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July 14, 2010

IT'S BACK! #1 BEST New Wave Country German Techno Country #video

IT'S BACK! #1 BEST New Wave Country German 0s Techno Country #video #YouTube @mrjyn #limbsandthings1


My job here's done! If you've ever liked one of my videos even a little, say hello to Tex Haper's "New Wave Country" OR Country New Wave... IT'S BACK! ... whichever you prefer (cunt. below)

(cunt. from above)

If the YT vigilantes find a nipple in my ouevre tomorrow and I'm shut down yet again, it will all be worth it after uploading this! After having tasted Glory from its first home on my first YT Channel, to reinstate its supremacy as the UBER-brilliant, One-of-a-kind Dictator of all Country/Electronica/NewAve Songs sung in German which have come before it, and I predict, which are yet to be composed and recorded. Thanks YT and thanks FB. You werea worthy opponents, but I am the victor!

This goes out to all my long-suffering Angels in the MP4 trenches. And I hope it marks the dawning of new and fertile days to come as we toil in the link fields of golden light.


Limbs AndThings

New Wave Country (80s German Break-Dancing Techno Country)

On 2 May, 2010 LAT did successfully import his most treasured video to his third profile!

Witnessed by:

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#1 BEST New Wave Country German 0s Techno Country #video #YouTube @mrjyn #limbsandthings1

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