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December 24, 2010

the Santa's Sleigh/Polaroid "crotch shot"

The Case of "Santa's Waffle House Polaroid Crotch Shot" Dist. Court, ND Texas 1998

the Santa's Sleigh/Polaroid "crotch shot"

Tim Mercer also lied about the disgusting incident that took place on a Winnebago being used by management employees for the annual "Santa's Sleigh" program, where Christmas gifts were delivered to the children of the restaurant hourly employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Mercer was sitting next to (or across the aisle from) Therese Scribner. He suddenly 900*900 stuck his Polaroid camera between her legs, put it up under her dress, and snapped a picture of Scribner's crotch.[91] Surprisingly, Tim Mercer admitted at trial that he did "something" with a Polaroid camera involving Therese; but, he then proceeded to lie repeatedly about the incident: he really "didn't intend" to take a crotch picture, and he really just "put the camera down at her leg," not under her dress. According to his next batch of lies, Mercer claimed that "Therese didn't seem unhappy or offended or upset"; that she just grabbed his camera and said, "You nut"; that "we were all taking pictures of each other"; that "it was not disrespect because it was done in a joking manner"; and that afterwards, "we had a blast, a fun time."
The Court then reminded Tim Mercer that he had "told one of the attorneys that the incident with the Polaroid camera was not a violation of the Waffle House Sexual Harassment Policy." Mercer was asked to explain this answer, and he replied:
"MERCER: It sounds real bad, I agree with that now, but it's just at the time it was just a fun — it was just in fun. It was nothing.... We were all crunched up on the couch of a Winnebago and there's not a lot of room in those. I just reached over and stuck it by her legs. I wouldn't even say the camera was between her legs. It would have taken the front part of her knees.
THE COURT: I understand what you said happened. And I'm asking you ... to explain that answer, why was it not a violation of the sexual harassment policy?
MERCER: Well, I mean, I feel like if I had heard that from somebody else, it does not sound good. But I was there and, you know, I did it. I mean, I feel like it was wrong now. It was just — it was just a joke....
THE COURT: Now, I want you to understand what I'm asking you. I want you to tell me why that wasn't a violation of the sexual harassment policy.... Again, do you understand the question I'm asking you?
MERCER: I mean, yes, I do. I don't know how to answer it though.
THE COURT: Well, I'll tell you what I'm writing down here [in my notes] is that you think that did not violate the company sexual harassment policy because it was a joke, it wasn't serious and it was just done in a fun way and therefore, it doesn't violate the policy. Is that your answer?.
The Case of "Santa's Waffle House Polaroid Crotch Shot" Dist. Court, ND Texas 1998 MERCER: I'm sorry, sir. I don't know how else to answer it. I mean, it doesn't sound good."
Larry Cannon, the Area Vice-President, was on this Santa's Sleigh ride and he witnessed this repulsive, demeaning conduct by Tim Mercer — and he also saw Therese Scribner's anger and humiliation. Other Waffle House managers and supervisors were on the Winnebago, too. However, no one reprimanded Mercer or apologized to Therese Scribner, and no one reported Mercer's misconduct to any superior

*MORE Scribner v. Waffle House (because it's the best thing i've ever read)

... asking her, "have you ever been eaten by a man with ice in his mouth?" and "do you want to sit on my face?"
... telling her, "if you ever fucked me, you would never be happy with another man" and "I'd like to eat the lining out of your pussy."
... calling her "little Ms. Big Tits" and "our Dolly Parton, the girl with the big ... smile."
... telling recruits being interviewed for jobs with Waffle House, "Your signing bonus will be a weekend in a hotel with Therese ... in a bikini."
... grabbing her blouse, pulling it out, and leering, "It was driving me crazy to see what those were."
... sticking a Polaroid camera between her legs, and under her dress, and taking a picture of her crotch.
... telling other Waffle House employees that "Therese got so hot and wet that you could throw her panties against the wall and they would stick."
... et cetera.[3]

767 F. Supp. 1205 - Dist. Court, D. Rhode Island, 1991 - Google Scholar
... First, at the 1988 Christmas party, which was held on company premises, several employees
exchanged gifts of a sexual nature ... It says "Big cats are dangerous but a little pussy won't hurt
anyone!" Another photograph, marked as Defendant's Exhibit H4 shows Marsella holding a ...
Cited by 88 - Related articles
778 F. Supp. 1509 - Dist. Court, WD Missouri, 1991 - Google Scholar
... See Defendant's Suggestions, pp. 6-9. [3] Aitkens allegedly took plaintiff and another employee
to lunch at a topless bar; he allegedly told plaintiff upon returning from Christmas vacation that
he "got slippers and pussy for Christmas and both were too big"; and he allegedly once ...
Cited by 7 - Related articles
101 F. Supp. 2d 691 - Dist. Court, ND Illinois, 2000 - Google Scholar
... employees testified that Ms. Davies' speech was embellished with terms such as "fuck," "blowjob,"
"pussy," "cunt," and "bitch"; she recounted lewd jokes, and inquired into "who got laid this weekend,"
she initiated tongue kissing games at the 1995 office Christmas party, and ...
Cited by 2 - Related articles
Dist. Court, D. Maine, 2004 - Google Scholar
... Plaintiff's Additional SMF ¶ 32; Azimi Dep. at 218. Sometime before Christmas 2000 Libby told
Azimi, "You don't eat pork. You don't eat pussy. But if I ate your girlfriend's pussy she would never
go out with you again." Plaintiff's Additional SMF ¶ 33; Azimi Dep. at 219. ...
Related articles
126 F. Supp. 2d 1299 - Dist. Court, D. Hawaii, 1998 - Google Scholar
... On December 29, 1989, while off duty, Fragiao attended a Christmas Party held at the Keaau
Community Center ... On that day, according to Fragiao, Otani drove by the construction site and
yelled to Fragiao: "You f'ing pussy." Plaintiff's Concise Statement of Facts, p. 3. When Otani ...
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895 F. Supp. 375 - Dist. Court, D. Massachusetts, 1995 - Google Scholar
... My prick is stiff looking at you with that fat dildo ready to plunge into your pussy." The letter
continues with similarly graphic language ... testified that Cronin admitted writing the letter, that Cronin
began crying, gave Valli the night off, and offered him $1,000 for Christmas gifts for his ...
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Dist. Court, WD North Carolina, 2009 - Google Scholar
... Kessel told staff members that he was "glad his wife had a C-section because she still had such
a nice tight pussy." (Waechter Dep. ... At a Christmas luncheon where the Fairbrook staff exchanged
gifts, Kessel received a breast-shaped stress ball as a "gag gift" from the Fairbrook ...
Related articles
609 F. 3d 1170 - Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, 2010 - Google Scholar
... However, she asked him to leave again, which he did, a few days after Christmas. ... Spencer then
stood up, lifted Karen's nightgown, told her to "show your boy your pussy," and then slapped her
head against the concrete wall of the house, as she begged Spencer to stop. ...
Cited by 3 - Related articles
Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, 2010 - Google Scholar
... However, she asked him to leave again, which he did, a few days after Christmas. ... Spencer then
stood up, lifted Karen's nightgown, told her to "show your boy your pussy," and then slapped her
head against the concrete wall of the house, as she begged Spencer to stop. ...
Related articles
193 F. Supp. 2d 636 - Dist. Court, ED New York, 2002 - Google Scholar
... After SIUH acquired CHAPS, Marvelli claims that Huie complained to her that he had bought
his girlfriend an expensive Christmas present, and he had not received "pussy" in return. After
complaining about his sex life, Huie told Marvelli that Huie was going to rape his girlfriend. ...

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