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July 17, 2010

(Video) Dali Venus with Drawers, Dali Ursula Andress, Kutti Pi, responses to Daliology Paganini Crayfish

http://whatgetsmehot.posterous.com/kuti-pi-goat-fetus-or-roti-vs-wade-0 Food Taboos: It's All a Matter Of Taste
—In the United States many people celebrate
Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner. But party hosts in other parts of the world often mark their special events by dishing out more unusual fare.
In southern India, for example, a big Sunday lunch among the Anglo-Indian community might feature the local delicacy kutti pi—a cooked animal fetus.
Take a trip to the markets and see how one woman convinces wary butchers to sell her this taboo meat, then witness her guests' reactions to a dish made from unborn goat.

Kutti pi (prounounced 'cootie-pie') is a dish from the Anglo-Indian cuisine, consisting of the flesh of an unborn fetus from an animal. It is unique to the Anglo-Indian community, where it is considered a delicacy despite being abhorred as taboo by both parent cultures.

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