reservations, the single, (released as a 'double A side' with Sid's rendition of "My Way"), outsold the notorious "God Save The Queen". Steve & Paul themselves had no scruples with the venture. "He was a right laugh. I'd like to do some more with him." remarked Steve.

      On their return from Rio, the duo found themselves in demand, a factor partly responsible for a 2 year period of career meandering. Another issue was Steve's escalating heroin habit which would plague him over the coming years.

      First up was Johnny Thunders' "So Alone" LP for Real Records, on which the pair performed on 5 tracks. This ironically included "London Boys", Thunders' scathing response to the Sex Pistols' own "New York". The collaboration led to live dates with Thunders (Johnny Thunders' Allstars) at the Speakeasy, London, the first on 25th March. Thin Lizzy mainman, Phil Lynott also played at the sessions & would become a fellow ligger during this period.

      Former Pistols demo producer Dave Goodman was another beneficiary. The customary 'Cook 'n' Jones wall of sound' was unleashed once more on "Justifiable Homicide?" a single credited to Dave Goodman and Friends & released in August, (The Label Records).

      From May to July, the pair worked on the soundtrack to the Pistols' film (now titled "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle"), contributing 'Johnny Rotten-less' product to the Sex Pistols name. Notable contributions included "Silly Thing", "Lonely Boy", (which both made it to the LP & film), "Here We Go Again" & "Black Leather", (neither of which did). In order to ensure Johnny Rotten's appearance on the soundtrack, Steve & Paul re-recorded the guitar & drum parts to demos from October 1976, beefing up the sound while leaving the vocals intact.

      Steve guested for encores with The Clash at The Music Machine, Camden, London; 24, 25th & 27th July (Clash on Parole Tour). Songs performed: "London's Burning", "I'm So Bored With The USA", "Janie Jones" and "White Riot". Paul joined in on 27th July, drumming along on a second kit.

      Two nights later, 29th July, Steve & Paul, plus Phil Lynott & his Thin Lizzy colleagues Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, & Gary Moore, plus Jimmy Bain (Rainbow / Dio) & Chris Spedding, appeared as The Greedy Bastards, at The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London. The set included "Black Leather", "No-One Is Innocent", "Pretty Greedy", as well as Lizzy material.

      Just over a fortnight later, on 15th August, The Electric Ballroom also saw the only 'solo' UK gig by Sid Vicious, fronting the Vicious White Kids, who also featured Glen Matlock (bass), Steve New (guitar), Rat Scabies (drums), & Nancy Spungen (backing vocals).

      'Swindle' filming proper began in August, featuring predominately Steve as The Crook in pursuit of McLaren, The Embezzler. Jones, Cook, & Vicious were filmed auditioning for a new singer, a sequence which led to the discovery of Eddie Tudorpole (aka Tenpole Tudor). With Sid contributing to the film, it appeared possible that the Sex Pistols still had a future, even without Johnny Rotten. A feeling perpetuated by McLaren's earlier announcement on June 3rd that the group would continue.

      Sid's relocation to New York at the end of August initially seemed to have put paid to this proposal. Ironically Sid's arrest for the murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen on 12th October rejuvenated the idea. An album teaming Sid with Steve & Paul to help raise money for Sid's defence was discussed, again with McLaren's involvement. The project remained 'live' until Sid's untimely death on 2nd February '79, with plans already laid to record in Miami following Sid's release on bail.

      Meantime, with Johnny Rotten (now reverting back to real name Lydon) unveiling his new group Public Image Limited & the 'Sid & Nancy' saga unfolding in New York, Steve & Paul continued to occupy themselves as Pistols for hire.

      On 12th October, Steve & Paul were again part of Johnny Thunders' Allstars, for a show at The Lyceum Theatre, London. During October, Steve found himself in Los Angeles, producing and playing with punk group The Avengers who were support at the Pistols final concert in San Francisco. The EP "The American In Me " resulted, (White Noise Records).

      Steve & Paul's friendship with Phil Lynott continued with further live performances as The Greedy Bastards in December, including The Electric Ballroom, London, (16th Dec). Although Bain & Spedding were absent from the previous line-up, (29th July), Bob Geldof appeared. Sex Pistols material covered included "No-One Is Innocent", "Black Leather", "Pretty Vacant", & bizarrely, "My Way". It had been a bizarre year.

      However, a taste of what was to come in '79 was in evidence when Steve & Paul appeared with Sham 69 at The Rainbow, London, on 27th December.

      The Greedies
      The Greedy Bastards (l-r; Scott Gorham, Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Phil Lynott, Brian Downey)



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      My First Blog Post

      Replace the subject line and body with your first blog post and hit send! Include pictures, an mp3, or anything else you want to share. It's just that simple.

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      Debbie Does Dallas But Bambi Does Disappear


      Debbie Does Dallas Does Bambi Woods Mexico




      Debbie Does Dallas But Bambi Does Disappear


      WikiProject icon
      Nuvola apps aktion.png Pornography portalhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/archive/e/ea/20061002172728%21BambiWoods_DebbieDoesDallas_Wikipedia.jpg

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      Explore vuvuzelas - Posterous

      Search for 'vuvuzela' - Posterous

      It's RetroZine Friday: SQUEAKY FROMME SCRAPBOOK and National Magazine of Gay Correspondence

      THE SQUEAKY FROMME SCRAPBOOK  and National Magazine of Gay Correspondence

      BLUE   NOTES. The National Magazine of Gay Correspondence Vol. 1, No. 10THE  SQUEAKY FROMME SCRAPBOOK

       Book 1 and Book 2

      Xeroxed zine of 40 pp., unnumbered



      MAKING DELIVERIES Book 1 and  Book 2

      Illustrated with b/w photographs, line drawings, and computer art.

      Edited and published by Scott Scott.

      Contents include Scott's It's A Man's World, a mighty misogynistic piece that begins 

      Cherry Fanta goes after religion in Going Down on God.

      A 1995 comic by Knight explores the deathly results of your house paint starting to peel and  crack.

      Scott Scott writes, in Patriarchal Purification, a kind of enraged anti-catholic paean to abortion, illustrated with a crucifix made of penes and detourned erotic comix.

      Film, music and zine reviews. Crotchy Smurf's article Robo Fuckin' describes sex on Robitussin.

      Then a long photo-illustrated discussion of fat porn in Buff magazine, in Scott's Fuck My Fat! A page of fortunately blurry reproductions of genital sores.

      And another comic by Knight.

      BLUE   NOTES. The National Magazine of Gay Correspondence Vol. 1, No. 10

      The National Magazine of Gay Correspondence
      Vol. 1, No. 10

      SQUEAKY FROMME SCRAPBOOK and National Magazine of Gay Correspondence: It's RetroZine Friday via alta-glamour.com


       CUL-DE-SAC. The Obsession Issue No.  2

      A WOMAN SOLD!!

      Publisher: No Publisher
      Place Published: n.p.
      Date Published: n.d.

      Description: magazine of 32pp., plus covers.

      Erotic bondage and flagellation fiction, illustrated with four pages of b/w art from a Gene Bilbrew bondage serial.


      Beautiful Nora is bored. Very bored... and so when her raven-haired friend Frances suggests some "excitement" in her life, she jumps at the chance - even if there's no backing out of their deal. What this "excitement" is an extended trampolining session at the house of Madame Celeste's, filled with bondage and various forms of flagellation. Nora is soon anything but bored, and satisfied... after a time.

      Condition: Saddle-stapled, digest-sized magazine. Light shelfwear; residue of price sticker at corner. Very good
      lThe Obsession Issue
      J.D.s  No. 5

      J.D.s No. 5


      BLUE PERSUASION No. 01B & D PLEASURES. The Agony, the Ecstsy and the Pleasure

      BLACKLISTED! 411. The Official Hackers Magazine Vol. 04, No. 02. Second Quarter.
      Syntel Vista, Inc.

      60 pp. including covers. Edited by Zachary Blackstone and Alexander Tolstoy. Letters.


      Applying for a drivers license. Pirate Radio survival guide. Taipan Enigma's BBS review, part 3. Chemicals and where to find them. List of the colors of box and what they do, usually with telephones (Black box, copper box, magenta box, etc.). Zine resource list. News on California adding magnetic strips to driver's licenses. News of interest to hackers. Classified ads.

      SQUEAKY FROMME SCRAPBOOK and National Magazine of Gay Correspondence
      SQUEAKY FROMME SCRAPBOOK and National Magazine of Gay Correspondence: It's RetroZine Friday via http://alta-glamour.com

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