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March 18, 2010



Knifeproof Earmuffs

12 Arnold Grove, Liverpool. The house where Ge...Image via Wikipedia

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March 14, 2010

Cramps Mudd Club '81- Waitresses Max's Kansas City '82 - Limbs Andthings Videos #Facebook

Limbs Andthings


Cramps Mudd Club '81- Waitresses Max's Kansas City '82 Paul Tschinkel's InnerTube - The Waitresses and The Cramps (via innertubevideo) http://youtube.com/watch?v=6kVSMZCv3Ek http://www.artnewyork.org Paul Tschinkel's innertube, cable public access show, 1981, 1982. Featuring The Waitresses at Irving Plaza and The Cramps at the Mudd Club. http://docs.google.com/View?id=dggkq6m6_8c28f4qcg ... Stupefaction ...: Paul Tschinkel's Innertube - New York Music ... Jul 16, 2009 ... The Waitresses (Irving Plaza) & the Cramps (Mudd Club), 1981 ... those and sharing them - nice to see some additional Max's Kansas City vids ... http://theworldsamess.blogspot.com/2009/07/paul-tschinkels-innertube-new-york.html YouTube - 999 at Irving Plaza (1980) - Paul Tschinkel's InnerTube Model Citizens at Max's Kansas City (1979) - Paul Tschinkel's InnerTube. Added to ... Paul Tschinkel's InnerTube - The Waitresses and The Cramps Added to ... The Cramps - Green Fuzz - Mudd Club NYC 1981 - RIP Lux Interior Added to ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3qNnqII088 Ze Records : %s - Tracklist/Credits He explores venues such as CBGB's, the Mudd Club or Max's Kansas City and, hiding behind the ... soon to be known as Lydia Lunch, occasional cocktail waitress at CBGB's, ... play for every club in town, opening indifferently for Suicide, the Cramps or Mars, ... Sadly, Anya died of cancer in 1981. She was only 26! ... http://www.zerecords.com/release_credits.php?id=395 ... Stupefaction ...: Suicide, Ramones, Senders at Max's Kansas City Mar 10, 2010 ... Thanks to the Max's Kansas City twitter feed, I found out about some .... Tim's book recommendations, reviews, favorite quotes, book clubs, ... http://theworldsamess.blogspot.com/2010/03/suicide-ramones-senders-at-maxs-kansas.html zerecords.com - BUY He explores venues such as CBGB's, the Mudd Club or Max's Kansas City and, ... every club in town, opening indifferently for Suicide, the Cramps or Mars, ... http://www.zerecords.com/popup_release.php?id=394 Punk Rock and New Wave Records - Toll Free Order Line: 1-866-ON ... (Max's Kansas City MKC 8001 LP) $11 EX/VG+ 1981 57878 Liscoe, ..... Wretched ( Stiff USE 9 LP) $18 VG+/VG+ 1980,fan club insert 164065 Plastics: Origato Plastico ...... 124900 VA-Primus,Monks of Doom,Carnival Law,Mud Puppies,Denim TV ,Capture the Flag: .... Pegs" tv theme 164113 Waitresses: Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? ... http://www.vinylrevival.com/lists/punk.shtml Archives > Press > Magazines > Mojo She'd been a Playboy Bunny and a waitress at Max's Kansas City, she'd seen the ..... team which had churned out early '70s hits for The sweet, Mud and Suzi Quatro. .... Harry, whose solo career had started rockily with 1981's much ridiculed, .... I vaguely remembered: Club 82, to me, was a melange of the Dolls , ... http://www.rip-her-to-shreds.com/archive_press_magazines_mojo.php In the 80s - Eighties Clubs From the 80s In it's prime the club was huge and filled to the max. ..... purchased from the cocktail waitresses that wondered in and around the patrons. ... Joe catered to more then just the Punk scene, with bands like The Cramps and Slayer. ...... Mud Club New York City Early 80s. Great punk/yuppie/anybody scene. ... http://www.inthe80s.com/clubs2.shtml Rego Sen - Personal FAVORITE MOVIES: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Bill and Ted's ... Crime and Punishment, Snow Crash, 1984, Brave New World, Between Montmatre and the Mudd Club. ...... The Velvet Underground, Live at Max's Kansas City ... The Waitresses, I Could Rule the World If Only I Could Get the Parts EP ... https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~regosen/index-personal.htm Rock Lists Yellow Swans - At All Ends (Load); Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson In Crime EP ( Memphis Industries) ...... Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress ( Sanctuary) ...... Konk - The Sound Of Konk: Tales of the New York Underground 1981-88 (Soul Jazz) ...... Various - New York New Wave: Max's Kansas City (CBS) ... http://www.fastnbulbous.com/rock.htm [PDF] It Can't Happen Here marching-clubs, to be called the Minute Men. It was probable that they ...... clothes from a nun on the station plaza in Kansas City and chased her, ... http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_44/665000/665721/1/print/ItCantHappenHere.pdf BrothersJudd Blog: April 2003 Archives But while one custom fell Tuesday, the All England Club confirmed that another will remain: ...... Army Sgt. Donald Walters, 33, Kansas City, Mo., combat ... http://brothersjuddblog.com/archives/2003/04/ [PDF] 77teClowns xti Rutherford BUDWEISER GALLO HEARTY BURGUNDY DAB ... Drop In, Carmine S PM. Lyndhurat HaB of | P.M. Meadowlands-81. News Magailne with 7 P.M. Guy Savtao In ...... At Max's Kansas City bar and restaurant in New ... http://www.leaderarchives.com/PDF/1981/May/05-14-1981.pdf paul shinkel innertubevideo SEARCH RES. YouTube http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/videos?q=innertubevideo&client=ytapi-youtube-search&alt=rss&v=2

"Best-of Video states its quality in-title 'THAT CAN'! 10-MINUTE MOTHER-OF-ALL VIDEO COMPILATIONS!"--YouWeirdTube

"Best-of Video states its quality in-title 'THAT CAN'! 10-MINUTE MOTHER-OF-ALL VIDEO COMPILATIONS!"--YouWeirdTube

1. 'wipe yourself' song
2. one baby-armed man subduing bad guy
3. 'this is crack and this is what you smoke it in'
4. psychedelic cartoon
5. ventriloquist shrunken-head kids laughing
6. 'female walk' dance
7. ghostbuster cereal
8 'scared straight' kids school prison field-trip hell
9. japanese voodoo punch bag octopus
10.'bitch killer' with gun gets arm chopped off and scalped (john carpenter music)
11. my dad's stereo air guitar
12. 'rowdy roddy piper' eats telephone book
13. chainsaw vivisection orchestrator
14. Japanese game show conts. hit masked man over head with giant fans
15. McGyver MacGyver 'that guy from tv who can get out of any jam with common products and time travels' watches gladiator fight with star wars' jabba-looking monster
16. Anne-Margret Tommy-style spaghetti dump over head
17. Phillipino gets leg bitten off by albino corocodile
18. Hitler-looking Geek Record Company Employee trashes cubicle full of Gold Records to Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades'
19. That acotor who looks like a Kennedy and Tommy Lee Jones engaged in shotgun mayhem
20. McDonald's looking Stuffed Character and Bumblebee sing song about eating healthy with lots of protein in front of replica of Eiffel Tower
21. Actress from that Paul Reiser sitcom Helen ? gets talked into nasal exploration makeout session
22. Linda Blair Exorcist-style defenestration into schoolyard and broken glass cutting acting-out
23. Weng Weng looking Indian midget smokes joint
24. More Pour-over fetish lady (chocolate sauce)
25. Michael Moore-looking guy shoots body armor-protected guy with high-powered rifle
26. 'Nobody Turns down drugs' kids morph into animated Scooby Doo-looking characters in pursuit of kid who turned down drugs.
27. More Japanese Fan head assault, this time over person dressed in Baseball outfit
28. Pimp-Ho Dialogue
29. Bollywood 'Disco Dancer'
30. Puppet Laughing social mirroring with smoking alligator.
31. pointblank self-inflicted gunshot into armor-protected chest
32. The Drug Abuse Test
33. Legless man takes on Legged man in poolside Karate duel
34. Machine Gun Soldier against Robot
35. Bigfoot VS cougar-Bigfoot Wins
36. 9:06 (you'll just have to see for yourself--I'll say it involves head).
37. 'I succeeded finally in removing your head'
38. More Drug Abuse Test High School Senior Marijuana Faq
39. Osmonds Guitar Solo in Elvis Jumpsuit/spacesuit


Re: do you mind if i upload your amazing 10 minute video weirdness compilation

sorry for the delay, as we are idiots. Please upload and do whatever you wish with Amazing Video Weirdness! Thanks!!!

Highlights from a radical mixtape we made called Amazing Video Weirdness.

CREDITS: Amazing Video Weirdness Full uncut tape available at http://www.crazydavetape.com crazydavetape@yahoo.com CDT CREW 40. MAN SCREAMS, 'YOU SHUT UP'! FIN! DID I MISS ANY? I finally got permission to upload this! I normally don't ask. But it was so good. I wanted to do the right thing. THIS IS IT. THIS IS WEIRD-O 101. DISCLAIMER: I HATE ANYTHING THAT SAYS IT'S 'WEIRD', 'FUNNY', OR 'BEST', SO MUCH SO THAT I rarely even watch it. But there are those few things, hopefully some of mine included, which can and should be allowed, to display the title. This is one of those things. It is the Best-of Video which states its quality in the title 'THAT CAN'! I CAN ONLY NAME ABOUT THREE SOURCES. SEE HOW YOU DO? (THIS IS THE 10-MINUTE VIDEO COMPILATION (MOTHER-OF) WHICH I MEANT TO UPLOAD INSTEAD OF THE ONE WHICH I DID MIS-UPLOAD WHICH GOT ME INTO SO MUCH TROUBLE. Remember? Good. But all I'll say, is that there are no Downs Syndrome Girls in this one combating the red army... And for those of you who actually found that video, and actually liked it, you both have Newfoundland respect with me.


40 Amazing Video Clips 10 Weird Minutes