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April 17, 2010

Django Reinhardt Train (this boils)

Django Reinhardt: Nuits de Saint-Germain-des-Pres

Stephane Grappelli Django's Nuages 1963

"Django Reinhardt" "Stephane Grappelli" macaferri gypsy guitar jazz Rheinhardt reinhardt "Nuits de Saint-Germain-des-Pres" Django Nuages 1963 mrjyn yt:quality=high youweirdtube limbsandthings

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See Ya At 'What Gets Me Hot to What Gets Me Hot


April 16, 2010

(Video) Precocity Video from YouWeirdTube featuring Johnny Cash Jane Morgan 'Boy Named Sue-Girl Named Johnny Cash' + MONSTROSITY OF NATURE? Пётр Ильи́ч Чайко

Definition of Precocity by Wikipedia

In Biology, the term precocial refers to species in which the young are relatively mature and mobile from the moment of birth or hatching. The opposite developmental strategy is called "altricial," where the young are born or hatched helpless. Extremely precocial species may...


Definition of Precocity by YourDictionary

Developed or matured to a point beyond that which is normal for the age a precocious child; of or showing premature development;...


Definition of Precocity by OneLook

Intelligence achieved far ahead of normal developmental schedules.


Definition of Precocity by TheFreeDictionary

Manifesting or characterized by unusually early development or maturity, especially in mental aptitude. Botany Blossoming before the appearance of leaves.

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See Ya At 'What Gets Me Hot to What Gets Me Hot

(video) ANNA NEW! Serge Gainsbourg Anna Karina Marianne Faithfull + Rare Interview DENEUVE et GAINSBOURG



Serge Gainsbourg

Anna Karina

Marianne Faithfull 


Click here to download:
serge_gainsbourg_anna_karina.mp4 (33629 KB)



Rare Interview



 Gainsbourg - Deneuve (Music Video - Interview)

Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, Petula Clark, Juliette Gréco, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, Marianne Faithfull, Françoise Hardy, Vanessa Paradis—and, most prominently, his lover of 13 years and Charlotte's mother, the British actress Jane Birkin. "Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus." "La Javanaise," "Ballade de Melody Nelson," and "Love on the Beat"— Serge with Ray Charles, with Dirk Bogarde, with his last girlfriend, Bambou son, Lulu. * Manon 70 Catherine Deneuve , Jean-Claude Brialy ... but the original music of the movie is by Serge Gainsbourg * Michel Colombier

legendary Serge Gainsbourg Ponty , Catherine Deneuve , Jeanne Moreau , and Stephane Grappelli Les plus belles escroqueries du monde Seberg Mie Hama | music Serge Gainsbourg , Pierre Jansen , Krzysztof ... Catherine Deneuve as Swindler (segment "L'homme qui vendit la Tour Charlotte Gainsbourg (born 21 July 1971 as Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg) is an Anglo- ... picture debut playing Catherine Deneuve 's daughter in the as Brigitte Bardot in the movie Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque (2010). ... Bardot and Catherine Deneuve were the most popular among French mayors. D : Béatrice Dalle ... Catherine Deneuve Gérard Depardieu Patrick Dewaere ... G : Jean Gabin ... Charlotte Gainsbourg Vahina Giocante Judith Godrèche Catherine Deneuve 1997 ... Charlotte Gainsbourg Le Plus Grand Français Serge Gainsbourg - Musician. Zinedine Zidane - ... The Greatest Frenchmen of All Time : Catherine Deneuve - Actress. Serge Reggiani - Singer Catherine Deneuve Thieves (Les voleurs) Best Actress Leading Role : Charlotte Gainsbourg Love, etc. Anouk Grinberg My Man * Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier such as Serge Gainsbourg , Jane Birkin , Charles Aznavour , Sacha ... Number One (1980, USA, with Catherine Deneuve , Sylvie Vartan , Mireille * César Awards 1981 Best Actress :Catherine Deneuve , for Le Dernier métro Isabelle ... for Atlantic City Serge Gainsbourg , for Je vous aime Antoine Duhamel Béatrice Dalle ... Catherine Deneuve Gérard Depardieu Patrick Dewaere ... Musicians, singers : Charlotte Gainsbourg Serge Gainsbourg Music : Music of France Richard Anthony , ... Serge Gainsbourg bbc. Catherine Deneuve — Catherine Dorléac. Nikita Denise — Denisa ... Serge Gainsbourg — Lucien Ginzburg (or Lucien Ginsburg, varying sources) Serge Gainsbourg Serge Gainsbourg affair with Bardot, his involvement with Catherine Deneuve among others Serge Gainsbourg never married Jane Birkin

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BLURT - The Fish Needs a Bike (I remember the day I bought this 45 like yesterday) Rise & Fall of Factory Records

From our friends at Cerysmatic Factory comes news of the following event taking place in London in May 20th. It celebrates the release of Shadowplayers: The Rise & Fall of Factory Records, a new book by James Nice of LTM Recordings. LTM is known for their good work, and attention to detail, and I'm sure this book will be no different.


In 1978, a 'Factory for Sale' sign gave Alan Erasmus and Tony Wilson a name for their fledgling Manchester club night. This proved to be the launch of one of the most significant musical and cultural legacies of the late twentieth century. The club's electrifying live scene soon translated to vinyl, and Factory Records went on to become the most innovative and celebrated record label of the next thirty years.

Always breaking new musical ground, Factory introduced the listening public to bands such as Joy Division, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, A Certain Ratio, Section 25, The Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance and later New Order, James and Happy Mondays - yet its founders' avowed ambition was not chart success but 'a laboratory experiment in popular culture'.

Soundscaped by visionary and troubled producer, Martin 'Zero' Hannett, bolstered by a fierce commitment to its own visual identity, achieved through the iconic sleeve designs and campaigning artwork of Peter Saville, and propelled ever onwards by the inspirational cultural entrepreneur, Tony 'Anthony H.' Wilson, Factory always sought new ways to energise the popular consciousness. Simultaneously a vision and a folly, this restless drive reached its apotheosis in 1982 with the launch of the infamous Haçienda nightclub, a venue which would act as a midwife to the nascent dance culture, but also enjoy a chequered and sometimes violent fifteen-year history.

However, the lofty ideals of Factory's musical and artistic ventures were only sporadically converted into commercial success, and when in 1992 London Records pulled out of a life-saving takeover bid - due to Factory's ideological antipathy to contracts - the fate of Factory Communications Ltd was sealed.

In the years since, the label has become both a legend and a cautionary tale, yet its definitive, authentic story has never been told - until now. Shadowplayers is the most complete, authoritative and thoroughly researched account of how a group of provincial anarchists and entrepreneurs saw off bankers, journalists and gun-toting gangsters to create the most influential, acclaimed and adored music of modern times.

Book launch @ Rough Trade East [open invitation]

Aurum Press invite you to the launch of "Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records" by James Nice

on Thursday May 20th 6.30 - 8.30pm

at Rough Trade
East Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
(Nearest overground/tube: Liverpool Street or Aldgate East)

Original Factory band BLURT will be performing live and there will be DJ support from Tom Moderne

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(VIDEO) Robert Nighthawk 1965 Doc “And This is Free” downhometraces.com

I wrote this review of the classic 1965 documentary film “And This is Free” for Stomp & Stammer about a year ago, but since S & S didn’t archive it online, I’ll re-publish it here. Shanachie reissued “And This is Free” on DVD in 2008, and hopefully now more people will discover this remarkable film, which I believe is one of the landmark documentaries of the 1960s. For this review, I did an interview with Gordon Quinn, who is the only member of the film crew who is still living. Gordon provided some invaluable insights about “And This is Free”. I’ve embedded a clip from the film that I found on YouTube: a street performance by the Chicken Man, one of the many bizarre characters that used to grace the Maxwell Street market in Chicago.

My pick for the DVD reissue of 2008 is Shanachie’s deluxe edition of the great 1965 documentary And This is Free. The film had been out-of-print for several years but had developed an underground reputation largely because of its amazing musical sequences, especially one in a back alley that features the great bluesman Robert Nighthawk.

Mike Shea directed And This is Free. Shea had established himself as a successful freelance photographer in the 1950s, and his work was regularly featured in Life, Time, and Ebony. By the early 1960s, though, Shea was ready to transition out of photography, in part because of the downturn of the major photo magazines like Life and Look. It was at this time that Shea met Gordon Quinn, who was an undergraduate at The University of Chicago. They were both impressed by the new kinds of documentary films that were being made in the early 60s with the portable, untethered 16mm cameras and audio equipment. Quinn later remarked on seeing these spontaneous, observation-based films with Shea, “We saw them together, and [Mike] was like, ‘This is it.’ This is what he had been waiting for his whole life to be able to make these kind of films.”

In August 1964 Shea and Quinn began shooting what would eventually become And This is Free. Their location was the Maxwell Street market, located on the west side of Chicago. They shot only on Sundays, the only day the Maxwell Street market was in full swing. After about four months, they had amassed over twenty hours of film footage and countless hours of audio recordings.

And This is Free is revered by blues aficionados because it features some of the only film footage of Robert Nighthawk. In fact, Robert Nighthawk was one of the central reasons why And This is Free was made.

Born in 1909 in Helena, Arkansas, Nighthawk was one of the early practitioners of downhome acoustic blues (he made his first commercial recordings in 1937). He migrated to Chicago after the war and, along with Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and others, helped to establish the sound and style of urban electric blues. Waters and Wolf became recording stars on the Chess label in the mid-1950s, but Nighthawk never managed to establish more than a small regional reputation in Chicago and in Mississippi. His passion for making records was limited, and he didn’t have the alluring stage presence of the Chess Records stars. As Waters, Wolf, and the other Chess standouts performed at the large clubs in Chicago, Nighthawk continued to play at small bars and on Maxwell Street on Sundays.

During some of Nighthawk’s Maxwell Street jam sessions in the early 60s, he was joined by the young, white guitar prodigy Michael Bloomfield. Unlike Nighthawk, who lived the quintessential blues life of rambling and hard times, Bloomfield grew up in a well-off family on Chicago’s North Side. As a young teenager, he began frequenting the blues clubs of Chicago’s South Side and was periodically invited to come onstage to sit in with his musical idols. By the late 1950s and early 1960s, Bloomfield had become a fixture within the Chicago blues scene. He managed a club, played in several different bands, and began to get steady session work.

It was during this time that Bloomfield met Mike Shea. Shea was a serious jazz fan, and most jazz aficionados in the postwar era appreciated blues because it was viewed as one of the key ingredients in the development of jazz. Bloomfield suggested that Shea film some of the blues performances on Maxwell Street, and, because Bloomfield knew almost all the blues musicians who played at the market, he offered to serve as a mediator between the film crew and the musicians.

Bloomfield played guitar alongside Nighthawk during the performances depicted in And This is Free, but Shea decided not to include Bloomfield in the frame when he filmed these scenes. Gordon Quinn explains why Shea did this: “Because [Bloomfield] was white, when we filmed down on Maxwell Street in some of those scenes on the back porch. . . [Shea] framed [Bloomfield] out of the picture. [Shea] was very much into quote authenticity even though he was well aware that the traditional musicians had enormous respect for Bloomfield.”

In 1965, when And This is Free was quietly released, Bloomfield achieved major success as a member of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and a member of Bob Dylan’s first electric band.

Blues isn’t the only kind of music featured in And This is Free. The most stirring performance in the film is the rendition of the gospel tune “Power to Live Right” by Jim Brewer’s street corner band. Brewer and his band are steady, but it’s Carrie Robinson who steals the show, alternating between screechy singing and ecstatic dancing.

The “Power to Live Right” performance embodies the style and spirit of observation-based documentary films of the early 1960s, a genre which has to come to be known as direct cinema. Like the famous moment in the 1960 film Primary, in which cameraman Albert Maysles films John Kennedy as the candidate makes his way through a crowded hall, Shea puts the viewer in the middle of the “Power to Live Right” street performance through the use of long, mobile takes.

In many respects, And This is Free adheres to the basic style and strategies of early direct cinema—all the action is observed and not staged, subjects generally don’t interact on screen with the camera and the filmmakers, and there is no voice-over narration—but the film diverges from early direct cinema in one critical way: the intricate editing by Howard Alk.

Like Shea, Alk was a generation older than Quinn. In 1959 he was one of the founders of The Second City, Chicago’s legendary improvisational comedy troupe. At some point in the 1950s, he was taught film editing by Johnny Link, who had been editing Hollywood films since 1930. In 1959 Alk edited his first major film, The Cry of Jazz. Centered around the contentious (and fictitious) debates about jazz and race among black and white members of a Chicago jazz society, The Cry of Jazz includes stunning footage of jazz performances, most notably of Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

Alk’s editing in And This is Free is imaginatively associative. Sometimes the associations are merely repetitions of words that help ease the transitions between scenes, like when Alk cuts from the performance of “Power to Live Right” to a salesman demonstrating sparkplugs who tells the assembled crowd, “When you talk about power, watch this!” In other scenes, the editing associations are more complex and ambiguous, like when Alk cuts together shots of merchants selling old machine parts over a performance of the old folk tune “John Henry,” subtly tweaking the song’s message about the triumph of machine over man

And This is Free was conceived as a broad portrait of the Maxwell Street market where music was to be just one (albeit highly significant) part, but, in the editing room, Howard Alk emphasized the musicality of every aspect of street culture. Gordon Quinn explains: “We considered calling it ‘The Music of Maxwell Street,’ but we didn’t think it would convey what we meant because we meant the kid who plays the box, we meant the pitchman, we meant the guy who’s selling the little sparkplugs that you put in your car. That’s a kind of music too. We thought of it in a broader sense that there were a lot of people who were doing different kinds of performances on the street and we weaved those different things together and that those performances had a rhythmic quality and sometimes other qualities that made them a kind of music.” Alk emphasized the internal rhythms of each performance and then assembled all the performances into one continuous forty-seven minute street symphony. (Howard Alk greatly influenced Gordon Quinn, who went on to co-found Kartemquin, the documentary collective responsible for Hoop Dreams, among other notable films.)

Mike Shea had high hopes for And This is Free. He sank nearly all his money into the project and hoped that it would get him established as a documentary filmmaker. Unfortunately, though, the film had very limited success and was seen by very few people. The educational television station in Chicago at the time even refused to air it. Part of the film’s failure can be attributed to Shea’s naiveté about the film industry but also because, in 1965, there was very little infrastructure for theatrical documentaries. In a few short years, with the success of documentary filmmakers like Emile de Antonio, D.A. Pennebaker, and the Maysles Brothers, that would begin to change, but, in 1965, there wasn’t much of a market for theatrical documentaries, especially one that was only forty-seven minutes long.

Although it was widely neglected upon release, And This is Free slowly developed an underground reputation over the years, partly because countless music documentaries have used clips from the film, including Martin Scorsese’s blues series from 2003. Perhaps now, with this new deluxe Shanachie edition, And This is Free will be recognized not just as one the best films about Chicago blues and gospel music but also as one of the landmark documentary films of the 1960s.

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Smokin' Hot Redhead in Super-Mini Blue Dress Dances to Sugar Hill

[listen] Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa (MP3) GODDAMN, IT’S GOOD! • Station Manager Ken BOTB

Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa (MP3)

Here it is by popular demand, one of my record fair finds: a song of heartbreak and disinterment:

Tim Wilson's [listen] Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa (MP3)

Posted by Station Manager Ken on November 14, 2007 at 05:35 PM in MP3s, Music, Station Manager Ken's Posts |

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BOY WITH GREEN HAIR (How'd I Miss This?) RKO, R48, O'Brien, Ryan, Hale, Stockwell

RKO, R48, O'Brien, Ryan, Hale, Stockwell, 27 x 41 VF-F

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Cher Bra Display - Dick Clark Auction 2006 offered by Guernsey's (Dick, you Pussy Hound)

The Dick Clark Auction
8:30 AM PT - Dec 6th, 2006
offered by

Cher's bra is constructed of a black sheer gauze-like fabric, detailed with a ruffled flounce at the upper edges. A small black bow decorates the join of the strap, and the bra has a back hook closure. The bra is mounted on a board that is faced with a metallic stamp printed fabric. Above the bra display is a "Cher Personal Bra" silver-toned plaque, as well as a floater mounted color image of Cher. No tags on bra. Display: 35 1/2 x 16 x 1

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Tavern On the Green Sign Central Park West (Initially I was going to do a best-of TOG Auction, but I decided I'd need to be MUCH MUCH GAYER!)

Tavern On the Green Sign from Central Park West
Sold For $5,500
Iconic Tavern on the Green sign currently hanging on Central Park West at the Park entrance. Approx. H24" x 36"

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HELMUT NEWTON, Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Necklace

my favorite female photographer: bettina rheims (claudia)

April 15, 2010

Objectum-Sexual Bloopers

A new Google Docs Official Google Docs Blog

Bing Bong! Indonesian Tsunami Hits Strip Quiz Japan - Hot Spots - YouTube Insight Up 100% Yesterday

Remembering Soupy - Body Language (Game 1)

Porn Starlet Brigitte Lahaie Walks Dog

Belles d'Un Soir


fourrureclub — February 23, 2010 — AKA : Belles d'un soir Exquisite Pleasure La Garçonnière Jouissances Königin der Lust Supreme Delights
Brigitte Lahaie Belles d'Un Soir via my favorite YouTube Fur Freak Channel fourrureclub
fourrure fourrureclub fur pelz pelliccia renard fox mink vison lynx Belles d'un soir Exquisite Pleasure La Garçonnière Jouissances Königin der Lust Supreme Delights brigitte lahaie jouissances Véronique Maugarski Martine Grimaud Marilyn Jess

"Brigitte Lahaie" Bridget Lahaie Lahae Lahay "la haie" Frou-Frous fir fur fru fury firy firey furry "Spanish Fly" "Night of the" "Go Go Wiener" Song "Night of the Spanish Fly" "Belles d'un soir" "Bob Mason" New York City Walks Dog "walkin the dog" mrjyn whatgetsmehot youweirdtube yt:quality=high porn soundtrack YouTube Fur Freak Channel fourrureclub classic vintage adult x x-rated

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Brigitte Lahaie Belles d'Un Soir via my favorite YouTube Fur Freak Channel fourrureclub

Belles d'Un Soir

Extras:fourrureclub — February 23, 2010 — AKA : Belles d'un soir Exquisite Pleasure La Garçonnière Jouissances Königin der Lust Supreme Delights
Brigitte Lahaie Belles d'Un Soir via my favorite YouTube Fur Freak Channel fourrureclub
fourrure fourrureclub fur pelz pelliccia renard fox mink vison lynx Belles d'un soir Exquisite Pleasure La Garçonnière Jouissances Königin der Lust Supreme Delights brigitte lahaie jouissances Véronique Maugarski Martine Grimaud Marilyn Jess

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The Bite - The Sting Parody

Set in the early 1930's, The Bite is a colorful parody of 'The Sting' combining sex, comedy and monkey business. Three cons (Sweet Kate, The Toledo Kid and Johnny Memphis) get together during a sexual frolic and plan a terrific scam aimed at local banker Francis B. Dobbs.

Dobbs is to be seduced into buying a 'house of ill repute.' For this purpose, the trio recruits beautiful women and other convincing characters who pose as call girls, governors, senators and successful businessmen performing sexual acrobatics to persuade Dobbs to make the purchase.

How Dobbs is left holding the bag builds to an unusual and comic ending!

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Classic Go Go Weiner Film

In New York City, authorities are shocked to discover an outbreak of uncontrolled sexual frenzy brough on by the contamination of hot dogs by the aphrodisiac Spanish fly.

Despite the warning maybe because of them, people across the city indulge in the delicious meal before indulging sins of an altogether sordid kind.

With an intriguing, comical plot, NIGHT OF THE SPANISH FLY perfectly captures a moment in time when sex was promiscuous, mysterious and naughty. Engulfed by the incredible landscape of New York City, this is a must own for every classic collector and a must see for anyone interested in learning more about the roots of XXX.

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Classic School Bus Trip

A classic presentation indeed. As the bus empties the students for their field trip to the Museum of Natural History, little does the tour guide suspect that the students are there for more than just another tour. First, during the lecture films, the coeds drift into dreams of the most erotic fantasies one can imagine. After the films, they release the emotion of their fantasies in the most erotic and uncommon ways. One slips off to the curator's office for a little acquisition. Another finds the anthropologist to see what bones can be identified. Even the head teacher isn't immune. As the bus departs, everyone admits it was quite an education.

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Louie Louie

Highway Star

Chupa Chups Russian Exotic Tropic

Alex Chilton - Take Me Home and Make Me Like It (Pt 2)

Britain's Sexiest Playboy Twins Love Chubby 'Britains Got Talent' Taiwanese Boy' singing 'I Will Always Love You'!

Rea & Tonya French, voted Britain's Sexiest Playboy Twins Love Britains Got Talent 'Susan Boyle' Chubby 'Britains Got Talent' 'I Will Always Love You' singing Taiwanese Boy!
Britain's Sexiest Playboy Twins Love Chubby 'Britains Got Talent' Taiwanese Boy' singing 'I Will Always Love You'!
YouWeirdTube — April 15, 2010 — http://youtube.com/watch?v=epXHoDjkERU
◎ Place of Birth: Essex County
◎ physical features: blond hair and blue eyes
◎ build: 152 cm ╱ measurements 32D, 24,31
◎ debut: 5 years
◎ Experience:
"Playboy", "Maxim", "Krown" and other men's magazine
˙ 2005 年 "Nuts" magazine called "the most sexy British twins"˙ 2008 years "Playboy" Playmate http://www.essextwins.com

Britain's Sexiest Playboy Twins Will Always Love Chubby Britain's Playboy Twins Love Taiwanese Susan Boyle
Sexiest Playboy Twins Fall for Chubby Chinese Singer from Britain's Got Talent singing Whitney Houston's - Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You

Playmate hit Taiwan induced chubby upcoming debut open house
Britain's most sexy twins
April 14, 2010 Apple Daily

"Britain's most sexy twins" Lei Ya (left) and Tang Ya bikini interviewed yesterday, showed off impressive on the 32D around. Peng Xinwei photo to the venue: Vega through-the flagship museum

"Britain's sexiest twins," "Playboy" Playmate Leiya and 唐雅法兰奇 (Rea & Tonya French) traveled far away to Taiwan, yesterday accepted "Apple" interview. Read Lin Yu Tang Ya sister group (chubby) red storms in the network, "I will always love you" (I Will Always Love You) video, address him: "He's really good, the British are talking about him, I would like to see his live vocals. "

Blonde hair blue eyes and Tang Ya Lei Ya 23 yrs old this year, to place of birth "twins Essex," the title of his debut, was the British "Nuts" magazine called "the most sexy British twins", also elected in 2008, "Playboy "Mexico's version of Playmate, more recently by the" Playboy "touted by its U.S. headquarters and recommend them to international fame in Taiwan.
152 cm, has a 32D bust proud of them, yesterday's flagship museum in the Vega through-respondents, playing pillow battle, but also not allowed to fight each other face. Since the debut of their claim is self-love, now only for "Playboy," filmed over the nude.
Would like to see vocals

Lin Yu-chun, blockbuster, red to the international.

Chubby red storm last week on the Internet, a global media focus on the sisters to the stage that has seen his film, Tang Ya, said: "I think he is very good, he really, really sing very well. "She said would like to see chubby live vocals.
Chubby twin sisters appreciate hearing yesterday he was flattered to see their sexy photo exclaimed: "My goodness! Even in the United Kingdom so far, so beautiful girls are aware of me, I'm so happy." Like the big breast girl? He said: "I think girls are the seat of your pants."
Like Zhao Ting

However, to them from Jay Chou, Zhao Ting, Ethan Ruan, Jerry Yan and chubby, select the type of love, the sisters have a tacit agreement to pick Zhao Ting, but no election chubby, "For us, he (Xiao Pang) is too too cute and innocent of. " Chubby response: "Never mind, they still praise to me, I will be happy."
They revealed two strong telepathy between the "not so subliminal know what each other was thinking." Small frequent exchange of identity to the other classroom, the teacher, students get lost in a fog playing, parents still often confused who is who.


PLAYBOY Playmate Rea Tonya French "Lin Yu Chun" "Britains Got Talent" "simon cowell" 花花公子 essextwins bodyguard "I Will Always Love You" "Whitney Houston" breast "Susan Boyle" "Dolly Parton" 超級星光大道 蘇珊大嬸 惠妮休斯頓 Britains Talent 台湾 スー ザン・ボイル ホイットニー・ヒューストン ブリテンズ・ゴット・タレント CG 蘋果 動新聞 蘋果動新聞 AppleCGNews mrjyn yt:quality=high youweirdtube whatgetsmehot limbsandthings1 limbsandthings Rea Tonya French
Category: Music
PLAYBOY Susan Boyle Playmate Rea Tonya French Lin Yu Chun Britains Got Talent simon cowell 花花公子 essextwins bodyguard I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston breast Dolly Parton 超級星光大道 蘇珊大嬸 惠妮休斯頓 Britains Talent 台湾 スー ザン・ボイル ホイットニ CG 蘋果 動新聞 蘋果動新聞 AppleCGNews mrjyn yt:quality=high youweirdtube whatgetsmehot limbsandthings1 limbsandthings

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(6 MP3s + Video) Alex Chilton - Take Me Home And Make Me Like It! + Bangkok (Two Favorite Chilton Covers via Favorite Blog: Probe is Turning-on the People)


Take Me Home And Make Me Like It

Free Again
The Singer Not The Song
Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
Summertime Blues
Can't Seem To Make You Mine

Take Me Home And Make Me Like It



session 293 -- LXC '78  
artist: title notes file size
Ork EP:
1. Free Again
2. The Singer Not The Song
3. Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
4. All Of The Time
5. Summertime Blues

Lust/Unlust 45:
6. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
7. Bangkok

one swell foop

simulated recreations:

1-5. Singer Not The Song EP (Ork 81978, 1978); pr. John [sic] Tiven
1. wr. Chilton & Tiven
2. wr. Jagger & Richard
3. w: Chilton, Deluca, Graflund & Davis, m: Chilton & Tiven
4. wr. Chilton & Aldridge
5. wr. Cochran & Capehart

6. Lust/Unlust 1250, 1978; wr. & pr. Chilton
7. Lust/Unlust 1250, 1978; wr. Saxon; pr. Chilton

courtesy GS & MGS

obits by:  Robert Gordon  Jeff Breeze

click pix to enlarge (incl. backsides)



Y'know, I never really understood why there was a whole lotta venom and general animosity directed towards the noted rock critic, fanzine editor, producer and music-maker Jon Tiven throughout the years, even continuing well into these very days long after you would have thought any controversy associated with the man would have fizzled out to the point of oblivion. And of course it's true that perhaps there could have been some anger directed at the man regarding certain opinions directed towards a number of musical acts that some of us may have disagreed with, but that's (at least on the surface) no reason for anybody to call for the man's head like they have. I mean, look at Lenny Kaye who is one of my all-time fave rockscribes, and true he was one of the big champions of such things as garage band rock and its twisted child punk, but even a casual reader of CAVALIER can tell you about the times he would be praising to the rafters everyone from the Grateful Dead to JAMES TAYLOR and yet I never saw anyone comin' for him with the pitchforks and torches! Let's face it, none of the explanations that various rockscribes in the know (Bernard Kugel, Byron Coley...) really explain just why Tiven has been given such a bum rap lo these many years!

And I'm still not comprehendo as to eggsactly what that big feud between Tiven and TEENAGE WASTELAND GAZETTEer Adny Shernoff was all about, and true I've heard stories about how it was a "rich Jew/poor Jew" sorta enmity (sounds like a seventies miniseries!) and somethingorother about a review Tiven wrote that really got Shernoff's Irish in an uproar but let's just say that in typical LOST IN SPACE fashion I do not compute! And howzbout the time when Tiven went to visit noted bigtime rock writer and then-NEW HAVEN ROCK PRESS contributor Richard Meltzer and his then-galpal Roni Hoffman at their En Why See apartment and after that not only would Meltzer not want to have anything to do with the guy, but he continually started berating the Subject in Question whenever he had the opportunity whether it be in his review of Paul Williams' DAS ENERGI in the pages of FUSION, or who could forget Meltzer's letter to Shernoff's own fanzine where we're all let in on the dirty deal behind this meeting which resulted in Tiven only managing to take one bowel movement during the time and not flushing the commode (mechanism was broke...you hadda reach into the tank to pull the chain which Tiven was unaware of), but Meltzer describing the contents of the bowl which, besides his detailing the size and color of the doody in question, we are told contained nary a shred of toilet paper! Of course, insult was added to injury by Shernoff's response regarding how maybe Tiven had either used his hand, or "in an economy move" eaten the toilet paper and how in the more fashionable areas of New Haven it is the duty of the maid to wipe the hineys of family members. (And strange as it may seem, occasionally Meltzer would still be listed amongst the masthead as a "contributing editor" well into the last year of NHRP's run! Go figure!!!)

And there's also the story about how Alex Chilton had threatened Tiven with a serious thrashing after the latter did somethingorother to offend the former Box Top singer (I think it had something to do with the appropriation of Chilton's Ork Records EP tapes and reissuing them with overdubs...memory's kinda hazy on this 'un!) plus a few other things that have been flying about but hey, if anything all of these stories I've heard about Tiven, perhaps because of how vague they are this long after de-facto, not-so-surprisingly enough tend to make me want to sympathize with the man himself! Now I'm sure this is something that would surely arouse the ire of a Tiven-hater such as Bill Shute, but the way I look at it is here's a man who not only created the first real rock & roll fanzine (NEW HAVEN ROCK PRESS which predated WHO PUT THE BOMP! by almost a year, and I dunno if the original CRAWDADDY and MOJO NAVAGATOR could be considered true fanzine-y reads per-se) which helped him springboard to a career as a rock journalist in bigtime publications such as FUSION and ROLLING STONE and who can hate this modern-day Horatio Alger for doing just what a whole generationfulla fanzine upstarts only wish they coulda! Plus, like all of the cool rock writers of the day Tiven also had his own late-seventies punk band (OK, powerpop but we're talkin' "punk" as a strict blow against the established AM/FM-dolt-cum-cover band mentality of the day) so mebbe we should give him just a wee bit of slack for once???

But still the slings and arrow come, and frankly for a guy who hadda dodge more'n a few of those things myself it's kinda like I even have a strange sorta affinity for Tiven. Maybe I'll know better when the comments start rolling in telling me about all the horror stories surrounding the man or maybe not, but for now I gotta say that I'm gonna rah-rah for the guy if only for the fact that he unleashed a long line of NEW HAVEN ROCK PRESS fanzines which do make for advanced rock reading as well as an album by his late-seventies group the Yankees, an act that although nowhere as attention-grabbing as a lotta what was coming outta the garages of USA (and elsewhere) back in the late-seventies sure comes off sweet and smooth a good three decades later! And how often can you say that about a good portion of similar-minded pop-rock of a late-seventies variety? (Well, it's not like I'm exactly an expert on the wide range of power-popping music so maybe I should refrain from that previous statement until I at least slip on my old Pezband album and give it another go 'round.)

Naturally it was that recent arrival of those long-anticipated fanzines at my door and into my life (the one that yielded that boffo SPOONFUL which was reviewed earlier this week!) that got me on my current NEW HAVEN ROCK PRESS kick. Now I've been familiar with the mag before, and in fact I already own about five other issues of this mag which include a good hefty portion of writings from the likes of Meltzer (on Yoko Ono, and I'm surprised that she didn't sue!), Tosches (including the ish where he actually printed Ono's phone number, and there's even an article in an early-seventies CREEM about the time Brian Cullman or one of their lesser-knowns actually got her number from this NHRP, called her up and played a bitta accordian music for the lass!) and Greg Shaw. I don't have the ish which included an actual Fillmore East poster because those go for magnifico bucks these days, but at least I got the one with the free movie and that's gotta account for something!

Free Again by Alex Chilton  
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01 Free Again.mp3 (3575 KB)

The Singer Not The Song by Alex Chilton  
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02 The Singer Not The Song.mp3 (3283 KB)

Take Me Home And Make Me Like It by Alex Chilton  
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03 Take Me Home And Make Me Like It.mp3 (4470 KB)

Summertime Blues by Alex Chilton  
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05 Summertime Blues.mp3 (4051 KB)

Can't Seem To Make You Mine by Alex Chilton  
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06 Can't Seem To Make You Mine.mp3 (4357 KB)

Bangkok by Alex Chilton  
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07 Bangkok.mp3 (3299 KB)

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April 14, 2010

Drugs Driving (German PSA)

Drugs Driving (German PSA)

YouTube's Most Obnoxious Channel (All Pachinko 0823305500)


YouTube's Most Obnoxious Channel Pachinko 0823305500 mrjyn yt:quality=high

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Most Obnoxious YouTube Channel 0823305500 (ALL PACHINKO)

Eureka Roll Swindle

Sexy Japan GT Race Car Girls

posted by Willwolf on Jul 4

Let’s start off with these girls.

Who the heck was the designer for these girls’ costumes? Why kenot see valley wan?

Some guys prefer to take photos with the Race Queens. I prefer to take candid shots. Muahaha

I really wanted to go up to this Race Queen and tell her to adjust her skirt but I don’t know how to translate that to Japanese la. So I let it be lor.

Nice curve. Agree?

Torpedoes armed and ready

Seriously, I’m still wondering whether they’d insert in tissues. Seems out of place le.

Wah, if these were see-thrus …..

Hmm, she must be wondering if there’s anything peeking out. Muahaha

Hmm, “Endless” ah?

Can see? Can see? G-string wor.

Not fair, I tell you. These Race Queen flash her butts to the Japanese photographer while we’re not allowed to take. NOT FAIR!!

See la. One row of RQ for you to take pics.

World cup mari liao

While the guy watches the girls, some guys with me were watching something else.

If only more of our local girls like her to come out and compete with the Race Queens. Hmm, wishful thinking …

For more pics, pergi visit my gallery lor.

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Mindnumbing Queen 37 Crazy Little Thing(s) Called Love (Video and Link from danielnester)

(VIDEO) Christian Freebird Drumstick Guitar Solo

| MySpace Video
The solo starts at around 2:00. If you don't know about ApologetiX, "That Christian Parody Band," then you should read my piece on them at The Morning News. Karl Messner is working on a solo album. Here's hoping he does a drumstick solo when he plays live.

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Seven Strange Meatloafs: John Parr, A1 steak sauce, Brian May, Roger Daltrey, Megan Mullally

Man Eats Girl - The National Tattler (Tabloid Headline)

Slutty blue knit pants made my day - Rato Records Blog (Sylvie à l'Olympia, 1962)

Mannequin Explosion

(Listen) Roberto Benigni Sings Prime Minister Berlusconi (MP3)

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