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October 24, 2009

Bill Haley (1979-London) Me and Bobby McGee - Bill Haley (last show) Dailymotion

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Gittin Spooked Gits me hawt

Good ol' anonymous Dan, apparently a GlyphJockey regular reader, has returned with another splendid eclectic mix of Hallowe'en hits
Link at pickaxeinyourskull

Halloween Weak (VIDEOS - OVER 25) Greatest Halloween Videos of All Time From The 'What Gets Me Hot' visualguidanceltd.blogspot.com 10,000 Video Arc

Halloween Weak:
Greatest Halloween Videos of All Time
The Collection of
What Gets Me Hot 
on the 
One Year Anniversary
of Its Domain:



Queen Dora: Witch's Egg : HALLOWEEN

OVER 20 

Burn: Marlon Brando's Favorite Movie - Gillo Pontecorvo

ORLANDO, FL - AUGUST 14:  Celebrity impersonat...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.James Ba...Image via Wikipedia
Marlon Brando's Favorite Movie -
Cropped screenshot of Marlon Brando from the t...Image via Wikipedia
Gillo Pontecorvo
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She claims to be the sister of the king of rock and roll and she believes Elvis Presley is still alive.

Elvis in 1970Image via Wikipedia
She claims to be the sister of the king of rock and roll and she believes Elvis Presley is still alive.
Eliza Presley was adopted at birth and says when she started a mission to find out who her biological parents were, she never imagined her journey would take her to Memphis.
ok-magazine-michael-jackson-death-photoImage by what gets me hot via Flickr
What stunned her even more was that after some DNA comparisons, Eliza said she learned she was not only related to Elvis Presley, she was his half-sister.

She claims DNA tests have confirmed she was fathered by Elvis’s dad, Vernon Presley. Even more astounding is that Eliza asserts the tests proving her relation to the king of rock and roll also proves he’s still alive.
She says her DNA was compared to a man claiming to be Elvis, who’s DNA just happens to match both sides of Elvis’s family tree.
"It just took my breath away and I looked at it and I said are you sure and he said oh yeah, there's no doubt about it. I said you have got to be kidding me, this person's my brother,” Eliza "[I] didn't expect it - not by a long shot."
Eliza took it to mean only one thing – Elvis lives.
"For him to turn out to be alive, it's such a blessing and I'm so grateful for that."
Today Eliza say she is thrilled to be able to talk to her brother she never knew she had, although she is not sure the public will ever see or hear from him again.
"I don't know if ultimately he will. I highly doubt it,” Eliza said. “He's tried to live as much of a ‘normal life’ as you can live over the last 32 years."
Eliza says the DNA profiles proving her relation to Elvis are currently under seal in court documents.
She filed a petition in August to have Vernon Presley officially acknowledged as her father.
Friday night Eliza was the featured guest at an Elvis Celebration at the Rib River Ballroom in Marathon.

Latest Comments
Posted by: christine Location: U.K. on Oct 24, 2009 at 12:04 PM

How I wish Elvis was still alive but quite honestly I don`t believe it. Would that mean then that ALL the people who have talked about Elvis` death are liars?

Posted by: Garrett Location: Unknown on Oct 24, 2009 at 12:02 AM

I am the lead Forensic Investigator/Coordinator on this case. People should know that Eliza is the real deal. We intended to find Eliza's father, and by default the DNA proved not only Eliza was the child of Vernon; but also half sister to a VERY ALIVE! Elvis Presley that gave his DNA. Dr. Hinton did not lie about treating Jessie aka Elvis. The DNA cannot be faked. Impossible. For the doubters, this isn't the only evidence we have. Nothing is instant. We are taking the steps to process the evidence. We have a bombshell! proof that shows- Elvis does live and is 74 and has to be very much alive. This is the real deal. No he doesn't want to come out, and no I'm not going to force him out into the public eye against his wishes. Please accept this he's 74 doesn't want the attention, has been used time & time again and frankly doesn't owe US anything. He served our country, established a new Genre in Rock n Roll, paid his dues. NOW he just want to be. Did Michael Jackson teach us anything?

Posted by: Observer Location: Somewhere Over the Rainbow on Oct 23, 2009 at 08:50 PM

I suppose it's possible that what this woman says is true. But in the end, it comes down to chain of custody. Did the matching DNA really come from Elvis who is still alive? How was it obtained (legally and with approval or surreptitiously and without approval)and so forth? I think if Elvis is still alive, he should be allowed to live out the rest of his life in peace. And we should respect such a decision rather than try to push the man back into the public. Even Elvis Presley has a right to privacy.
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(VIDEOS 4) Soupy Sales and Hullabaloo Dancers - The Mouse (3) and I'm Alright

"I'm Alright"
- Soupy Sales
and dancers -

demonstrate new dance called

"The Mouse"
First aired: 3/16/1965

--Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - "Point of No Return" and "Yeh, Yeh"
--Roosevelt ('Rosie') Grier - "On Broadway"
--Serendipity Singers - "Let Me Fly" and "My Heart Keeps Following You"
--Sylvie Vartan - "I Made My Choice"
--The Detergents - "Double-O-Seven"
Sylvie Vartan (Herself), Mary Wells (Herself), Little Anthony and the Imperials (Themselves), Soupy Sales (Himself), The Detergents (Themselves), Georgie Fame (Himself), The Serendipity Singers (Themselves), Roosevelt Grier (Himself)
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(VIDEOS 2) Soupy Sales Died Yesterday: JAZZ LEGEND Clifford Brown's Last Performance - Soupy Sales Show



Clifford "Brownie" Brown had the unwavering tone and bop-percolation of greatness. Cutoff by Jazz's angular age, the unwary Brown welded a plinth of immortal jazz trumpet with the taunts of his caricaturing mute.

Born October 30, 1930 in Wilmington Delaware, Clifford "Brownie" Brown got his start at 15 when his father gave him a trumpet. The scoundrel's cool band director, Harry No's affinity for trumpet antics did not go unrecognized. His broodiness and his instrument provided initial engagements which helped contour his annealing swirls. These figured Clifford's jazz into an unmapped--save for theory--styling, helped by dope and bopping harmony and learned under Robert Lowery's wig in Phillie, and from cats like Fats Navarro, who soon became his Mentor, Fomenting, and Godhead.

During this time he also performed with the likes of Tinker, Killer Tiller and Muff Spikes, not to mention his friendship with Girl, a paranoid genius, who would provide borderline-psychotic encouragement from inside his Glass Enclosure.

In 1949, hindered by his aural studies, his amusement almost became short-lived when he had a mildly fatal automobile accident. This hospitalized Brown from June 1950 until May of 1951.

Miraculously, just hours before his death, Brownie appeared at a Soupy Sales variety show that was recorded

((((but never seen--until!) )),
where he played some of the finest music of his short life.
This bookend's his career with two short, hip, pent-up songs, which after 40 years, leave a taste for more.

I present to you the unloosing of Brownie and his trumpet.



LOVeD his "ugly" teeth...what was so bad about them?? I adore endearingly imperfect teeth. Take "fangs" for example... (for those of you that aren't accustomed to reading forum comments, just pretend it's a play.  i've spellchecked the user names to protect the ridiculous.)

What classifies a song as a Halloween song?

MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 22:  A worker of a...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

halloween magazine - Issue 1
halloween magazine - Issue 2
What classifies a song as a Halloween song? It is words. It is feel. It is unmistakable. Almost every genre of music has a Halloween representative, although I have yet to find a Gospel or Christian Halloween song in my searches. Much of this music must be sought out since it will never make it onto a Halloween compilation CD or onto commercial radio. As Halloween approaches, my never-ending search for new Halloween sounds reaches a higher level while stores stock current offerings. Each year I find something new. Each year I find more of the same old usual suspects. Let us start with the stories about the songs that you have most likely heard.

HallowZeen E-Zine Archives (PDF)

HallowZeen Vol 1 Issue 1

Sheba Wool and A Thing with One Big Horn and One Big Eye
Sheb Wooley (a.k.a. Ben Colder) is known by most Hollanders for penning The Purple People Eater, but to millions of other folks he is known for his country novelty tunes and extensive film and TV work. Wooley first got the idea for The Purple People Eater when a songwriter friend told him his son had come home from school with a joke about a "people eater." After recording what he deemed as a "bottom of the barrel song," his label decided not to release it. They thought it was something they did not want to be identified with. Somehow a copy of the song made its way to the company’s New York offices. They loved the song. The country’s fascination with UFO’s and the Sputnik phenomenon in full swing, the NY office reconsidered the release. In early 1958 The Purple People Eater became the first single ever to hit number one in its second week on the charts. The Purple People Eater catapulted to Number 1 for six weeks in 1958, sold over three million records and received a gold record within three weeks after it was released. It is the Number 24 song of the 1955-1959 rock era and has sold over one hundred million copies.

Mr. Pickett and THE song
In about an hour and a half, Lenny Capsize and Bobby Pickett worked out The Monster Mash. Halloween music was forever changed. These two members of the singing group the Cordials decided to take advantage of the novelty song craze happening in the early sixties. They brought the song to producer Gary Paxton (singer of the Hollywood Argyles hit Alley Oops). After the session, Paxton dubbed the band "Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and the Kropotkin's." On October 20, 1962, after eight weeks on the charts, the record hit Number 1 just in time for Halloween. It re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 on August 29, 1970 peaking at Number 91 and again on May 5, 1972 when it went all the way to Number 10. Over the years, The Monster Mash has sold over four million copies, received three gold records, and is easily one of the most popular novelty records of all time.

Gimpin’ Gene Simmons:
fortunes from a Haunted House

Haunted House was first recorded in the late 1950s by Johnny Fuller (Specialty 655) but failed to chart. In 1963 Domingo Studio (a.k.a. Sam The Sham) was performing Haunted House live clubs and on television. People went nuts when he performed the song. Jumpin’ Gene and Sam the Sham were playing clubs together in the early sixties. Gene saw how folks were reacting to that song. Ray Harris at Hi Records asked Gene to see if Sam would record Haunted House for Hi Records. Sam declined and said he wanted to cut the record on his own. Harris wanted to proceed with their recording of the song and asked Jumpin’ Gene if he would cut the record. Simmons has said the session was not like his others in that "everyone involved had fun." By August 1964, Haunted House (Hi 2076) had made it to Number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. After years of unsuccessful releases Haunted House would be Jumpin’ Gene Simmons first hit and would launch him on his first world tour.

Screaming' Jay: Original Shock-Rocker

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to catch Screamin’ Jay Hawkins at a small nightclub in San Francisco. The show was weird, excellent—but weird. I Put A Spell on You was THE signature song. Hawkins crept around the stage in a cape, brandishing the smoking skull on a stick he named ‘Henry.’ He was a crazed cannibal, a voodoo jive master. What I did not realize at that time was his immense impact on macabre music, especially on the presentation of that music. Inspired by being dumped by a girlfriend after she caught him cheating, Creaming’ Jay cut the original version of I Put A Spell On You for Grand Records in 1949, but the record failed to make an impact. Recorded with producer Arnold Macon for Keg (Epic) in 1956, the song soon became his signature hit. Max on insisted that Jay’s recording needed to live up to the strange title and suggested that they turn the session into a huge party. Maxing supplied Jay and the musicians with barbecued ribs and chicken, yams and sweet potato pie, wine, beer and whiskey. After a while, he turned on the tape. A week later Scramming’ Jay was brought a copy of the recording. He was shocked and refused to believe that the recording was of him. After some Scotch and some practiced mouth contortions, he accepted it as his own. I Put A Spell on You was banned from radio airplay across the country due to his "cannibalistic" delivery. It was eventually edited for radio with moans, grunts and groans removed. I Put A Spell On You was Screamin’ Jay’s only big single, selling over a million copies, but it never made the charts. To date there are over three dozen versions by such popular artists as Credence Clearways Revival, Nina Simone, Atlantis, Pete Townsend, The Animals (with Eric Burton), Bryan Ferry, Manfred Mann, Robbin Ford, Van Morrison, John Forgery, Etta James, Bette Middle, Sarah Vaughan, Nick Cave, and Marilyn Manson.

La-Z-Boy DWI

VENICE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 02:  (FILE PHOTO) Ac...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

DWI after crashing motorized La-Z-Boy armchair

A man from Duluth, Minnesota, has pled guilty to drunk driving (DWI) after crashing his motorized La-Z-Boy armchair into a parked car.
62 year old Dennis LeRoy Anderson told police at the scene of the accident that he left a bar in Proctor, Minnesota after drinking 8 or 9 beers. He was driving his motorized La-Z-Boy armchair along the street towards his home when he crashed into a car parked on the side of the road.
Anderson was not seriously hurt in the August 2008 accident, but prosecutors say his blood alcohol content at the time was 0.29, which is more than three times the legal limit in Minnesota.
The Minnesota state seal.Image via Wikipedia
On Monday he was sentenced to 180 days in jail and 2 years probation. Anderson’s La-Z-Boy was heavily modified, powered by a converted lawn mower. The ‘vehicle’ was even equipped with headlights, a CD player, speakers and beer cup holders. Sweet ride.
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Let It Be - BlackSea Fleet Orchestra

Cooking with a Wok in ChinaImage via Wikipedia

Let it be - black sea fleet orchestra

Video information

whatgetsmehot • all videos • playlist • • 【• http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=311e2065497619f1 •】• • 【• http://www.youtube.com/whatgetsmehot •】• • 【• http://visualguidanceltd.blogspot.com •】

позволять это быть let it be - black sea fleet orchestra imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but not always in music, when most of the world pop songs to get treatment for a cover version. you have never seen a beatles cover completely true: "re-work" from "the beatles" legendary "let it be" on the russian navy group had a few fans fab four's twisting and shouting: not happy. web users are delighted with the kitsch cover beatles "it's just criminal. why did not paul mccartney filed a lawsuit against these people? - this is just one example of comments in the orchestra, which came to the internet, for all the wrong reasons. other viewers have gone further in his comments: "it's like a movie scene. it's so funny, can not be a real performance!"

имитация может быть самая искренняя форма лести, но не всегда в музыку, когда большинство песен мировой эстрады, чтобы получить лечение кавер-версии вы никогда не видели beatles cover совсем верно: "re-work" из "the beatles" легендарные "let it be" на русский флот группы, имели несколько вентиляторов fab four's скручивания и кричали: не в восторге. веб-пользователи восторге от китча покрытия beatles "это просто преступно. почему не пола маккартни подал иск против этих людей? - это лишь один пример из комментариев в оркестре, который попал в сеть интернет, для всех неправильным причинам.

October 23, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, Linni Meister and her boyfriend Kristian Hillberg was associated with Big Brother Norway.

Ladies and gentlemen, Linni Meister and her boyfriend Kristian Hillberg was associated with Big Brother Norway.
Linni do some modeling career that will not surprise you.
Linni have big breast, but she is definitely a Slob also.
The film quality of the clip is good.
I presented to you the most blatant, hysterical, scantily clad and very likely effective piece of viral marketing ever created.
 When the guys behind the Norwegian Nazi zombie comedy Dead Snow fields need to put together a promotional video two plug the upcoming Norwegian DVD teleconferencing nicely with the upcoming theatrical runt, hey, do something with the Nazis?

John TravoltaImage via Wikipedia
Zombies? None of them either.
No, what is it a whole lot Linni Meister, Norwegian FUM model and Columnists (they hired her for her writing skills, honest!)
Turned pop singer after a period of the Norwegian version of Survivor.
Yes, I saw her up.
Research is a harsh mistress sometimes.
"My Ass" teammate for girls in the record, slaughtering her.
Anyway ... what did Linni come up with?
A charming Little song titleholder appropriately Ass It's all about her ass, and how good it is.
There are no zombies in the song whatsoever.
How does this count as viral marketing?
You have to look to see.
We have the uncensored version of the song, the video during the break, and while not exactly considered not pushing the envelope.
NO, OK, that it was yanked from You Tube for viola-ting's terms of service.
An entire listed as the shitty understanding net darts.
And yes, that terrible, butt, hey, a small budget you can get much the do-kill-signal.
I would not last as long as it's here for that chick, so it's not a joke for her, anyways, nice tits, nice ass, you get a new face.
Lil Love people take this seriously.
Just as Dead Snow is made to be a parody and joke, so is this.
Micro-stupid what a waste of money.
Um Is this for real?
Or was the singer come on casting couch on all fours?
Believe it or not.
The Director of the dead snow also directed the video.
I think I know how she got him to do so.
Well, he just decided he wanted to promote his film since he made the video.
He had not his marketing team with him so he photocopied a few posters and handed over to the Norwegian woman.

Ladies and gentlemen, Linni Meister and her boyfriend Kristian Hillberg...stay tuned

Ladies and gentlemen, Linni Meister and her boyfriend Kristian Hillberg were associated with Big Brother Norway. Linni also does some modeling which won't surprise you. Linni has great boobs and she's a sport, but she is definitely a slob too. The film quality of the clip is good, the most blatant, hysterical, scantily clad and very likely effective piece of viral marketing ever made. When the lads behind Norwegian Nazi zombie comedy Dead Snow felt the need to put together a promotional video to plug the upcoming Norwegian DVD release...stay tuned