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October 10, 2009

Here's Another: I like your body parts, but i don't know who you are - Post: Kendra Wilkinson - leenks.com

Kendra Wilkinson's boobies - leenks.com

If you won't tell my Internet Addiction Support Group I Posted This, I Won't - Lustige Bilder und Witzige Videos täglich neu auf Clips and Pics

2 heisse Girls

Sieht gut aus :)

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Was macht er denn da

Sucht er was?

Datum 11.10.2009 | Clicks: 51 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 current: 2

Oktoberfest 2009

Die besten Bilder vom Oktoberfest :)

Datum 11.10.2009 | Clicks: 103 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 current: 2

Barfus durchs Leben

Na diese Fuesse sehen ja choen aus :D

Datum 10.10.2009 | Clicks: 108 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 current: 1
Lustige Bilder und Witzige Videos täglich neu auf Clips and Pics

Mind - How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect - NYTimes.com via facebook gabrielle.schang


How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect

Published: October 5, 2009

In addition to assorted bad breaks and pleasant surprises, opportunities and insults, life serves up the occasional pink unicorn. The three-dollar bill; the nun with a beard; the sentence, to borrow from the Lewis Carroll poem, that gyres and gimbles in the wabe.

An experience, in short, that violates all logic and expectation. The philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote that such anomalies produced a profound “sensation of the absurd,” and he wasn’t the only one who took them seriously. Freud, in an essay called “The Uncanny,” traced the sensation to a fear of death, of castration or of “something that ought to have remained hidden but has come to light.”

At best, the feeling is disorienting. At worst, it’s creepy.

Now a study suggests that, paradoxically, this same sensation may prime the brain to sense patterns it would otherwise miss — in mathematical equations, in language, in the world at large.

“We’re so motivated to get rid of that feeling that we look for meaning and coherence elsewhere,” said Travis Proulx, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and lead author of the paper appearing in the journal Psychological Science. “We channel the feeling into some other project, and it appears to improve some kinds of learning.”

Researchers have long known that people cling to their personal biases more tightly when feeling threatened. After thinking about their own inevitable death, they become more patriotic, more religious and less tolerant of outsiders, studies find. When insulted, they profess more loyalty to friends — and when told they’ve done poorly on a trivia test, they even identify more strongly with their school’s winning teams.

In a series of new papers, Dr. Proulx and Steven J. Heine, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, argue that these findings are variations on the same process: maintaining meaning, or coherence. The brain evolved to predict, and it does so by identifying patterns.

When those patterns break down — as when a hiker stumbles across an easy chair sitting deep in the woods, as if dropped from the sky — the brain gropes for something, anything that makes sense. It may retreat to a familiar ritual, like checking equipment. But it may also turn its attention outward, the researchers argue, and notice, say, a pattern in animal tracks that was previously hidden. The urge to find a coherent pattern makes it more likely that the brain will find one.

“There’s more research to be done on the theory,” said Michael Inzlicht, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, because it may be that nervousness, not a search for meaning, leads to heightened vigilance. But he added that the new theory was “plausible, and it certainly affirms my own meaning system; I think they’re onto something.”

In the most recent paper, published last month, Dr. Proulx and Dr. Heine described having 20 college students read an absurd short story based on “The Country Doctor,” by Franz Kafka. The doctor of the title has to make a house call on a boy with a terrible toothache. He makes the journey and finds that the boy has no teeth at all. The horses who have pulled his carriage begin to act up; the boy’s family becomes annoyed; then the doctor discovers the boy has teeth after all. And so on. The story is urgent, vivid and nonsensical — Kafkaesque.

After the story, the students studied a series of 45 strings of 6 to 9 letters, like “X, M, X, R, T, V.” They later took a test on the letter strings, choosing those they thought they had seen before from a list of 60 such strings. In fact the letters were related, in a very subtle way, with some more likely to appear before or after others.

The test is a standard measure of what researchers call implicit learning: knowledge gained without awareness. The students had no idea what patterns their brain was sensing or how well they were performing.

But perform they did. They chose about 30 percent more of the letter strings, and were almost twice as accurate in their choices, than a comparison group of 20 students who had read a different short story, a coherent one.

“The fact that the group who read the absurd story identified more letter strings suggests that they were more motivated to look for patterns than the others,” Dr. Heine said. “And the fact that they were more accurate means, we think, that they’re forming new patterns they wouldn’t be able to form otherwise.”

Brain-imaging studies of people evaluating anomalies, or working out unsettling dilemmas, show that activity in an area called the anterior cingulate cortex spikes significantly. The more activation is recorded, the greater the motivation or ability to seek and correct errors in the real world, a recent study suggests. “The idea that we may be able to increase that motivation,” said Dr. Inzlicht, a co-author, “is very much worth investigating.”

Researchers familiar with the new work say it would be premature to incorporate film shorts by David Lynch, say, or compositions by John Cage into school curriculums. For one thing, no one knows whether exposure to the absurd can help people with explicit learning, like memorizing French. For another, studies have found that people in the grip of the uncanny tend to see patterns where none exist — becoming more prone to conspiracy theories, for example. The urge for order satisfies itself, it seems, regardless of the quality of the evidence.

Still, the new research supports what many experimental artists, habitual travelers and other novel seekers have always insisted: at least some of the time, disorientation begets creative thinking.

Mind - How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect - NYTimes.com

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YouTube Insight - Hot Spots - Jane Aldridge★Sea of Shoes

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— Ждете Modern Warfare? - Wait Modern Warfare? А её могло бы и вовсе не быть! And it could be and not be!
— Forza Motorsport 3 прыгнула вперёд батьки в рыночное пекло. - Forza Motorsport 3 lurched forward into the market batka fire.
— Про невероятных чудиков из Spore додумались снять фильм - About the incredible chudikov of Spore smart enough to make a movie
— Рекламная кампания Left 4 Dead 2 набирает обороты. - Advertising Campaign Left 4 Dead 2 is gaining momentum.

PS Полцарства за web-разработчика на питоне в Москве. PS half my kingdom for web-developers to Python in Moscow.YouTube - Канобувости 8й выпуск

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Talking Piano Too 【3-D】
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Google → Number of hits on YouTube reached a billion a day


GoogleNumber of hits on YouTube reached a billion a day

Ровно три года назад корпорация Google объявила о приобретении известного видеохостинга YouTube за 1,65 миллиарда долларов. Exactly three years ago, the corporation Google announced the acquisition of the famous video hosting YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. Сегодня же в официальном блоге компании появилась запись, согласно которой количество просмотров на YouTube достигло 1 миллиарда в день! Today, in an official company blog entry appeared, according to which the number of hits on YouTube has reached 1 billion a day! Таким образом, Google 9 октября отмечает целых два праздника. Thus, Google said on Oct. 9 for two whole holiday.

Если вдаваться в подробности, то это примерно 11 574 просмотров в секунду, 694 444 просмотров в минуту, 416 666 667 в час. If you go into the details, it is approximately 11 574 hits per second, 694 444 hits per minute, 416 666 667 per hour. Сложно представить себе конфигурацию сервера, или даже дата-центра, который способен выдерживать подобные нагрузки. It is difficult to imagine a server configuration, or even a data center, which is able to withstand such loads.

Кстати, YouTube, несмотря на свою популярность, до сих пор убыточен — Google не может оправдать покупку. By the way, YouTube, despite its popularity, is still unprofitable - Google can not justify the purchase. Однако определенно добивается успеха, когда дело доходит до посетителей. But definitely succeeds, when it comes to visitors.

В связи с этим событием на англоязычном сайте YouTube в пятницу, 9 октября, появился измененный логотип с сообщением о том, что видеохостинг достиг отметки в 1 миллиард просмотров в день. In connection with this event in the English language site YouTube on Friday, October 9, there was a modified logo with the message that the broadcasts had reached a mark of 1 billion hits per day.

Talking Piano Too 3-D• Peter Ablinger • «A LETTER FROM SCHOENBERG» Добавление поста

Talking Piano Too 3-D• Peter Ablinger • «A LETTER FROM SCHOENBERG»


You… In spite of my protest,
you have published
Leibowitz performance
of my Ode to Napoleon
with a woman voice,
which I find
(...behind the orchestra...)
I can only tell you now,
that you will
hear from me.
You will, I can tell you,
you will regret this act
I will
be busy to help you
to be ruined
by this
what I will do…
(Some of the instruments… in small....)
You are not only a bugger…
You are not only a man who disregards an artists wishes,
his artistic beliefs,
you are also a man
who does not care
to keep a contract.
You know that you signed a contract,
according to which
you have
to account to me regularly.
You must have sold
a number of records
of my Violin Phantasy,
of the Trio,
and other things which you…
but which you issued without my consent.
I tell you,
you will hear from me also about these things,
and I hope it will cost you very much money.


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(Video) Miley Cyus: Good-bye Twitter - YouTube - No. 1: Miley Cyrus is Fiiiiiiiiiiine! No. 2. I Can't Believe I Never Noticed Before No. 3: I Agree with Miley Cyrus Totally! No. 4 Miley Cyrus is FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!

YouTube - Good-bye Twitter

Fuck Forever • Pete Drake • Jerry Lee Lewis


この10月には横田めぐみさんの誕生日があり、拉致被害者家族に とっては複雑な気持ちとなる。今回は、家族会の飯塚代表が鳩山総 理と面会した後に行ったインタビューの模様をお送りします。 また、常に「家族会」を支えてくださった中川昭一氏のご冥福を、 心よりお祈り申し上げます。 YouTube - 【拉致問題アワー】鳩山新政権に対する思い -家族会飯塚代表に聞く-[桜H21/10/10]

Takeaway murder 'filmed on phone'| BBC NEWS | UK | England |

Takeaway murder 'filmed on phone'

Salim Ullah
Mr Ullah's family described him as a "caring, lovable man"

Witnesses who filmed a murder at a takeaway have been urged to hand over the footage to police.

Salim Ullah, 40, died after a fight with two men at the Pizza King shop in Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe, on 27 September.

Humberside Police said it was told the fight had been recorded on a mobile phone and urged the owner of the video to contact officers.

A force spokesman made a fresh appeal for witnesses to come forward.

'Significant witnesses'

He said: "As part of the investigation officers have been told by people within the community that a mobile phone video has been taken of the incident.

"Officers would like the person or persons who have this on their phone to get in contact with officers."

CCTV image of man with walking stick
Police believe this man may have witnessed the incident

Detectives want to trace a man with a walking stick who they believe is a potential witness.

CCTV footage of him in the area at the time of the incident has been released.

They have also made a fresh appeal for other witnesses to come forward.

Det Ch Insp Mark Oliver said: "Humberside Police are also keen to speak to anyone who may have spoken to somebody involved in the incident after it happened.

"We believe those involved may have bragged about what they have done and not known that Mr Ullah had died when they did so."

Four men questioned in connection with the death remain on police bail.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Humber | Takeaway murder 'filmed on phone'