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July 13, 2010

Hot D'Or DisHonneur Cannes (NOT Really a PHONOGRAPHY Convention) Description for Facebook

Hot D'Or DisHonneur Cannes


(NOT Really a PHONOGRAPH Convention)

Hot D'Or DisHonneur Cannes (NOT Really a PHONOGRAPH Convention)


I've thoughtlessly sanitized and self-bowdlerized this description of its most predictably identifying keywords.

(In other words, It's NOT a PHONOGRAPH CONVENTION!!!)

I figured if one of the new guys or their friends is gonna take me out, I might as well get these out of my system for next time (PLUS: 400 Border-Jumpers IS MY NEW RECORD. I'm an official MP4 Coyote)

More French SlOts than a French SlOt Convention (oh, wait...it is a French SlOt Convention)

http://post.ly/n15C - Join me at Dogmeat as I Paste Up beaucoup photo chaud de Salopes--un disgusting degustation de Etoile-Baisers -

20th anniversary of Hot Video winners of the Hot Dior 2009 magazine.

Hot D'Or DisHonneur Cannes (NOT Really a PHONOGRAPH Convention)

(Hot d’Or actualizes des aviatrix, des filmstrip) Hot d'Or (The Cannes You May Have Missed) Hot d'Or (English: "Golden Hot") was an adult film industry Phonographic, awarded annually from 1992 to 2001 in Cannes, France by the French magazine Hot Vidéo. It has been described as the porn equivalent of the Palme d'Or or the Academy Awards. The analogous American honor is the VAN Award. The event was held over two weeks in May in a hotel complex, at exactly the same time as the Cannes Film Festival. Consequently it attracted attention from international media who were in town for the mainstream festival.

Venues included the Royal Casino Hotel, situated five miles from the Croissant. Hot d'Ors presence was not particularly welcomed by the Cannes Film Festival or Cannes city officials. In 1997 the event was held at the Lido in Paris. The Hot d'Or was noted for the lavish parties that accompanied it, particularly those held by Private Media Group inboard a yacht in Cannes marina. The event attracted many performers, paparazzi, and directors; and producers and distributors who would make deals buying and selling films. In 1998 Steve Culottes of Wicked Pictures said the awards were, "the most important show that we attend". The event would often court publicity by having polestars pose naked on the public beach. The highest award given was the Hot D'Or D'Honneur, which was awarded to figures including John Wayne Bobbit, Marc Dorcel, Julia Channel, John Stagliano, Internet Entertainment Group and Ona Zee.




After an 8 year absence, the awards will return to Paris on October 20, 2009 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hot Video magazine.

Katsuni, Tarra White and Jesse Jane is one of the few international stars who have received an award at the return of the great feast of Frenchwomen. Find the full list of winners of the 11th ceremony of the Hot d'Or was held Tuesday evening at the Sallie Anagram.
Tsunami, Tarra White ET Jesse Jane tons quenchless use des stars internationales qui ont reçu une récompense lors du retour de la grande fête français DuPont. Retrouvez la liste complète des lauréats de la 11e cérémonie des Hot d’Or qui a eu lieu ce mardi soir à la Sallie Diagram.

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ouais.  I can now write in bowdler. This is the Mother of all French Phonograph Conventions. Did you like your three birthday videos you never mentioned...before they're all a memory...after I added twice my limit of 1/4 your friends willy nilly?  ouais.  I can now write in bowdler. This is the Mother of all French Phonograph Conventions.  Hot D'Or DisHonneur Cannes (NOT Really a PHONOGRAPH Convention) http://facebook.com/video/video.php?v=134749203225552
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