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July 15, 2010

(video) 5th Grade Teacher Sends Sex Tape Home...with Class!

5th Grade Teacher Sends Sex Tape Home...with Class!

This fantasy 'Hot for Teacher' sex tape incident may be too steamy for *Facebook...IT WAS A MISTAKE! Apparently all of my videos are being screened in the Facebook lounge and simultaneously, the Vatican (and God knows they should know).

But even though they have a shelf life somewhere between a tweet and a stripper girlfriend and I retain my Walinda status of video presentation edging closer to the proscenium in a Zarathustra Dance of wild disinhibition, I'd just like to say, "IF YOU CARE ABOUT FREEDOM AND CENSORSHIP AND IGNORANT PEOPLE DECIDING WHAT YOU SHOULD WATCH...WATCH THIS VIDEO".

This is the story of how sometimes when you're uploading a video it can turn into something totally different and unintended, and cause a fir-storm of misunderstanding between you and those that were initially targeted as its audience (sometimes even putting your career at stake--or in my case, certainly, at least my hobby).

Yes, Crystal Defanti masturbating on the couch in pixilated reverie is akin to both my service and pleausre.

Oh, and if you think my last removed video 'Hot D'Or' was removed fora bared breast on la Croissete, you'd be wrong. I made the mistake of writing a critical comment about Facebook's absurd Social Plugin Connect System the day before...probably just coincidence.

*or the assholes that report my videos to Facebook

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