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December 4, 2009

Breakdancing Robot Robocon

Tiger Woods Girlfriends Strip Club Cartoon (Chinese)

Tiger Woods Girlfriends Strip Club Cartoon (Chinese)
December 04, 2009
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Tiger Woods Girlfriends Strip Club Cartoon (Chinese)
Woods three ganging up nightclub queen split
33-year-old Woods, an indirect recognition of the extra-marital affairs, but also heavily compensate for his wife Irene (right), but whether their marriage into the first six years, yet to be tested.

Roundup King of Woods, golf (Tiger Woods) more and more lively affair, No. 3, "Tiger Girl" yesterday also exposed, is active in the community Kali Ka Las Vegas nightclub. Tiger Woods official website yesterday also issued a statement acknowledging the "derailed" (transgressions), and "private sin" (personal sins), but the vague wording did not state the sex scandal and the accident details, gossip Web site that there is more yet to exposure of "Tiger Girl. "

Woods said: "I let my family down, I sincerely repent of those derailed behavior, my own values and expectations of the family I can do, all is not sincere. I am not infallible, far from perfect there is a serious insufficient. "Woods said he was a public figure, but the" private sin "and the situation within the family is no need to be made public. Finally he said: "I promise you would be a better person, a good husband, good father. For all these years has been supporting me, I deeply apologize one last time."
More than 640 million breakup fee

In addition to 3 degrees at the individual's official website issued a brief statement, Woods wife a week has remained silent. "Chicago Sun-Times" (Chicago Sun-Times) yesterday broke the news, his wife, Irene Woods (Elin) due to compensation of up to seven-digit import accounts, would tell the same side of Woods.
"Chicago Sun-Times," said sources Woods agreed to amend the pre-marital agreement, the original more than 10 years of marriage break-up fee 20 million U.S. dollars (about 642.6 million NT) clauses, term will be shortened, break-up fee will increase. Woods husband and wife staying at home because every day at home to receive professional marriage counseling.
29-year-old native of Sweden, Irene, and Woods, married for five years, pre-marital part-time model, golf champion Jesper Parnevik, Sweden (J. Parnevik), when at home when the nanny through introduced to Woods, and in 2004 married . The two married loving, father of 2-year-old daughter Alexandra (Sam), 9-month-old son, Charlie (Charlie), so that the perfect love of Woods's image in people's minds at home.

Woods first came the object of scandal in New York nightclubs Wu Qitai female public relations, she has been labeled the number one media, "Tiger Lady." However, Woods announced the day before leaving on the 2nd "Tiger Girl" Gelabusi telephone voice of the "US Weekly" said Eileen Woods steal suspicious early on, Woods well aware quickly unmasked only calls at Ge La Busi help get rid of evidence.
American public relations expert Hans Gunther (R. Hanser) suggested Woods frank: "To tell the truth as soon as possible to every detail, people can not make up more bad rumors, but fans are tolerant, no scandal withstand the test of time, we will later I remember not the Woods have extramarital affairs, but his sincerity dishonest. "
Breakdown Tiger Girl Tiger's Mistress

Tiger Girl No.3
Kali Ka 27-year-old
Kalika Moquin

Las Vegas nightclub coffee can often find her at the party. Mirage hotel in 2007 as a bar waitress, so, and Woods met. Reportedly very stable relations between the two is the most important long-term 劈腿 object Woods. Their last meet was in October stayed in the Woods, a senior hotel presidential suite.
Tiger Girl No.2
Gelabusi 24-year-old
Jaimee Grubbs

Los Angeles bar waitress, to the "U.S. Weekly" broke the news from the April 2007 after meeting with Woods, the two persist for more than 31 months, extra-marital affairs, there were 20 sexual relations with more than 300 mobile phone SMS passions. Her colleagues had to show off the relationship with Woods, and Woods played the voice message, the content is to ask her a newsletter before deleting the name, so his wife suspicious.
Tiger Girl No.1
Wu Qitai 34 years old
Rachel Uchitel

New York nightclub female public relations, on many occasions, and Tiger Woods at the hotel, secret meeting, and suspected the same tour of Australia. Woods, a car accident the evening, reportedly is to quarrel with her and his wife Eileen. Wu Qitai, and Woods has said that "almost do not know, even friends are not, we saw over two times." And strongly denied, and Woods went to bed yesterday promoted, recognized and Tiger Woods has more than a friend's feelings, but still insisted that no sexual relations. She said that today would be holding a press conference to explain it.

December 2, 2009

Monkeys Ride Collies

Monkeys (Sam, Bob, George) Ride Collies (Video YouTube whatgetsmehot) Team Ghost Riders Payson Rodeo

Team Ghost Riders 125th Annual Payson Rodeo

Payson, Arizona


Team Ghost Riders is an entertainment act that travels around the country consisting of South American monkeys riding border collies herding sheep

via: http://www.youtube.com/user/azsunsfan
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Monkeys Rde Collies "team ghost riders" "payson arizona" rodeo monkey "border colley" whatgetsmeho mrjyn @whatgetsmehot @mrjyn @nichopoulouzo @julystars @siggieggertsson azsunsfan

Marilyn Monroe Marijuana


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November 30, 2009

Sea of Shoes on the News

Chanel S.A.Image via Wikipedia
(VIDEO) Jane Aldridge Sea of Shoes: Dallas Does Deb - 19th Le Bal Des Debutantes Hôtel de Crillon Paris, France

Rehearsal:19th annual 'le Bal' (Le Bal Des Debutantes) held at the Hotel de Crillon, in Paris, France Jane Aldridge USA wearing Chanel haute couture dress Princess Adishree Singh Alix de Gramont Angelica Hicks Antonella de Lutio  Ariel Ho-Kjaer  Aslisah A by you.

Jane Aldridge (wearing Chanel haute couture), Princess Adishree Singh, Alix de Gramont, Angelica Hicks, Antonella de Lutio, Ariel Ho-Kjaer, Aslisah Alkoclar, Autumn Whitaker, Carinthia Pearson, Cosima Sarno-Pigozzi, Dakota Warde-Levie, Francesca Eastwood, Georgina Roberston, Jasmine Li, Johanna Piaton, Lady Kitty Spencer, Marie-Victoire de Kergorlay, Natalia Zobel, Pandora Pearson, Sasha Novikova, Tatiana Shin-Botin, Victoria Aristeguieta Garcia-Lujan, Victoria Frey, Virginia Tournon

Le Bal
Le Bal Des Debutantes


Sea of Shoes News

Sea of Shoes News

Sea of Shoes'  Blog Author JANE ALDRIDGE
KDAF 'The 33 News'
Dallas, TX
[orig. air date: 4.13.09]

'On Tuesday night this little short about Sea of Shoes aired on Channel 33! I missed it in real time unfortunately because I don't have a TV but it's online now! But wow, very honored and very excited...I am really rockin' the double chin! LOL. Okay. Sorry, I am just so self-conscious about being filmed! Thanks to my friend Maury for uploading this-he also did a nice write up which I am going to put up here:'

Jane Aldridge Sea of Shoes: Dallas Does Deb
On the eve of Jane's entree into adulthood I thought I'd UPDATE my description and include a few LINKS for JANEOPHILES: 

Jane Aldridge in her first televised interview is calm, composed, and at home (literally). She is unfazed, but not immune to scrutiny. Her media experience includes articles and interviews in fashion staples from Teen Vogue to French Glamour, and Sea of Shoes blog is linked daily by thousands of readers who seek her every mention.

JANE BITES: Most hits in a day? [61,000]
Kanye West Boot-y call: [Maybe]

Her personal collection of shoes include those from designers exotic, avant-garde, and always-chic, this side of Paris [France, not Texas]. Jane's shoes artfully park in their own showroom her--bedroom closet, awaiting her selection du jour for their big break, a photo layout in SOS, whose repercussions, one imagines, inspire serious late night sole-searching sessions, like: Who has more hits? or Who's a played-out pump from the early 07s?

Jane, with insight beyond her years, and an easy Texas laugh appropriate to them, credits Mom for inspiration and an early initiation into High Fashion by Kabuki.

This three-minute clip, accompanied by Kanye West's 'Love Lockdown' conceived as an human interest peek into Jane's closet, finds Jane cobbling absurdity into Zen stilettos. Jane (with a twinkle) ends: 'If I were a shoe...' selecting a chic 2009 Alaïa [a-LIE-a] Maryjane-on-steroids and anthropomorphizing it with only a modicum of detectable Texas bullshit which would normally define superfluity, but which here transforms High School student-Jane into superhero-Shoenami-J!

While cynical observers doubt her Wunderkind street-cred, it seems her age is proving her assets in the quixotic flux of the world which she chronicles and inhabits. The naysayers and omnipresent critics are eclipsed and sloughed off by their coequal but less conspicuous fans whose gallery Jane spies as if from the disguised eye of her favorite creature, the octopus, sometimes camouflaged but always employing all eight arms in an acquisitive feeding frenzy from which no predation dare distract.'--whatGetsMeHot