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July 17, 2010

The Merry Carousel (Russian Cartoon)

Songs from multzhurnala " Merry Carousel
Nostalgic familiar musical screensaver with a rotating carousel between subjects cartoon magazine "The Merry Carousel for its popularity can compete with the melody that plays during the credits "Well , wait a minute ! " . Such recognition is clear and understandable to the people's love of good , fun and instructive cartoons magazine .
Animated magazine "The Merry Carousel " carried a dual function : a collection of great cartoons for children and an opportunity for young filmmakers to make their first pictures. Everyone knows cartoons " Antoshka ", "Two gay goose ", "We shared an orange ", "Who is grazing in the meadow ", " The Princess and the man-eater ", " Hamster - Silent ", " Confusion " etc. When creating animations frequently used unusual and innovative animation technologies .

Despite the simplicity of presentation , many series contain a profound philosophy of life. Perhaps because of the heterogeneity and flashy childlike cartoons proper evaluation of the log has not yet been made. If we carefully review the cartoons , for example , of the 10 release, it turns out that the rat Anfisa received as a gift (free of charge and without effort ), new shoes , a matter between them ... eats , and obviously not from hunger. And in the next plot - really wants to shine Firefly neighbors inhabitants driven from their faded and gloomy existence : " want to live - put out the light . This is followed by Cartoon Butterfly and Tiger " date of its allegory . Judge for yourself - a striped mattress Tiger (in fact , the usual litter ), using the absence of the host, strikes fear and terror to all the inhabitants of the zoo and, moreover , the neighbors have to flee from his oppression. But he returned the tiger striped mattress and again turns into the usual litter .


"The Merry Carousel "- the animated series , survivor , existed from 1969 to 2002. In this issue of this journal (33 series) was composed of 2-4 shorts by different authors . remained unchanged , only the song- saver :

Carousel , the carousel starts the story .
These are tales , songs and fun!
Carousel, a carousel - a joy for us,
Take a ride on our carousel !

By many subjects to music written by famous children's composer Vladimir Shainskiy The author of many poems is Emma Moshkovskaya


Screen Carousel





Two gay goose


Red, red-haired, freckled http://narod.ru/disk/20242132000/Kto_Pasyotsya_Na_Lugu.MP3.html

Far, far away , in the meadow to graze ...


We shared an orange http://narod.ru/disk/20242274000/Princessa.MP3.html

The Princess and the ogre http://narod.ru/disk/20242339000/pro_lyagushonka.MP3.html

Frog so good





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