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January 9, 2010

backstage doin fuck gary weird gonna midwestern memphis super irony stuff doug easley

PETE DRAKE "PETE DRAKE FOREVER" TALK...Image by Mrjyn via Flickr
Keywords are the words in your text that are far more frequent, proportionally, than they are in a general reference corpus (here, the Brown corpus, whose 1 million words comprise 500 texts of 2000 words on a broad range of topics - see Brown freqs).
The number accompanying each word represents the number of times more frequent the word is in your text than it is in the Brown corpus. For example, the first item in the output 502.50 backstage is calculated on the basic that backstage has 2 natural occurrences in the Brown's 1 million words, but 2 occurrences in your 1991-word text. These 2 occurrences are proportionally a lot more than the 2 occurrences in the Brown. Taken as a proportion of 1,000,000 words, these 2 occurrences represent 2/1991 x 1,000,000 = 1005 virtual occurrences. These 1005 occurrences are 502.50 times more numerous than the 2 occurrences in Brown. The keyword list below contains all the words in your text that are at least 10 times'key' a word is likely to be to your input text. more numerous in your text than in the Brown reference corpus (the "keyness factor."). The greater the keyness factor, the more

backstage doin fuck gary weird gonna midwestern memphis super irony stuff bass alex absurd vaguely guys yeah theresa sang studio anyway random anybody orleans linda extra conversation stories please cool gets questions send nice looks nobody probably know remember worth anyone

  • He vaguely even remembered althought not the name the singer guy, although it was the drummer guy who was married to sue million that was nice enough to put me on the list, but back to the boxtops: the fucking weirdest show i ve ever seen, except maybe for james brown on pcp or the time george jones rode off on the back of a motorcycle with a bottle of tequilla in his hand and a 22 year old blonde drivin'. oh, shit it's stuck. yeah,. (27)
  • He was just smilin and lovin it but he smelled blood and the whole place stopped and was seein who was upsettin the oldies star who sang the letter. and then it got downright absurd cuz he was denying ever knowin anybody that was a bouncer, and, the best one was, and even gary from boxtops laughed at this one--that he never knew anyone in memphis who carried a gun, and. (35)
  • He think so that he can, at this point, at least, give us barely perceptible rockstar eyebrow looks as one by one the beef eatin' midwestern middleagers come by and hand him a boxtops record, dj's come up and talk about the show or their station and one woman who hands him a picture of her boyfriend to sign cuz that's the only piece of paper she's got, and on that one he starts to laugh and brings me and theresa in to the exchange and gets about as close to the old evil lx as. (30)
Best words:
  1. gonna (6)
  2. boxtops (5)
  3. whole (5)
  4. stuff (4)
  5. years (4)
  6. couldn (4)
  7. first (4)
  8. questions (4)
  9. weird (4)
  10. remember (3)
  11. thing (3)
  12. place (3)
  13. months (3)
  14. being (3)
  15. oldies (3)
  16. million (3)
  17. having (3)
  18. peggy (2)
  19. theresa (2)
  20. talkin (2)
  21. random (2)
  22. other (2)
  23. might (2)
  24. vaguely (2)
  25. super (2)
  26. couple (2)
  27. stories (2)
  28. conversation (2)
  29. backstage (2)
  30. irony (2)
  31. different (2)
  32. night (2)
  33. playing (2)
  34. people (2)
  35. email (2)
  36. george (2)
  37. midwestern (2)
  38. types (2)
  39. asked (2)
  40. saying (2)
  41. orleans (2)
  42. looks (2)
  43. studio (2)
  44. worth (2)
  45. friend (2)
  46. thought (2)
  47. record (2)
  48. linda (2)
  49. great (2)
  50. absurd (2)
  51. bouncer (2)
  52. mouth (2)
  53. extra (2)
  54. cause (2)
  55. memphis (2)
  56. nicknamed (1)
  57. harold (1)
  58. lemon (1)
  59. wanted (1)
  60. whitey (1)
  61. gails (1)
  62. gotten (1)
  63. tenna (1)
  64. offstage (1)
  65. louisiana (1)
  66. brought (1)
  67. cowart (1)
  68. meaning (1)
  69. boots (1)
  70. floor (1)
  71. father (1)
  72. question (1)
  73. normaled (1)
  74. derringer (1)
  75. leaned (1)
  76. meringue (1)
  77. minutes (1)
  78. wearin (1)
  79. nothin (1)
  80. exponentially (1)
  81. weirder (1)
  82. knowin (1)
  83. griffith (1)
  84. kinda (1)
  85. seventies (1)
  86. barney (1)
  87. smilin (1)
  88. player (1)
  89. lovin (1)
  90. things (1)
  91. problem (1)
  92. bottom (1)
  93. eggleston (1)
  94. chilton (1)
  95. quaalude (1)
  96. maury (1)
  97. start (1)
  98. smelled (1)
  99. blood (1)

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January 3, 2010

Color Coded Bookfriends

the question marks are too big to see anymore clearly except through a matter of time--apologies are arty

poor jll, the only time he get's a big hit in the 80s and he doesn't play piano on it, so he has to stand and sing, which he never does, did, and on top of that wear that suit [which i am conflicted about-- either loving loving it in retrospect for its hip alternative to his usual rock 'n' roll icon status as the original outrageous-dressing {even topping Elvis} cat, to his transformation in the 60s and 70s to the fashion-plate rocker in patent-leather, extra x-toe, custom boot wearin', jordache jean sportin, ruffly tux shirt-- sleeves rolled up above bicep [a style, i myself, dubbed the 'Ferriday Roll' --he's from Ferriday LA--and everybody there does it too...i'm kinda partial to it myself]...all for now

have a nice ride in the cab.