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July 16, 2010

Chupacabra scare after another in the U.S. killed two dogs in the same state prosperous and media

Often disturb the media around the United States , unidentified animal chupacabra . "The blood-sucking goat " named after the Spanish Chupacabra that has been reported many sightings in North and South America so far. Some of the animals Chupakaburarashiki " captured " and reportedly has delivered , they are seen as likely for a dog or coyote , the proof of existence has not come yet . Hence the "mystery" that the world as headlines , and was captured in Texas after another recently , it has been talked about a lot of U.S. media .

The Chupacabra has attracted attention in the Hood County in north Texas . During the last week, " Chupacabra caught killing " 2 information is reported to have buzz in the U.S.. Fort Sutatereguramu U.S. newspaper said , eyes caught one fish on July 7 . " gray animal with a thin skin "and I saw a local man brought into the barn and called Animal Control Center staff . Inside the men and officers that were killed Kita Tame take the offensive .

For the animal , "It's ugly , really ugly "( the NBC broadcast from Dallas-Fort Worth ), officials said. Meanwhile, more men a few days later , a friend and animal pictures show a " Chupacabra caught " and said so , so very sorry that I killed . July 9 , two days later , but this time on a ranch in Hood County, about 13 miles away the same , will bring information Chupacabra caught again .

Rancher woman where she lived for 30 years that is a few weeks , they saw strange animals roaming around glabrous . Women often appear familiar with Coyote , " at least I have never seen , " said the animal is approaching towards the house so finally this day . Because the yard for a pet kitten was , " approaching want , " I thought the woman , asking her son shot the animal . The animals were仕留Me is slightly hairy and along the spine , " strong legs and sharp claws "She might have . The figure is a woman "触Ritakunakatta " that he said was bizarre enough .

Even more here , sending photos via e-mail to a friend hunting my son. This friend , " I chupacabra , " he said , seems to believe it was my son . These two dogs animal control center for a DNA expert from Texas A & M is sent to the University , has been under investigation .

But doctors saw a sample of college is " what Coyote hybrids , " and has expressed the view , this discovery also likely Chupacabra reach . Still, as far as the rise of these parties and the media , controversy still Chupacabra U.S. is not likely that a decline .

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