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August 14, 2010

(video) Andy Kaufman Teaches Memphis About 'Soap' and other Indignities uploaded by YouWeirdTube to YouTube

Andy Kaufman Teaches Memphis About 'Soap' and other Indignities

I believe this has the famous "I'm from Hollywood" Line also. http://post.ly/rYZW which are possibly the funniest thing (and one of the rarest--having only been broadcast on regional local Memphis Affiliate TV Stations during the period of time when he was spending increasing amounts of time practicing the art of Southern Wrestling/self-promotion (during which point he initiated his career-defining Woman-Wrestling act). Whatever. It's so funny that you are excused if you become slightly incontinent.

Andy Kaufman: Start Caption Text:
Andy Kaufman Teaches Memphis About 'Soap' and other Indignities
the ladies and gentlemen
I mean he's not been as of course most of you know
%uh I have a lot of unfinished business in itself
first and foremost in my mind is taking care of them who really jerry weller
I really want to take care of him that's most important
I'm going to put that on the back burner for now
I want to talk to you people out there the people who live there and hear the sounds of the goals sound force in the united states
our culture
I want to help
every week
I'm going to be coming on here on the station
I'm going to give you the answers
about how you can bet your life
and how I could
review up
from the level that you're in right now
and bring you up from this Wall
but you're living in the government garbage
the new laws are
after release
tracey said
this is
%uh was related to any of you
I know that you probably don't know what this is that probably you haven't ever seen one of these before but it is called so that fact you're sitting at home and the community
karen yesterday
all say
say so as so many things
not sell
not cycle
you know if that's true these talking about weeks of behavior
the people
the you have disagreed scenes line the
I mean I don't want to shake it you know you ask him for an autograph on signed an autograph but please don't put it in and shake it
and so you can't wash your hands on his way to with your hands
and what so
wasz wrote tour of italian hands and
rub it around
and your hands and get clean
this is as old as far as I'm concerned he did have a place to year
now you ladies out there
the race
harold ickes terrible he grows out of a woman's armpit
on a woman's away
and let me tell you something you raise I have been down traveling on the stump issuing the shorts and I see some of the harriers legs with the people in the room
the take a razor
and you shady be a shame under the armpit and you shared up though they'd like to ask the street
at believe he did
you probably may not be aware of this but this is a very big problem itself
val dollars know the extent to which doesn't know what his goals
gnow that
our terrible
ladies and gentlemen
tara paper
houses radiates
said we don't take shallow waters up
don't know how to brush our teeth
you know that my house that
and I'm sure he would walk down the street and people want
so we have it is a whole other end is buying and using the people
should you did not say I guarantee you
the belarus top but fell know it will bring the snow up to a level so that at least the air wouldn't sell
will be almost reasonable
the price of a gallon of gas let me ask you
doctor you have to

I thought you were going to inform us on something we didn't know like it was natural.

While you are holding that razor, my legs are real hairy, uh uh, can you shave my legs? * Hans .

Eichinger What a way to build up the heat!

This is beautiful! * Marjorie Michel dommage, pkoi en anglais,,,,, * Rachel Anne Lisi ohhhh Andy :) * Lesli Michelle Wilcox God.

I love him. * Bill Monk Talk about life on the edge. * Giovanni Lino Zaniol.

I saw that whole Lawler Kaufman feud.

What a classic.

McMahon could never pull something like that off.

(Apparently he was offered to do that angle on his TV show but he declined.

What a chickenshit!!) * Alan Pritchard you yanks certainly know how to live in peace with yer fellow pikies * Scott Spencer Hey now... * Bad Vuggum ANDY...U LEFT US FAR SOON !!!!!!! * Jim McPherson.

I think the wrestling women act was before he went into full wrestling.

For full details on this, you should read one of the books on Andy.

I may have this wrong, but.

I think at one of the last David Letterman appearances ( about wrestling) he was asked about all the insults he had made toward the South and he said "It was all just teasing and fun." or "It was all just teasing IN fun."

The guy even had a secret identity.


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