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July 17, 2010

Sonny Barger Facet Checkin' In with 1969 Hydes Angels Update:THIS IS NOT! REPEAT NOT!!! FOOTAGE FROM ALTAMONT...Comment posted on "Rolling Stones Hells Angels Altamont"

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daubreyjaneweirdsley has made a comment on Rolling Stones Hells Angels Altamont (Unreleased French): i don't know dude, you might be right, but ina.fr (who own the fuckin' footage listed it that way) nah, slim, them ain't teddy boys, them's cranked up killin' machines


Sonny Barger Checkin' In with 1969 Hydes Angels Update: THIS IS NOT! REPEAT NOT!!! FOOTAGE FROM ALTAMONT...Comment posted on "Rolling Stones Hells Angels Altamont" THIS IS NOT!!!!! REPEAT NOT!!! FOOTAGE FROM ALTAMONT.When Cutler asked how they would like to be paid, William replied, "we like beer."[8] In the documentary Gimme Shelter Sonny Barger states that the Hells Angels were not interested in policing the event, and that organizers had told him that he and his fellow Angels would be required to do little more than sit on the edge of the stage and drink beer and just make sure there weren't any murders or rapes going on. Other accounts[who?] also state that the initial arrangement was for the Hells Angels to watch over the equipment, but that Cutler later moved them, and their beer, near the stage to placate them or to protect the stage.[citation REPEAT NOT!!! FOOTAGE FROM ALTAMONT] THIS IS FOOTAGE FROM THE FREE CONCERT IN LONDON'S HYDE PARKSince Ken Kesey had invited the Hells Angels to one of his outdoor Acid Tests, the bikers had been perceived by the hippies as akin to "noble savages".[9] They were considered "outlaw brothers of the counterculture". They had provided security at Grateful Dead shows without reported violence. Further, the Rolling Stones may have been misled by their experience with a British contingent of self-described "Hells Angels", a non-outlaw group of admirers of American biker-gear, who had provided nonviolent security at a free concert the Stones had given earlier that year in Hyde Park, London.[9][6]), but Rock Scully remembers explaining to the Stones what the 'real' Angels were like after watching the Hyde Park concert.[6] Cutler claims he never had any illusions about the nature of Californian Hell's Angels ("That’s another canard foisted on the world by the press", he said IN 1969 BEFORE THE STONES EMBARKED ON THEIR AMERICAN LEG OF THE 69' TOUR WHICH ENDED AT ALTAMONT. LIMBSANDTHINGS GET IT RIGHT!!!

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