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July 17, 2010

(video) Salvador Dali Wants Ursula Andress...FROZEN!


Salvador Dali Wants Ursula Andress...FROZEN!

http://post.ly/ncuS Sandie Shaw presents this Meeting of Dali and Andress while she was shooting the film: "Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine" from the Wonderful 'Dim Dam Dom' (more DDD on this channel http://youtu.be/HGOMbR8jGkk
On the occasion of the movie "The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China " with Ursula Andress and Jean Paul Belmondo , Salvador Dali gives his opinion on the actress Ursula Andress . It envisages the possibility of freezing Ursula .

Salvador Dali : à propos d'Ursula Andress
Dim Dam Dom - 28/10/1965 A l'occasion de la sortie du film "Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine" avec Ursula Andress et Jean Paul BELMONDO, Salvador DALI donne son avis sur l'actrice Ursula Andress. Il envisage la possibilité de congeler Ursula.

Seligmann , Guy
Galard , Daisy
Dali , Salvador
Presenter :
Shaw , Sandie


NIGHT: What is the easiest way to capture the public's attention?
LEAR: Shock them. Salvador Dali told me, "When you meet somebody, kick him in the shinbone. They'll always remember it. Because it hurts like hell. If when you meet somebody you kiss them, you greet them, you offer them a drink, they'll never remember you because everybody does that. But they will always remember, even thirty years later, that son of a bitch who kicked your shinbone. That they will remember." That image was verystrong in me. I realized that if you want to make an impression, you have to shock people. Whatever you do.be a murderer, set fire to the hotel, say something that will really shock, talk dirty, whatever.do something that willattract attention.

NIGHT: Who did you want to meet but was then disappointed by when you did meet?
LEAR: Like everybody else, I like to meet some celebrities. But you are disappointed every time. Every time you meet a celebrity, you are disappointed. Because they are shorter than you think.they are older than you think.they are not as nice as you think. Their image very, very seldom corresponds completely to the real thing. I remember meeting Gina Lollobrigida, or Ursula Andress, or Madonna, and always,"Oh, my god. She is so short. Is that all there is to it?" You are always disappointed every time.

NIGHT: Have you hoped your life would turn in a positive direction by meeting a celebrity?
LEAR: No. But meeting a celebrity is something that would never happen to me. I would never queue or fight my way to go near some Pop Star or some Superstar, or to get an autograph. That's not me. But I understand
that people do it and they think that their life has changed. "She touched me. Look! She wrote my name. I saw her up close. She is so beautiful." People are completely star struck. Not me. To me it would have to be a religious thing. I might get that way with the Pope. Last week I went to the Vatican in Rome, and I didn't meet the Pope, but I met the Monsignor, who is closest to the Pope, he is like the Pope's right hand, and we had a long talk, over an hour, all alone, in a beautiful little chapel in the Vatican. It was a fascinating experience, I must say. I felt very close suddenly to spirituality and to that very center of our religion. Perhaps because of what happened to me, it is true that I have become more into religion than I used to be. I am a Catholic. I believe in God.

Votre carrière est lancée et vous défilez pour les plus grands noms de la haute couture à Paris, parmi lesquels Paco Rabanne et Yves Saint-Laurent. C'est à cette période que vous rencontrez celui qui sera votre premier Pygmalion, l'immense Salvador Dali. Gala n'est pas sa seule muse : il fait de vous son égérie, et sa plus proche amie, pendant plus de quinze ans.
Cette époque faste et heureuse aux côtés de l'un des génies les plus extravagants de la peinture, de cet être complexe et chatoyant, dont vous assistiez à toutes les métamorphoses, personnage fascinant, provocant en public, mais aussi heureux et tendre, en privé, comme vous l'avez brillamment retracé dans votre ouvrage Mon Dali.celle qui a nourri votre fascination pour Salvador Dali, je veux bien sûr parler de votre don pour la peinture. Don que votre Pygmalion reconnut après de très longues années, du bout des lèvres, sans doute perturbé de vous voir réussir dans cet art qui, selon lui, n'était pas une affaire de femmes !


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