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June 12, 2010

Viva Vuvuzela! Story of Red Vuvuzelas (Just the Red's), Lost Love, Orlando Pirates, y Afrikaans Soekresultates!



We at Orlando Pirates recognize:

# That women are the base and children the future of our society.

# That violence against women and children is like waging a war on ourselves as a nation.

We at Orlando Pirates therefore pledge:

# To be vocal and speak out against violence targeted at women and children.

# To be exemplary through our deeds and serve as role models
# To be supportive to women and children affected by violence.

# To be vocal and speak out against violence targeted at women and children.

Like manners once did, violence is now shaping and obsessing our society.If we do not stop it, it will stop us, and our children will have a bleak future.

Viva the vuvuzela!


The Vuvuzela is a "proud South African instrument" with roots in local traditional music I heard at my first Buc's game with Liz Van Den Burg in Joburg, and the sound was not musical at all.

It reminded me of the Haitian Ra-Ra bands, or the chinese percussion of my old Chinatown, nyc neighborhood on New Year's.

Vuvuzelas show power.

LVDB and I were at Super Stadium, west of Pretoria in June, 2008, when Bafana Bafana took on Sierra Leone.

Mandela congratulated Springbok captain Francois Pienaar after the SA team clinched the '96 Rugby World Cup. 46664, Mandela's prison number, is used for a campaign to raise awareness of HIV/Aids.

Annie Lennox performed at the inaugural 46664 concert in Cape Town in 2003. The launch 46664 concert was watched by some 2-billion people across the world.

via Redhead Afrikaaner, Liz Van Den Berg, whom I should be with. (this year?)...but aren't. So instead I displace my frustration on overkilling LAST YEAR'S CONFED CUP POSTS, WHICH NUMBER IN THE VUVILLIONS!


Wenk: Soek net vir Afrikaans resultate. Jy kan jou soektaal by Voorkeure spesifiseer.


  1. JPG: Photos: "happy vuvuvalentinela woema now-now witblitz" by ...

    14 Feb 2009 ... roots in local traditional music I heard at my first Buc's game with Liz Van Den Burg in Joburg, and the sound was not musical at all. ...
  2. happy vuvuvalentinela woema now-now witblitz

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Le Soetie,

Geloof ?

Hy is 'n duiwel-werf eter. Wat die hel doen jy? Ek gee nie 'n moer om nie. Gaan speel met jou O'duiwel--Die poes. Wyk Satan loop duiwel.
Jy pis my af,

You sent me both a black and white BUCS mussie--Die bliksemse ding! You said you like dem cuz da Chiefs heff stront vir breins, and your domkop travante piel styfs got into sal brawls to get now-now mussies.

I'll wear my mussie [the black one] when i go to the 'Slymsloot' theater in CT, then i'll get into a fight with your mick, especially if i staan op jou opgedopte, fokken kakhuiskriek duiwe, drie-draadige, spier van plesierl! Ek gee nie 'n moer om nie!

I was twintig en twee en twintig when you sent them, and five years later, they're still magic, wearing my mussie writing this like a moeraskop!

*Don't get too friendly with the mick. I'm going to be needing your hand in marriage one day, and I don't want jou vingers verander in drie-draadige vishoeke, so krom soos die hond se agterbeen.

Voertsek! Nooit, lieflik!
Nee pamperlang vir jou op dit moedeloos Valentine-- wag vir beter dae.


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